Sex is the act of couples and couples, and there are many different ways to have sex, depending on their interests.

Some people may want to try using sex toys (also called adult products).

Although it is common to assume that only each other’s bodies are used, there are many benefits to using sex toys, and both parties can be more satisfied with their sex lives.

However, many men and women may be too shy to tell their partners that they want to use sex toys.

In this article, I would like to introduce in detail about the psychology and toys when men want to use sex toys.

Are men creatures who want to use sex toys?

There is quite a wide variety of sex toys for women and many of them are available online for a variety of purposes. So, there are opportunities for women to use them secretly when masturbating, or to use them during sex.

But what about the men’s side?

Most men think that sex is something that allows them to use their own penis to make a woman happy, and they are often too proud to ask a woman to use a sex toy.

If a woman takes the initiative and tells a man that she would like to have sex with him using a sex toy, he can take advantage of this and express his opinion and use the sex toy he has always wanted to use.

Nowadays, many women are more sexually active than in the past, and their attitudes toward sex are changing because of the ease with which they can gather information.

As a result, more and more women are shifting their focus from “sex that only involves the use of each other’s bodies” to “sex that involves the use of both bodies and toys to enhance mutual satisfaction”.

Because sex is often initiated by men, many women may find it difficult to use sex toys if a man is not willing to do so, even if a woman wants to use them.

But let’s take a look in the next chapter at how men often react when a woman actually tells them she wants to use a sex toy.

What if a woman tells you she wants to use a sex toy?

When a woman tells a man that she wants to use a toy during sex, you may be wondering what the man’s response will be.

The truth is that many men are in favor of using sex toys, and there are many reasons for this.

The hope that you might see a woman’s reaction that you haven’t seen before, or if you’re a man who doesn’t have a lot of energy, using a sex toy can make up for your lack of energy.

Men also have a variety of problems with sex, and sex toys are used as a way to solve them.

Even if you’ve never used one before, many people are interested in it, and if you’re a man, you’ll want to try it at least once.

Sex toys also come in a variety of types, from the common rotors and electric motors that are used for relatively light play, to the core sex toys that are used for hard play.

It’s also a good idea to explore your preferences for toys to use during sex during normal conversation.

The Psychology of Men’s Desire to Use Sex Toys

As for the psychology of men wanting to use sex toys, there are some things that women don’t understand about the psychology of men wanting to use sex toys.

Women who have never used anything other than their bodies for sex before will be either interested or a little resistant to it.

Most people who are interested are very sexually active and don’t have the stereotype that sex is always led by a man, and the majority of them want to genuinely enjoy sex and further expand their enjoyment as a form of affection and are relatively easy to accept new things.

These people don’t have any resistance to a man wanting to use a sex toy, and they can look for it together, which makes it a fun choice for a man to make.

However, many people have some resistance to sex toys.

If something inorganic other than a man’s fingers or penis enters the sex toy, you might think, “It might be painful,” “I’m worried about hygiene issues,” or “I’m not comfortable with a foreign object entering my body.

Some women are resistant to sex toys, but if you learn about the psychology of men’s desire to use sex toys, you may be able to get rid of some of the negative feelings about sex toys.

I’d like to introduce some of the most common psychological reasons why men want to use sex toys on women.

I want to satisfy a woman and make her cum

Men have sex with their tongues, fingers, and penises, but they may not be able to satisfy their women due to physical problems or complexes.

Also, if you are not used to sex, you may have trouble bringing a woman to climax. One of the ways to solve these and other problems is to use sex toys.

It can be a delicate issue, but if a man’s penis is not thick enough or long enough, a woman may be unsatisfied or dissatisfied with it.

Sometimes physical problems cannot be remedied by effort, but with sex toys, you can help to relieve some of these women’s frustrations.

Also, women tend to have a hard time trusting and relaxing their partner, and sometimes they are always too nervous to climax during sex.

In such cases, using a sex toy may help you to come by pinpointing a comfortable spot.

Some men want to use sex toys in this way for the benefit of their women, and it’s easy to see that many of them are doing it for the benefit of their female partners.

I want to get out of a rut

Sex with a partner who has been with you for many years tends to be monotonous because you know your partner so well.

