Kissing is when you’re in a good mood with different people, such as your current boyfriend or someone you’re interested in. It’s an expression of affection. It’s one of the techniques to get a man down, and I think many women want to get better at kissing It is.

But do you find it surprisingly difficult? You cannot practice kissing when you are alone, as you can only do it with a partner. You need to use the knowledge you get from the internet and magazines, and change the way you do it for each time you kiss your partner.

I want to get better at kissing, but I don’t know how to do it or how to improve my technique. In this article, we’re going to show you some techniques and tips on how to get your man hooked on kissing! .

Is there a technique to kissing?

Do you need a special technique for kissing? Many people think that kissing is more than just lip to lip contact. From a different point of view, it is a mucosal contact, but when favors, affection, and sexual desire are involved, it can be a completely different experience. It is an act that takes on a different meaning.

If you just want to put your lips together, you can do it at any age, but there’s just a little technique to it. It quickly turns into a mature kiss with
It’s also a great way to increase a man’s sexual desire for a nice, melt-in-your-mouth kiss. It is very effective.

When you’re having sex, your libido is so high that you forget to kiss and It’s common. However, on a regular date, kissing is a great way to confirm your partner’s affection for you and to acknowledge your own feelings. You can do this.

When it comes to kissing techniques, you can learn how to move your lips and tongue and how to apply pressure, as well as what timing and There are different types of techniques, such as when to do it in a situation.

If you are brave enough to try kissing a woman without thinking of it as something a man would do, you can catch a man off guard. It can also make you even more excited about.

If you can captivate men at the time of a kiss, you can even improve your sex techniques and keep them away from you!
Techniques such as blowjobs and positions are also introduced here.

The Meaning of the Kiss

Kissing is a daily routine abroad, and other people may kiss their cheeks as greetings. However, due to differences in history and customs, it is a special act that is performed only with people who are very close.

Kissing was mainly an act only when having sex. It has been established overseas as a method of greeting, but in India, the trend of kissing instead of greeting has not spread. You can see that it is not a kiss for greetings, but an expression of love for a lover or a close person.

At first, I was excited just by kissing, but I think that I may become dissatisfied with the other person as it gets rude with time. The cause of rut is to kiss in the same way and situation as usual.

What I would like to recommend to those people is to improve their kissing technique. A throbbing kiss by a man may rekindle their love or create a new relationship.

Checking your kissing face is important

Have you ever tried to actually check your own kissing face? I don’t think you get to see your usual face that often, but it’s rare to see your kissing face. There is no such thing, is there? The reason why it is better to check your kissing face is to make your partner look excited. This is because it can improve the atmosphere and facilitate future relationships.

Every woman wants to look as pretty as possible because it’s a face that the other person sees a lot, and every woman wants to look as pretty as possible! Right?
There are two main ways to check your kissing face and make yourself conscious of your pretty face If you want to see your kissing face objectively, you can use the smartphone’s There are ways to do this on camera or on video.

If you practice looking in the mirror you can’t see the kissing face with your eyes closed, so you will be kissed by surprise Practice your face when you are made and when you look at each other’s faces.

The advantage of practicing with your phone’s camera is that you can see the face with your eyes closed and the reversed The point is that you can see your kissing face from the other person’s point of view. The face you see in the camera is the face you see, and surprisingly, it looks completely different when you flip it around. It happens all the time. You may look pretty in your own selfies, but you don’t look pretty in someone else’s picture of you. This is the reason why this is so important.
I also practiced my kissing face in the mirror by taking a video so I could practice my face before and after the kiss. You can take a video from your phone’s camera later to see the kissing face more closely resembling the real thing.

How to Kiss a Man Melts

Kissing is often done by a man to a woman, and women are usually passive as well. So if a man is not very used to kissing, it can end up being an awkward kiss if he’s not used to it. It’s not uncommon.

For those men, a woman can take the lead in giving a man a kiss that melts him and allows him to kiss his partner. You can also expect to improve your kissing technique.
Also, if you are one of those people who say, “Men usually do it to me, but I’d like to try it myself…”, you can learn the technique of kissing. You can also be the kind of woman that your partner won’t want to let go of just by putting it on.

