When having sex with a man, many couples may quickly remove their clothes from themselves without thinking about each other.

But for men, the act of removing a woman’s clothes is an important process that can be considered foreplay foreplay, which can build anticipation and turn the subsequent sex into something more exciting.

In this article, we will discuss effective female gestures and how to get undressed in order to make sex more enjoyable and exciting for men.

What are you thinking about when you’re undressing?

When a woman is undressed one by one by a man, she is probably excited and nervous about what sex will be like afterwards.

On the other hand, when you are undressed by a rough hand, you feel as if you are being attacked and there is a different kind of stimulation than usual.

The atmosphere of the sex afterwards changes just by the way the clothes are taken off. When you take off your clothes, you can think of it as an act that has already begun to have sex with you.

If you act in a way that makes you look sexy when you are undressed, it will get men to start having sex with you as soon as they see you.

It’s not sex that happens when you’re naked. It will lead to much more stimulating sex than usual when you’re undressed, thinking it’s already started when you’re undressed.

Mood building before sex, what’s important?

Mood is an essential part of sex. If you are in the right mood before your clothes are removed, you can enhance your feelings about sex while you are undressed and undressed.

In order to create a mood, it is important to make changes to the human senses such as sight, hearing, smell and touch. Here are a few things you need to do to create a great mood.

1) Dim the lights in the room.

Many men don’t mind having sex with a bright light, but if it’s too bright, they can’t see anything, and it doesn’t create a good mood.

However, if the lights in the room are completely dark, you won’t be able to see anything, so if you only use dim, indirect lighting, such as a lamp, you can create more of a mood by reflecting the lines of each other’s faces and bodies mysteriously in the dim light.

Dimly lit rooms also have the effect of sharpening the senses other than sight, making the senses of touch and hearing more sensitive to each other’s skin and making it easier to remember each other’s pleasures.

2) Turn off the TV and play background music at a very low volume.

When it’s time to have sex, a noisy television with a buzzing TV on can feel too routine and distracting, and can diminish the sexiness of the situation.

By creating a quiet situation with almost no sound, you can hear the sounds of each other’s lips touching each other’s, skin rubbing against each other’s, breaths, and voices as you kiss, and the sounds can arouse your ears.

If too little sound makes you nervous, try playing some background music that is very quiet and relaxing. Music that is not too noisy or too fast-paced, but something that flows slowly is recommended.

3)Burning aroma

I mentioned earlier that if you darken the room when you have sex, your senses other than sight can become more acute. When this happens, one thing that can’t help but bother you is the smell. Be aware of each other’s body and breath odors, as well as the smells of your room, such as cigarettes, which can ruin the mood.

You can also try burning aromas. With a good scent to relax your mind and body, you may find that sex is much more liberating than usual. There are scents that will enhance your sexiness, so it’s fun for both of you to choose from a variety of scents.

4) Increase the amount of skin-to-skin contact by stroking and kissing your hair.

There’s nothing in the mood to start having sex with someone who doesn’t even kiss you and quickly takes off his or her clothes.

In order for the mind and body to become one, it’s best to build up the mood by stroking each other’s hair, kissing and other forms of skin-to-skin contact.

It’s also a good idea to give each other a massage and have sex with each other while your body and mind are relaxed. Massage also improves blood flow, which can help a woman get wetter and feel better.

What does it do to get a man excited?

Now that you’ve built up the mood before sex, how can you get your man more excited and lead to more exciting sex? Here is an explanation of how to get a man excited.

Women’s gestures that excite men

It’s not an exaggeration to say that men watch women’s gestures a lot, and their excitement level is completely different depending on the gestures. Here are some gestures of women that excite men.

1) Gazing upward with moist eyes

Men have a weakness for lidded puppy dog eyes anyway. If you look up at a man with glazed eyes after a hard kiss, you’ll want to protect that fragile thing and take it all away from him, and you’ll want to hug him tightly.

Many men say they like to be looked up at by a woman while giving a blowjob, because of the moist eyes and the upward glance.

You’ll need to master the art of gazing up at a man to satisfy both the desire to protect him and the desire to control him, as well as the desire to have him do your bidding. Be careful not to make too much of the upward glance, as it can cause the eyes to go white.

Also, to create luminescent eyes, moisturize your eyes with eye drops or use makeup with glitter and glitter underneath the eyes.

2) Resist with a little embarrassment.

Some men say they get off on skin-to-skin contact, such as kissing and hugging, or when they see a woman shyly resisting the removal of her clothes, saying things like, “I’m ticklish,” “I’m embarrassed,” or “Wait a minute.