This can lead to a lack of freshness and can lead to a rut.

A sex rut can lead to couples breaking up or couples getting divorced, and there are so many people who want to get out of the situation somehow.

In such cases, sex toys can be used to get rid of the rut by allowing couples to see a different response from their partner or to have sex in a different way than usual.

There are many times when sex is usually performed only with the body, but stimulation with a toy can change the pleasure you get from it.

If the flow is the same as usual and the reactions are the same, people will always get bored.

Using sex toys in this situation can help people find pleasure in sex that has become rutted, and it can also help to keep the relationship happy in the future.

If a man asks you to try a sex toy, you can take into account that he may be trying to get out of a rut, and you can have sex with him.

I want to get myself more aroused

One of the most common reasons why men want to use sex toys is because they themselves want to get even more aroused.

As they go through the sequence of sex, they may become accustomed to it and think about how to get more aroused but not less aroused.

It’s not a rut, but there are times when a man wants to get even more aroused, and that’s when sex toys are often used.

One of the advantages is that you can get a good look at your partner’s reaction to using something other than your own body.

Men who are usually so absorbed in penetration and caressing that they don’t have the time to watch their partner’s detailed reactions can watch their partner’s reactions because sex toys don’t consume their own energy.

Also, women may react in the same way without being aware of it, even though they are not usually aware of it.

But with a toy, an object other than a finger or penis can hit you or enter you, which is a completely different sensation than what you usually experience.

It’s these small differences in response that can make a man even more aroused.

I’d love to see a woman get more aroused!

Unlike earlier, one of the reasons why men want to use sex toys is because they want to see a woman get excited this time instead of the man himself.

By using a sex toy, you can give pinpoint pleasure to a part of the body that your fingers or penis can’t reach, or the stimulation can’t be transmitted properly, so you can have sex that is even more pleasant than usual.

Since the pleasure rushes in more than usual, a woman’s arousal will be considerably increased.

When a man wants to get aroused by the sight of this, the desire to use a sex toy to attack a woman may arise.

It is also very effective for a woman to use a sex toy when she wants to attack a man.

Women who have a little bit of a sex nature and want to attack men become excited by the fact that they attack men.

If you use a sex toy for men at that time, men will react in a way that they would not normally do if they were not being attacked.

The woman will be aroused by this, and the man will be able to see her aroused and get even more aroused by the woman’s arousal.

I want to try something abnormal

Many people end up doing only the basics in their normal sex.

Normal sex is great, but sometimes men want to have abnormal sex and feel fresh.

There are limits to what you can do with each other’s bodies, and if you want to play it differently, you need to take it a step further.

When this happens, it can be an opportunity to tell your partner woman that you want to use a sex toy.

For example, an example of a sex toy to use on a man is an anal vibrator, which, if developed, can be a toy to stimulate the prostate gland, which is also the place where a man feels strong pleasure.

If you only have sex with your partner, you don’t get much stimulation from him, but if you want to have abnormal sex sometimes, men will want you to use a toy to stimulate their prostate.

For women who have never attacked a man or used anything other than their bodies, it may be a bit of a hurdle to overcome at first, but it may be one of the ways to show your love to the man you love that you are brave enough to do it for him.

I want to fulfill my sexuality

One of the reasons why men want to use sex toys is because they want to satisfy their own sexual proclivities.

Normal sex usually starts with kissing, caressing, and penetration and ends, but if you have special sexual habits, you may not be satisfied.

If the lust can be satisfied using only each other’s bodies, that’s fine, but when you need things or you can’t do it without the right environment, one of the things you’ll need is a sex toy.

Some of the benefits of having a sex toy are the inorganic feel of touch that the body can’t express, and the ability to stimulate you with a constant rhythm.

With the human body, there is always warmth and softness, but sometimes you want to put something in there that is cold or hard.

Also, even when you lick or move it, you will inevitably expend a lot of energy, so when you get tired, your movements will slow down or stop, etc.

The advantage of sex toys is that they eliminate these things and keep you stimulated at regular intervals and give you a sustained feeling of pleasure.

Many men want to use these to satisfy their sexuality, so actively using them will make them feel more comfortable.

I want to be and do my own special

Men often have a strong instinct to want to dominate something and own it.