Let’s take a look at kissing techniques for different situations.

Sudden Kisses on a Date

Dating your boyfriend or someone you’re interested in can be very exciting for both of you. When you’re on a date with a couple who have just started dating or who are getting into a good vibe, you want to kiss them and You may be in a situation where you can’t do it easily, or you’re trying to find the right moment to do it.
A man may kiss you first, but if a woman kisses you first, he is surprised to see you kiss her. While, it is likely to be very exciting to actually be done.

If you feel that a man doesn’t kiss you very often, a woman can give him a little bit of a lead to help him get his The feelings can be ignited.

While more and more men are becoming more reticent about relationships these days, they’re also becoming more aggressive, as opposed to men. Women who are prone to not being able to get a man to hold their hand or kiss them. It can also be an opportunity for dissatisfaction.

To kiss someone unexpectedly during a date, you must do it at a time when he or she thinks you are cute. It’s best to good vibes, such as when you’re walking hand in hand or when you’re separated in an unpopular place. Try kissing a man from a woman to a man when “there’s no excitement until you kiss him”.

You’ll be surprised, and at the same time, the man will be more aggressive in the future because of the impatience of having let the woman kiss him. You might go. Also, a kiss from a woman can prove that she likes you, so you can’t act on it. Men may also become more skittish.

Faces waiting for a kiss

Sometimes during a date, you can tell if the other person is in the mood for a kiss. The advantage of making a kiss waiting face in such a situation is that it is easier to encourage your partner to act.

As for the kiss waiting face, there are two types of faces you can make, one with your mouth slightly protruding and the other with your eyes appealing upward. There are two types.

The advantage of the kiss waiting face, like sticking your mouth out, is that it’s easier to tell the other person what you want them to do thing. I know some women may feel shy about asking for a verbal kiss, but this way Then the other person can guess. Instead of sticking out as far as you can, keep them lightly forward. If you make a “U” shape in your mouth, the wrinkles on your lips will stand out and you won’t be able to say your lips are beautiful. It’s a great way to get a better idea of what a woman is looking for.

In addition, in the eye-appeal method, just looking up and looking at a woman’s face is enough to know what she is looking for right now. It is necessary to tell the other person that you are not a good at guessing, so it is a little more difficult. It may not work with men who are not good at guessing, so you need to pay attention to their personality and how they are doing. Let’s go.

Throw your hands around the other person’s neck during the kiss

When you’re kissing your partner, I think one of the things you may not know how to do is where your hands are. It’s not natural if your hands are straight down or crossed. Grabbing the other person’s clothes is the point where a man gets nervous, but it’s even higher than that. The technique is the act of putting your hands around your partner’s neck.

From a man’s point of view, when you put your hand around his neck, he feels that he is wanted by a woman, and it stimulates his instincts and It makes you feel even better.

The way you turn your hands around is very important. Whether you just put your hand in the air or put your hand in the air with your arm entwined in the air makes a difference in how surprised a man is. If you’re shy and feel uncomfortable about making a bold move on your own…”, kiss him and While you’re there, try touching your neck with the palm of your hand and then put your hand around the back a bit.

On the other hand, I want to attack you more! If you think that you are an aggressive woman, try putting your arms around their neck while kissing them. It can also give you an image. This is a great thing to do if the man you are dating is not comfortable with you.

Touching someone’s face during a kiss

Kissing is an act of wanting to touch someone more, and the act itself has been made very natural. become. When the loving is growing and the kissing becomes even more intense, the technique I recommend is to touch your partner’s face. thing. Not only do you have to touch it, but you have to use your fingertips to trace the contours and parts of your face, and the rise of It is also a good idea to grab her face with both hands when she is at her best.

This kind of action is usually done by men, but it can be even more exciting for a woman to do it for her boyfriend.

Also, if you do this for your boyfriend, it will give him something new to look forward to if he is not normally active.
If you are kissing someone you are interested in, do not put your hand on his or her face, as this may startle him or her It might. Also, if you were not good at being an aggressive woman, it would be difficult to build a relationship in the future, so make sure you And then you have to assess the type of person you are kissing.

