Are you having trouble knowing how to caress a man?

This article will show you how to caress a man in India for pleasure.

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If you are a woman with any of these desires, please stay with me until the end!

Do you want to know how to caress him to satisfy him?

Foreplay is a necessary act to increase sexual arousal and would always be done in preparation, as penis cannot be inserted without careful preparation.

Most of the time, the man will be caressing the woman and the woman is probably just being touched. If this situation continues, you may have trouble knowing how to caress him when you try to do so.

But by caressing him, you can make the atmosphere more exciting and also increase his sexual arousal.

Many people think that if a woman caressess a man willingly, it will feel off-putting for him……, but the effects are quite opposite.

Here are some of the benefits and techniques of women caressing men, so let’s go over them one by one.

Let’s figure out what feels good for men

It’s not just the vagina and breasts that are sexually sensitive and erogenous for women, but what about men?

It is easy to guess that the most sensitive part of a man is his penis, but there are different areas which are erogenous like women.

However, if it is not developed, it is hard to feel pleasurable, so it is important to check his reaction when you make a move.

First of all, you need to understand what points men find pleasurable.


Stimulation of the penis is an essential part of sex.

Sexual arousal and penile stimulation can bring a man to orgasm, which leads to ejaculation.

The same is true for women; sexual arousal and vaginal and breast stimulation are essential for reaching orgasm.

The penis is the most sensitive part of the body to stimulation and when touched and licked, sharp and clear sensation runs through his penis, and when caressed, it becomes even more erect, making it ready for insertion.

Besides making it easier to insert, it also makes it easier to give a blowjob, among other benefits.


Do you think that “only women have nipples that are sexually active?

Women’s nipples are sensitive and can feel pleasurable when licked and touched, but women aren’t actually the only ones who feel good.

Men have sensitive nipple sensations as well, and as they develop, they can feel just as good as women.

Licking a man’s nipples can add to the sex atmosphere and allow you to see the look on his partner’s face as he feels it.

It’s also a place where the pleasure is so great that your voice leaks out in men who are prone to feeling it, so there’s no harm in developing it.


The ears are also a famous sexual area, and many people say that they are one of the most sensitive parts after nipples.

Caresses such as licking and blowing on the ears are common, and sometimes the body reacts unintentionally.

Women may experience a titillating sensation when breath is blown on their ears, and men often feel the same way.

In addition to direct actions such as licking, using dirty talk is also an effective method of caressing. Some men, especially those with an “M” temperament, even ejaculate just by being verbally abused.

Upper Arm

It may come as a surprise that the upper arm is the sexual area of the body, but many men find tickling to be a good feeling.

Women have a tendency to put on subcutaneous fat, which makes them soft and half ticklish and half pleasant, while men often only feel ticklish because they don’t have much subcutaneous fat on them. Just touching your arms will only tickle you, so I recommend licking here.

You can aim for a visual effect as well, so try licking with your tongue sticking out while looking up.

Fingers and toes

The last of the points that men feel are the fingers and toes.

Licking hands are more visually arousing rather than actaully feeling good, and it can provide the excitement as close to licking a penis.

Toes don’t usually get licked, so besides feeling good, they can also give you a strange sensation.

Licking your partner’s toes can give him a pleasant sensation while also visually arousing him, so it’s perfect as foreplay before penetration.

The benefits of satisfying him with caresses

Carresses are rarely done by women on men, but when you try it, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly difficult to do.

The movements may be awkward when you try it because you’re doing an unfamiliar act, but even that can be an exciting factor for a man.

Of course, you won’t be able to give him pleasure if you don’t improve and remain bad at it forever, so you should step up your game a little at a time.

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of caressing to satisfy men.

Even more sexual excitement

One of the biggest benefits of a woman caressing a man is that it can add to the atmosphere of sex.

When a woman, who is usually immobile, actively caresses a man, that alone can make a man quite excited.

If a woman has never moved before, it’s a fresh sensation, and some people get a high from moving aggressively.

Effective for escaping from rut

Men can become uncomfortable if a woman doesn’t move too much, and that can make it difficult for them to have sex with each other.

If you get in a rut, it’s not very likely to lean in the right direction, so you want to avoid it if you can.

One of the most common sentiments that women don’t move around much is that they are embarrassed, but you don’t need to be too shy about it.

Breaking out of your shell and being proactive can also help you break out of your rut, so women can give their men pleasurable caresses.

It’s an expression of affection for him

Normally, you would expect a man to caress you, but if he gives you messy caresses because he wants to insert you quickly, you will feel very uncomfortable.