Because many of them have a strong desire for exclusivity and control, many of them want their partners to stay with them forever.

They may also want themselves to be special to a woman.

Some men want to use sex toys to satisfy their strong desire to make themselves feel good to a woman during sex so that their minds and bodies can’t leave them.

This is a particularly common sentiment among those who are aware that they are not being satisfied with their own bodies, and the arousal is further heightened when they see a woman being made to feel good by a toy.

Also, by having a woman use a sex toy on herself, she is showing herself in a way she has never shown herself before. In some ways, he hopes that the sight of the sex toy will make a woman feel special to him.

Both of these tendencies are common in men who are greedy, and all of them are rooted in a deep love for their partners.

Just because a man tells you that he wants to use a sex toy doesn’t mean you have to feel depressed that you aren’t satisfied with your body.

A variety of psychological factors are causing these words to be uttered, and you can make your life and sex more fulfilling by taking that psychology into account.

What toys do you think men want you to use? What?

When you think of sex toys, you might be under the impression that most of them are intended for women, but there are actually many toys on the market that have been developed for men.

That doesn’t mean that toys designed for women can’t be used by men.

A good mix of women’s and men’s toys can give a man a feeling of pleasure he has never experienced before, and it can make him even more excited.

Which toys can you use and how can you use them to further please your man?

Here are some of the types of sex toys that women use on men and how to do them in detail.

Penis massage with lotion or oil

Massaging with lotions and oils is very effective, especially on the sensitive areas of the penis.

Usually, saliva is used to touch the penis as it is a painful area that can cause friction, but by using lotions and oils, you can get a different sensation from saliva and it makes the massage easier for the woman.

First of all, put some lotion on your hand and warm it up a little.

Don’t forget to warm it up with your hands to the temperature of human skin, as you’ll be surprised if the cold lotion suddenly touches you.

Once it’s warmed up to a certain degree, spread the lotion evenly on your palms and fingers and touch your penis gently.

After that, continue to give you pleasure by rubbing your penis up and down to increase your arousal.

Then, after stimulating the penis, gently touch the glans with your thumb, which is the most sensitive part of a man’s penis.

After stimulating the penis with your fingers, wrap your palm around the glans and stimulate it, and the pleasure for men will be immense.

If you put too much pressure on it, it will hurt, so try to think of it as if you have a great blessing in your hand.

If you like the prostate, try an anal vibrator

One organ that exists only in men is the prostate gland.

The prostate is located just below the bladder, and although its role is not yet fully understood, it is mainly involved in secreting prostatic benefit to aid in ejaculation, urine discharge, etc.

One part is located close to the intestines, and by inserting a finger or object through the anus (asshole), men can experience dry orgasms that allow them to cum as many times as women do.

A dry orgasm is a climax that does not involve ejaculation and the pleasure is said to be dozens of times greater than ejaculation.

Normally, this prostate gland has to be developed in order to feel pleasure, but as it is developed, it becomes more and more pleasurable!

About how to have sex with an anal vibrator, you’ll feel pain if you suddenly put an object in the anus, so start with a lot of lotion and stop just short of the tip of your finger.

When you get used to it, put your finger in the back gradually. When it doesn’t hurt anymore, try the anal vibrator. Anal vibes are longer than fingers, so it’s easier to pinpoint and stimulate the prostate.

The position of the prostate gland will vary from person to person, so ask your man about the sensations as you go along.

As the development of the prostate gland progresses little by little, it becomes such a pleasant place that even men become woozy, so don’t give up and try to develop it.

Stimulating the nipple and penis with a rotor or a Denma

Rotors and electric machines may be considered sex toys for women, but they can be used by men as well.

Toys that vibrate, such as rotors and electric machines, are particularly good for stimulating nipples, and the advantage of these toys is that they can provide pinpoint pleasure to even a man’s small nipples.

While you may primarily use your fingers or tongue to stimulate your nipples, these toys can help to reduce the amount of physical exertion and allow you to slowly observe your man’s response.

If you keep licking with your tongue, your chin will get tired, and you’ll miss small reactions from your man because you’re putting your face close to your body.

