There are various positions for sex. However, it seems surprisingly many people have sex in the same position all the time. To feel more comfortable, it is important to try new positions.

There are various types of sex positions, such as “Missionary position”, “Cowgirl position”, “doggy position”, and “sitting position”, and their positions and pleasures are completely different. Trying out different postures can bring the following benefits, so it is also recommended for women.

  • You can enjoy a new pleasure
  • Can eliminate sex rut
  • Be aware of a new aspect of your partner

Also, there is a tendency that satisfaction is higher when multiple positions are used in one sex. By enriching your sexual life, a couple’s love will deepen. To enjoy the best SEX, we will introduce in detail the techniques of postures and movements recommended for women.

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What is your position during sex?

The “position” is an important point to enjoy sex. Posture is a term that indicates the physical relationship between the two bodies during sex. Some of the main sex positions are:

  • Missionary position
  • Cowgirl position
  • Doggy styleExtension position
  • Bending position
  • Cross position
  • Sitting position
  • Side position
  • Standing

As you can see, there are various types of postures we can perform. Also, “Kama Sutra” is very famous in India, and you might want to try it, right? Many position variations will appear in this Kama Sutra, but they are all variations of the above 9 types.

The trick to enjoy sex is to use different postures!

When you think of sex positions, you may feel embarrassed. However, depending on which position you have sex, your sensation and pleasure will be completely different. The trick to enjoy SEX is to experiment with him.

For example, the missionary position has the characteristics that you can get a feeling of close contact with each other’s body, and you can get a strong excitement in the Doggy style position. It’s also an interesting part of the sex position that just because you’re visually excited doesn’t mean you’ll always feel sharp.
It’s a sequel.

What is the position for women? Are female-led positions popular?

There may be an image that “SEX is led by men”, but women can also take the lead. The following two positions are especially recommended for women to gain an advantage.

  • Cowgirl position
  • Face-to-face sitting

These positions allow the woman to move positively because the woman is on top of the man. The appeal is that you can enjoy a different kind of pleasure that you wouldn’t have in a man’s leading position.

Both are positions that allow women to move at their will. Therefore, it becomes easier to control the size and speed of the movement and to apply the male genitals to the most comfortable place.

Position that makes women feel more comfortable

In a position where men are dominant, women may be unsatisfactory even if men are comfortable. Cowgirl position and face-to-face sitting position are attractive because they allow women to control their movements freely, so they can feel comfortable.

Also, postures such as Cowgirl position and face-to-face sitting position are popular positions among men. Seeing women in motion makes men feel sexier and more sexually excited.

Also, being able to feel like being dominated by a woman seems to give men an unusual pleasure. You can even make him sloppy with the sex a woman leads.

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Advantages of trying different postures

There are various sex positions, but it is up to each person to find out which is the most comfortable. Try different postures and you’ll have more sex with your partner. Also, there are the following merits when you improve your posture.

  • You can enjoy a new pleasure
  • Can eliminate sex rut
  • Be aware of a new aspect of your partner

Enjoy a new pleasure

The depth of insertion, the degree of close contact with the body, and the degree of visual excitement vary greatly depending on the body position. Even if you have a similar posture, you can sometimes get a pleasant feeling just by changing the direction and movement of your body.

When you try various postures, you may notice new erogenous zones that you did not even know until now. The fun of sex will spread by having him stimulate that part in other positions.

Can eliminate sex rut

No matter how much a couple loves each other, sex can become rustic if they have a long relationship. If you try a different posture, you should be able to enjoy sex with a fresh feeling.

When the fatigue of sex is eliminated, relationships in everyday life also improve. If you improve your posture techniques with sex, you can grasp the heart of a man without leaving other women.

Be aware of a new aspect of your partner

Trying out various SEX postures is also a pursuit of pleasure together. While looking for each other’s comfort, you should be able to see a new side of your partner.

For example, if he is happy to move positively in the Cowgirl position, he might like to be led by a woman. On other occasions, you can broaden the range of play by leading sex with impatient play.

If you want to know more caressing your partner, this is also a good reference.

What kind of posture do you have in one sex?

Keeping the same posture from the beginning to the end with one sex often makes you feel bored. Therefore, it is common to use 2 to 3 different postures.

