Even women who are not so familiar with adult goods may have heard of the vibrator. However, although she has heard of it, she does not know what a vibrator is or what purpose it serves, and there are many women who have never actually used a vibrator. Some women may also have a negative image of vibrators as grotesque goods that imitate male genitalia, like those seen in pornography.

In fact, however, vibrators are very important for women to develop their sexual organs and to achieve orgasm through stronger sensations. In this article, I will explain in depth how to choose the right vibrator for the pleasure you seek and how to use it easily for women who are new to vibrators. If you are a woman who wants to know more about vibrators and how to have an orgasm, please stay with me until the end of this article.

A lot of women are interested in vibrators?

Vibrators are one of the most well-known sex toys, and there are actually quite a few women who actually own them.

These days, women’s masturbation, or getting pleasure from their own hands, is called self-pleasure, and it’s becoming a little brighter than it used to be. The importance of satisfying both a woman’s mind and body, promoting health and beauty, and increasing sensitivity to bring her to orgasm is being recognized. An essential part of that self-pleasure is a vibrator.

Some women use only their hands or fingers when masturbating, but vibrators can stimulate places that cannot be reached by their fingers, and their vibrations can give a stronger sensation than their fingers. So, to make your own self-pleasure more fulfilling, more and more women have become interested in vibrators in recent years.

Vibrators vary in shape and price depending on their purpose and the features they come with, so it’s important to choose the right one for the pleasure you want. But when it comes to buying a vibrator for the first time, you don’t know where to buy one or what kind of vibrator to choose. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information on how to buy a vibrator for the first time and how to choose one. In this article, I will also introduce the recommended vibrators for women.

What is a vibrator?

Vibrators generally refer to vibrating devices in general, including machines used to harden concrete and massage devices used to relieve stiff muscles, but in this article we are specifically referring to female sex toys that give pleasure to the female genitalia through vibration.

Most vibrators are about the thickness and length of a man’s penis, and are made in the form of a rod or capsule, and are mainly used against the vagina or inserted into the vagina. They are mainly used against the vagina or inserted into the vagina to stimulate the vagina by vibrating with electric power, leading to a pleasant sensation.

In the past, most vibrators used to be shaped like a man’s penis, and most of them were too thick or too big and grotesque looking, but nowadays they are becoming slender and stylish and easy for women to pick up, and the colors are becoming more and more pop and cute.

Where do you buy vibrators?

Vibrators are sold in stores that sell adult products and various other goods. However, while it’s still fine if you choose one with your girlfriend, many women may be a little uncomfortable standing in a store and choosing or buying a vibrator on their own. If you’re not particularly particular about buying a vibrator after you’ve held it in your hands and seen it in person, we recommend buying vibrators online.

One thing to keep in mind when buying a vibrator online is the purchase history and the label of the product when it arrives at your home. When you buy from a major shopping site, the history is left behind, so when you open the site in the future, adult goods will be listed as a recommendation, or when a family member who lives with you receives a package delivered to your home, if you write “adult goods” on the label, it will be unbearable.

To avoid this problem, you should buy your vibrator at a store that specializes in adult products, such as Sex Toys INDIA, where you can get your vibrator without having to write the name of the product on the shipping label. They pack the products in a way that you won’t be able to see if your family members receive them, so you don’t have to worry about them being seen. The shop specializing in adult goods is a shop that deals with products used in delicate places, so they also pay close attention to privacy measures.

Where do you use it?

Basically, vibrators are battery-operated or rechargeable and cordless, so you don’t have to choose where to use them. You can generally use it in a place where you can relax and use it, such as the bathroom or bed, but it’s best to use it in a place where you don’t mind using lotion or getting your love juice out. As long as you have a bath towel, you can use it outdoors, in the car, or anywhere else you like, but it’s best to avoid places that are too public to feel the orgasm calmly.

Also, most vibrators are waterproof, but some of them are not completely waterproof, even if they are waterproof for life. Some may break and become unusable if you use them in bathrooms and other watery places. You don’t want the vibrator you spent so much time and effort to choose to break immediately.

If the motor is loud, you may not be able to concentrate on masturbation because you are worried that people in the next room or other places around you may hear the vibrator. Thus, it is important to note that you need to choose a place to use the vibrator depending on the type and function of the vibrator.

What’s the easiest way to choose?

The easiest way to choose a vibrator is to first choose one based on where you want to use it. If your main place of use is the bathroom, it should be completely waterproof, and if you’re going to use it in your room, it should be quiet. Also, if you intend to use it with a vibrator inserted, we recommend you to read the size and power instructions carefully. If you start out with a vibrator that is too thick and long or with too much vibration, it may not enter your vagina and may be painful. Using a vibrator can be a traumatic experience in itself.