The method is as simple as placing the toy on the nipple, but the key is to press it gently against the nipple as it is a vulnerable area to stimulation.

Another very useful tool for stimulating not only the nipple but also the penis is an electric rotor.

Because the size of the rotor is small, the part of the vibration can be felt strongly, and when it is pressed against a sensitive penis, it may give pain and discomfort instead of a pleasant sensation.

If you press it against a sensitive penis, it may give you pain and discomfort instead of pleasure.

An electric machine has a size, so it can give you just the right amount of pleasure by giving you weak vibrations.

However, as with a rotor, if you press too hard, it can cause pain, so be sure to do it more gently than with a nipple.

If you want to have exciting sex in a cosplay setting

Cosplay is one of the things that many men would like their women to do at least once.

Cosplay is an act of wearing clothes that one does not wear in one’s daily life, and is performed not only during sex but also in many other situations as a fresh new experience.

Typical examples are policewomen, nurses and school uniforms, and the clothing varies according to the interests and sexual proclivities of men and women.

It seems that having sex with clothes on or tearing up the costume as an act of satisfying a man’s sexual proclivities is more sexually arousing.

I’m sure not many couples do cosplay too often in their regular sex life, so it helps to get out of the rut. Most of the time they have sex naked, but occasionally cosplaying or having sex with their clothes on can make a man more aroused, so it’s a good idea.

I’d like to get a hand job with a masturbator

One sex toy that is exclusively for men is the masturbator (commonly known as a masturbator).

It is shaped like the female genitalia, and you can experience the sensation of simulated sex by inserting your penis into the hole.

It is mainly used by men for masturbation, and the advantage is that you can ejaculate directly into it.

If you have a partner, it may seem as if you don’t need a masturbator, but having a woman insert her penis into the masturbator and giving it a hand job that moves up and down gives you a different sensation, which is an element that turns men on.

The first step in using a masturbator to have sex with a man’s penis is to get it sufficiently erect. If the penis is semi-erect, it will not be able to penetrate properly because of the tightness of the masturbator, so the stimulation and the degree of excitement should be increased to make the penis firm and hard.

After the erection, put saliva and lotion on it firmly to avoid friction, and insert it slowly into the masturbator. Adjust the speed and give him a hand job while watching his reaction.

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What kind of toys do you think men want to use?

Earlier we introduced the toys that men want women to use, and now we’re going to introduce the toys that men want women to use.

The use of toys is becoming more and more commonplace in adult movies, and it can create a very exciting spectacle for the viewer while giving the woman a good feeling.

For some women who have never used toys before, if a man asks them to have sex with him, they may be reluctant to do so at first, but by using the toys, they can feel a feeling they have never experienced before, and they can also see how excited the man is when he sees them.

There are many different types of women’s toys available on the Internet and in stores, so you can choose together.

The choice will depend on each other’s sexual habits and interests, but you’ll want to try out the toys on the high street.

In this chapter, I’d like to introduce you to some recommended sex toys for men to use on women.

Titty and vagina massage with lotion

Lotion is now a staple item for sex to be used on women, I think. It can be used as a lubricant for penetration or to prevent friction during massage.

Breast massage with lotion is something that every man would like to try at least once.

Dab the lotion directly into the palm of your hand or chest and massage by rubbing and squeezing.

Gently massage the entire breast at first, feeling the wetness of the lotion and the softness of the breasts.

Then, when the woman becomes aroused, try stimulating her nipples.

Most women can’t help but squeal at the stronger sensation than before, and the sight of it is very exciting for men as well.

While you can use lotion to massage your breasts, another recommendation is to use a vagina massage.

Vagina refers to the vagina, and there are ways to massage it in and out with your fingers by applying lotion to the entrance and inside of the vagina.

The use of lotion prevents it from drying out and increases the sensitivity of the vagina because it is always wet.

The vagina is made entirely of mucous membranes, so make sure your fingernails are not stretched out before you insert them.

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I want to use a rotor, since it is a standard practice

A further staple of sex toys for women is the rotor.

Many of them are small oval-shaped and are used by placing them on the nipple or inserting them into the vagina. It is often used in media such as adult movies, and many men would like to use it on their partners.

There are two main ways to use a rotor, either against the nipple or inserted into the vagina.

