Sex is an opportunity for couples, married or not, to express their love of one another. It is the act of using our bodies to make each other feel good, but with sex toys we can use more than just our bodies.

A sex toy is a tool related to sex, but since sex toys themselves are not openly discussed or used, many people may be reluctant to use them. But by using a sex toy, we can get to know each other’s bodies and make ourselves feel even better.

In this article, I’d like to introduce you to some of the best sex toys for women.

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I want to use a sex toy!

Sex is an act of using each other’s bodies. Most people would imagine caressing each other with their lips and tongues, or inserting their penis, for example.

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Many people may not be able to imagine actually using a sex toy in sex. Let’s take a look at how exactly to use a sex toy during sex.

There are many different types of sex toys, and a wide variety of purposes for them, such as those who use them just for the pursuit of pleasure, those who use them to see how each other react in a different way, those who use them to develop their sexuality, and those who use them to cover up their body complexes.

What is a sex toy?

There are three types of sex toys that women use during sex: ‘those that vibrate against the clitoris’, ‘those that are inserted into the vagina for stimulation’, and ‘those that stimulate the nipples and the whole body as part of the foreplay’. Each type varies from automatic to hand-used types.

Sex toys represented by Dildos, Vibrators, etc. are very famous, and the following table shows the price quotes.

Small vibrators are very inexpensive and easy to find, so they are very useful as toys for beginner women.

If you are also a beginner, you may want to check out vibrators.

Dildos Rs1000- Check Online
Vibrators Rs500- Check Online
SexLubricants Rs200- Check Online
Massagers Rs1000- Check Online

Many women who have never used a sex toy before are afraid of putting something that moves automatically into their body, but in reality it is operated by a trusted male partner or themselves.

Therefore, even if it is a machine, the pressure and intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

What are the best toys for women?

This is a very difficult question.

This is because it depends on the sensitivity of each individual. In order to know which toy is right for you, you need to know what you want to do.

If you have never had an orgasm, then a masturbation practice toy is a good place to start so that you can learn to have external orgasms.If you want to know more about orgasms, this is a good place to start.

Specifically, Bullet Vibrators or Egg Vibrators are preferable.

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Rs700 Rs1125 Rs2200
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If you are able to have outside orgasms and have had sex before, the next step is to have inside orgasms at the G-spot or Portio (cervix).

The best toy for those is still a sex toy that can be inserted with a dildo or dildo vibrator.

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Sex techniques for women

Techniques using sex toys are necessary, but women also need techniques related to fundamental sex.

What are some of your usual sex and masturbation techniques?

You don’t need anything special. Whether it’s masturbation or sex, just add a few body functions and a few techniques and your sex life will change dramatically!

For example, when you are in the sex position, a little weight shift can turn into a pleasurable sensation, how to get longer foreplay, how to caress a man to make him happy… the list goes on and on.
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However, there is a big difference between following your instincts and adding a few techniques.

What you think you didn’t know is normal for the other person, or what they want you to do.

Sex toys for sexual development?

人, 女性, 女の子, 顔, モデル, ヌード, 完璧な, 皮膚, トップレス, セクシーです, 美しさ, 唇

One of the ways to use sex toys is to develop the sexual zones. There are some places in a woman’s sexual organs that need to be developed to feel pleasure, so a sex toy is a useful tool for developing the sexual organs in those cases.

It can also be used to solve physical problems, such as if your partner’s penis is not long enough or large enough, or if your partner has trouble getting an erection due to inexperience.

Using a sex toy can also cover issues such as stamina, so if you want to develop your sexuality, you can use a sex toy with your partner or on your own.

Outside orgasm for the first time

Compared to other parts of the body, it is relatively easy for anyone to have an orgasm using the clitoris, but it can be difficult for some people to continue stimulating it with their own fingers.

If you don’t get used to it, you won’t know what points you feel comfortable with, and you may be confused about how to move your fingers.

Until you find the point that feels good, stimulation with a sex toy will help you with your outside orgasm as you gradually learn where you get your pleasure.

If you want to have an outside orgasm with a sex toy, you can use a vibrator. Compared to other sex toys, they are smaller and easier to pinpoint and stimulate the clitoris, so they rarely cause pain.

When using a vibrator, make sure your sexual arousal is sufficiently high and your genitals are wet first. Dryness can cause pain, so if you’re not wet enough, you may want to use a lotion.

Start with weak vibrations by placing the vibrator around your clitoris. Once you get used to the vibrations and feel comfortable, try placing it directly against your clitoris.