You can almost never fail to choose your first vibrator if you choose one that is labeled by adult stores as beginner-friendly. A good rule of thumb for size is to choose a vibrator that is about the size of a typical male erection, with a diameter of about 3 to 4 cm at the largest part and a total length of 13 to 16 cm.

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↑Up to this size should be safe for beginners to use.

If you’re used to your partner’s penis being large, you won’t be satisfied if it’s too thin. If that’s the case, you can choose a slightly thicker one. Basically, as long as it’s about the same size as your partner’s, it won’t be too thick to fit in.

Also, if you’re not the type to insert, an egg vibrator is recommended.

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↑Orthodox egg vibrators, like the one shown up here, are very easy to handle for beginners.

You don’t have to go all out and buy an expensive vibrator with a lot of features because it’s your first one. I recommend buying a vibrator that is inexpensive and simple in function, just to try it out for a while at first.

What kind of vibrator would you recommend for the first time?

There are many different types of vibrators, each with a different movement and shape, so the vibrator you choose will depend on where you want to stimulate and develop. When buying a vibrator for the first time, it is important to be aware of three things: what kind of stimulation you are looking for, where you like to be stimulated, and where you want to develop your own stimulation. Next, we’ll discuss the vibrators that are perfect for each female sexual area!

Like the clitoris

After all, having your clitoris stimulated is the best feeling and the easiest to orgasm! Many women have a lot of things to do with this. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive female sexual organs, and it is also the easiest organ to reach orgasm in a short time. For women who love clitoris, I recommend the Rabbit Vibrator, which has a small vibrator attached to the base of the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and vibrate the clitoris while inserting it.

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The ↑Rabbit vibrator has parts that look like rabbit ears that can stimulate the clitoris in this way.

These days, there are also vibrators on the market that are specially designed for clitoral stimulation. Unlike the vibrators that are inserted into the clitoris, these vibrators have a suction opening with a soft brush-like protrusion, and they stimulate the clitoris and give you a sensation just like being fucked by a man. Some clitoral vibrators have a thin tip and vibrate the clitoris with a pinpoint accuracy.

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Many of the clitoris-specific vibrators are cute looking.

I want to feel the G-spot

A surprising number of women who have had sex have actually never reached orgasm in the G-spot, the so-called inside orgasm. That’s where we recommend developing the G-spot, and although the G-spot is famous for its sexuality, many people don’t know what the G-spot is or where it is located. As it should be, the G-spot is very difficult to detect because it has no obvious characteristics.

The G-spot is a small, slightly rough area on the belly button about 4-5 cm from the vulva that feels a little rough to the touch, which varies slightly from person to person, and is called the G-spot. It turns into a pleasurable sensation that causes your body to spasm. It is a sexual area that does not allow you to reach orgasm just by stimulating it like the clitoris, but by gradually stimulating and developing it. However, the G-spot takes a very long time to develop in some cases, so it must be developed properly.

A vibrator that can stimulate the G-spot is recommended for this purpose because the G-spot is located behind the pubic bone, on the front wall of the vagina, so you have to bend your finger toward the navel to touch it. The gently curved shape of the G-spot is designed to pinpoint the G-spot, making it easy to stimulate.

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I want to feel it in my portio

Reaching orgasm at the G-spot is called inside-orgasm, but there is actually another type of orgasm that can be reached in the vagina. It’s called a deep orgasm, and it’s called a portio orgasm. The portio is a sexual area deep inside the vagina, around the cervix. Normally, the portio is not a pleasant organ to stimulate, but if it is well developed, you can feel more pleasure than the G-spot.

However, it is difficult to develop the portio by yourself because it is located deep in the vagina and it is difficult for a finger to reach it. When you have sex with your partner, you may be poked in the back with your penis, but if it is not developed, you will just feel the pain. This is where a porcine vibrator comes in handy.

Porcupine vibrators are made to be long enough to reach deep and stimulate the porcupine easily. If you develop your porthole through masturbation, you’ll be able to increase your sensitivity and even reach a porthole orgasm when you have sex with your partner.

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↑As you can see, a dildo-type vibrator with some length is recommended for porcine stimulation.

What are the different types of insertion-type vibrators?

There are several different types of vibrators, many of which are inserted into the vagina. If you want to buy a vibrator from an online store specializing in adult goods, you may be confused by the fact that there are so many different types of vibrators available. So, if you understand the types of vibrators in advance, you can choose the type you’re interested in and it will be easier to find a vibrator that fits your needs, even though there are many products to choose from.

Next, let’s get specific about the types of vibrators that insert!