The same is true for men, and if they are caressed appropriately because they are embarrassed, they will be bothered, and in the worst case, they may end up not feeling like continuing sex …….

In order to avoid such a situation, it is in your best interest to be careful with your caresses.

No man feels uncomfortable after being carefully caressed. As you lick and touch your loved one’s body, try to make gentle motions.

5 easy steps! Petting techniques to satisfy him

I think you’re now thinking, “I understand the importance of active caresses for women, but I don’t know how to actually do it.”

If you don’t have much experience with it, it’s even harder to imagine.

First of all, you need to be knowledgeable about how to effectively caress him.

I’m going to explain the techniques of caressing to satisfy him in 5 steps, one by one, so if you’re confused about how to do it, please take a look at them.

1. Create a sweet atmosphere with positive skin-to-skin contact

The first thing you need to do is to create the atmosphere for sex.

Think back to the atmosphere you usually have men create for you.

Most couples are probably engaged in skin-to-skin contact, such as holding hands and huddling together.

In some cases, the man may not be ready for sex at this point, so start by gradually bringing your bodies closer together.

Once your bodies are attached to each other, look into his eyes.

Gazing into their eyes can make you feel different, and many men get horny too.

Other activities such as holding hands and touching his body will also help.

In addition to touching his shoulders and neck, try touching his chest plate and lower body when the atmosphere is getting better.

At this point, you’re in a pretty good mood, so check your partner’s reaction and move on to the next step.

Starting with a massage is also recommended

As you can see when you get physical, you can’t go any further if a man is not in the mood for sex.

If he clearly refuses, you have to give up for the day, but if he just doesn’t feel like it, you may still be able to get him to have sex with you.

A good way to do this is to massage his man.

Few men would be reluctant to massage, so if a woman can get a man in the mood here, she can start the process of sex.

The first step is to use oils and creams and massage the area far from the center of the body.

The easiest massage procedure to bring into sex is:

  1. Start from the foot
  2. calf
  3. thighs
  4. the groin (base of the thigh)

If you start with the upper body, carefully massage from the top to the center of the body.

2. Let’s start with bird kisses

Once you are huddled together and your feelings are confirmed, the next step is to kiss each other.

Be careful not to kiss too hard, as this will surprise him and put a damper on the atmosphere.

It’s best to start with a light bird kiss. A bird kiss is like a bird pecking at you with its beak.

Lightly press your lips against each other and enjoy the sensation and reaction of your partner.

Ideally, you should be able to gradually build up to a deeper kiss, repeating this process a few times. Lightly open your mouth as you kiss.

If your man notices this, he’ll probably open his mouth to insert his tongue in.

From there, slowly insert your tongue into his mouth and move it around to feel his tongue and mucous membrane.

The man will also respond to the woman’s tongue movements, such as moving and tracing your tongue, so it’s a good idea to move it to match the man’s tongue movements.

3. Caress his nipples, ears and neck

As you kiss with your body close together, you will be breathing more and more heavily.

Your man’s arousal will also increase and for some people his penis may be erect at this point.

Don’t touch the penis at this stage yet, but rather, make it impatient.

The next thing you want to do after kissing is to caress his nipples, ears and neck.

As he become more aroused, he will become more sensitive and more responsive all over his body.

Slowly remove your man’s clothes and lick his nipples as you roll them with the tip of your tongue, or breathe on his ears and neck.

If you’re sensitive, you’ll feel good at this point. Your nipples will be especially stimulated, so enjoy his reaction.

4. Move to full-body lip

Once you’ve licked his nipples, ears and other parts of his body to get the vibe going, it’s time to move on to full-body lips.

Even though it’s the whole body, the key is to carefully kiss them one by one.

Start by stimulating the upper half of his body first.

If it’s around the face, you want to caress the lips last, so you’ll stimulate the rest of the body.

Lick them with a lot of saliva and make a sound with them.

Next, I recommend moving to your neck and collarbone and kissing hard at the end, as it’s quite exciting.

When stimulating the lower half of his body, instead of licking his penis first, it’s best to trace his inner thighs and navel area with your lips as a way to hasten the process.

Small pecking motions with your lips and light licks with your tongue will increase your arousal, so try this when you move to the lower half of his body.

The last point to stimulate during the full-body lip is the groin area.

It’s the closest point to the penis, so you should lick his groin as a way of impatience.

To do this, gently crawl your tongue over the cervical area. This is the part that tickles him, so it’s counterproductive to move it too quickly.

