The most familiar orgasm for women is the External orgasm, a climax obtained by stimulating the Clitoris, which is the basis of female orgasm.

The Clitoris is one of the main organs of the vagina, and it is a very special place that is there for the purpose of obtaining pleasure.

This is one of the attractions of Orgasm.

Therefore, it is a climax that should be challenged first by those who have not yet felt Orgasm or who want to enjoy more and more pleasure in the future.

Since the Clitoris functions as a sexual zone for most women, basically, stimulation with masturbation or sex can increase sexual arousal and help you reach Orgasm.

However, be careful not to stimulate them inappropriately, as it may hurt your precious genitals instead of giving you pleasure.

It is important to stimulate the Clitoris in an appropriate way for each situation.

If you use sex toys if necessary, you can get more effective pleasure from Clitoris.

In this article, we will thoroughly explain the characteristics and methods of External orgasm obtained by Clitoris.

What is External orgasm?

The External Orgasm (Clitoral Orgasm) is an orgasm that can be reached by stimulating the Clitoris.

The Clitoris is one of the organs of the female genitalia; on either side of the vagina’s cleft, the Clitoris is located above the area where the labia minora meet, with the labia minora extending out to surround it.

It is shaped like a small pea grain and is characterized by the fact that it is entirely encased by the foreskin.

However, this is not the true appearance of the Clitoris; in fact, the Clitoris is a completely different organ from our image of it.

The word “Clitoris” may conjure up images of the aforementioned small protrusion, but it is only one part of the Clitoris, called the “glans clitoris clitoris”.

The glans clitoris is similar to the penis in men and is usually covered with a foreskin, but when sexual arousal increases, the glans clitoris becomes erect due to hyperemia and the foreskin peels off to expose the glans penis.

Needless to say, the glans penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the vagina, and stimulation of this part of the vagina can provide a sharp pleasure.

If the glans clitoris is continuously stimulated, a pleasant sensation like electricity can be felt in the orgasm.

This is the story surrounding the External orgasm and Clitoris, but there is something more you should know.

That is that the Clitoris is actually a large organ that also affects the vagina’s sexual zones; the Clitoris is basically only visible at the glans pubis, but most of it is hidden inside the body.

Moreover, it is also connected to the major sexual zones in the vagina, such as the G-spot, and pleasure and climax at the Clitoris have been shown to increase the sensitivity of the vaginal sex zones as well.

In other words, the Clitoris is the basis of female pleasure, and is indeed the most important sexual zone for sexual pleasure.

I will explain the Clitoris from the following three points of view.

  • Pleasurable of external orgasm
  • The difference between external orgasm and internal orgasm
  • Percentage of people who can orgasm externally

Orgasm in Clitoris is characterized by a sharp sensation of pleasure that runs like electricity and lasts for a short time.

This is a big difference from Internal orgasm, where the deep pleasure lasts for a long time.

Also, although External orgasm can be reached in the majority of women, not all people reach Orgasm with Clitoris.

This is because for some people, Clitoris is not a sexual zone. Let’s take a closer look at that point as well.

Experience of External orgasm

It is said that the most important feature of the pleasure you get from external orgasm is its sharpness.

Specifically, a climax that seems to climb all the way to the top at once comes, and at that moment, the pleasure is transmitted like a rush of electricity.

It’s as if your mind is going blank, and you’ll get a sharp, chattering sensation along with a shock that will make you scream.

In addition, the Orgasm obtained by Clitoris is localized and ClitorisOrgasm is a great feature of ClitorisOrgasm because it feels like Clitoris makes you feel good with pinpoint accuracy.

Incidentally, Clitoris has many similarities with the male penis, which is another important feature.

Both are made up of a sponge-like tissue called the “sponge”, and when sexual arousal increases, the influx of blood causes an erection.

This is because the Clitoris and the penis have the same, or one, origin in the fetus.

When it is influenced by sex hormones and physical sex differences emerge, it develops into Clitoris and penis, which are divided into Clitoris and penis.

In addition, Clitoris and the penis have some similarities in Orgasm as well; both Orgasm and ejaculation in Clitoris are sharp, and the pleasure lasts only a few tens of seconds longer and is shorter than in Clitoris.

Moreover, like the penis, Orgasm in Clitoris has what is called a “refractory period” (wise man time).

The refractory period is thought to be specific to the genitals, mainly the spongiosa, and is mainly caused by the secretion of the hormone “prolactin.”

Because of the refractory period in Clitoris, successive orgasms are more difficult, unlike Internal orgasm.

Difference between External orgasm and Internal orgasm

We have seen an overview of Clitoris and the pleasure that can be obtained with External orgasm, but Clitoris is not the only orgasm a woman can obtain.

The Internal orgasm can be reached by stimulating the vaginal sex zones, especially the G-spot.