The vibrations may be weak, but if you apply it directly to the clitoris, it will give you a strong sensation. Many people are able to do an outside orgasm if you keep the vibrator against the clitoris, so stimulate it with varying degrees of intensity of vibration.

Your first inside orgasm

Many people can have orgasms on the clitoris, but when it comes to people who can cum inside, there are fewer of them compared to outside orgasm.

The area of the vagina where you can have an orgasm is the G-spot, but if this area is not developed, you are less likely to have an orgasm, and it is difficult to have an inside orgasm.

Some people find it in an area that is difficult to stimulate with the penis, so development on a sex toy may be essential to doing inside orgasm.

As for the location of the G-spot, many people insert their fingers into the vagina and have the second joint bent to the abdomen. The sensation to the touch is different for each person, from rough to slippery, but if there is a place that feels a little better than other areas, it is most likely the G-spot.

The G-spot is located on the abdomen, which makes it difficult to stimulate with the penis, and the size of your partner’s penis has a lot to do with it, so a vibrator is recommended to stimulate the G-spot, which is easy for beginners to incorporate.

There are many different types of vibrators on the market, from realistic male genitalia to colorful, elongated oval shapes, and so many different lengths and thicknesses to choose from.

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When you use one for the first time, wipe it clean and wash it, and make sure that the vagina is sufficiently wet before using it. Once you are in the vicinity of the G-spot, get used to the stimulation by vibrating and moving in and out of the vagina.

Orgasm during sex

Not many women are actually able to have an orgasm every time they have sex.

Most women don’t have an orgasm and end up in a state where the man ejaculates and the sex is over.

Some of the causes of women’s inability to orgasm during sex are lack of technique on the part of the man, lack of mutual understanding of the points that feel good, and lack of development.

Most of these problems can be solved by using a sex toy.

The lack of understanding of what feels good can be caused by not understanding the points that feel good, as well as by the man who is your partner, but also by the fact that the woman herself does not know where she feels good.

If you don’t understand where you feel, you can’t tell your partner what you feel.

It can also be due to lack of experience with sex, which can lead to underdevelopment and also to an inability to orgasm.

If a woman masturbates with a sex toy and develops her sexual organs, she will be able to find her own pleasant places and communicate them to her partner.

It can also be developed over a number of times, and many people have found that they are able to orgasm when having sex with a man’s penis.

In order to fully orgasm with sex, it is effective to develop it yourself.

It’s scary the first time you use it….

Many people find it quite scary when they first use a sex toy. For those who have only had normal sex with their bodies in the past, using a sex toy requires courage.

Unlike using parts of the human body, such as hands, lips, tongue and penis, sex toys are an object and many people might not accept the inorganic sensation of sex toys.

Recently, some goods made of materials that are closer to human skin than before have been sold, but there are still not many of them.

Especially for women, there might be a lot of people who are resistant to putting things into the vagina thinking “What if it hurts?”, “I’m worried about hygiene because it is something you put inside your body”, “Is it really going to make me feel good?”.

However, since sex toys don’t move on their own and it’s either you or your partner who operates them, so you can stop or you can make adjustments if it hurts.

Some people are also concerned about hygiene, but if you wipe off the fluids thoroughly after using it, and rinse it under water, and dry it well to keep it clean, there is very little chance of germs growing on it.

If you don’t feel comfortable inserting it directly, you can put a condom over the sex toy and use it, so you can get rid of your fears with care and ingenuity.

I think anyone can be scared of using a sex toy for the first time, so why not start by using it at your own pace with your partner?

How to choose a sex toy

良い, 悪い, 反対, 選択, 意思決定, 肯定的です, ワード, 記号, 決定, 希望

We have introduced the types of sex toys recommended for women, but nowadays, the same sex toys are treated with a wide range of different looks, textures, functions and prices, and many people do not know which one to choose.

It is not uncommon for people to be confused about choosing a sex toy because they have never used it before and end up not being able to purchase it, so here I would like to introduce some points to consider when choosing a sex toy.

Choosing by Design

Not so long ago, most sex toys were quite unattractive in appearance and women were put off by them. But nowadays, sex toys are becoming more and more sexually active, and there is a wide variety of them on the market.

Many women prefer cute designs that don’t look like sex toys, so they can choose colorful or elaborate designs.

Also, if you don’t want your family or roommates to know that you have a sex toy, you can choose something with a flashy color scheme.

There are even some that are not immediately recognizable as sex toys, so one way to choose is to focus on the appearance.

However, if you choose a product based on appearance alone, there may be products with insufficient function or the price may be set too high as a design fee, so it would be best to choose one that suits your purpose and financial situation.

Choosing by price

Sex toys range in price from less than RS600 to several RS3000.