When using a rotor against a nipple, it is best to start with mild vibrations instead of strong ones.

It is more effective to place the nipple against the areola and then the nipple for more pleasure.

If the woman is wet when inserting it into the vagina, it is not a problem, but if it is not too wet, it can cause pain during insertion.

It is recommended that you do not move it from the time of insertion, but rather turn it on and move it after insertion, so that you can feel more stimulation in the vagina.

I want to make you come deep and come inside with a vibrator

One of the advantages of using a vibrator is that it allows you to pinpoint the areas of your body that a man’s penis could not reach.

A woman can come from the clitoris, come in the G-spot in the vagina, and climax in the back of the vagina.

When a woman comes on the clitoris, it is relatively easy to feel her climax with a finger or tongue, but when she comes on the G-spot or a porthole, a certain amount of development is required.

However, if you’re a man, you’d like to see a woman come at least once in your life.

The average length of a Japanese man’s penis is around 13 centimeters, which varies considerably in size and length from person to person, but if it’s not long enough, it’s hard to get to the point where it feels good. The solution to this situation is to use a vibrator to increase a woman’s satisfaction.

Also, because there is no need to shake your hips, even men who are not confident in their physical strength can stimulate a woman until she comes, and the use of a vibrator is less likely to frustrate those with premature ejaculation, where a man climaxes before a woman reaches.

It takes a lot of development to cum inside and deep inside, but women can get very strong pleasure from using the vibrator and persevering with it.

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I want to use a dildo to give you a pseudo-threesome or come inside

A dildo is a sex toy that mimics the shape of a man’s penis and can be attached to the floor or wall, or inserted by hand.

Some men want to use a dildo to do a pseudo-threesome. There is a wide range of ways to do this, including having a woman lick a man’s penis and inserting a dildo stuck to the floor into the vagina.

In some cases, a woman’s anus is used to perform the act, with the penis or dildo inserted into the anus and the other inserted into the vagina.

If a woman has a well-developed anal system, she may be able to come inside with both vaginal and anal stimulation.

However, many women are afraid of using the anus, and most of them tend to be hesitant to insert a foreign object.

In such cases, try a pseudo-threesome with a woman’s mouth.

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I want to try a new kind of stimulation with SM toys!

When a man gets bored with normal sex, some men may want to try SM play, where the man stimulates the woman in the S position or the woman stimulates the man in the S position.

It is a good idea to discuss with your partner which role to play, depending on your mutual sexual proclivities and preferences.

If the man is on the S side, he can use a variety of toys, such as whipping the woman’s buttocks or using handcuffs to restrain her movements.

If the woman is shy about holding her legs open for penetration, there are also fixed belts that can be used to restrain the woman from holding her legs open in an M-shape.

There are also some very hardcore methods, such as using leg shackles and mouth shackles to completely restrain movement and speech, so the play should satisfy the man’s desires and not make the woman feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, when a man is on the “M” side and a woman is attacking him, there are some SM toys that can be used to give a man a slight pain by dilating his anus with an anal vibrator or pinching his nipples with a nipple clip.

So, if a man does not want to be on the “M” side of the spectrum and wants a woman to come on to him, he may not have many opportunities to use SM products to attack a man.

Other sex toys that are easy to use as a couple

In addition to the sex toys mentioned above, there are other things you can enjoy as a couple.

Sex is not something that only one of you can enjoy, it’s something that you both enjoy, so it’s ideal that you can get off on each other.

Another attraction of sex toys is that you can not only get pleasure from them, but you can also get aroused by watching them. There are many people who get more excited to see their partner looking good than to get pleasure from it themselves.

I will introduce some of the other sex toys that you may be wondering what kind of sex toys are available.

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Remote controlled rotor

Another item that couples can enjoy is a remote controlled rotor. The way it is used is to insert it into the woman’s vagina and the man uses it remotely.

The distance that can be controlled remotely varies from product to product, but most seem to be within a few dozen meters.

Inserting a rotor into a woman’s vagina and having the man randomly turn it on gives the man the thrill of not knowing when the pleasure will rush in, and the man can watch the woman’s reaction from some distance, which is part of the fun.