Straight type

Straight vibrators, also known as single-bar vibrators, are, as the name suggests, single-bar vibrators with no prongs at the base. There are various designs such as the tip of the vibrator is shaped like the glans of a penis, or the surface has grooves and small bumps. Because there is nothing attached to the base of the vibrator, you can insert it deep into the body and stimulate from the G-spot to the porthole by the way you hold it and the angle.

Because it is a very simple vibrator, there are stylish designs on the market that are not recognized as vibrators at a glance. Even beginners and those who are not comfortable with the look of adult products can easily pick up these types of vibrators.

Rabbit Vibrator

The Rabbit Vibrator is a straight vibrator with a small vibrator that stimulates the clitoris at the base of the straight vibrator, and is a vibrator that offers both inside and outer orgasm. It is called a rabbit vibrator because the vibrator used to stimulate the clitoris looks like a rabbit’s ear.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including those made to have a larger area in contact with the clitoris, those with small prongs for more intense stimulation, and those with a double vibe function placed between the clitoris. Even for women who are not able to orgasm easily, stimulating the clitoris for external orgasm may make it easier to orgasm inside the clitoris because the brain mistakes the pleasure of the clitoris for the pleasure of the vagina. Also, clitoral stimulation of the clitoris can increase the sensitivity of the vagina to orgasm and make it easier to orgasm inside.

If you don’t need clitoral vibes, you can turn the clitoral vibes to the buttocks and shift them away from the clitoris.

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Swinging Type

There are vibrators with just a vibrating function and vibrators with a swinging function that has a motor at the tip of the vibrator that swings in and out of the vagina and stirs the inside of the vagina. The ones with a swing function usually have a vibration function as well, so you can get used to the vibration stimulation only and then use the swing function to get new stimulation and pleasure.

You can change the swing function, the strength of the vibration, and the swing and the vibration at the same time with the switch at hand.


Some vibrators have a piston function as well as a vibrating or swinging function. You have to move your hand to piston a normal vibrator, but the ones with a piston function can be turned on and off without moving your hand, giving you the realistic sensation of being poked by a real man’s penis.

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There are also remote-controlled rotors called remote-controlled vibes, which do not have a cord attached to them. The remote control vibrator is placed in the underwear so that it can be placed against the clitoris or inserted into the vagina, and the intensity and vibration pattern of the vibrator can be changed with the remote control at hand to provide stimulation.

There are various shapes, including a small, inexpensive egg-shaped one and a dildo-shaped one, which is made to be inserted into the vagina and resembles the shape of a man’s vagina and provides firm stimulation, and a stick-shaped one, which resembles a male organ.

Remote control vibes provide thrills and stimulation, for example, a partner with a remote control can enjoy shame play by flipping a switch outdoors, or a partner can go out alone in town, turn it on and enjoy masturbation in secret without anyone knowing. It’s a great way to get rid of the sex rut.

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Choose from a material?

When choosing a vibrator, it is also recommended to choose a vibrator based on the material it is made of, with an emphasis on the feel of the skin and elasticity. When you buy a vibrator, the material of the vibrator should always be marked online or in a physical store. Different materials feel differently, so if you have some understanding of the characteristics of the material, it will be easier to purchase a vibrator that you like. The main materials used in vibrators are as follows

Elastomeric material

Many people may not have heard of elastomers. Elastomers are used in medical devices and are soft and bouncy, almost like human skin. Elastomers are also used to make masturbators, which are adult products for men. Because it feels similar to the human skin, even first-time buyers of vibrators can use them without resistance. It’s also safe to use, as it’s not allergic like rubber.


Silicon is a material that is often used for cooking utensils and other personal items. It has a silky, smooth and luxurious feel to it, with just the right amount of hardness and pliability. Silicone is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Elastomers have a tendency to darken and stain due to their skin-absorbing texture, but silicone is less likely to get dirty and can be wiped off quickly to keep it clean.


Compared to other materials, plastic (polyethylene) vibrators are harder, which makes it easier for vibrations to be transmitted directly to the user. While it is easy to feel small differences in the strength of the vibrator’s vibrations, the hardness of the vibrator can make it seem less comfortable on the skin or more mechanical for beginners.

Polyvinyl chloride (sometimes abbreviated as PVC) is also commonly used as a material for vibrators, but this material is also very slippery and elastic and is rather hard, so it is more suitable for intermediate to advanced users than for beginners.

Simple Instructions for Using a Vibrator

Next, I’m going to show you how to use a vibrator in a nutshell! A vibrator is not something that you can just insert into the vagina. It’s not just a matter of inserting it into the vagina, it’s a delicate part of the body that requires a lot of preparation and aftercare. For women who are new to vibrators, here are some tips on how to use them safely and comfortably.

Using Lotion and Condoms

Vibrators should be used in conjunction with lotion and condoms. When you have sex with a man, if the woman’s side is not sufficiently moist, she won’t be able to insert it smoothly and it will be painful. It’s the same when using a vibrator. It is difficult to insert a vibrator if it is not wet, so it is recommended that you use lotion with the vibrator when using it.