There is also a Portio orgasm (Cervical Orgasm), which is obtained by stimulating the Portio sexual zones, but we will call them both “Internal Orgasm” here because of the complications.

Internal orgasm is very different from External orgasm in many ways, and it is often discussed which one is more pleasant.

To put it plainly, the orgasm in Clitoris is sharp and rapid, whereas the Internal orgasm is a deep and gentle pleasure.

However, it is not possible to decide which one is greater because it depends largely on personal preference and sensitivity.

In general, many women seem to prefer the Internal orgasm, which is deeper and longer lasting.

Another important feature of Internal orgasm is that it is relatively easier to reach “Multiple Orgasm” compared to External orgasm.

This is thought to be largely related to the nature of the original orgasm and the presence or absence of refractory periods.

The refractory period in Clitoris is much shorter than in the penis, approximately a few minutes, but still long enough for sexual arousal to diminish. It can be said that.

Because of these characteristics, orgasm in the Clitoris is difficult to serialize.

In contrast, orgasm in the vaginal sex zones, such as the G-spot and Portio, has almost no refractory period.

Therefore, in the case of the internal orgasm, once climax has been reached, continued sexual stimulation can lead to another orgasm.

Also, internal orgasms are more likely to be continuous orgasms because they are more prolonged in nature due to the nature of orgasm.

The availability of continuous orgasm is likely to be an important point in cheating pleasure.

Please see here to know about continuous orgasm.

Percentages of people who can feel External orgasm

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at orgasm in Clitoris, how many of us can have external orgasm in the first place?

The term “able to have external orgasm” in this case does not refer to the percentage of people who have experienced external orgasm, but to whether or not Clitoris functions as a sexual zone.

Because even if you have never climaxed in the Clitoris, as long as the Clitoris responds to sexual stimuli, it is possible to have an orgasm.

In a 1953 survey conducted by Kinsey et al, an authority on sexology, 92% to 98% of women seemed to show sensitivity to sexual stimuli.

 In fact, about one in three women are unable to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse. Studies of twins found that a woman’s ability to reach orgasm is partly determined by her genes. According to the surveys of Hite and Masters and Johnson, about 10% of all women have primary orgasmic dysfunction and another 20% have experienced secondary orgasmic dysfunction.

Orgasmic Dysfunction

This means that almost all women can get sexual pleasure from stimulation of Clitoris.

Incidentally, the study also investigated the sensitivity of vagina, but only 11% to 14% of the women were found to be sensitive to it.

Thus, Clitoris is much more sensitive than vagina, so basically we don’t have to worry about whether Clitoris can reach Orgasm or not.

However, in fact, there are surprisingly many people who have never experienced reaching Orgasm with Clitoris. Why is that?

To put it plainly, most women who have never had an External Orgasm have simply never stimulated Clitoris correctly; never having reached Orgasm with Clitoris and not being able to feel it with Clitoris are two entirely different issues.

As mentioned earlier, about 95% of women can reach Orgasm as long as they can stimulate Clitoris in the right way, since Clitoris serves as a sexual zone.

In fact, try teasing the Clitoris during masturbation and see if you get any kind of pleasure from it. If you feel a little bit of pleasantness or a tingling sensation like electricity, you should be able to external orgasm.

For some people, the Clitoris is not a sexually active area

Since the Clitoris is the most important sexual zone in women, about 95% of women experience sexual pleasure when stimulated here.

However, for the remaining 5 percent or so of women, the Clitoris does not function as a sexual zone.

If you do not get any pleasure from the Clitoris during masturbation or sex, you may unfortunately have a condition called “Frigidity”.

Frigidity is a condition in which you cannot get any pleasure from the sexual act and cannot reach Orgasm.

Incidentally, just because Orgasm is not reached during sex does not mean that you are insensitive to it.

In fact, only about 25% of women can reach orgasm during sex, that is, internal orgasm.

Insensitivity refers to the inability to get pleasure in the first place.

Insensitivity is very complex and currently there is no known cause or treatment for it.

However, it is believed that there are two types of insensitivity.

They are “congenital” and “acquired”.

Congenital insensitivity is thought to be impossible to treat because Clitoris is not a sexually active zone to begin with. In reality, however, congenital insensitivity seems to be extremely rare in cases.

Most of the time, it is an acquired type of insensitivity. The causes are varied and may include physical changes due to excessive mental and physical stress, disease, or side effects of medication, as well as trauma or fear of love or sex, or a history of sexual abuse of some kind.

If you have an idea of a psychological trauma, seek psychiatric care or counseling.

What happens when you External orgasm?

Reaching orgasm means that you can feel very good; in the external orgasm, reaching a climax of sexual pleasure through the Clitoris sex cord is orgasm.

However, it is still difficult to understand the orgasm of a girl.