A bold woman who quickly undresses herself without embarrassment tends to be seen as inexperienced or lacking in mood. Some men are worried that they can’t satisfy a woman who is used to it with their own technique.

They want women to be a little embarrassed whether they have a lot of experience or not. Also, some men say it’s cute and exciting to see her wriggle a little bit when she resists.

If a man actively engages in skin-to-skin contact or tries to make you take off your clothes, show him your full embarrassment. Not only should you verbally tell him that you are embarrassed, but also cover your face with your hands and wriggle a bit.

3) Messing up your man’s hair when you kiss him.

Many women may have a tendency to muss their man’s hair while kissing him intensely and hanging on to his neck in a frenzy. This mussing is one of the gestures that turn men on.

Some women say that they get turned on by the sight of a woman who is absorbed in kissing them.

It’s a good idea to show that you are absorbed in the kissing process, for example, by wrapping your arms around his neck and rubbing your fingertips around the nape of his neck or digging your fingernails into his neck or back while kissing him vigorously.

4) Brushing back messy hair

Some men say that a woman’s hair is disheveled as they cuddle and kiss, and they are thrilled by the gesture of brushing it back and forth. Just as men are fascinated by what they see swaying, they are often fascinated by the way a woman’s hair sways.

A woman’s face peeking out of her messy hair is also very sexy, and the way she quickly brushes her hair back out of the way while kissing looks like a sign to start a match.

Also, the way her hair is messed up when she removes her knitwear and other types of clothing is also cute and unprotected, and it excites men. I can see why many men want to purposely crumple a woman’s hair.

Men are visually aroused creatures

Men are aroused by visual stimulation, just as they are aroused by a woman’s gesture. Some men get turned on by the sight of sexy underwear that catches the eye when they are undressed, or by the sight of a very feminine curve of the body.

You can also try wiggling around a bit to accentuate his curves as he undresses you, or put on a dress with a zipper in the back and have him unzip it, giving him the thrill of gradually revealing more and more skin.

However, it’s important to note that visual excitement can also be visually diminishing. Tights, stockings, and socks should be the first thing you ask to be removed if possible.

If you take off your tights and stockings and socks first, you may end up exposing the goofy appearance of a pair of tights, which will make him feel uncomfortable.

Also, some men find it sexier when a woman wears a little bit of clothing than when she is bareheaded, so it’s a good idea not to take off your underwear easily.

Physical stimulation of the penis is still the best

The most effective way to arouse a man is to physically stimulate the penis, which is the most sexual zone, by touching and rubbing it. However, there is nothing to get in the mood if you suddenly touch your penis.

If you start by touching the cheeks and neck while kissing, then move your hand down gradually, rubbing your hips and inner thighs without touching the penis, and finally touching the penis at the end of the session, you will get more aroused.

In the middle of skin-to-skin contact, such as kissing or hugging, you can also touch your penis over your clothes and impale it without touching it directly.

Recommendations! How to get men more excited about being undressed

When you take off your clothes, instead of just doing what you are told, you can change the level of excitement of your man by just doing it in your own way. Here are some tips on how to get your man more excited about being undressed.

Hurry appropriately and don’t take off your clothes too soon

When you are being undressed, if you are just being undressed, you will be naked in no time and that will be the end of it. Wrestle a little bit and resist, or say “not yet” to make it more difficult for him to get undressed.

It’s especially effective if you take your underwear off slowly and don’t let them see you naked easily. Take extra time to make them expect how nice and important it is to be wrapped in their underwear.

Being impatient will prolong the fun of removing your clothes, and it will also increase your arousal as you watch your woman’s body gradually reveal itself. However, if you do this for too long, people will think that you don’t like it, so it’s best to watch how your man is doing and try to do it in moderation.

Don’t take it off yourself, be shy and ask him to help you

Men get a kick out of a woman’s embarrassment. Rather than boldly removing your own clothes in front of a man, say “I’m so embarrassed” or “What am I going to do?” and show your embarrassment and ask your man to help you remove your clothes.

Some men get a kick out of unzipping women’s clothes and unbuttoning them one by one. Each time you carefully remove each piece of a woman’s clothing with your own hands, the anticipation will increase afterwards. When you ask her to unfasten her zipper, it’s also sexy to lift her hair out of the way to reveal a glimpse of her nape of her neck and neck.

Also, when you ask him to unhook your bra, instead of having him unhook it with his back completely to you, you can make him more aroused by the impatient effect by having him reach behind his back from the front to unhook it like a hug and hold the cup of the bra in his own hand so that your breasts don’t suddenly spill out.