Ruffling your partner’s hair during a kiss

Men often touch women’s hair, but it’s not often that women touch men’s hair. But it’s not usually done, so if you touch a man’s hair while kissing him, you’ll be surprised and at the same time Many people find it a pleasure to do so.

Hair is an area that is only touched by people who are close to you, and you’ll rarely have the opportunity to touch it, even on a date. The way to do it is to start off by touching the top of your neck and then the collar instead of suddenly touching the hair on top of your head. If they don’t seem to be resisting, the next step is to touch the hair behind the ears. The ears are a recognized sexual area, and many people feel good when touched! . Touching her hair and grazing her ears with her fingertips, she says, “I want to move on to the kiss! And it may make men feel like it.

It’s important to note that men, unlike women, wear hair wax to set their hair Most of the time. If you suddenly touch the top of your head, you can stop kissing me halfway through to avoid ruining my hair. There is.

You may want to try to include it as a topic of conversation on a regular basis to make sure it’s okay to touch your hair.
Try to touch it gently, as most men will be disgusted if you touch it too hard.

Kissing while leaking your voice

The sound of a woman’s voice leaking out of a woman while kissing is said to be the most arousing factor for men. It is reminiscent of moaning during sex, and excitement is at its peak.

There are two main ways to make your voice come out, one when you are kissing and the other when you change direction or angle.
The voice that comes out when you’re kissing, from a man’s point of view, the voice is coming out because it feels so good. Acknowledge it. Try not to make a deliberate noise, but rather a little voice mixed in with the breath. Please.

The voice that comes out when you change direction or angle is not so much a voice as it is a breath that leaks out of your mouth when you are holding back. I think it’s easy to picture this. If you’re constantly screaming while kissing, men will feel like you’re acting out and that you’re It’s not uncommon for the feelings that were so exciting to cool down. When you’re kissing, do you rarely do it at the same angle the entire time unless it’s an extremely short kiss? So the key is to let out a breath casually when the man turns around.

Kiss your partner while looking into his eyes

Most people tend to kiss with their eyes closed. However, if you open your eyes once in a while, you will find that the man is kissing you with his eyes wide open. I’m sure some of you may have done the same.

The psychology of a man then is that he wants to see a woman’s face as she feels in his kiss From. It means it’s not a kiss where you close your eyes and get carried away, so you can still afford to let them know what’s going on. It’s also proof that this is the case.

Opening your eyes and kissing here can startle a man and cause him to close his eyes, but it’s always a good idea to There are a certain number of men who get excited about a different situation. Looking into each other’s eyes while kissing can be a bit embarrassing, but it’s not something you normally see often. It’s a sight you can’t get away from, so it’s understandable that your emotions are running high.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you make a sound with your eyes open, it’s obviously an act, and if you make a sound with your eyes closed, you should close them and look into each other’s eyes. If you are going to make a sound, do it with your eyes closed, look into each other’s eyes and let out a breath when you kiss. You might want to keep it to the extent that.

Take yourself out for a deep kiss

After a certain amount of time kissing, it’s not enough to just kiss your lips together. It’s natural to want to move on to the next stage of kissing with your tongue, but if a man doesn’t have the courage to do so It’s not easy to go from there. In such a situation, it is also effective to start with a deep kiss from the woman.
First, you should open your mouth a little bit, and if she doesn’t take any action, you should try to kiss her with your tongue a little bit. Try sticking it out. If you take it this far, men will be able to sense it and respond in response. The first thing you need to do is to open your lips.

However, some people still won’t open their lips because of tension. If this is the case, you can try pressing your tongue lightly against their lips and inserting it inside them. As long as you don’t close your mouth too tightly, your tongue will be in their mouth, and you can then move as you both want to. Let’s go.
Normally, you want a man to do it, but if you’ve been kissing normally for a long time without any progress, then you should be brave enough to take action from a woman.

