One of the most common places where men caress women during sex is the nipples. Many people find nipples to be the most pleasurable part of the upper body, and in adult videos and cartoons, the nipple Descriptions of caresses are always included.

People tend to think that it is something that men do to women, but it can be done by women to men as well. In addition to nipple licking, special nipple products are available on the market, so even women who are not used to it can enjoy the act of licking their nipples. It helps to stimulate the nipple smoothly.
In this article, we will introduce the nipple licking that women do for men.

What is nipple licking?

Nipple licking is the act of a man licking his nipples to a woman during sex to increase sexual arousal and pleasure. This is done as a caress. It is a sensitive area and there are few people who cannot get any sexual pleasure from it.

But it’s the same for men as well, and if you develop it, you can get pleasure from your nipples, even if you’re a man. It becomes. In the beginning, many people do not feel anything, but gradually they will masturbate with their nipples only or stimulate together. Some people have to give it to them or they won’t be able to reach climax.

Women have a hard time practising nipple licking because it is usually done to them! But there is a difference between having the knowledge and not having the knowledge. Let’s take this opportunity to learn more about nipple licking, which men are more likely to feel.

Do men feel nipples?

I get the impression that relatively more women get sexual pleasure from their nipples, but men can get sexual pleasure from their nipples with or without development and depending on the person It varies. Some men don’t feel it at all when their nipples are licked because they are not usually attacked. If you have a little bit of M-ness, you can feel it so much that your body will be scared if you develop it. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that a woman’s nipples have been touched.

However, if you want to attack women and don’t want to have your body touched too much, you can use your nipples may not feel or feel uncomfortable when you lick the It is important to determine which type of man your partner is.

A woman’s body is so sensitive and sensitive that very few people feel anything when they are licked on the nipple. I think. Men are not very sensitive to nipples at first, because the most sensitive part of the body will be the penis, so those who are not very sensitive to nipples There are many, and most of them will need to be developed. At first, the tickling may be resisted because of the tickle. However, if you lick it patiently, it will gradually be developed, and you will feel as much or more pleasure as the woman does. The majority of men want their nipples to be attacked as well once they have developed them, as they will be able to do so. Although the initial sensitivity is different, it is now possible for women to develop a man’s nipples and make them feel good. becomes.

Percentages of men who like nipple licking

Men who have never had their nipples licked before find it difficult to get pleasure from them from the beginning. They are. (1) 32.7% of the respondents said they feel nothing when their nipples are stimulated, which is more than 30% of the respondents in the same age group. are less experienced men in their teens and 20s and especially those in their 60s and beyond who lose sensitivity due to aging. They tend to be less likely to feel it.

The loss of sensitivity due to aging is difficult to remedy, but if the lack of experience, which is common in the younger generation, is the reason for the lack of pleasure, then men can get sexual pleasure from their nipples as well, if women are willing to develop them.

If “nipples don’t make you feel good…” then the other woman is passive and you are the one being attacked. This is often due to people who didn’t have or assumed that they wouldn’t feel it at all with their nipples. Men think that the pleasure they get from the penis is the most pleasurable, and they feel the pleasure in other parts of the body and meat. It’s also about breaking down those barriers and getting women to lose themselves in their partners’ It’s a role.

By freeing up your mind and body, men are more likely to feel good with their nipples, making sex more satisfying for both of you, and making it easier for you to have an amicable relationship in the future.

Women aren’t the only ones who find nipples pleasurable!

Women are relatively sensitive all over the body, so I’m sure many of them feel good when their nipples are licked! . Men are also most likely to lick the nipples and areola when caressing a woman’s body. Even during penetration, the breasts are very close to each other, so it is easy to get visually aroused. Also, licking the nipples makes men scream and breathe unintentionally from the pleasure of licking them, so their excitement is It is at its best. But women aren’t the only ones who can get pleasure from their nipples. Men can also get as much or more pleasure from developing their nipples than women.

Since men usually get most of their pleasure from the penis, many of them don’t feel anything when their nipples are stimulated.
But with continued development, they may experience a “dry orgasm,” which is an orgasm that does not involve ejaculation.
An orgasm is a climax based on the pleasure you get from your penis during masturbation or sex, but this Sometimes the discharge of semen is seen. However, in dry orgasm, you reach orgasm without expelling semen, so like a woman You can cum for a long time.