Sexual life is enriched for couples having sex in a couple of positions

The results of various studies on sex with 527 men and women found that many people use two or three different postures in one sex. Approximately 45% of people seem to have 2 positions and 24% have 3 positions. (1)

It is also known that couples who have only one position in one sex have less sex, such as once a week. Couples with more than two positions are likely to have sex nearly three times a week.

Although the survey I introduced earlier was conducted in the West, sex is a common behaviour for us humans, so it seems that the results are not so much related to nationality or culture. So similar results will be obtained in India.

I often use different basic postures

When changing positions with sex, it seems that the basic things such as “Missionary position”, “Cowgirl position” and “doggy position” are often used properly. Of course, depending on the taste and compatibility of the couple, you may be doing a lot of bending and side positions.

I think the important point is the order of body position. This is because the comfort level of sex varies greatly depending on which position you start in and what position you end in. Let’s try various things with a couple, such as starting from a sitting position and finishing in a missionary position.

Technique when changing body position

Skilful changes in body position are indispensable for enhancing sex, but it is also very effective for women to take the initiative. In that case, there are the following important techniques.

  • Leave the other person naturally
  • Try changing to a position that men like
  • Change quickly so that the atmosphere does not cool down

Invite the opponent naturally

Men tend to like women who are active in sex. However, if you move too actively, you may feel like you are used to it, and you may feel depressed about men.

Therefore, try to guide your body position changes naturally. For example, you can ask a man to change his position by saying, “What kind of position should I have next?” or “I can be in any position.”

Try changing to a position that men prefer

If you have a long relationship with him, you should change your position more aggressively. It is often two birds with one stone, because it is also more pleasing for men, and it also eliminates the rutiness of sex.

Therefore, the point is to change to a man’s favourite position. As I will explain later, “Cowgirl position” is especially popular with men. It may feel embarrassing, but men will be pleased if they get on top.

Change the atmosphere quickly so that the atmosphere does not cool down

What often happens when changing positions with sex is that it takes time and the atmosphere cools. Both men and women will lose their tension if they are not inserted for a long time.

Therefore, it is important to change the position without removing the penis. The famous ones are “Missionary position to sitting position”, “Sitting position to Cowgirl position”, and “Cowgirl position to doggy position”. Please consult with your partner and aim for a smooth transition.

Position popular with women

Sex positions vary, but some are especially popular. However, the feature is that the body position you like depends on your gender. First of all, I would like to introduce four recommended postures for women.

  1. Missionary position
  2. Doggy style
  3. sitting position
  4. Cowgirl position

① Missionary position

The missionary position is a position where you face a man, and it is especially popular among women. The reason for this seems to be the ease of looking at a man’s face and the ease with which he can be caressed upon insertion.

Women often have anxiety when having sex. Being able to see and interact with your partner will allow you to feel more at ease with the man.

The point is to raise and lower your waist

The missionary position may have the image that men move independently. Women can also move their hips together to increase their pleasure. The point is to “raise and lower your hips”.

By raising and lowering your lower back, the penis hits various places in the vagina, giving you a different pleasure. Even men can feel unexpected stimuli and should be able to feel comfortable with each other.

Adding a pillow or cushion to your waist will make you more comfortable.

It is important to keep your waist up so that it is easier for women to feel in the missionary position. Doing so will raise the vagina and increase the friction when a man inserts it.

For this reason, we recommend putting pillows and cushions on your lower back. If you choose something with a certain height, the balance will be perfect, so try various adjustments.

②Doggy style

The Doggy style contrasts with the missionary position, but it seems that many women like the back. The back is the other person

Man’s excitement increases depending on how he invites

A woman who likes a back bag may find it difficult to invite herself. In that case, while he is wearing a condom or lotion before insertion, gently crawl on all fours and turn his back.

Many men love doggy style, so men are overjoyed if women invite them. Moreover, if the buttocks are exposed in a sexy way, the excitement of men will increase further. Let’s enjoy intense sex as it is.

Move your waist aiming at a comfortable spot

The doggy position can be inserted deep into the vagina, but it may not be possible for the man to take the initiative to move the part that is easy to feel. Therefore, the trick is that women also try to move a little.

