If you have been with your partner for a long time, you may get bored with the same sex.

If you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably frustrated in some way with sex with your partner.

While it would be nice if we could have exciting sex forever, it is inevitable that we will be tired or feel boredom. But did you know that you can get out of a sex rut with a little bit of effort?

If you’re thinking, ‘I want to make sex with my partner even more exciting’ and ‘I want to get out of a sex rut!’ , or “I don’t know what to do,” what I recommend is situation play.

It is very effective for getting rid of the rut. In this article, I will explain in detail about how to do situation play and what you should pay attention to, so if you are stuck in a rut, or if you want to try something new to make sex with your partner more exciting, please stay with me until the end of this article.

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What is Situational Play?

When you are having sex or when sex starts, have you ever thought that you would like to have sex in an impossible situation, have sex in a different situation and get a different stimulation, or open yourself up to being someone else?

Sex with your partner is exciting at first, but some people get bored with it after a few times. Just repeating the same vibe and the same flow of events can create a bad image of sex, which can lead to rutting and sexlessness.

One way to solve this problem is to use situation play.

Situation play is a form of sex play in which you play a given role in a situation or setting that would never happen in real life.

By having sex in a given role, you can experience the sensation of “being able to let yourself go” or “not being yourself”.

It’s a different way to have sex, and it can help you get out of a rut, so if you want to get out of a rut somehow! If you’re thinking “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this,” please suggest situation play to your partner.

Why situation play is effective to turn your sex around

When sex proceeds in the same way as usual, with the same foreplay and then insertion, and when the man ejaculates, it’s over…

Very often, women tend to get bored with sex, especially if they haven’t been able to reach orgasm in the process, and if they haven’t been able to cum in the process, they tend to get stuck in a rut because they are left with a bad image of sex even more.

Situation play is an effective way to resolve such situations, but it is also known as sexual role play. It is defined as  a sexual preference to play a certain role in the sexual act, or a preoccupation with clothing, which will be discussed later in this article, and wearing a costume.

For example, the roles of “doctor and nurse,” “maid and master,” and “teacher and student” are often cited as examples of situation play, but since the roles are usually unconventional, this is a way of enjoying sex in an unusual setting, and it is a way of satisfying desires that are not satisfied by normal sex.

It helps many couples get out of a rut as it can.

You get the feeling that you’re having sex with a different person

One of the benefits of situation play is that you can feel as if you are having sex with a different person.

We are both in love with each other and are married, but we all want to have sex with a different person from time to time, don’t we?

If you act on it, it would be cheating or infidelity, which would make your partner sad, but if you imagine having sex with a different person in situation play, it tends to make you much more sensitive than usual because it’s quite exciting.

Also, since your partner is also playing a different role, you get to see a different side of him or her, which can lead you to fall in love with your partner again.

Even if it’s a character you were playing in a role, if it’s different from the partner you’ve known, you may become even more excited and affectionate, so you’re more likely to get out of the rut even if you stop playing situations.

Cosplay and other costume changes turn men on

Most normal sex is done naked with your clothes off, but having sex in costumes, such as cosplay, provides more material for a man to get more aroused.

Wearing a costume causes processes such as undressing, but it’s also exciting to undress because you’re wearing clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear.

There are many different types of costumes for cosplay, such as school uniforms, nurse uniforms, swimsuits, and office casual clothes, but if you choose the best one for the role you want to play, it will match the situation and both men and women will be excited.

It is fun to wear these clothes that you don’t usually wear, and you can enjoy being in a role by having sex in them, so it is highly recommended for people who want to try something new for sex as well as couples who are in a rut.

5 Recommended Situations

While we’ve discussed the benefits of situation play, it can be enjoyed by couples other than those who are in a rut, and it opens up a wide range of sex variations.

The number of roles and situations varies depending on a person’s interests and tastes, so it’s good that you can enjoy it for a long time without getting bored.

Also, cosplaying allows you to dress differently than you normally would in a role, so you can open yourself up and immerse yourself in sex.

It’s the same as dressing up in a fancy dress, and many people find that dressing up in a fancy dress makes them feel different and more cheerful than their usual selves, which is a positive thing for sex as well.

The atmosphere of the place changes depending on the role you play and the situation you are in.

Forced play

The advantage for women who play forcibly is that it is perfect for people with an masochistic tendencies because they are forced to have sex even if they don’t want to.

