The missionary position is one of the most commonly used positions during sex. Besides being able to see the man’s face and reactions, it is the best position for the man to focus on ejaculating while watching the woman’s face as she feels. Many people say that the Missionary position is the best for them to feel because of the structure of a woman’s vagina and the structure of a man’s penis.
However, in the missionary position, the man mostly moves and the woman does not move much. If a woman also moves actively, she can enjoy sex more and use adult products together with the man, which makes it more enjoyable.
In this article, we’ll talk about what men should do in the missionary position and some techniques to enjoy sex more.

How should a woman move in the missionary position?

Having sex with a couple, a married couple, or someone you care about is a special and irreplaceable time, and part of the fun is watching their reactions while feeling good. Most people start with kissing and caressing and then inserting, and the first position most people do is the missionary position. The first position that most people do is the missionary position. Then they change positions, enjoy various movements, and finally go back to the missionary position and the man ejaculates.

But isn’t it all up to the man in the missionary position? While having a man move his hips gives both of us pleasure, many women are inevitably more passive.
If you say, “I don’t dare to move my hips because my man moves his hips for me,” you may be a source of frustration to your man. If you are in the missionary position, you can increase your man’s satisfaction by making a conscious effort to move your hips, so make sure you move your hips in the missionary position.

What is the missionary position?

Sex is usually performed by the man and the woman is passive, with the woman often in a lower position during penetration. The missionary position is the one in which the man gets the most pleasure and is most likely to move his hips. If a woman is in the missionary position, it is easier for a man to insert himself into her vagina by spreading his legs wide to the left and right.
The place in the vagina where a woman’s vaginal pleasure is most likely to come from is called the G-spot, which is particularly pleasurable when a woman inserts her fingers into the second joint and bends them toward her belly. And since a man’s penis warps upward when he gets an erection, it is easier to stimulate the woman’s G-spot if it is inserted in the Missionary position, so both parties can get pleasure from each other.

Also, the man concentrates on moving his hips in preparation for ejaculation, and the Missionary position is said to be the position that allows him to move his hips most comfortably. If the woman opens her legs wide and interrupts them, she can insert the penis deep into the space between them, and she becomes absorbed in getting the pleasure.

Basic Posture of Missionary Position

The basic posture of the missionary position is for the woman to lie down with her legs wide apart in the M-shaped spread. The woman lies down on her side with her legs wide open and her legs wide apart, and the man who is on his knees enters between them and inserts his penis.
This is the position that most people think of when they think of sex, either before insertion or when they are moving towards the end of ejaculation.

One thing to keep in mind is that when a man moves his hips, a woman’s body will inevitably move up and down when he moves his hips, and it’s easy for her to bang her head against a wall or bed frame when he does so. As a countermeasure, use a pillow as a guard or insert it at a distance from the wall so that it does not hit the wall even if the body is moved up and down.
Also, if you tell the man that your head hits the wall, he may protect you with his hands.

The point where you get pleasure from the missionary position


In the Missionary position, both men and women can get pleasure from this position, so it is a royal but satisfying position for sex.
In the Missionary position, the point where a woman feels good is to stimulate the clitoris, where she can come externally, and the G-spot, which is relatively easier to get pleasure from inside the body. Although men often stimulate the clitoris when they are caressing it, in the Missionary position, women can also get pleasure from a man’s pubic bone. Stimulation of the pubic bone against the pubic bone can produce external ejaculation, which can bring a woman to climax even during insertion.
The G-spot is the warped state of a man’s penis when he is erect, so simply inserting it makes it easier to hit the G-spot naturally. It may feel like urine is going to leak out, but if you continue, no urine will come out (some people squirt) and you can come inside.

In order for a man to get pleasure in the missionary position, it is important that the woman’s body be firmly planted and able to move his penis in and out of the vagina. If a man wants to pull his penis out of the vagina and insert it into the vagina in order to get pleasure, it will cause the penis to pull out of the vagina and interrupt the act each time it is inserted again.
Since most of the parts of the penis that feel good during insertion are the glans and the penis just below, repeating the movement of the penis halfway out of the vagina will help men feel continuous pleasure.

Men’s thoughts on missionary position and the points they want women to move


If a man is inserting himself in the Missionary position and only the man is moving and the woman is not moving at all, the so-called “tuna state” is the cause of many men’s frustration. It’s not a position in which a woman can take the initiative to move, but it’s enough to move in a way that supports the man.
Some of the key moves a woman can make include moving her hips in time with the man’s piston movements, as well as entwining her own open legs around his waist.