When a man ejaculates, he goes into a period of time where he can’t cum for a while (called the refractory period), but with dry orgasms, he can cum many times, and some women may get a kick out of seeing a man that they don’t normally get to see.
If you can feel it in your nipples, you can create sex that is even more enjoyable for both of you.

Just licking your nipples can make sex feel even better

The general flow of sex begins with a kiss, with the man caressing the woman’s body, and the mutual arousal of I think the process is to insert the penis after it gets high. A woman is passive and a man attacks a man. So you can enjoy a different kind of sex.

Men may be confused when a woman is on the offensive because they are usually the aggressor. However, this will eventually lead to getting rid of the rut. It may take some people a little longer to develop, but the development will make your body just as sensitive as a woman’s. You’ll be able to get more pleasure than you ever imagined from just being licked on the nipple.

In addition, men can find a sexual area they didn’t know existed by having a woman attack them. Those who thought that “a man can only get pleasure from his penis” will find nipples and other areas of stimulation. There are many stories of people who have been able to climax by Women also get very excited because they can see a man feel, and it allows them to serve their partner as well as themselves.
Many women are unsure of how to do caressing, but each man feels differently and takes a different length of time to develop, so with perseverance, you can have the best sex possible that will excite both of you.

The key to male nipple stimulation

Men’s nipples (especially the nipples) are much smaller in size than women who breastfeed after giving birth, and the lick There is a big difference between women and men in that the nipples are harder to hold in the mouth. The small size of the nipple also means that it is difficult to pinch by hand. It is difficult to give pinpoint stimulation to them and they may feel difficult to Not.

Women in particular don’t have as many opportunities to actively caress each other as men do, so they don’t have as many opportunities to improve their technique.
You may be hesitant to do this because you’re suddenly going to have to use the knowledge you’ve gained from the internet and other sources to get a man to do it. Ugh. But in the beginning, the fact that “your favorite partner is serving you” and I often get mental satisfaction from the visual excitement. As the process is repeated and the nipples gradually develop, they gradually want women to lick their nipples It will be a

In this chapter, I will show you some of the key points in nipple stimulation.

Hurry all the way

Women aren’t used to being on the caressing end, so they tend to repeat their caresses one after another without pause It is. If you remember when a man does this to you, you’ll know that it’s hard to touch the part of you that you want to be touched. It can be frustrating not to be able to do so, and all you can think about is having that part of your body touched. The pleasure of being made to touch the part of the body that you wanted to be touched by being made to rush, is more than you can imagine. Some people feel the pleasure of penetration.

This is true for men as well, and the pleasure is multiplied many times over by impatience. It may not be very effective while you are developing, but gradually you will feel the pleasure in your nipples. The technique of impatience becomes important.

The part of the nipple that can get the most pleasure is the nipple, but don’t touch it immediately. Let’s. Men’s nipples are very small, unlike women’s, and should be touched and licked to avoid touching the nipple. is important. The breasts are underdeveloped and cannot be rubbed, but by carefully attacking the nipples, you can quickly The desire to be touched becomes stronger and stronger.

When a man reaches the end of his patience, he stimulates the entire nipple, including the nipple, to dry orgasm. Some men will reach for it. Incorporating a good dose of impatience is the basis of nipple licking.

Saliva and lotion are a great companion

A great companion to nipple sex is the act of using saliva or lotion to improve slipperiness! The nipples are not mucous membranes, unlike the genitals and lips, but they are sensitive to irritation. Unlike the genitals and lips, the nipples are not mucous membranes, but they are sensitive to irritation. This can be painful.

When stimulating with your fingers or palms, lick first and add saliva or lotion to friction. Try to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Pinching or rubbing with your hands when stimulating your partner is more likely to get pleasure from the stimulation. Popping the nipple with the tip of your finger or lightly scratching it with your fingernails can also be effective, but if you make it too hard, you can’t make it too pleasurable. It is important to do this carefully as it can cause pain and discomfort.

The advantage of licking is that you don’t have to worry about friction as saliva acts as a lubricant. You can roll it around on the tip of your tongue or give continuous stimulation to make your partner feel more comfortable.
Lotions, unlike saliva, have a sustained consistency and are more smooth than saliva. You can do this. Take a small amount of lotion in your hands and put it on your nipples and enjoy the different touch and feel of each other! Ugh.

