SEX, which the typical process is the man caressing the woman that leads to insertion, but of course there are times the woman also caresses the man. One of the most common foreplays a woman gives a man is a blow job, but depending on the condition of your partner’s penis, you may not be able to give him the right blow job. There is a trick to giving a man a blowjob that really feels good, but many women don’t know how to do it. It also depends on the condition of the man’s penis, and with a foreskin, there are different ways to give a blowjob that are appropriate depending on the types.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to give a blowjob to a man’s penis with foreskin which is most common. If you are wondering if your current partner or the man you are interested in might have a foreskin? or if you are worried about “I don’t know how to give a blow job”, please check it out for his sake.

Causes of the foreskin

When a woman caresses a man, in addition to caressing his nipples and his whole body, she often caresses his penis.

Did you know that a man’s penis has a foreskin? Most men have a foreskin on their penis and if you peel it off with your hand, it will expose the smooth glans of the turtle head and make it easier to give a blow job.

However, there are some men who have their glans covered by foresking, or who cannot peel it off by hand, and this condition is called phimosis.

There are various causes, such as congenital and acquired, but most people have a 100% chance of having a foreskin when they are newborn and then gradually improve as they grow up.

However, some people do not improve from their foreskin condition as adults, and the condition can affect them during sex.

In severe cases, not only can it make it difficult for a woman to give a blow job, but it can also make it impossible for a woman to make a baby itself, so let’s first check out what types of foreskin there are.

There are three types of foreskin

Often lumped together as just “foreskin,” actually there are three types of foreskin, depending on the condition of a man’s penis.

Each of these conditions changes the ease of giving a blow job and the impossibility of progressing to sex.

It may be difficult to imagine because it is a reproductive organ that is not present in women, but the condition can range from a quick fix on its own, to a man who has a negative impression of sex, rather than pleasure, because of the intense pain it causes, and the symptoms vary from person to person.

Let’s take a closer look at the three types of foreskin conditions.

Complete Phimosis

A complete phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin remains covered at all times, both normally and during erection, making it difficult to progress to normal sex.

Newborns have an almost 100% chance of having this complete phimosis condition, but the percentage of complete phimosiss in elementary school students is about 30%, and many people have improved foreskins.

Usually, as they grow up, they improve from the complete phimosis condition by peeling their own foreskin during masturbation, but at first, peeling the foreskin is painful, and many men give up peeling it because of this and remain with the complete phimosis.

In addition to not being able to have normal sex with a complete phimosis, it is also difficult to have a blow job.

In addition, the true phimosis is covered by the foreskin on the part of the glans, so white residue called pubic wax builds up between the foreskin and the glans, which can emit an awful odor and is not good for hygiene.

In addition, even if a woman gives a blowjob in this condition, she will have to lick the skin all the time, so she won’t be able to feel the pleasure, and this is a cause of insensitivity.

In addition, many men with complete phimosis have a very complex penis, and the glans may be elongated or extremely small because of the foreskin’s covering.

If your partner has a complete phimosis condition, you should see a doctor first and gently encourage him to treat it in order to improve your sexual life in the future.

Pseudo Phimosis

Many men have this pseudofemoral condition, where the foreskin covers the glans under normal circumstances, but during sex and erection, the glans can be exposed by peeling the foreskin by hand.

As a child with a complete phimosis, you can gradually peel the foreskin yourself when you had a complete phimosis as a child and the glans becomes exposed, allowing you to masturbate and have sex without pain.

For some people, the foreskin gradually returns to its original shape when the hand is removed, but this condition is no different from pseudofemoral foreskin.

Also, even with a pseudofollicle, if you don’t peel the foreskin every day to wash the pubic wax that has accumulated between the glans and the glans, it can cause an odor.

When having sex, it can be done without affecting the progress, especially if you have a pseudofollicle.

Your partner will be aware of the condition of your penis himself, so if the foreskin is covered, you can have your partner peel it off, or the woman can peel it off for you.

It’s often not very comfortable to give a blowjob with the foreskin covered, so if you are going to give a blowjob, be sure to peel the foreskin off before you do it.

Pseudofemoral foreskin doesn’t need any special treatment as it doesn’t affect sex or procreation in this state.