As the man moves his hips toward ejaculation, the woman also moves her hips in time with the man’s movements so that she can enter deep into him, which makes him feel more comfortable with pleasure and thus creates a feeling of “partner cooperation”. This will often cause the man to become even more aroused by this and make his movements more intense.
Also, when a woman intertwines her open legs around a man’s waist, he may feel that she is “seeking him out” and become even more lustful.

Missionary position where women can also be proactive


In many cases, men are the main movers in Missionary position, and women are just being given the pleasure in many cases. Since it is easier for the man to ejaculate, the woman tends to be passive, but if the woman also becomes more active, the pleasure for both parties will be amplified.
Many people may be too shy to move at all because they open their legs wide, but from a man’s point of view, that position is an added element of excitement.

Sex is not an act of either one of you working hard, but an act of cooperation to obtain pleasure and confirm affection, so be aware that you should not leave it up to the other person, but rather be proactive in supporting the man’s movements.

Missionary Position: How to move in a comfortable way

The missionary position is a position where not only men but also women increase the pleasure by moving actively. However, if a woman has been passive in the past, she may not know how to move. When a man shakes his hips vigorously, a woman’s movements are further restricted and she may not be able to move as much as she would like even if she tried to support him.
Missionary position is for the man to move toward ejaculation, but if the woman supports the man’s movements, the pleasure increases.

Moving your hips with the man

Another advantage of the missionary position is that by moving your hips in time with the man, both of you can enhance the feeling of each other. Since the man moves his hips in a steady rhythm during insertion, if the woman can also move in accordance with it, the pleasure is doubled because the penis hits the back of the vagina. It feels even better when it hits the G-spot in particular, and if you’re a developed person, you can also get pleasure from the porthole, which is also the entrance to the womb.

The key to moving the hips is that if the woman moves her hips downward slightly so that the penis doesn’t fall out when the man is inserting it into the vagina with his hips, she can successfully hit the G-spot on the side of the abdomen, and the stimulation of the G-spot will give her a different feeling of climax from external ejaculation.
Also, the portio, which is the entrance to the uterus, almost always takes quite a while to develop, but once it is developed, you can get a feeling that is incomparable to other parts of the body.

Sway your hips to the rhythm of insertion


When inserting in the Missionary position, it can be divided into about three stages: the initial pleasurable phase, the middle of the act, and when ejaculation is approaching. The movement of the man’s hips is so fast when ejaculation is approaching that the woman cannot keep up with the movement while being inserted. This makes her almost passive at the end of the act, but at the beginning and in the middle of the act she can match the movement of the man’s hips.

Since you are moving in a relatively gentle rhythm at the beginning, try to use the same rhythm and make the same movements as the man. For example, when the man pulls his hips back, the woman pulls her hips back, and when the penis enters deep into the body, the woman should move her pubic bone closer to the man’s hips. If you do this, the penis will stimulate the depths of the body and you will get a higher pleasure from it. Unlike the time when a man moves and inserts by himself, if a woman cooperates, he can insert it further into the depth of the penis.

Move it up and down so that the insertion is deeper


While the man is inserting his penis, the woman can insert it even deeper by moving her hips up and down. Moving her hips up and down with her legs open may seem a little tight because it requires a certain amount of abdominal strength, but it is easier to do if she puts her legs around the man’s waist or supports her body with her hands.

Moving your hips up and down vigorously can also be a factor in a man’s visual arousal. Gasping and moaning from the pleasure of insertion or moving your hips spontaneously can add to a man’s sexual arousal and help with ejaculation, so don’t be shy about bringing it forward.
However, many inexperienced people may be reluctant to move their hips, but it is recommended to move your hips up and down in time with the rhythm of penetration, because it will make the man more aroused and the woman more comfortable by becoming greedy for pleasure.

Techniques to make the Missionary position feel more comfortable


I told you how to get more pleasure from the Missionary position, and I would like to introduce some techniques for advanced users who want to get more pleasure from the Missionary position, which is a royal sex position.
The missionary position is also a normal position, but by using various techniques, both parties can get more pleasure from it, which will ultimately increase the satisfaction of sex. Using techniques that take it up a notch will help men “not want to let go! Be the kind of woman you think you are.

Hold your feet

If the legs are not fully opened, the man’s body will not be able to enter and the depth of penetration of the penis will be shallow. If you are a woman with a hard body, opening your legs wide can cause pain in the hip joints, and there is a way to solve this problem by holding your legs.