When it gets hard, it’s a sign that you’re feeling it

In both men and women, the nipples become hard and erect when stimulated or arousal is increased. This is due to the stimulation of the skin nerves, which stretches the length of the smooth muscle. It can also be stretched by temperature, but during sex, it is due to stimulation from the partner and sexual excitement. It’s a thing, so if your nipples get hard, it’s a sign that a man is feeling it.

Unlike women, men’s nipples, which are smaller than women’s, are barely big enough to be stimulated by erection and The first thing to do is to use your tongue and hands. At this point, use your tongue and hands to give you pleasure all at once.

The hardened nipples will become even more sensitive and sensitive, so if you are a man who is developing You may feel a dry orgasm. Even if a man hasn’t developed yet, once his nipples feel nice and erect, he’s already developed We have reached the point where it’s a breath of fresh air. Watch your partner’s reaction and stimulate them at the right time.

There’s a fine line between tickling and pleasure

If your nipples aren’t developed, you won’t feel anything when you are licked or you will feel tickled. If you’re licking a man’s nipples for the first time, even if you think most men will feel the tickle. Fair enough. But just because you feel ticklish doesn’t mean you can’t develop it. In fact, it’s been said that there’s a fine line between ticklishness and pleasure, and there’s a pleasure beyond the tingling sensation! . For example, it might tickle you when you are getting a massage, especially around your thighs and buttocks. Maybe, but if you’ve ever experienced the experience of feeling just right as you rubbed it out. I think it’s a lot.

The same is true for nipple pleasure, with men telling me that they’re just ticklish and not very pleasant. Also, don’t get discouraged and try to be patient. It’s unlikely that you can develop enough to get pleasure from that one sex alone, but I don’t think men can hide their surprise that it gradually turns into a pleasurable experience by doing it for a long time.

How to lick a nipple

They say it’s a place that feels so good that men can reach orgasm if they develop it, too. I have found that. However, many people don’t know how to actually stimulate their nipples.
A woman is always the one being caressed, but then she may be engrossed in the pleasure or the man’s love part It’s not like I’m taking a close look at how to do a man’s job, so when it comes time to do it, I’m confused. There are a variety of ways to do this, including licking, timing, hand stimulation, or both. There are various methods of licking, timing, manual stimulation, or both. Sometimes.

It is not possible to practice nipple licking on a man, so you must have knowledge of it beforehand, and It is. It may be confusing at first because it’s an unfamiliar act, but men are also trying to serve you. The sight of them can get you excited.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and develop the following techniques as you demonstrate more and more of the following so that your man can get great pleasure from your nipples.

Licking with the tip of your tongue with your tongue extended

The way you lick with your tongue thrusting out wide in front of you, the way you lick with a small male nipple will give you pinpoint stimulation. It is possible to The combination of warmth and saliva will be a new experience for a man who is being licked for the first time.
The way to do it is to stick out your tongue and lick the areola from the nipple without putting pressure. Men’s nipples are also smaller than women’s, so try to lick them with a thin tip of your tongue.

Also, the nipples may not be erect at the beginning, so they may be buried or remain at their original size, so try to give them some arousal material, such as kissing or licking the body.
Licking with the tip of your tongue will convey softness, but it will also make it harder when you put pressure on it, so 2 You can experience the sensations in two ways. If you are not used to the stimulation, you can use the tip of your tongue as a guide. Start with a soft and soft lick.

Lick with your entire tongue

Unlike the previous method, there is another way to lick with the entire tongue. The tip of the tongue was able to stimulate the targeted area, but if you lick with the whole tongue, you can use the whole tongue to a large extent. You can provide stimulation.

The recommended way to caress your nipples is to lick them first, using your entire tongue first to get them used to the stimulation. Go. As he presses and traces his nipples and areola, the man gets used to the sensation of being licked. The tickle will be somewhat lessened.
And afterwards, lick them with the tip of your tongue. First lick the areola carefully, then attack the nipple, which is most sensitive to stimulation. Lick with your entire tongue first, shifting from a loose pleasure to a gradually stronger one with the tip of your tongue, and Let’s go.

Also, as you lick with your entire tongue, suck on the man by looking up at him a little bit as you lick with your entire tongue. It also seems to make it feel as if they are there. This is just a pseudo-feeling, but men will look up with the woman in a slightly lower position and look up. and the desire for control, “I’m the one who’s controlling this woman right now,” is satisfied, and I get even more aroused! . I dare to show you that I’m licking with my tongue, which will make you even more aroused, so I’m going to make you salivate. It’s more effective if you let out a lot and make your tongue glow.