Unlike the male climax, which is accompanied by the obvious phenomenon of ejaculation, the reaction when a woman reaches orgasm is quite ambiguous.

So, let’s take a closer look at what exactly happens when you have an external orgasm, step by step.

Clitoris is not something that is felt intensely from the start, but rather the gradual stimulation increases the sensitivity.

When a woman gets pleasure from the Clitoris, the Clitoris first becomes erect and hard, and its size is noticeably larger than usual.

At this time, when the Clitoris is peeled off and directly touched, there may be a tingling sensation, as if electricity is running through the Clitoris. If this happens, it is a sign that the sensitivity of the Clitoris has been substantially increased.

Then, as you stimulate the Clitoris further, there comes a moment when the pleasure seems to climb to the top in one fell swoop.

The moment you reach your climax with the Clitoris, you will feel a jolt of electricity in your body and a sensation that makes you feel as if your mind is going blank. This is exactly the body’s reaction during the External Orgasm.

You will be so engrossed in the pleasure that you won’t be able to think about anything else.

This sensation lasts for about a few tens of seconds and then the electric feeling recedes, and since Orgasm in Clitoris is hard to linger over, you should be back to normal within a few minutes and your sexual excitement and Clitoris erection should dissipate.

How to do External Orgasm

As mentioned earlier, almost all women can External orgasm.

Women who have never reached the orgasm before do not have to worry about it, because most of the time it is because they did not stimulate properly during masturbation or because his technique was not good enough.

This is because most of them were not stimulated correctly during the masturbation or because his technique was not very good.

From now on, if you learn the correct ClitorisMasturbation or ask him to learn the caressing technique in sex, you will be able to have External orgasm with Clitoris.

In order to have external orgasm with Clitoris, it is important to caress Clitoris well beforehand, and then change the stimulation method and intensity at each stage.

There are two ways to reach ClitorisOrgasm: masturbation and sex.

The two methods and tips are very different, so let’s take a closer look at each.

External orgasm in Masturbation

When doing External orgasm with Masturbation, it is necessary to first caress and acclimate the Clitoris well and then stimulate it.

A woman’s sexual arousal does not increase immediately after stimulation of the sexual organs.

It is a slow starter, so to speak.

The first step is to gently caress the Clitoris, starting from the top of the underwear and slowly wetting it.

Touching the Clitoris over the underwear creates a moderate friction with the cloth, which is particularly pleasant.

When you get reasonably wet, touch the labia minora and vulva around the Clitoris to acclimate the entire genital area.

When you touch the Clitoris, leave the foreskin covered and touch it gently.

There are five basic techniques for stimulating the Clitoris: pressing, rolling, pinching, shaking, and popping.

First, get the Clitoris used to sexual stimulation by gently pressing and rolling it with your fingertips.

It may not feel very pleasant at first, but if you continue, the pleasure should gradually increase.

Eventually, the glans penis will become erect and hard. When this happens, it will be easier to pick and pop the Clitoris, so try different stimuli.

The foreskin of the glans clitoris peels off when the Clitoris becomes erect, but it may not come off naturally.

If this happens, place your index and middle fingers on the crack of the vagina and try to open the peace sign and gently remove the foreskin.

When you touch the exposed glans of the clitoris, you will feel a momentary surge of electricity, which will further increase the pleasure; tapping the Clitoris and vibrating it will also bring the Orgasm closer.

The important thing is to repeat the stimulation that feels good, so explore through trial and error to see what method works for you.

External orgasm in sex

There are several ways to External orgasm in sex. The three most effective stimuli for external orgasm during sex are by fingers, tongue, and sex toys.

However, when inserting the penis and making piston movements, the main stimulation is basically to the sexual zones of the vagina and not the Clitoris.

Therefore, in order to reach Orgasm with Clitoris during sex, you should use your fingers, tongue or sex toys.

The method of stimulating with your fingers is not necessary here because you can ask him to do what I just described in the Masturbation section.

To stimulate the Clitoris with your tongue, have him do the cunnilingus (cunnilingus).

Cunnilingus is a technique of stimulating the Clitoris with the tongue and lips, and is one of the techniques of oral sex along with fellatio.

Clitoris can be combined with the finger technique I mentioned earlier to make the caressing even more effective, which should make it easier to reach orgasm.

Climaxing with Clitoris is very effective with sex toys.

Sex toys are toys for sexual pleasure, and there are two types of toys for Clitoris: the Egg-vibrator and the electric vibrator. Since both are electric toys, you can easily stimulate your sexual organs without any special technique.

For beginners, I recommend the Egg-vibrator because of its modest appearance and vibrations; when you place the Egg-vibrator on the Clitoris, it just feels better and better and brings you closer and closer to Orgasm.

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If you want to enjoy even more intense stimulation, you can use an electric vibrator on or around the Clitoris to help your orgasm come closer.

There are many ways to orgasm with Clitoris.