The difference in price is in the design, the function, and the materials used, so the sex toy you choose will depend on what you are looking for.

If you have never used a sex toy before and have only ever had sex with your body, it is best to choose one that you can afford to give up on, even if it doesn’t work out, instead of going for a more expensive one.

If you choose a higher-priced one, it is likely to have more features, but since it may be compatible with a sex toy, it is recommended that you start with an affordable one that you can try out for yourself if you have never used it before.

Choose by function

We’ve introduced sex toys such as vibrators, vibrators and dildos, but the functionality varies greatly depending on the object.

There are various types of vibrators on the market, especially those that only perform simple movements and those that perform complex movements.

Simple movements are better suited for stimulating the same area, while those with complex movements are better suited for those who prefer intense play.

There are also vibrators that are connected to a wire or can be controlled remotely, which can be useful when a man wants to turn it on at a slight distance.

It is not recommended to use sex toys outside, but if the sex toy is to be used in a space between two people, a sex toy with such a function is recommended to get rid of a rut and get new stimulation.

Dildos can be made of silicone that doesn’t move or have mechanical parts that move in complex ways, so you can choose the one you want.

If you want to attach it to the wall or the floor and move your own hips like you would in a cowgirl position, the non-moving type is better for you.

If you are not good at moving your own hips, the type of dildo that moves automatically is recommended.

Choose by strength of stimulation

Most sex toys that vibrate automatically are adjustable in terms of the intensity of stimulation.

Those who are new to sex toys and are a little uncomfortable using them should choose a weaker stimulation, while those who want stronger stimulation should choose a hard sex toy that gives stronger stimulation.

Some people are satisfied with light stimulation, while others need strong stimulation to have an orgasm, so it is important to choose a sex toy that suits your body.

If you have never used a sex toy before, it may be a good idea to start with a weaker sex toy and when you get used to it, try a sex toy with stronger stimulation.

Where to buy a sex toy?

Sex toys are sold in stores and online stores, and there are advantages and disadvantages to buying from either.

One of the advantages of buying in-store is that you can actually hold it in your hands and check the texture and size, and there is less chance of making the mistake of saying, “It’s not what I expected… Also, couples and couples can go out to the store together to find something that suits each other’s tastes and have more fun while using it.

The downside is that you will meet people when you buy a sex toy, so this is not recommended for those who are shy about it. Another disadvantage is that there is a limited number of products that can be placed in stores, so there are fewer types of products available than online.

The advantage of online stores is that you can see many products at once and at the same time compare them with other products.

There are many times when you are looking at vibrators, but the vibrators actually work better for you, or you can find a better product. You can also buy a sex toy without having to meet the person, so there is no embarrassment.

The downside is that you can’t actually hold the product in your hands, so there’s a higher chance of having a different image.

In addition, there are many places where sex toys are imported from abroad, and it is not uncommon that the product you receive is slightly different from the one made in Japan because foreign products may be less well made or the specifications may have been changed without notice.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but even with these advantages, more and more people are buying from online stores instead of in-store because the advantages of online stores are greater.

If you are not sure what kind of products Sextoy is, you should try to find the products in the online shop first.

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モデル, 女性, ファッション, 肖像画, 人, セクシーです, かなり, 人間, 官能的です, 美学

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a sex toy is that you need to make sure that you can buy something that is suitable for their use, and that the texture and price are what you want.

Also, if you are buying a sex toy for a woman to use, the woman’s confirmation of the product will also change whether she can continue to use it in the future.

If a man buys a sex toy by himself, it may not be suitable for the woman’s body when she uses it, so it is important to check the sex toy together.

In addition, if the sex toy is to be used by a woman during masturbation or by a man during sex, the type of sex toy will change, so if it is to be used during sex, it is advisable to consult with the man with whom you are having sex and buy it.

Sex toys can cause pain and discomfort if the user is not accustomed to using them, and they can cause problems with the body, so it is best to use them gradually rather than all at once, as this will help to improve your future sex life.


セクシーです, 肖像画, 感情, 官能, 喜怒哀楽, 喜び, リラックス, リラクゼーション, Orgasm

In this article, we have introduced the recommended types of sex toys for women to use for the first time, how to choose one and what to keep in mind.

It may take courage for both men and women to use a sex toy for the first time. However, there are various advantages to using sex toys, such as providing new stimulation and helping to develop the sexual organs, if you can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

If you are not comfortable with the use of a sex toy, I recommend that you first purchase a vibrator that is easy to take into account the advantages of a sex toy.

You can also see a new side of your partner by using a sex toy, so why not take the opportunity to use it?