However, some people tend to accumulate pubic plaque in the area of the glans called Kali, which is the neck part of the glans, and some people who want to keep it peeled at all times want treatment, so you should respect your partner’s wishes in that case.


Unlike a complete phimosis, paraphimosis can be peeled off a little bit, but it is a penis that cannot be restored from its peeled state due to the narrowing of the foreskin opening.

Attempting to peel the foreskin but stopping midway because it is painful, or repeated inflammation and narrowing of the foreskin opening is what causes a paraphimosis.

Normally, the foreskin is always peeled off, and even if it is covered, it can be peeled off easily, but the Cantonese foreskin is characterized by the need for force and strong pain when peeling it.

Also, if the foreskin is peeled off a little and left in the midway position, blood circulation to the glans beyond the foreskin mouth is blocked and the flow of blood is reduced, leading to necrosis and other causes of loss of male function, so early treatment is necessary.

When giving a blowjob, it is advisable for women not to touch the foreskin too much, as forcing it to peel off the foreskin can cause pain to their partner.

It is inherently difficult to give a blowjob, but if you must, you should not force the foreskin in the case of Cantonese foreskin, but rather lick the glans, which is slightly visible from the tip, if you have Cantonese foreskin.

It is also recommended to treat the Cantonese foreskin as well as the complete phimosis, as it is difficult to have normal sex with it.

How to properly suck a penis with foreskin

The penis can be the strongest pleasure-giving caress a woman can give a man, so if you want to make him feel good, you want to give him a blow job.

However, there are many women who think that if their partner has a foreskin, they won’t be able to give him a blow job…. It is true that the degree of difficulty of a blowjob has increased compared to the state where the foreskin is facing or can be easily peeled off, but even if the foreskin is intact, you can give him a nice blowjob.

Depending on how you do it, it can lead to discomfort, so you need to learn how to give a blowjob properly.

Here we will introduce the correct way to give a blow job to your partner, so women who are wondering “My partner has a foreskin and I don’t know how to give him a blow job…” should take a look at this information.

First, give a gentle hand job on the skin

A blow job is much more effective if you give a hand job to gradually build up the pleasure of your blow job, rather than suddenly taking your penis in your mouth and licking it.

However, the best way to give a hand job also depends on the type of foreskin you have. To begin with, if you have a pseudophakic man, keep the skin neatly peeled all the way down to the glans and use saliva or lotion to help it slide around before moving it up and down.

The glans is also a particularly pleasant place to feel, so moving it up and down in a circle with your hand is recommended for many people to feel strong pleasure.

If you have a complete phimosis, do not touch it forcibly, but give it a hand job with the image of wrapping it around the foreskin, because it won’t peel off.

The area around the bumpy glans is sometimes more pleasurable than other parts of the body, so try to stimulate it while listening to your man’s reaction.

If you have a Cantonese foreskin, giving it a hard hand job can cause it to peel off at once and not return to normal.

Apply plenty of lotion and give a hand job with gentle stimulation, or try to give stimulation only to the glans, which is slightly visible at the tip.

Suck on the skin

Once you’ve finished the hand job, the next step is to gently suck on the foreskin.

Sucking directly on the glans is too stimulating, so sucking on the foreskin first will gradually increase a man’s sexual arousal and pleasure.

If you have a pseudofollicle, put the foreskin back in place once you’ve lowered it during a hand job, and then touch and lick the glans and potash area from above. If you don’t have a good glide, it will hurt, so it’s easier to do it with saliva or lotion.

If you have a complete phimosis, try sucking on it as it is. You can feel the bumpy area at the base of the glans when you touch it, so it’s best to stimulate that area intensively.

If you have a paraphimosis, try sucking on the glans that is sticking out, with the skin peeled off to the point where you don’t need to use any force.

Don’t force yourself to do this, as it’s often impossible to peel to the carious area. Anyway, the key is to lick it gently, and try to lick it with a soft, stroking tongue tip.

Gently remove the foreskin

I believe that when you are sucking on the foreskin, you will want a stronger pleasure. This is where the way you do it depends on the type of foreskin, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

If you have a pseudophakic foreskin, you can easily peel the foreskin, so you can lower it slowly to the bottom of the foreskin, and then apply pressure and lick the bare glans with your hand to give it a stronger pleasure than before.

