Of course, there are various reasons for dissatisfaction with sex, such as rough treatment, lack of sex technique, penis size and lack of cleanliness, and growing nails.
However, if the dissatisfaction with sex is high for women, the foreplay may be short.

No matter how fond of the other person, if the foreplay is short or neglected, you will soon become unhappy and will not accept sex itself unless you feel comfortable.
If your partner understands the importance of foreplay to women, you’ll find that time-consuming foreplay adds value to sex.

Is foreplay necessary?

Why is foreplay needed?
This is a huge problem from the female perspective.
It can be imagined from various opinions that even the same foreplay is very different from what men think.
Foreplay for women can be thought of as sex itself.
However, it is often considered as a disturbing process for men.

・Make it easier for men to accept love
・Cultivate the affection of the two
・Time when you want to leave your body and soul to your partner

This is the foreplay from a female perspective.
But, unfortunately, many men want selfish sex.
Foreplay for such a man is very troublesome, and you may want to make it as short as possible and insert it as soon as possible.
Some people feel that foreplay is only a transit point for insertion, so it’s important to tell those men that they want it to be solid.
If you’re a partner who wants to take good care of you, the foreplay time isn’t short, and if you’ve never noticed it, just tell it.

What is foreplay?

What is foreplay? How will you answer?
After going to bed or after taking a shower?
No, think that foreplay has already started when you are dating.
If the true intention speaks, it can be said that it is foreplay from the end of the previous sex to the insertion of this time.

You may think it’s extreme, but the lingering sensation of having sex with a partner is a sensation that keeps a small fire in the back of your body.
As you approach your next date, you will remember the excitement and excitement.
Have you never been nervous and unable to sleep the night before?
This is peculiar to women and arises from the fact that mental expectations begin to run first.

With that in mind, you may find that eating on the date and gently holding hands at the movie theater are good foreplays.
Of course, your mood may be at its peak before you go to bed or take a shower.
With that heightened feeling in bed, and the foreplay from my partner, I feel like I can relax.

Why do you want more foreplay?

Why do women want more foreplay?
As you can see, foreplay for women goes beyond being part of sex to being the most sensation of affection from their partner.
Foreplay for men is a passage point for one purpose of insertion, while women accept foreplay as a love expression from their partners.
If everyone is important to me, then nature and handling will become polite.

It goes without saying that the sense of security that one is treated with care further enhances women’s pleasure.
Therefore, a woman can be completely satisfied with sex even with foreplay alone.
The feeling around here is something that men will never understand.

Women instinctively recognize that big events such as pregnancy and childbirth are ahead of sex.
I am unconsciously aware that if I become pregnant and give birth, I will have a very difficult time when I am raising children.
So I try to find out how much love my partner treats me.
It’s been a long time since it was a long time ago to choose a man who has a foreplay that gives me a firm feeling of affection as a partner, rather than a man who just has sex with himself.

What is the ideal foreplay time?

So how can a woman define a foreplay that makes her feel affectionate?
Given what you can see for sure, time is one guide.
Here is a survey of 260 Twitter users, so please refer to it.

First of all, the foreplay time that men are thinking is overwhelmingly set in a zone of 5-10 minutes.
Then, what about women’s opinions? The zone of 30 minutes to 1 hour is overwhelmingly overwhelming.
If you compare the shortest 5 minutes and the longest 1 hour, you will notice that there is already 55 minutes difference.
Even if you compare the longest of men, 10 minutes, and the shortest of women, 30 minutes, there is a difference of 25 minutes.
This point is greatly related to the feeling that women do not like short foreplay.

There is a question about the time to go to the questionnaire survey of 260 Twitter users, and it is an average example that men say 1 minute 20 seconds, women say 30 minutes.
In other words, while men are quick to immerse themselves in self-satisfaction, women end when the line of pleasant music finally begins to rise.
The short foreplay should be disliked because it ends when you approach the entrance of the comfort of sex.

What foreplay does a man think?