Open your legs wide and move your hips back and forth to match the man’s movements. Furthermore, if you aim at a comfortable spot and change the angle of your hips, the stimuli will change, and each will feel more comfortable.

③ Sitting position

The sitting position is also a popular position for women. The reason is that it is easy to get inside. It is attractive that the vagina is compressed and the stimulus is transmitted to the G spot (the main erogenous zone in the vagina), giving you a pleasant sensation.

It also has a higher degree of close contact with your partner than other positions, so you can enjoy each other while touching and kissing each other. It is a position where the satisfaction of women is high because the body and mind are easily satisfied.

There are two types of sitting positions: “face-to-face sitting”, facing each other, and “back sitting”, in which a woman turns her back. Unlike the Doggy style, you can touch each other in close contact with each other, so it is effective to use them properly depending on the mood at that time.

The trick is to move slowly up and down

In both face-to-face and back sitting positions, women often move independently. However, unlike the Cowgirl position, they are in close contact with each other and cannot move quickly. When sitting, the trick is to move slowly up and down to enjoy the pleasure.

When the sitting position changes slightly, the stimulus to the G spot also changes. To strengthen the stimulation of this part, it is a good idea to keep your upper body slightly away from the man and put your hand behind. While feeling the penis hitting the front side of the vagina, moving up and down increases the pleasure.

You can also try moving your hips in a circular motion before you sit down. If you find a point that you feel particularly good, you can enjoy sharp stimulation by lowering it. Let’s have him move and aim for orgasm together.

④ Cowgirl position

While many women do not like the Cowgirl position because of their embarrassment, it seems that their embarrassment may lead to sexual excitement. The cowgirl position is the position that men like the most, so if you actively incorporate it, you will be able to enjoy sex together.

The Cowgirl position is also a position where women take the initiative, so it is also popular with women who want to lead sex. You can move as you like and hit the spots that feel good, so it is also attractive for this position that you can easily get orgasm.

The trick is to combine vertical and horizontal movements

The cowgirl position is a position in which women mainly move, so it is especially important to move the waist. There are various ways to move, but first, let’s proceed with a method that is easy for beginners to do.

It’s easier if you lean your upper body forward and cover it with a man, and move only your hips because you don’t have to move your body significantly. Also, you can feel the warmth of each other because you can keep the upper body close to the male.

However, if your partner has a premature ejaculation (quick ejaculation), moving too hard will not last long. By inserting a slow circular motion between the vertical movements, you can lengthen the sex time and increase satisfaction.

Position popular with men

The positions that are popular with men are almost the same as with women. However, men prefer Cowgirl position and back more than women, so if you try different postures, you will be able to enjoy sex with each other. Introducing the four positions that men like and why.

  1. Cowgirl position
  2. Face-to-face sitting
  3. Doggy style
  4. Missionary position

① Cowgirl position

The Cowgirl position is what men like most. The attractiveness of the Cowgirl position for men is that you can enjoy the visual stimulus that a woman extends over herself and the feeling that she is dominated by a woman.

In particular, the sight of a woman moving her hips is a sight that cannot be seen anywhere else. Men are suddenly excited by the gap that is completely different from their usual position.

In addition to chest movements when a woman moves, it is easy to see the joints between genitals, which gives men a visual stimulus. Men who have a desire to be dominated by women seem to be mentally satisfied with the Cowgirl position.

Get men to touch the erogenous zones such as nipples and hips

When having sex in the Cowgirl position, men often go to the lead side. However, it is not enough to enjoy pleasant sex.

In the face-to-face Cowgirl position were each other faces, it is good to have men actively stimulate the erogenous zones such as nipples and buttocks. Even men can get more excited by touching the sex part of women.

② Face-to-face sitting

Face-to-face sitting is also a position where women often move independently, as in Cowgirl position. Therefore, it is gaining popularity for men who want to be led by women. Also, the fact that there is little stimulation to the penis seems to be another reason why it is surprisingly popular.

By facing each other and having sex, you can get emotional satisfaction and satisfaction. Also, the sexy movement of a woman, like a Cowgirl position, enhances men’s sexual excitement.