To do this, with your legs apart, place your hands under your knees and pull them upwards. In this way, there is nothing standing in the way of the man’s body, so it is easier for him to penetrate deeper. However, while the vagina is very visible in this position, the overwhelming majority of women feel that it is quite an embarrassing position. If you can’t bear the embarrassment, turn off the light and make it hard to see, it will improve a little.
If the woman moves her hips further while holding her legs, the man’s visual arousal will be maxed out and he will be able to give her more pleasure.

Stand on your elbows

In the Missionary position, the man is usually on top of her and the woman is often placed on top of him.
The disadvantage of this position is that the fat from the breasts will flow away as the woman lies on the bed, but it can visually arouse the woman’s sexuality as she raises her upper body on her elbows and her breasts move up and down in time with the man’s piston movements.
Men need the pleasure given to their penises to ejaculate, but without the element of visual arousal, the erection will not be sufficient and the feelings will not be enhanced. If you feel that you’re not getting enough stimulation at the moment, or if you think your man isn’t very excited, try raising your upper body up on your elbows during insertion in the Missionary position and shaking your chest to appeal to him.

You may find it easier to imagine your elbows behind your body and your chest slightly forward. However, if your breasts don’t vibrate enough to shake, or if they aren’t big enough to give you sexual arousal, you may not be giving them a sexual boost, so if this is the case, try rubbing them yourself or shaking them with your hands.
It depends on your partner’s preference, but a lot of people like breasts, so try to be proactive when in the missionary position.

Shake your hips while kissing


One of the advantages of Missionary position is that they can see each other’s face well because the man is covering the woman. By looking into each other’s eyes, you can also hear the other’s detailed facial expressions and reactions. Take advantage of this advantage and show more affection by kissing each other during penetration.
Kissing in the middle of sex is a different kind of passionate and emotional experience from the kind you normally have in a casual way. In the middle of sex, when all you can think about is the other person, you should not only bring your lips together but also your tongue in a deep kiss.

Kissing in the Missionary position during penetration can show that you are desiring your partner more intensely and that the woman feels good when she sways her hips. It is difficult to kiss in other positions because of the distance between your faces, but the missionary position is the only position where you can kiss and touch each other’s faces because you are close to each other. If you want to express your love for your partner, try kissing during penetration and using your hips if you can afford it.

Tweaking your own nipples and tits


Another feature of the missionary position is that the woman is on her back, so she can touch herself. Some people may think that during penetration, the man pistons and the woman can only moan or hug her partner. However, since you are in a position where you can touch yourself, you should use that to further increase your man’s arousal.

One way to get your man even more aroused by your own body is to try rubbing your own breasts or tweaking your own nipples. When a man is in motion, a large chest may bob up and down, but it won’t bob up and down significantly unless you are moving very hard. Also, when rubbing with one hand, you can either rub one breast or grab both breasts in an eagle grip, but rubbing two breasts with one hand is more likely to visually arouse you sexually.
You should also try to use both hands to rub one breast at a time, but try to slow down or slow down the rhythm of the rubbing, as it can be a little tricky to keep the same rhythm.

When teasing the nipple, it is best to use one hand to tease the nipple, as it will look unnatural if you use both hands. You can use one hand to touch one nipple in a circular motion or pinch the nipple with the other hand. Many women don’t find it pleasant to touch their own breasts, but it can be effective to make a little noise to get a man excited.

Tweaking your own clit

Most of the time, the men climax without touching any other part of their body because they are so into each other during insertion. If a woman has a well-developed vagina, she can feel it during insertion, but if she hasn’t developed her vagina much yet, it can be incomplete if the sex ends without her knowing how good it feels. The solution to this problem is to touch the clitoris yourself, which is relatively easy to come, and have an external come during insertion.

When a man inserts his penis and pistons, it is difficult to touch the inside of the vagina and its surroundings. Some men are reluctant to touch the clitoris for fear of interfering with the man’s movements. If you put your hand out from the side looking from the clitoris, it will hit the man’s thighs and stomach, so you should touch the woman’s stomach or pubic bone side with the image of straightening your hand from the woman’s stomach or pubic bone side.
The best way to touch the clitoris to make it easier to come is to use the belly of your fingers to move it up and down or apply pressure to it. If you put some love juice on the part of the clitoris that is inserted and wet, it will be easier to move it smoothly because it will be painful when it is dry.
If you keep on stimulating it, you may feel like you are going to come, but if you can come at the same time as your man ejaculates, it is easy for both of you to get great mental and physical satisfaction, so it is good to try to match the timing of your cumming.