What is the foreplay that men think of?
As I mentioned earlier, foreplay for men is a passage point for insertion.
Since it is impossible for a woman to insert it when it is not feeling wet, it has the strongest implication that she should somehow prepare herself to accept herself.
In addition, since men have strong visual excitement, there is also a place where they can be more excited by seeing what their partner women feel.
In these cases, you often spend a lot of time and spend your foreplay firmly.
In the case of couples who are not closely related to each other, they may try to find out if a woman is disliked by doing foreplay over time.
In all cases, women are valued and women take the initiative.
It would be good if the situation remained the same, but it becomes easier for men to change when it becomes commonplace to have sex.
The feeling of wanting to insert it quickly starts to grow.
For men who are originally selfish, it may be a selfish foreplay from the point of view of men, since it is only intended to be inserted from the beginning.

What is the foreplay that women think?

Now, let’s change our position and think about the foreplay that women think of.
For women, sex is the act of welcoming men.
Therefore, it will be a big premise to be a safe partner.
I think foreplay is important in order to judge whether or not the partner is a partner who can feel relieved.

From the standpoint of men, the main purpose of insertion is that I have talked about it several times.
But foreplay is about making women happy, so the more selfish a man, the shorter the foreplay time.
Sometimes it can’t be said that there is no foreplay at all.

Foreplay prolongs for men who want to make their partner women feel more comfortable, rather than achieving their own desires.
As you can see from these things, foreplay for women can be a measure of how much they are loved and valued by their male partners.
A man who takes the time to be satisfied with his foreplay will continue to value you.

Why is the partner’s foreplay shorter? You may also be the cause

The length of your partner’s foreplay is also a barometer of your affection.
However, the partner’s foreplay may be shortened for unexpected reasons.
Even if you care about you, the foreplay can be shortened.
And what do you think if the reason is for you?

Your partner will also try to round up faster if, for example, you seem to feel less.
If you feel less pleased, your partner’s man may shorten his foreplay in an attempt to reduce your pain as much as possible.
Still, let’s understand that it is the male sex that makes you want to insert it.

If you feel such an atmosphere in the middle of foreplay, just pretending to be feeling will change the situation.
It is also effective to silently mitigate the eyes and make a light voice from the back of the throat, without performing the forceful feeling.

To the man’s eyes, it seems like he is ashamed to speak out even though he feels comfortable, and the partner’s sudden motivation will regain.
Sometimes acting a little is good, but if you overdo it, it will be counterproductive, so be careful.

Advantages and disadvantages of foreplay time

Foreplay is a very important step because it is the first process of sex.
Since it includes not only physical feelings but also mental feelings, it can be said that the satisfaction of foreplay determines the satisfaction of sex itself.

If you stay in good shape from the start, you can continue to have good relationships.
Of course, the important point is how satisfied we are, but here we would like to think again about the point of time.
This is because by dividing into units of time, you can compare them in a rather clear form rather than speaking in an abstract image.

After the advantages and disadvantages of a short foreplay time, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a long foreplay time, so you can compare them and see how foreplay time should be. If you are a partner, please consider replacing it.
If the merit passes, it becomes a demerit, and depending on the way it is, it can be said that it is a merit, and I think that such a thing can be naturally accepted.

If the foreplay time is short…

The benefits of a shorter foreplay time may be harder to find from a female perspective.
You may be worried about various things that you may not be loved or think that you are important.

However, it is not well known that there are cases where relationships with partners are very successful.
Short foreplay times tend to undermine the disadvantage of having less affection, but it’s also because the partners are too fond of you to put up with it.
Male psychology is a mystery, and the desire to insert it because it’s like it can make it more intense than necessary.
It’s hard to understand from a woman’s perspective, but it’s good to know that foreplay is shortened because we care about you.

Also, if the foreplay time is short, the partner may be too tired.
As you can see, mental fatigue due to stress can be significant in modern society.
Given that tiredness, I feel that the desire to have sex with you has become a short foreplay, and that depth of love is a big advantage.

If the foreplay time is long…

On the contrary, what about a long-time foreplay that is full of affection?
It is natural to think that the fact that he/she takes the time to give detailed foreplay has such a love.
However, there may be some misunderstandings here.
Sometimes the foreplay can be persistently long enough to make you feel good.

Your partner has no harm, but it can be too long and tiring for you.
Also, if the partner pays particular attention to the woman’s feelings and facial expressions, it cannot be said that the main part of sex will concentrate on this foreplay and not put a heavy burden on the female body.
Foreplay times tend to be long for men with a slightly S temperament, such as being happy to see a woman’s shy appearance.