Kiss with your lips

Besides licking with your tongue, caressing your nipples with your lips is also an effective way to caress them. Using your tongue can be a direct act of pleasure, but kissing with your lips is more than just a pleasure. The purpose of kissing is to make you visually aroused.
You may think of kissing as being between your lips, but you can show even more affection by kissing your nipples.
You can kiss lightly like you usually do, or you can do it for a longer period of time. You can also use your lips to press down on them with pressure, which is a different sensation than with your tongue or hands.

You can also move your face to the side and rub your lips against your nipple to create painless friction, which also stimulates your partner This is a very effective way to give saliva on your lips to make it slippery, so you can start by kissing your lips with nothing on them. , then kiss them with saliva.
Kiss the nipple, as it’s the part of the body that is more insensitive to stimulation than the penis, which is also the most sensitive part of a man’s body. Is it a little too much pressure in the case? It’s okay if you think it’s okay.

Sucking with your lips

In addition to touching with your hands, licking with the tip of your tongue or the entirety of your tongue, and kissing with your lips, you can also suck on your nipples with your lips. This is one of the methods of caressing. Besides sucking on the nipple only, you can also suck on the whole nipple. The pressure and strength of sucking will also change the way you feel.

As for the method of sucking the whole nipple, take it in your mouth and suck as hard as you can. As many people cannot get a pleasant sensation just by sucking, you should stimulate with the tip of your tongue in your mouth. This increases the sensitivity and makes it easier to get pleasure from it.

When sucking on the nipple alone, it’s hard to suck on it if it’s small, so if a man is feeling it to some extent and the nipple You should have an erection. Try using your tongue or the back of your lips for gentle stimulation after you suck on it with a small sip of your mouth! .
But if you get your partner aroused and find an angle that you can easily suck on, you can do it more easily.

Mix up and down movements and left and right movements

When stimulating the nipple with the tongue, hands and lips, a mixture of up and down, left and right movements will help you feel more pleasure. It is. There are many variations of licking methods, such as moving it in a certain rhythm and irregular movements. The more you move your tongue up and down, the easier it is to give you pleasure.

When you move your tongue up and down, up and down, left and right, it is easier to give you more pleasure if you use the tip of your tongue to move it up and down quickly. Keep in mind that it is hard to move the tongue if you put too much pressure on it, so keep it soft.

If you use the whole body instead of the tip of your tongue, try not to put too much pressure on it and be gentle with your partner’s reaction.
If you do it by hand, be sure to put saliva or lotion on the tongue to avoid painful friction. You should do this with your hands. You can also use a light popping motion with your fingernails to get a nice piercing sensation, but it’s better to do it in the same way. It’s not a good idea to do too much, so try to do it in between.
When stimulating with your lips, move your face and quiver your lips, I find it a little difficult to move them quickly. There may be times when this happens. If you’re not used to this, you may want to repeat the motion of pinching the nipple between your lips and releasing it.

Caress in a circular motion

It is also very effective to use your tongue, hand and lips in a circular motion when caressing. Slow motions result in gentle stimulation, while faster motions result in stronger stimulation. It’s a target. You can move the tip of your tongue to soften or harden it, so you can see how they respond to you. Choose the one that looks comfortable.

The key to stimulating your hands in a circular motion is to make sure you don’t put too much pressure on them. Unlike the tongue and lips, it is easy to apply force and nails, which can easily make you feel pain. Many women, especially women, have long nails, and just a little pressure is enough to cut their nipples and cause them to bleed…. It is not uncommon for this to happen. In order to prevent this from happening, be very careful when stimulating your hands. Please do so.

The best way to stimulate the lips is to use the mucous membrane on the underside of the lips to make them salivate. The warmth of the body and the saliva makes it slippery, so this is highly recommended. However, it is difficult to move your lips in a circular motion. When you want to attack your partner slowly and see how he or she responds, or when you are caressing him or her, you can do it slowly. You can do this when you are physically tired and want to take a break.