Non-Lip Kisses

In other countries, you may kiss other people as part of the greeting, but in India, this is not a custom. It’s limited to kisses that you do with someone in a close relationship or with a lover. Most people kiss each other lip to lip, but there are actually other places to kiss besides the lips! .
The meaning of the act will also vary greatly depending on the timing and manner in which it is performed.

A kiss is something you do on the lips! There are so many people who think that this is a good idea, so let’s take a closer look at the other parts of the body that are used for kissing Let’s.

On the neck

There are numerous places to kiss other than the lips, and one of the most common ones is the neck. One of the characteristics of a man who kisses the neck is that he is possessive, and he is already quite fond of you. This action comes about when you hold it or have a desire not to be taken by someone else. The same is true for women.
The same is true for women, so they will understand that the other man is doing you a favor.

The key here is to not wear hickeys where you can see them. If you are kissing your boyfriend or someone you are interested in on the neck, you can’t help but put a hickey on it out of possessiveness. I’m sure there are times when you feel the urge to want to.

A hickey is also a way to show another human being that you have a “partner”. Some people enjoy wearing a hickey, but men see it as a social symbol of embarrassment. It’s not uncommon for them to take it. I don’t wear them where they can be seen out of my clothes because it could lead to a loss of social credibility for men. If you must wear it, put it on in a position where it will be hidden by clothing and completely invisible. Let’s.

If you don’t have to wear a hickey, use your lips to kiss your man gently and show him how excited you are becoming. When you feel it, licking it with the tip of your tongue, tracing the muscle with the tip of your tongue, can also be effective. It’s also a recognized sexual area for both men and women, so if you want to go further than a kiss is highly recommended for kisses on the neck.

On the forehead

Compared to kissing on the neck, kissing on the forehead is a much lower bar when compared to kissing on the neck. Men often kiss women on the forehead when they think they’re cute, but I’ve heard that women are more likely to may not feel much like that.

Kissing your forehead is a great way to do it, even if you feel embarrassed to kiss yourself on the lips. Even just a light press of lips against each other can make a man nervous. As a result, it proves that he likes you, and it is a great way to get him to take action. often happens.

If you are embarrassed, you can lightly kiss your partner on the forehead just once, and if you look up at his or her face, most likely he or she will give you a kiss on the lips.
Also, if you are kissing your boyfriend, kissing him on the forehead multiple times can be a great way to create a friendly atmosphere.
When you kiss someone you like, or when you kiss your boyfriend, it’s a very effective way to get him excited about you as a prelude to kissing him, so why not give it a try?

On the ear

Like kissing the neck, the ears are recognized as a sexual area, and many people feel tickled and comfortable when touched.
The psychology of a man kissing a woman’s ear may be to see how she is doing, or to set a mood, and so on.
When a woman kisses a man’s ear, it is not only to set a mood, but also when she wants to make out with him, and this is the point at which she can attack him when the kissing starts to heat up from light skin-to-skin contact.

The first thing you should do is come close enough to the ear to touch it, and before touching it with your lips, you should lightly Most people respond to your breath when you breathe on it. It’s a sensitive area to stimulation, so kissing it out of the blue can be a surprise. By blowing on it first, you make them aware that you’re about to kiss their ears. You can get them ready.

Then, while watching your partner, gently kiss the outside of his or her ear. If it seems to get even more exciting from there, you can use your tongue to lick around the ear and near the hole to get more of his or her It can raise your spirits.
Whispering words while kissing your ear is also a great way to show affection while adding to the atmosphere.

On the collarbone

If you are going to kiss your collarbone, try to do it in the middle of the kiss rather than in the beginning, as it is easier to build up to a kiss if you do it when the excitement is high.