If you put a towel underneath your body, it will be easier to clean up if you squirt the lotion or squirt it. Even if you don’t insert it, it’s easier to feel a pleasant sensation if you’re moistened with lotion.

Also, since the vibrator comes in contact with mucous membranes and skin, you should cover it with a condom before using it for hygiene reasons. You can buy a condom to cover a vibrator, so it’s a good idea to buy one together with a vibrator and lotion.

By the way, it’s recommended to choose a lotion made mainly of water-soluble ingredients such as glycerin. Water-soluble substances such as glycerin feel smooth and close to body fluids, making them gentle on the female body. Lotions whose main ingredient is vegetable oil are gentle on the skin and do not dry out easily, so they can stay moist for a long time, but the properties of the oil can melt the rubber, which can cause condoms to break in the process.

Also, silicone lotion, which is characterized by its slimy texture, can deform the vibrator if used with a silicone vibrator. It’s safer to check the ingredients before you buy a lotion to make sure it can be used with a vibrator.

How to maintain it

If the vibrator is left to wipe properly after using it, germs can grow, and when you use it again, germs can enter the vagina and cause vaginitis and other problems. Especially if you leave the lotion on your skin, it is easy for germs to grow and can cause the vibrator to deform and discolor, so cleaning it is essential to take care of it. If the vibrator is completely waterproof, be sure to keep it clean by washing it with water or cleaning it with a special cleaner and spraying it with disinfection spray.

Even though it claims to be water resistant, there are some products that will become unusable if water gets between the main unit and the handle, so it is important to cover the controller part with a towel when washing in water and to do so carefully. Since silicone tends to stick to the fibers, you can wipe off the water with kitchen paper or microfiber cloth to keep it clean.

Take special care not to get water on the battery cover of a battery-type watch or the charging connector of a rechargeable watch. It is recommended that you remove the batteries when storing them to prevent them from leaking.

If you put several silicone vibrators together in a plastic bag or other container, the vibrators may stick to each other, making them unusable the next time you take them out. It’s best to store adult goods individually in the box they came in when you bought them, or in a pouch made of breathable material. Also, since vibrators are precision machines, to prevent them from breaking down or deteriorating, dry them thoroughly after rinsing them in water and store them away from hot and humid places such as bathrooms.


There are three things to keep in mind when masturbating with a vibrator, both mentally and physically.

1. Do it in a relaxing environment.
2. Use a quiet vibrator
3. gradually increasing the stimulus

The first thing to do is to do it in a relaxing environment. Whether you use a vibrator or not, don’t you always masturbate in a time and environment where you are relaxed? In order to reach orgasm through masturbation, your mind and body must be in a relaxed state. Especially when using a vibrator, you may be inserting a foreign object into your body, and if you are not relaxed, you may not be able to insert it smoothly. You may want to start in a dimly lit, quiet environment or with your favorite music playing on low volume, without lighting up the room too much.

The next step is to use a quiet vibrator. Even though a vibrator is an adult product, it is a precision machine with a motor. It can be difficult to concentrate on masturbation because of the motor noise when it is activated. No matter how good the vibrator is, it will not feel good if your family members who live with you find out by making motor noises. Choose a quiet vibrator that makes as little noise as possible so that you can focus on your own pleasure. If you don’t have a roommate, a loud type of vibrator will work just fine.

Lastly, the stimulation of the vibrator should be gradually increased. The clitoris and vaginal area is quite a delicate area. If you use too much stimulation at the beginning, you may damage the skin and mucous membranes, and you may not be able to feel the sensation.

If you try to force a vibrator deep into your body or keep stimulating one part of your body too hard because you want to experience an orgasm quickly, you will only end up masturbating in pain. You can’t develop your sexual zones immediately. It is important to face your body slowly and deliberately. We recommend that you start with gentle stimulation and gradually increase the intensity of your stimulation.


Masturbating with a vibrator and reaching orgasm can bring you to a new level of sexuality and pleasure that you may not have noticed when having sex with a partner or masturbating with your own fingers. To find a vibrator that really feels good, start by trying out a beginner’s vibrator. Choose a smaller, more comfortable material rather than one that is too thick, too long, or too hard. Also, try out an inexpensive product rather than an expensive one, so you won’t regret it too much if it doesn’t work for you.

Some women may have an image of adult goods, including vibrators, as something grotesque and disgusting. However, in recent years, pornography and other adult products have begun to be recognized as a way to satisfy women’s minds and bodies and make them shine more brightly. Why don’t you try masturbating with a vibrator to make your life more fulfilling?

If you want to know more about the ↓ orgasm, see also.