If one method doesn’t work, you may try another one with some success.

If you reach ClitorisOrgasm in this way during sex foreplay, it will be easier to get Orgasm in the vaginal sex zones, such as the G-spot and Portio, during subsequent penetration.

Having him perform External Orgasm in foreplay is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, so let’s try things out as a couple.

If it works, it can lead to continuous orgasms and squirting, which can make sex overwhelmingly more exciting.

Points to note when having external orgasm

External orgasm in Clitoris can be done with fingers, sex toys, etc. for both masturbation and sex.

If you have never climaxed in Clitoris before, you should be able to reach orgasm if you challenge yourself through trial and error.

However, if you do it the wrong way, you may end up hurting your precious genitals.

  • You must be careful not to stimulate too hard
  • Clitoris can be enlarged by improper stimulation

A common problem with Clitoris Masturbation is over-stimulation of the Clitoris to make it feel good, which means that the Clitoris is a very sensitive organ, but it is also a sensitive area that can feel pain.

If you use a sex toy or other device to aspirate the Clitoris, do not stimulate it in an inappropriate way, as the Clitoris can become enlarged depending on the intensity and frequency. The following is a detailed explanation of each of these precautions.

Be careful not to stimulate too hard

Because the Clitoris is a very sensitive area, over-stimulation can cause pain and injury; damage to the Clitoris can cause inflammation and make sex and masturbation more difficult.

Moreover, if bacteria or viruses enter through the wound, they can cause nasty infections.

Therefore, when aiming for Orgasm with Clitoris, be aware that you should only touch or be touched gently.

Men, in particular, often handle Clitoris in a messy manner, so be very careful.

In both sex and masturbation, do not touch the Clitoris directly.

When the Clitoris is not sufficiently aroused, it is dry and prone to friction, and direct contact or rubbing can cause pain.

The important thing is to wet the Clitoris thoroughly before starting stimulation of the Clitoris and to be gentle with it at first.

When using a sex toy in Masturbation, it is important to use your fingers to caress the Clitoris first to get it used to.

Whenever you ask him to stimulate your Clitoris during sex, be sure to caress it gently and then move on to pressing and rubbing motions.

It may not be easy for you to tell him, but if you feel any pain while he is caressing the Clitoris, let him know right away.

Patience won’t make you feel better, and it will cause injury. Rather than trying to reach orgasm in a hurry, it is easier to prepare in advance and increase your arousal, which will result in an External orgasm.

Clitoris may become enlarged

Continued masturbation or special sex play in the wrong way can cause Clitoris to become enlarged.

To begin with, the size of Clitoris varies from person to person, and some people are larger than others to begin with.

For example, the size of Clitoris may be larger due to genetic effects or high levels of male hormones.

Or, the Clitoris may appear enlarged due to an excess of foreskin on the Clitoris, making the Clitoris appear enlarged.

The problem with sex and masturbation is the enlargement of the Clitoris due to special play.

The special plays are mainly those that involve “suction”.

Masturbation practices, such as rubbing the Clitoris against the floor, can also cause the Clitoris to become engorged, which can lead to an increase in Clitoris size.

It is easy to be careful. Incidentally, the average size of the Clitoris in normal times seems to be 3.4 mm in width and 5.1 mm in length at the glans, and the total length of the Clitoris is 1.6 cm.

Incidentally, women who have experienced pregnancy tend to have larger Clitoris.

If the normal Clitoris size is significantly larger than this, the Clitoris may be enlarged.

You may want to keep your Clitoris as small as possible because of the image of large Clitoris being attracted to men.

For example, it seems that women with large Clitoris may be thought by men to be more experienced or simply surprised.

However, larger Clitoris may also be perceived as more attractive and may be easier to caress and thus more easily arouse each other.

Inappropriate masturbation is best avoided because of the risk of hurting the Clitoris, but even if the Clitoris become enlarged, it is not so much of a concern.


In this article, we have explained the characteristics and methods of External orgasm obtained with Clitoris from various perspectives.

It is characterized by a sharp, electrifying sensation, a short-lived sensation that spills over and has little aftertaste, making it an easy orgasm to cleanse yourself.

About 95% of women find that Clitoris acts as a sexual outlet, so even if you’ve never reached Orgasm before, rest assured that you can do it the right way.

Reaching Orgasm with Clitoris can be achieved by either masturbation or sex.

However, it is always important to caress the Clitoris carefully beforehand to increase the pleasure and get used to it.

If you are stimulating with your fingers, repeat the stimulation in a rhythm that feels good.

If you use a sex toy, pay attention to the strength of the vibration and keep applying it to the Clitoris and the surrounding area, and Orgasm should come closer.

Be careful not to over-stimulate the Clitoris, as it is a very delicate organ, and enjoy the wonderful pleasure of the External Orgasm with the Clitoris.