In the summer, you can wear light clothing with your neck down, but in the winter, it’s best to wear a turtleneck or scarf when you’re outdoors. Many people wear them. If you’re feeling impatient and rough and rough with your clothes, it can cause your partner to feel a little cold. This is why it should be done in a calm and slow motion.
Kisses on the collarbone can be placed in two places: on the raised bone and in the hollow of the bone. It’s a good idea. When kissing a floating bone, use the surface and underside of your lips to gently press on it. . Opening your mouth slightly to rub the mucous membrane on the back of your lips gives you a different feeling. can be.
Also, when kissing the hollow of your collarbone, if you’re a chiseled person, it’s a difficult area to kiss with your lips Use the tip of your tongue for this purpose. Use the tip of your tongue as you crawl into the hollows for even greater effect.

More Kissing Techniques (Deep)

However, even though a simple lip-to-lip kiss is exciting enough, a deeper kiss takes it a step further and makes a man fall in love with you.
Deep kissing is the act of putting your tongue in his mouth, entwining it with his mouth and stimulating his mucous membranes.
There may be many people who do not know how to do deep kissing, so let’s look at it in detail along with the key points.

The Deep Kissing Method

Deep kisses generally refer to the act of using each other’s tongues, intertwining them and licking them in the mouth.
In contrast, a light kiss that involves only lip contact is called a bird kiss, named after the similarity of the act of birds bringing their beaks together.

Deep kisses are usually kissed in a way that builds up and gradually develops into a lustful lust for the partner. We go. Unlike the usual light kissing, this is often a passionate and prolonged kiss. It is an act that can be quite arousing, mainly because it is mostly used heavily during sex.

The way in which your tongue is entwined with the other person’s tongue and stimulates the mucous membranes of the mouth is common, and the exchange of saliva between tongues is another element of excitement.

Let your tongue relax

Deep kissing is a gentle way to relax your tongue and make it feel uncomfortable. cause. The moderate warmth and softness of the tongue is the best part of deep kissing, because it is the best part of the tongue Try to relax the force as much as possible. If force is applied, the entire tongue becomes stiff and cannot be entangled, so men should also proceed in how You won’t know if it’s a bai.

If you get nervous, it’s easy to get tense, but if this happens, try to stick out your tongue and try to soften it, even if it’s just the tip.
Also, not only you, but also the other man, may find that his tongue has become strained because of the tension. If your tongues are too tight, it can make for an awkward deep kiss, so try to relax and let your tongue do the work. You may want to kiss him/her afterwards.

It’s also GOOD to adjust to your partner

If a woman is not used to deep kissing and the other man is more experienced, adjust to the other person. is also effective. You don’t have to force a woman to try to take the lead, but they will create a natural flow and put their tongue in your mouth. It’s not uncommon for this to happen. And even if you’re not an experienced man, many people think that deep kissing is something that men lead So, even if they don’t seem to be used to it, you can still dare to let them do it.
If he is entwining his tongue with yours, respond to it, and if he is attacking your mouth, open your mouth to accept it.

By curving your tongue slightly, you can make it easier to entangle your tongue with him, so relax and try the same movements as he does.

Using your lips and teeth as well

Deep kisses tend to be all about things like tongue insertion and entanglement, but the usual You can use your lips as well as your teeth as well as your kisses. One of the benefits of using your lips during a deep kiss is that you’ll get tired of opening your mouth and using your tongue all the time. So you can rest without ruining the atmosphere by interrupting the kiss with your lips in between. When you’re stimulating the mucous membranes of your mouth, suddenly going back to normal kissing can cause you to feel uncomfortable and If the mucous membranes in the mouth are irritated, intertwine the tips of your tongues with each other and lick the back of your lips. Gradually move closer to the entrance and then bring it to a lip-to-lip kiss.

And with deep kissing, you can also use your teeth and enjoy a different feel. To do this, while your tongue is intertwined, try attacking the surface and the backside of his or her front teeth.

Attacking the back of your partner’s lower front teeth is difficult in terms of the direction of your tongue, but if it’s the upper front teeth, you can attack them. It is possible to It is a part of the body that is rarely licked by the tongue, so the partner can enjoy the freshness of the body while being surprised. I think.

Make a sound or suck it

In a normal kiss, if you just bring your lips together and separate them, you won’t make a sound. But if you make a sound as a performance, it can be an element of mutual excitement. If you kiss with your lips together and make a kissing sound when you separate, you will feel that you have kissed, and you will be able to feel that you have kissed. It’s easy.