Caress both sides of the nipple

When you use your tongue or lips to caress a nipple, only one of the nipples is stimulated. Therefore, the other nipple is not stimulated, so even if you are aroused, your erection will stop. This can end up making it difficult to do the next time you want to caress it. If you are stimulating one nipple with your tongue or lips, try stimulating the other nipple with your hands. This will allow both nipples to be stimulated and may further develop them. Keep your hands slippery with saliva or lotion to help them move smoothly! .

Also, when you’re stimulating one nipple with your mouth, you can’t visually see the other nipple. It is necessary to continue caressing with the sensation of the hand only. Stimulation of the areola or nipple only can be difficult, so in this case the whole I recommend stimulation or the way you do it.

If you are stimulating the nipples of both sails by hand, you can see them visually and give the stimulation to the exact area you are targeting. You can do this. One can stimulate the areola and the other can stimulate the nipple and so on, so you can see how the man reacts to the By actively practicing movements that seem to be comfortable, you will develop more quickly.

Movement should be slow and steady!

When men masturbate, they often move in a constant rhythm. Even during sex, when they are close to climax, they move violently, but it’s a constant rhythm. You can see that. However, licking the nipples is a woman’s activity, so she has to take the initiative. You can do it in a steady rhythm, but it will inevitably become a monotonous attack, and you will have to do it in a very short time. It is. By slowing down, such as making it more intense or slowing down the movement, you can get a fresh and new sense of pleasure. This is a good idea.

If you continue to give weak stimulation for a while and then move it rapidly and vigorously, the stimulation will become stronger all at once, which will give the man more pleasure.
Also, if you move your hands gently and move your tongue hard and vigorously, you will feel a different sensation and men will never get bored of it.

The key to caressing your nipples with your fingers is softness and saliva

If you want to stimulate a man’s nipples with your fingers, it’s basically a matter of gently stimulating them with a hand full of saliva Point. The use of your fingers gives your partner a soft sensation, and the woman who is attacking you doesn’t have to use any force, so it’s easier for her. It is possible to work with it.

If you have nothing on your fingers, it may cause friction and pain when you rub your nipples. Applying saliva to them will make them stickier and more slippery, so you can move them faster.
However, if you continue to stimulate with your fingers, the saliva dries up and the result is slippery, you’ll have to caress it. It’s going to be difficult to continue. When this happens, you can lick your fingers again with the image of licking your penis, or put your face a little higher from the nipple It’s also a visually exciting element, so it’s even more so when you take a It’s a very effective way to enhance sexual pleasure.

Special nipple toys?

We tend to think that when we attack our nipples, we use our own tongues, lips, and hands to stimulate them, but in fact, we use our own tongue, lips, and hands to stimulate our nipples. You can also use adult products. You can find a wide variety of nipple-specific toys in adult specialty stores and online.

One of the most famous of these is the nipple-specific rotors. A common rotor is inserted into a woman’s vagina to stimulate the inside with vibrations, or it can be placed against the clitoris. The rotor for nipple is to stimulate the nipple as the name suggests. It is a rotor specialized for only. There are a variety of types, such as the normal rod type, the curved type, and the cup type that covers the entire breast. The appearance of the rod type is almost the same as that of the normal rotor, and it is the one that is pressed against the nipple and gives stimulation. will be

The cup-shaped ones, however, cover the entire breast and provide additional pinpoint stimulation to the nipple. There’s the pleasure of having your whole breast sucked by every nipple and the protrusions that approach separately against the nipple, and so on, with only the nipple. They are often an essential item for those who masturbate.

In addition to rotors, a wide range of other toys are sold, including those that stimulate the nipple by clipping it with a clip or those that stimulate it with a low frequency.
Although there is an image that special nipple toys are purchased by women, many men also buy them. It is. That much development is proof that your nipples feel good, so you’ll get in a rut with sex and If you are tired of giving it away or stimulating it for a long time, you should buy it.


This time, we introduced the method of nipple licking by women to men. A woman who was only caressed by a man becomes an aggressor. But when your nipples are stimulated and you get pleasure from them, you don’t want to let go of you anymore. It will be. Also, I think you will stimulate your nipples more often, even during masturbation.

The pleasure of the nipple can also be experienced as a dry orgasm without ejaculation, which is quite pleasurable for the pleasure-hungry male.
In addition to tongue and hand stimulation, there are adult products on the market that are specifically designed for nipple stimulation, so let’s try to incorporate those and have sex to our mutual satisfaction!