Missionary Position Items to Make You Feel Good

Missionary position is very close to each other’s body, and it is possible to get enough pleasure from just penetration and caressing. Moreover, both men and women can see each other’s faces and reactions, so it is a position with high mental satisfaction. However, if you are told that adult products can be used to make you feel even better, many people would be willing to use them.
Many women are more resistant to using things for sex, but these toys can help people who have never felt a climax to come, or relieve the frustration caused by a man’s lack of a large penis. In addition to the introduction of sex toys, this article will also introduce techniques that can make you feel even better by doing things without using toys.

Use the thickness of a pillow or futon


The G-spot and the portio are the two points that women feel in the vagina, but the portio takes a long period of time to develop and feel good, so it is not easy to come. In that respect, the G-spot is the place where it is easy to come in the vagina. Although there are individual differences, the G-spot is often located on the abdomen around the second joint of the finger.
On the other hand, many people find it difficult to feel it with the penis because it stimulates the back of the abdomen even if it is a penis, although it is warped.

The best way to deal with this is to fold a pillow or comforter underneath your waist to create height and to make the woman’s vagina face upward so that when the man’s penis is inserted, it is easier to stimulate the abdomen where the G-spot is located.
Also, if you insert it too deeply, it may pass the G-spot, so inserting it shallowly makes it more reliable to aim at the G-spot. If you can’t feel a good feeling because of the direction of insertion, you can put a pillow or a futon under your waist and make your waist float by yourself to let your man insert and insert shallowly.

Using a rotor or vibrator

There are various types of adult goods, but the most popular ones are probably the rotors and vibrators. These two toys are highly recognized by people who have never used adult goods before, and they are relatively easy for beginners to use.
Rotors are often small oval-shaped and can be inserted into the vagina to vibrate and provide pleasure.
Vibrators can be shaped like a man’s penis or a long stick. These vibrators are also automatic, so they can be inserted into the vagina and treated like a penis.

In Missionary position, the woman is in the Missionary position with her legs wide open, which makes it easier to use these items, and they are also useful for new stimulation, visual stimulation, rutting, etc. In Missionary position, the man should use them on the woman You need to be able to tell them how to insert it in a way that feels good.
Especially, the vibrator is large, so it is important to apply it to the point where you feel it well, taking care not to cause pain.
If you can’t come with a penis, you can use these adult products to adjust the pressure and direction of the vibrator freely.

How to come in the Missionary position


The missionary position is characterized by the high degree of body-to-body contact and the ability to see each other’s faces and reactions. This is often the last position a man will use to move his hips toward ejaculation, and it is the best position for sex.
If a man is more likely to climax, it means that a woman is more likely to climax as well. Although it is an orthodox position, the genitals are rubbing against each other at the closest distance, so many people who can’t come in other positions can still come in the missionary position.

If the man moves his hips and his penis hits the point where it feels good, he can come on its own, but sometimes a woman can make it easier to feel her climax by doing a little bit of work.
There are two ways to make it easier to come: by putting pressure in the vagina and by changing your position slightly so that you can hit the point that feels good.
Putting pressure into the vagina can make the sensations inside the vagina more sensitive, which makes it easier to feel stimulation, and it can also give the man more pleasure as it tightens.
Also, if a man is just moving his hips and moving his hips a bit out of a comfortable place, you can fine-tune your own hips and body position.

How to change positions from Missionary position

Missionary position is often done after insertion and at the end before ejaculation. If you change from the Missionary position to other positions smoothly, you can maintain the atmosphere of the room and avoid awkwardness. If you are going to be in a standing position, you will have to pull out your penis and insert it again. However, there are some positions that are easy to change from the missionary position.

The first one is to turn your body sideways with your legs open in the missionary position. Since the woman’s body is only turned to the side, the man remains in the same position. The location of the stimulation will change as the woman turns to her side, but try to adjust the stimulation so that it hits a comfortable spot.
Secondly, you can go from the missionary position to the cowgirl position. If the man lies down and the woman sits on top of him, you can change to the cowgirl position.
The third one is a little more difficult, but if you turn your body in the opposite direction while inserting yourself, you can go backwards. It is easy to lose your penis when you change directions, so please change positions slowly and carefully.
If your penis doesn’t fall out, it is relatively easy to change positions in Missionary position.


In this article, we’ve discussed what men want you to do when in the Missionary position and some techniques to make it feel even better when in the Missionary position. While this is a royal sex position, it is a position that is easy for both men and women to get pleasure from.
However, if the woman actively supports the man in this position, she can make both men feel good while enhancing the atmosphere.

You can also amplify the feeling by using adult products. With the woman’s legs wide apart, it is easier to use toys and make adjustments to her hips, for example, to change her position.
The more active you are in the missionary position, the easier it is to get a good feeling, so let’s enjoy the missionary position with some creativity.