Kissing and skin-to-skin contact while you’re being undressed

There are often sexy scenes in movies where men and women undress each other while kissing heavily. In that way, instead of just standing there and having your clothes taken off, you should try to have skin-to-skin contact, such as kissing and hugging, in between, to make it more exciting.

The visual stimulation of a woman removing her clothes and exposing more and more skin, combined with the physical stimulation of kissing and hugging, will increase a man’s arousal.

It’s especially easier to get close to a man when he’s undressed in bed than when he’s undressed standing up, so you can also have intense skin-to-skin contact, such as putting your arms around a man’s neck and hugging him, or tying your legs around his waist.

Make cute noises and beg for it

It is also very effective to beg in a cute voice, “Hey, let me get undressed,” before you take your clothes off. Many men like to be pampered by a woman, and saying it in a cute voice can also stir up a man’s excitement from an auditory point of view.

Once you’ve hugged, kissed, or had enough skin-to-skin contact, gently whisper in your man’s ear, “I’d like you to take off your clothes today,” for example.

Hearing is a sensation that stimulates a man’s arousal just as much as sight. While being undressed, actively beg him to “hurry up,” or on the other hand, embarrass him by saying “wait, I’m so embarrassed…” in an impatient manner.

Would you like to see it? and other provocations

When they take their clothes off, I deliberately held the man’s hand in the middle of the process and asked, “Do you want to see? You can also provoke a man by asking, “What do you want to do with me? When provoked by a woman, men are instinctively aroused by a heightened desire to dominate and do as they please.

Deliberately putting on clothes of difficult construction to make a man go through the trouble and ask, “Can you get them off well? It’s a good spice to ignite a man’s instincts.

However, if it is hard to get him to take off his clothes, you should provoke him to the last minute, and if he is really struggling, you should help him to take them off casually so that he does not get annoyed or lose interest in the process.

Choose sexy underwear for the day you’re being undressed

On the day that you might have sex with him, it is recommended that you wear sexy underwear to stimulate his vision of undressing and make him more excited.

You may want to wear bright colors like red, blue, or black, or something that has a strap that looks like it’s about to come untied at the side of your shorts, or something that’s all lace and allows your skin color to show through in a flicker.

If you want him to feel like he has a gap in his wardrobe, you could try the exact opposite type of underwear that you usually wear.

If you’re wearing something a bit loud and sexy but your underwear is pure white or light pink, or if you’re wearing something more conservative but you’re surprised to find yourself in a risqu thong, underwear can be a very effective tool to get him visually aroused.

What is not recommended to excite him are worn and worn-out panties or a bra with a bent wire. Even if you’re wearing clean clothes, if you take them off and your underwear is tattered and sloppy, your man will be disappointed and lose interest.

Furthermore, if you wear a simple beige bra and panties when wearing white clothing because it’s transparent, men won’t like it because it’s a little bit too old-fashioned.

One pair of underwear can make or break the sex that follows. On days when you think you might get undressed, get into the spirit and wear your victory underwear.

Do you want to provoke me with a sex toy together?

Now that you’ve built up his arousal with the way your clothes are undressed, to make sex even more exciting, you can try to provoke him by buying sex toys from adult or mail order stores.

Dripping sweet-smelling lotion that will stir up his lust, or showing him a cute looking, pop-colored vibrator on your genitals can be a different kind of fun than just getting naked and having sex.

Many of the latest sex toys are waterproof, so you can enjoy sex toys while you and your partner take a bath.

There are also a variety of cosplay items available in adult shops. You can dress up as a nurse, a maid, a Chinese dress, a sailor suit, and so on, and then ask him to take it off again.

You can even rent some cosplay items at the hotel, so you can have sex in your clothes or with your costume half off without worrying about getting dirty.

Some men get more turned on by a woman with her clothes on than by a woman who is completely naked, and you can play the role of a cosplayer by imagining yourself in a costume, which will give you a totally different kind of excitement.


Men are sexually aroused by both visual and physical stimulation. Removing a woman’s clothes can be a form of foreplay that can arouse a man through visual stimulation.

In addition to the visual stimulation that can enhance feelings, physical stimulation, such as kissing and skin-to-skin contact, can turn a man on and make sex more exciting than usual.

Taking off your clothes is an exciting, exciting event for a man, like opening the wrapping and taking out the gift inside.

Just by adding a little bit of creativity to the way you take off your clothes, you can make the gift of a woman’s body look even more wonderful, irresistibly sexy, and exciting.