Try to keep in mind that it should be done in a slow crawling motion.

5. Caressing the penis

After the body caresses are done, the last thing to do is to caress the penis. In other words, a blowjob, and many women are reluctant to lick a penis or suck it into their mouths.

If you want to give a blowjob, take a bath together first to remove any uncleanness from his penis, so you won’t feel any resistance.

If you do, use a body wash to carefully wash them off.

It is also recommended to use flavored lotions, which are easier to lick when they taste good for you.

As for how to caress the penis, lick the area of the glans where he feels it the most at the end, and save it for the last.

First, lower the skin and slowly lick up the penis area.

The tip of your tongue should be soft and go as if you were licking an ice cream.

When the penis becomes erect and the man starts to respond with a jittery response, licking the glans will help.

Once you lick it with the tip of your tongue, you can take it into your mouth and suck it up to give a pretty big pleasure.

More “Feels Good!” Plus Alpha Technique

The above are some of the caressing techniques that will satisfy men, but many of us would like to know how to make it even more satisfying.

Many women try their best to see their partner’s face when he or she is coming and when it feels good.

Let’s learn some extra techniques that will make men feel good and want to do more.

When stimulating, keep in mind “slow and steady”

When a man is about to ejaculate, he moves his hips and hands at a steady pace, but when he feels a climax, his movements become erratic, don’t they?

The same goes for caressing, and it’s easier to get a good feeling if you slow down your movements at the steady pace.

If you start off by moving slowly and then move faster when your man seems to feel good, your caresses will change and become even better.

For example, when you are licking a nipple, use your entire tongue to stimulate it with a gentle movement, and then lick it rapidly and vigorously when you see a man’s reaction.

When giving a blow job, try to lick faster or move slower, depending on the situation, to make your man feel even better.

Keeping him in suspense is effective

One of the techniques for caressing during sex is not to respond immediately when the other person asks for it, but to use his impatience as weapon from time to time.

It is often seen in adult movies where a woman is begging a man to rush her.

It’s usually an image of a woman being impatient, but the pleasure increases for the man as well when you tease him.

Blowjobs are easy to understand, but the technique of impatience is to stop a man from ejaculating just before the climax by stop giving pleasure.

Once you can stop it, the pleasure is multiplied many times over when the feeling is given again.

You can see a side of your man that you don’t usually see, so be sure to use the impatience technique in a positive way.

Try multiple stimulation at the same time

In addition to the penis, like women, men have several other sexual zones as well.

The penis is the one that feels the best, but there are also other sex zones such as the nipples, neck, and ears that you should try to stimulate at the same time.

If you’re giving a hand job, try touching his penis with one hand while touching his nipples and ears with the other.

If you are a sensitive person, some men feel it so much that they cannot hold their voice, so you can enjoy the reaction of your partner.

However, if there is a large height difference between you and your partner that prevents you from touching different parts of the body, use an adult product such as a nipple vibrator.

What to do when you want to satisfy him with caresses

Many of us have decided to give our men caresses because we want to make our partners feel good and because we want to do the same for them since they always give caresses.

We do our best to do caresses for our partners, but there are some things to keep in mind.
Try to understand the following precautions when working on your caresses.

If they don’t like it, stop

Most importantly, sex is an act of mutual affection. For this reason, it is very important to check your man’s reaction, so be sure to do so even while caressing him.

By watching your man’s face and his reaction, you can get a pretty good idea of how he is feeling right now. You need to know if it feels good or not so good.

It may not be very frequent, but it is rare that a man may react in a disagreeable way, for example because you touched something he did not want to be touched.

If he doesn’t seem to like it, don’t touch that area and move on to another area, or consider stopping the caresses themselves.

Do not continue to do the same thing

The reason why you don’t keep doing the same thing is to keep your man from getting bored.

Caresses are only effective if you stimulate different parts of the body, but if you keep stimulating the same part, you will get used to the stimulation and it is not recommended.

If you continue to stimulate your favorite part of the body, men will be able to predict your next move and will be ready for the stimulation.

Summary: Enjoy lovey-dovey sex with aggressive caresses

In this article, we have introduced some techniques and tips on how to make your man more satisfied with foreplay using your body.

Women who are often caressed by men will probably find that when they try to caress their partners, their movements will be awkward and unsuccessful because they are not used to the act.

They may still think it’s cute at first, but if it continues, men will feel less comfortable.

Learn the techniques I’ve introduced to you to make him more attracted to you and enjoy lovey-dovey sex!

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