While we don’t recommend using it in public, you can enjoy using it in different rooms of the house, or when you’re taking a walk nearby.

Women can experience a thrill that they don’t usually get to experience without knowing when they can turn it on, so this can be a good sex toy, especially if you want to experience something extraordinary.

Chastity belt and chastity tools

A chastity belt is an object that a woman or man wears under their underwear to prevent them from having intercourse with another person.

If it is a woman, it is designed to block the entrance to the vagina and is often used as a measure that a woman can take to avoid being sexually assaulted. For men, it is a snaky metal object that is placed over the penis to prevent penetration.

Since it is often used to prevent cheating, there are even objects that can be locked up to prevent anything other than excretion.

However, they are not used for their intended purpose of enjoyment as a couple, but are often used for sexual arousal, such as the inability to have intercourse by wearing them.

If you wear it, you will not be able to have sex with your partner, so it should only be used as something to wear when you are not out or having sex in the house.


Blindfolds often appear in adult videos, and the purpose of blindfolds is to deprive a person of sight and make their other senses (the aim is to make them more sensitive to touch).

The blindfolded person does not know where they are going to be touched, so their entire body is more sensitive to the senses.

They feel more than usual when they are touched in a way that they were not expecting, so their reaction makes them more aroused.

Another advantage is that the person who is attacking you is not visible to you, so he or she is able to touch areas that he or she would normally not let you touch out of embarrassment, which increases the visual arousal of the attacker.

When you wear a blindfold on a woman, you can leave it on consistently from caressing to penetration, so you can proceed with the act with your senses more sensitive, and you will feel more comfortable than usual.

When you blindfold a man, you should do it by groping him, watching his reaction.

Don’t touch the sensitive penis and other parts of the body, but start by touching the neck and nipples.

It’s good to be sexually active

It tends to be taboo to talk about sexual matters nowadays, but it’s great to be proactive about sexual desire, which is one of the three main human needs.

Many people, especially young couples, are shy and often have a negative image of sex, not being able to say what they want or want to do with their partner, or not being able to say what they are unhappy about.

However, being open with each other not only makes sex more satisfying, but it also has a positive effect on your normal life.

Letting your partner know about your embarrassment can make you more trustworthy, and talking openly about what you want to say instead of pent up can also make your future relationship better.

Couples who are new to a relationship or who have not had sex before are inevitably more shy and unable to be open sexually.

It will take some getting used to, but if you are considerate of your partner and how to make them feel more comfortable (and make them feel better), you will naturally become more proactive.

Points to keep in mind when using toys

There are many benefits to using sex toys for both men and women, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using them.

A sex toy is an object, and the person using it should always think about whether or not there is any pain or discomfort on the other person’s body.

In particular, they are very sensitive to pain, and if it hurts, it’s not only difficult to concentrate on sex, but it’s not uncommon for them to feel diminished.

If there is friction or too much pressure, it can be painful, so you need to use saliva or lotion, or adjust the pressure.

Also, it is important to watch the other person’s reaction.

You may get carried away and proceed without looking at their reaction, but if you stimulate a place that is not comfortable, the reaction will be different.

If you can tell if it really feels good or not, your partner will be able to open up their mind and body completely, which will make sex even more satisfying.

The key to mutually satisfying sex may be to watch your partner’s reactions carefully, while being careful not to cause pain.


In this article, we’ve talked about sex toys that men want to use, or women want to use.

Many people still have a strong perception that sex is only an act that involves the use of the body, and there are many people who are not comfortable with the use of toys.

However, these days there is a wide variety of sex toys available online and in stores, so couples and couples can have fun choosing one together.

Whether you are a woman or a man, it can be difficult at first to get used to the sensation of the toy entering your body and touching you, but you can also adjust the pressure and angle of the toy, giving you a sensation you have never experienced before.

The sex toy also allows you to watch your partner’s reactions closely.

Even if you haven’t had the time to watch your partner’s reaction to your sex, you may discover a new side to him or her by using a sex toy.

However, unlike the body, only your partner can feel the sensations of touch and penetration, so you need to pay attention to any pain or discomfort, and by communicating with them more than ever, you can expect to have a more fulfilling sex life.

Take away the embarrassment and try using a sex toy with your partner.