It’s also a low-cost way to play situations because you don’t need a special costume to do it.

You have to decide what kind of situation and what role you both want to play, but you can easily do it with just a simple talk. Just pretending that you don’t like it a little bit instead of actually disliking it can be effective.

It will make both men and yourself feel more comfortable.

One example of this is a situation where a man plays the role of a molester and a woman is the victim of the molester and they have sex as it is.

If the molester was on the train or bus, but when he goes outside to catch her, he takes her to an unpopulated place and forces her to have sex with him, women who have an M-ish temperament get very aroused, and it satisfies the desire of men to forcefully fuck a woman who does not like it, which is usually impossible to satisfy. You can also do things.

In this play, there will be things like tearing and mishandling of the woman’s clothes, so if there is anything you don’t want to do, you need to tell the man in advance.

Teacher x Student

When you are a student, you have the image of the teacher as an object to be obeyed, but the same is true for sex, where you can play situations where you are the teacher and the student.

If the man is the teacher and the woman is the student, the situation is one of obedience to the man, which is why this type of play is recommended for people with an M-string.

If you make a rule that you will do whatever the teacher tells you, you will have to do what the teacher says, even if he or she tells you something embarrassing, and this will encourage a sense of shame.

On the other hand, it is possible for a woman to be a teacher and for a man to be in the position of a pupil, which is recommended for women who want to get their way with men sexually and for men who want to be vulnerable.

When a woman plays the role of a teacher, she can say things that she would not normally be able to do to a man, or say things that she once wanted to do as a command, etc, which also satisfies a woman’s desire for control.

Men will do exactly what a woman tells them to do, and they will show a new side of themselves by following orders, even if it is embarrassing, which in turn may be an element that turns women on.

If there is an age difference between the two, couples or couples can make it even more real, and it can make you feel as if you were really a teacher and student, so why not give it a try?

Outdoor play

We have all wanted to play outdoors at least once in our lives. There are many different types of outdoor play, and you can change your location from time to time, such as on a fire escape, in a park, at the beach or on a balcony.

Having sex in a car is also a type of outdoor play. However, it is a crime to have sex in a place where there is a high possibility of people coming, so make sure to have sex in a place where people won’t come.

If you don’t feel comfortable having sex outside, try kissing, foreplay and other acts other than penetration first.

The best place to do this is in a car or in an establishment where you won’t be seen. Kissing may be relatively easy to do, but when it comes to foreplay, the bar is a little higher. However, it gives you a thrill that you usually don’t have, such as the fact that you might be seen.

If you feel people coming and going, it’s a good idea to find ways to deal with them, such as touching them through the cracks with your clothes on, so that you can deal with them as soon as you feel them coming and going.

Once you get used to it, try going to an unpopular park or fire escape and having sex with them. You’ll find that it feels different and very exciting.

However, even when having sex outdoors, if you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to use good contraception, so be sure to carry a contraceptive with you.

Queen Play

The queen play is for both S and M girls, and it can be divided into two types of play for both S and M guys. . If neither of you have ever done SM play before, it’s a good idea to start with something light.

The most common type of queen play in which a man masturbates in front of you to get you to listen to his commands is to have him masturbate in front of you, or to stop moving and make him beg for it before he ejaculates.

The strong image of the man obeying the woman satisfies the woman’s need for control, and the man can enjoy a different, yet embarrassing, situation.

As you get used to it, and if he wants to, you might try some serious SM play.

However, hitting him or hurting his body can leave a bad impression, so be sure to watch how your man is doing and gradually step up your game.

Also, if you don’t have a trusting relationship with each other, it can lead to fights, so be sure to talk it over before you start playing with the queen.

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Doctor x Patient

There is a common situation play with a doctor and a nurse, but you can also play the situation play with a doctor and a patient.

Depending on the setting, you can enjoy a variety of actions, such as giving orders to a patient in the hospital for a checkup, or a doctor asking a patient in the outpatient clinic for a dirty look.

If it’s a doctor and a nurse, the location may have to be a hospital, but if it’s a doctor and a patient, it can be done in a hotel or at home because the doctor and the patient are here for a checkup.

The person who plays the doctor can wear a white coat to make it feel more real and give the other person sexual excitement.

When a man plays a doctor for sex, he can enjoy giving orders that cause shame to a woman, but he can also get into the act wildly by treating her.