Also, if you purse your lips slightly and suck on the other person’s tongue while you are kissing deeply, it can give you an indescribable feeling.
Since your tongue is not usually sucked by someone else, it will only feel good during a deep kiss, and it will make you feel more special.
And one of the most exciting elements of deep kissing for both men and women is the saliva that comes from entwining tongues and The sound may be made by The sound of saliva getting involved is reminiscent of the sound of water during sex, which increases the level of arousal between you and each other. This is the element that makes you lustful for your partner.

When you’re deep kissing, try making sounds and sucking on them.

Gaze at your partner

As I mentioned in the chapter on how to do a normal kiss, you should also look at your partner during a deep kiss. The more you pucker up, the more aroused and effective it will be. The only thing that’s a little different is that when you’re kissing deeply, I think it’s more intense than a normal kiss, so If you open your eyes tightly in them, it causes the other person to think that it may not be pleasant… It is a good idea to keep your eyes closed during an intense and passionate kiss.
If you are kissing intensely and passionately, it’s okay to keep your eyes closed if you don’t have time to open them, but if you open them just a little bit and kiss deeply, you can see the reaction in his eyes, and you can see his eyes melt.

Men are very susceptible to the feverish eyes of a woman who is slightly tearful, and they get even more aroused when they think that their kisses are making them feel it.
It would be unnatural to do this every time, so it’s a good idea to enjoy a deep kiss with your eyes open a little bit every few times.

Beware of bad breath

When kissing, bad breath is a concern for both men and women. Many men, no matter how cute they are, will not be attracted to a girl if she has bad breath. If you don’t take care of your breath, not only after eating, but also on a regular basis, men will notice that your mouth smells bad. It may seem like a good idea.

There are several causes of bad breath, but most of them can be prevented with regular care. It’s hard to notice your own bad breath because you are constantly exposed to food ingredients and smells, but who But it is important to assume that bad breath is a fact of life, and you should always follow proper etiquette.

Brush your tongue as well as your teeth

Brushing your teeth in the middle of a date can be difficult, so it’s very important to take care of your teeth on a regular basis. You can’t just brush your teeth in an extremely short amount of time or feel like you’ve brushed with a hard toothbrush. Plaque, which causes bad breath, cannot be removed.

It’s also easy for bacteria to breed on the tongue as well as plaque, which is the lichen that adheres to the tongue. When you open your mouth and stick out your tongue, have you ever seen someone whose tongue has turned white? Lichen tongue is a white moss-like substance that has food debris and bacteria adhering to the protrusions on the surface of the tongue Condition.

If you are brushing your teeth and still have bad breath, this tongue moss may be sticking around.
Use a soft toothbrush or tongue brush to gently scrub away the stain.

If you feel like you’re going to vomit when you put the brush to your tongue, exhale slowly. It is recommended to rub it in. However, if you use strong force, the surface of the tongue that perceives taste may be damaged. Be aware that you should be gentle and careful.

While it’s important to take care of your tongue, the border between your teeth and gums can cause bad breath as well if you don’t brush them. When brushing your teeth, choose a soft toothbrush and brush the gumline between the teeth and gums more carefully than the surface of the teeth. Please.
Plaque, which causes bad breath, adheres to the border between the teeth and gums, not to the surface of the teeth, and that plaque contains over 100 million bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

If the number of bacteria on the tongue and plaque are combined, there are a tremendous number of bacteria in the mouth, and if there are this many bacteria, it is understandable why we have bad breath.

Keep your mouth moist at all times

Our mouths are always moist with saliva, which prevents stains and bad breath from sticking to it. It is. However, reduced saliva production in the mouth can cause it to dry out and produce bad breath.

Other causes of reduced saliva secretion include a lack of water and other factors, such as chewing less frequently, nervousness, and a decrease in the number of times you chew, which can lead to bad breath. Most of the time, you will do things like. The decrease in saliva production is called dry mouth, and it can be caused by a variety of reasons in different people. It is difficult to pin down. The secretion can also decrease from emotional stress, so it’s important to determine the cause of the problem that applies to you. It’s important.