People with a complete phimosis are often unable to peel the foreskin, but if you apply a lot of lotion and slowly peel the foreskin, it may come off a little bit. Ask the man if there is any pain each time and check the situation carefully.

You can’t peel the foreskin all at once, but you can expect your complete phimosis to improve with more frequent peels.

In the case of paraphimosis, the opening of the foreskin is small, so forcing the foreskin to be peeled off can be very dangerous, as it won’t return to its original size and can cause congestion, so if you feel pain when peeling it, don’t touch it too much and stimulate the area around it.

If you have a true phimosis or cantonal phimosis, forcing the foreskin off will cause pain, and in some cases you may need to see a doctor.

Licking freely and inviting them to ejaculate

Once you’ve given a hand job or a blow job to the glans, then feel free to stimulate your partner to ejaculate.

The process so far should make the man quite aroused and increase his ejaculation desire, so if the woman stimulates him the way she wants, she should be able to lead him to ejaculate.

If you have a pseudophallus, you should attack the glans and penis at the same time using the foreskin, or lick the glans while giving a hand job to the penis.

If you have a complete phimosis, give a hand job and lick the glans from the foreskin while giving a gentle hand job.

Since the glans is completely hidden, it may take longer to ejaculate than people with a pseudophakic phimosis, but by asking your partner where it feels good and watching their reactions carefully, you can give them pinpoint pleasure and bring them to ejaculate.

Many people with paraphimosis ejaculate in a relatively short period of time by making good use of the slightly visible glans to give a blow job or a hand job.

In addition to physical stimulation, visual arousal is also related to ejaculation in men, so looking up at a man while giving a blowjob or licking with your tongue out so that you can see it will increase your arousal and support your ejaculation.

Points to pay attention to when sucking the foreskinned penis

The most effective way to give a blowjob depends on the type of foreskin you have, but there are a few different things to keep in mind.

The penis is both a reproductive organ and an excretory organ, so licking the area needs to be kept clean.

It is also the place where men’s senses are most sensitive, so you need to be careful in handling it and make sure it doesn’t cause pain.

The act of sucking a cock is an act that you want your partner to feel good about, so prepare as much as possible for your man to immerse himself in your pleasure before you start.

Lather up with plenty of soap and wash gently

First of all, it’s more of a preparation for the start of sex than a blow job, but each other’s genitals need to be cleaned when you take a shower, as any dirt can cause odor and discomfort.

Men with a foreskin, in particular, tend to have a buildup of pubic wax between the glans and foreskin, which can cause odor.

If you keep it clean on a regular basis, it’s not too much of a problem, but when the pubic wax builds up, it can cause itching and discomfort, which can lead to disease.

Even when women lick it, they are quite reluctant to lick it and often feel uncomfortable with it, so wash it clean in the shower before sex begins.

If a man is taking a shower alone, it’s left up to him, but if you’re taking a shower with him, it’s highly recommended that a woman washes up for him, as it can be a good way to get him excited.

To wash, lather up enough body wash on your hands and then apply it to your penis.

If you get bubbles in the urethra at this point, it will cause pain, so be careful not to get them in the urethra and focus on the glans and foreskin area.

Use plenty of lotion

When giving a blowjob with a penis in your mouth, saliva takes the place of lube, so if you don’t put your teeth up, it rarely causes pain.

But with hand jobs, if you don’t put saliva or lube on it, it’s dry and will hurt when you move it. Lotion is a must for hand jobs, especially if you have a complete phimosis and a Cantonese foreskin.

If you move vigorously, the foreskin can’t be peeled off, or it may not return to its original shape.

However, if you have a pseudophakic foreskin, it’s a different story, and although it’s easier to give a hand job with lotion because the movement is smoother, you may not need to be able to give a hand job with the foreskin.

The way to do it is to hold the foreskin in your hand and move the glans and the glans together with the foreskin to give a hand job.

The stimulation is especially strong when you go from the callium to the glans, so many men ejaculate in this way as well, so we recommend it. If your partner has a pseudohermaphrodisiac, you can give him a hand job using lotion or a foreskin.

Have them wear a condom

Most blowjobs are generally done with nothing on, but some may be done with a condom on.