Also, there are surprisingly many men with premature ejaculation. Face-to-face sitting makes it easier for the penis to be stimulated more easily, making it easier to control orgasm. Nevertheless, because it is easy for women to feel, it is a position where there are many benefits.

Getting your clitoris stimulated with one hand

In the face-to-face sitting position, the woman supports herself, so the man can use one hand freely. Therefore, it is recommended to have the freehand caress the clitoris.

It takes some getting used to feeling the G spot, but the clitoris is relatively easy to get pleasure. By inserting him and stimulating the clitoris, the middle of the G spot will come closer.

③Doggy style

The reason men like back is that they can get a uniform look by inserting it from behind in a woman. Also, the wild position of having sex on all fours seems to increase the excitement of men.

It is also attractive that it can be inserted deeper than other positions. It is easy for women to feel and at the same time for men to get stimulation of the vagina, so it is also attractive that they easily reach orgasm.

Also, men who do not want their facial expressions to be seen by other people may find the benefits of not seeing each other’s faces. Especially for men, being able to look at a woman’s sex without worrying about it is a nice point.

Men have to move slowly

The dorsal position can be inserted deeply, but women who have not developed the G-spot or portio (cervix) tend to feel pain. Therefore, it is better to have your partner move slowly until you get used to it.

The speed of piston movement during sex is not important. When a man moves slowly, the orgasm of a woman tends to increase. You can get stronger pleasure by having your hips move differently.

④ Missionary position

The missionary position is the most basic, so many men prefer this position. Since you can move while gazing at the other person’s appearance, you can increase your spiritual satisfaction. It is also attractive to be able to caress each other.

Furthermore, the missionary position seems to be popular with men as the finishing position. Positions in which the female body is more visible during ejaculation also increase male sexual arousal.

I will touch the male erogenous zone

It seems surprisingly many men want their bodies to be touched when they have sex in their missionary position. Just as men touch women, women should also stimulate men’s erogenous zones when in the missionary position.

Men have erogenous zones that are similar to women like nipples, buttocks, and back. Having sex while touching each other should help you reach orgasm together.

A comfortable posture technique

When trying different postures in sex, it is important to be comfortable with each other. To that end, techniques other than the posture itself, such as prior consultation and feelings for the other person, are important. In particular, be aware of the following:

  • Consult in advance about your position
  • Be considerate of the other person

Consult in advance about your posture

It is important to consult with your partner about sex positions in advance. In particular, if you suddenly try a position that the other person is not familiar with, you may feel uncomfortable and the person may feel unwell.

Also, depending on the nature and compatibility of the partner, new positions may not fit well. For example, many women do not want to do much because the Cowgirl position and the doggy style are easily embarrassing. Sometimes even men don’t like Cowgirl position.

There are various variations of sex postures, so even if you don’t like Cowgirl position so much that you are in a face-to-face sitting position, your impression may change with a slight change in your posture. If you consult with us roughly in advance, it will be easier for you to make adjustments and increase satisfaction when you practice in production.

I want you to feel comfortable with the other person

The most important thing to have good sex is to enjoy each other. For that purpose, it is important to be able to feel comfortable, but it is also necessary to be conscious of giving pleasure to the other person.

For example, when you are moving in a Cowgirl position, you can check if the other person feels good, and caress the erotic zone of your partner. It is also important to properly communicate if there is a request to the other party.

Since sex is performed by two people, it is important for each other’s opinions. Let’s talk about what you liked about sex at that time and what you should change a little, and hone your technique together.

If you feel pain in sex, this article will be helpful.


We introduced in detail the posture and movement techniques recommended for women. There are various postures of SEX, and if you combine them properly, you will be much more satisfied and your relationships will be better.

Two positions, “Cowgirl position” and “face-to-face sitting” are recommended for women who want to lead sex. Women’s movements are important in these positions, so moving your hips up and down or combining circular movements will make you feel better with your partner.

Even in positions such as the missionary position and the Doggy style position, when a woman moves her hips according to the movements of a man, she can hit a comfortable spot and enhance her pleasure. Let’s hone our posture techniques together with our partners.

You can also enjoy more exciting sex by combining adult goods (sex toys) and lotions. There are a wide variety of goods such as rotors and vibes, so be sure to give it a try and have some fun with your sex.

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