If a dry mouth is the direct cause of bad breath, take measures such as chewing more often and hydrating more often.

When you go out on a date with someone you are interested in, your mouth can easily become dry due to tension. You can’t afford to regret it if your future relationship doesn’t work out because of a smelly mouth. No.

Always carry a breath freshener or a drink with you to prevent your mouth from drying out.
Stimulating the submandibular gland under the chin with your fingers to make it secrete saliva is also a good way to prevent bad breath. One. There’s a place underneath both ears and towards the chin where saliva comes out when you press on it. is the submandibular gland. If you feel that your mouth is getting dry, try pressing on this submandibular gland to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth.

Take care of your date after dinner with gum or tablets

After a meal, you can’t help but smell the food you ate, and it can affect your kissing as well. It is. We go out to dinner a lot on dates, and even if we’re not on a dinner date, we’re almost always eating something I’m sure. However, you can’t avoid eating foods just because they smell bad.

You can prevent some bad breath if you don’t eat anything with a strong odor, but even normal foods can get in your mouth. If left as food debris or plaque, the bacteria will cause them to emit an odor over time. Ideally, you should brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating food, but you should brush your teeth frequently on your date. It’s difficult to brush the In those situations, it can be temporary, but chewing gum and bad breath care One way to counteract this is to try using a tablet. Gum takes a little longer to chew, so you can use a single piece of gum to keep them waiting. I recommend a tablet that will help you get rid of it.

If you make a habit of practicing oral etiquette when your partner is out of the room or when you go to the bathroom, you will be able to enjoy your date without worrying about bad breath.

Be careful not to apply too much lipstick or gloss

A quick application of this product can brighten your mouth, moisturize it and hide the wrinkles on your lips. Lipstick and gloss are the two most commonly used. Many women finish off their makeup with lipstick and gloss, and the impression they make on others is enhanced by the brightness of their lips. It varies.

However, too much of a dark-colored lipstick or high-viscosity gloss is often discouraged by men who don’t have a makeup habit because it can feel uncomfortable to them.
If he is not your boyfriend, but a man who is in a good mood before you go out with him, he may not kiss you because he thinks that if he kisses you, he will get sticky because of the color on you.

To prevent this from happening, you should use a darker lipstick (a mixture of red, pink and blue colors) or , try not to wear high viscosity glosses. This will make it easier for men to kiss women and reduce the immediate discomfort.

However, if you’re trying to go on a date with perfect makeup and your lips are pale, women don’t feel good about it. There are also many times. In those situations, before you get in a good mood with your partner and before you can anticipate that they might kiss you. I recommend a lip change.

When you go to the bathroom or when the other person is out of the room, go for a calming lipstick in a calming color such as beige. Try changing it up, or dropping the gloss and turning it into lip balm. With a little bit of creativity, you can make sure your makeup is perfectly meticulous during the date and get a kiss from your partner before you get into a good mood. You can create an atmosphere that makes it easier for them to do so.


In this article, we’ve discussed some kissing techniques and dos and don’ts that can make a man fall in love with you. You can’t do deep kisses with lips together or tongue in the mouth when you’re not with your partner, but you can of kissing faces and tongue use can be practiced with imagery.

Also, while image training and practice of kissing-related things is important, we can also focus on preventing bad breath. need. Not only does bad breath ruin the atmosphere that was so exciting, but it also makes men’s feelings about women It can make you lose your mind.

A man who has been in a good relationship with a man who has been in a good relationship with you, and it didn’t work out because of his own bad breath. It would be really sad if the boyfriend, it’s nice to have the courage to point it out, but when it’s actually said It can be very embarrassing.
It can be difficult to notice on your own usually, but try to make etiquette a habit, as everyone has bad breath.

More and more men are now being called herbivorous men, and they are becoming more and more impatient with relationships. In order to approach such men, it is worthwhile to improve your bad breath prevention and kissing techniques. No.
Learn kissing techniques that will improve your relationship with each other.