The penis is not only a reproductive organ but also an excretory organ, so some people may be concerned about its hygiene.

Also, if there is a lot of germs in the penis due to the buildup of pubic wax, they can enter through the throat, which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and physical problems.

If you want to give a blow job with a condom, put the condom on first before you lick it, and then lick it. When you put a condom on, you can’t help but notice the smell and taste of rubber, but in that case, you can improve it by licking it with flavored lotion or syrup.

Wiping off the lubricant on the condom before licking it will help reduce the oily taste, so make it easier to lick it.

Also, if you give a blowjob with a condom on, it is possible that the man’s sensitivity may be a little lessened, so apply a little more pressure and lick a little harder.

You should ask your partner if it hurts

A blowjob is an act performed by a woman on a man, and since a woman doesn’t have a penis, she doesn’t know the sensation or pain.

Licking the wrong way can lead to discomfort and pain for a man, so you need to check with your partner accordingly.

Some men are unable to say that a woman is licking and touching them hard for them, so this kind of attention from a woman can give them the right amount of pleasure while confirming that it feels good.

Also, it is not uncommon for a man to think that his partner is not very comfortable with the information he gets on the internet.

Caring can improve your relationship with each other outside of sex, so it’s good to always try to be considerate of your partner.

What to do when your partner is concerned about his foreskin

Penis size and length is a very sensitive issue for men, and those who have a foreskin often view it as even more of a complex.

You can tell that your partner has a foreskin when it comes to sex, but if you’re not careful in what you say and do and how you behave, you can push them even further, and in the worst case scenario, you could end up with ED, a situation where you can’t get an erection.

can make you reluctant to have sex itself if it continues, which can lead to a bad relationship and sexlessness.

By understanding how to deal with your partner’s concerns about the foreskin, you can ease their emotional burden and make it as uncomfortable as possible for them to have sex with you.

Show that you don’t care

One of the most effective ways to do this is to show women that you don’t care about them.

People with foreskin often feel guilty when it comes to sex, like “I can’t satisfy a woman because I have a foreskin…”, but if a woman tells you that she doesn’t care, it often makes men feel a little better about it! It is.

People with a pseudofemoral foreskin are able to have normal sex and blow jobs without any problems because the foreskin is peeling, and women are not particularly affected.

However, many people with true or pseudofemoral foreskin have difficulty having sex themselves, and penetration is almost always difficult for them.

In these cases, it’s a good idea for women to show them that they can be there for them and look for a hospital to treat their condition and show them affection outside of sex.

However, if you are looking to get married, not being able to have sex when you want children can affect you quite a bit, and you will have to work on that later on.

In such cases, it is important to think that you should not think that you can’t have children because your partner has a foreskin, but rather that you should be willing to treat the problem together with your partner.

Don’t be overly concerned about their foreskin

It’s best to tell a man with a foreskin that you don’t care about him, but going overboard could hurt his pride. Men always want to stay strong and protect their women without showing any weakness.

If a woman says to him, “You have a foreskin…” and is gentle with him during sex, and he can see that you’re pushing yourself too hard, that can be a mental burden and hurt him, which can lead to sexual dysfunction, such as an inability to get an erection! It’s not uncommon.

It can be a delicate issue, but it’s great for a man if you can tell him that you two are going to work through it together, and it gives him a chance to think that he’s the only one who can do it. It’s a good idea to find a hospital where you can have sex now without being overly concerned, but also where you can treat the problem without being overwhelmed.

Summary: Understand the foreskin to make him feel better

In this article, we have focused on the most common types of foreskin in men and how to give a blow job that will make you feel good about your foreskin.

Issues about the penis are a very important concern for men, and if you can’t have sex with it, being too aggressive or too gentle on the other hand can hurt you.

People with complete phimosis may improve slowly over time, but there are some cases, like Cantonese foreskin, that require treatment, and it is important for women to be willing to work with them to solve the problem.

While it may be difficult for a woman to have normal sex before she is able to have normal sex, it can be even more emotionally taxing for a man and can make him feel guilty about a woman.

Besides finding a hospital that can treat the problem and having sex at a slow pace for both of you, it’s important to understand your partner’s feelings, so you can both come together and try to have satisfying sex!

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