This is a great advantage in the sense that I love you firmly, but if you put too much strain on your body, you may find it a disadvantage.
Even if the same thing changes from a different standpoint or perspective, the exact opposite is true, so I can’t say which one is absolutely better.

Foreplay over time feels love

In the story so far, you can make one hypothesis.
There are various reasons, but the majority of the opinions are that the foreplay, which has been overwhelming, gives a feeling of love.
It is clear from everybody’s eyes that inserting sex is the primary purpose for men.
It can be said that this is an unwavering fact, no matter what kind of history the east, west, and eastern parts of Japan have had.

Since the foreplay is where you can feel the affection from men most firmly, there is no doubt that the longer you spend the foreplay, the more your love grows.
So how does your confidence interact with your partner?
Should I simply accept the love of my partner?
Have you ever thought that affection is a give and take?

One-sided love is a form of acceptance, but accepting two-way love with one another deepens the affection.
If your partner man creates a space that makes you want more foreplay, he will be more willing to work on you foreplay.
Let’s talk about how to do that.

Create atmosphere

Men are just as excited when they get drunk in a romantic atmosphere.
Even a little, the romantic level will be much higher.

For example, lighting, when you invite a partner to your room, it is good to use simple downlights rather than proof that you use it in your daily life.
You can create a unique atmosphere that is different from usual by using a reading stand that you can find everywhere, like using it as a foot light at the entrance, or by illuminating it toward the ceiling at the bedside.

Also, it is effective to pay attention to underwear.
If you usually use something casual, you might want to take the plunge and switch to something chic.
Underwear has a lot of mysterious target elements for men, so we recommend that you wear the top and bottom set as much as possible.
Underwear from the top and bottom sets is directly connected to the joy that a man had prepared for him.
For this day, the pleasure of men, who feels it’s just for you, goes far beyond what women think.

Don’t you think men are so cute that just changing the atmosphere makes their foreplay time longer?

Impossible play

Even if there is something you want in front of you, it may be more pleasing when it is frustrating that it is not easily available.
The more I get impatient, the more I want it and the more I can’t stand it.
If you use it well, you can expect a considerable effect.

Have you heard of the word impatient play?
In the case of sex, the impatient break seems to be done by men to women in many cases, but on the other hand, it can be expected to have a considerable effect even if women are men.
If you keep impatient with each other, you will end up with a long foreplay.
If one of them is unilateral, it is a normal impatient play, but if men and women are impatient with each other, the excitement will double with time.
When a man asks for a kiss, hiding his lips with the palm of his hand and suddenly kissing the man trying to pull back is a very effective and easy technique.

It’s best to take several times longer than usual to take off your clothes deliberately, to take off the clothes for men, and to take them off intentionally.
If you take five minutes to remove a shirt, you’re completely captivated.

Use toys and lotions

It is also recommended to use toys such as adult toys.
Especially when the partner man has little experience or has a premature ejaculation, it is possible to realize long-time foreplay by using a toy to reduce the direct stimulation.

Today’s toys are not only adult goods like they are, but also cute designs that don’t feel uncomfortable when placed as a part of interior in a woman’s room.
Lotion play in the bathroom is also very popular as foreplay.
Lots are not only those that pursue practicality as before, but many fruit flavors are also sold, so it will be even more fun to incorporate the scent of your partner’s taste.
If your nipples are sensitive, why not try a “nipple vibrator” (2)?

Vibrators and pink rotors are well-known adult toys, but many men have never heard of a nipple vibrator.
If not only adult toys for men, but also adult toys developed for women are used successfully, the foreplay time will become longer and more effective.


Many women are dissatisfied with the short foreplay.
However, I think that you could understand that even a little suggestion or a change in consciousness could lengthen the time of the foreplay of the partner.

Even in a world where such information is widely disseminated, it is very difficult for men to understand the feelings of women.
If you’re looking for a partner, tell them well and men will be happy to respond.
Wouldn’t it be disgusting to say something like this, wouldn’t it seem like a naughty girl?
I know what I’m worried about.

But if you are dissatisfied with your partner’s short foreplay, you should tell your partner as soon as possible.
Nothing is as good as understanding each other’s true feelings.
Sex is absolutely necessary to connect men and women.

Of course, if the foreplay is done properly and you are not dissatisfied with the foreplay, the relationship with your partner will be even better.
We hope that it will be useful in communicating your feelings to your partner.