If a woman is playing the role of a doctor, she is a female doctor, so it is easier for a man to get aroused if she wears a shirt that is open enough to show her breasts underneath her white coat, a mini-skirt and stockings, which are common in adult movies.

Both men and women can switch roles and give orders to their partners, so try to change the role to suit your tastes.

Sex toys recommended for situation play

Sex is an act that is done with each other’s bodies, but it is even more exciting when there is a sex toy to add to the atmosphere.

Many women are reluctant to use sex toys in normal sex, but in situation play, props are often used, so if the woman agrees to do the situation play, her dislike of sex toys may be alleviated a bit.

The sex toys used in situation play will vary depending on the role you are playing and the situation, but I would like to introduce the recommended sex toys that can be used in most situations.


Vibrators are commonly known as vibrators, and there are many different types on the market, from those that realistically mimic the shape of a penis to those that are long and narrow so that even beginners have no resistance.

Some vibrate when the batteries or charge the battery, while others can be inserted and removed by hand.

In addition, because it can stimulate the nipple, and it can be inserted into the vagina, and orgasm can be achieved by hitting the G-spot and the portio, it becomes the sex toy that is very easy to use.

Moreover, if it is the situation of plural play, it is possible to insert the vibrator into the vagina and to simulate the threesome by using it together with a man’s penis, and to give intermittent stimulation to the nipple while inserting the penis, or to use it for a man.

You can use it in various ways depending on the role you are playing or the situation you are in, so having one of these available will help you to have more fun.

You can buy them at adult goods stores or on the Internet, and the Internet has a wide variety of products to choose from, so make sure you buy the one that suits both of you.

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Cosplay Costumes

If you’re going to do situation play, a cosplay costume is a must.

If you’re just setting up a situation and having sex, it may not be necessary, but wearing a cosplay costume of an actual role, such as a nurse or maid, will make you feel more comfortable, and your partner will be more visually aroused.

If you have school uniforms, bathing suits, or office casual clothing, you can use your old clothes if you have them, and some men get more excited by the fact that they were actually used by women in the past.

However, clothes that are rarely owned, you can have even more burning sex if you buy them and get them.

There are many online stores that specialize in cosplay costumes, and there is a wide variety of costumes available there, from the high street to the more geeky.

You can actually find the role or situation you want to play by looking at it with your partner, and you can find out what your partner likes.

Situation play -Things to look out for

I think some people who only have regular sex all the time have a hard time imagining what a situation play is when they hear the word “situation play”.

Also, if a woman wants to have sex with a man, she may not be able to tell him about it because she thinks that if she tells him, he may not be able to pull her away.

However, it’s surprisingly gratifying for a man to see a woman being sexually active and telling him what she wants and needs, and it helps satisfy his own sexual desires as well, since it gives him the opportunity to talk to her about it and get the necessary tools together.

There are many advantages to situation play, but of course there are some things you should be aware of. Here are some things you should be aware of.

Stop if your partner doesn’t like it

Situation play is a very common way of having sex for people who are used to it, but if you’ve only had regular sex, it is often seen as a special kind of play.

If a woman gives a man a bad look when she tells him, ask his opinion and decide whether to do it. Many times, a man’s feelings about a disgusted look are a prejudice or misunderstanding due to not having experienced it, and if you can clear up the misunderstanding or prejudice, he will often respond more easily than expected.

If you explain to them the benefits of situation play, how it works, and how to enjoy it, they may be receptive to it, so it’s a good idea to try to help them communicate the positive aspects of situation play.

Also, if a man acts uncomfortable during situation play, it’s best to stop the play. You should talk with him about whether to play another game or not to play the situation itself.

If you discuss it to some extent in advance, it will be smoother

It is recommended that you discuss the setting and the role you are going to play beforehand, because if a man thinks that sex is going to start in the usual way, you won’t be able to play the situation.

If you talk about it after the sex has started, you may lose your mind, or you may get frustrated and end up fighting because you don’t know the flow or what to expect.

What you should discuss in the meeting is what roles you’re both going to be playing, the situations you’re going to be in, and what you want them to do.

For example, if the woman is playing the role of the maid and the man is playing the role of the master, the woman must be faithful to the man who is playing the role of the master.

If you don’t tell them in the meeting what you want them to do, even though the atmosphere of the room is growing, it could be ruined.

On the other hand, if you also tell him what you want him to do during the meeting, it will make him feel more comfortable, which will increase the chances of the best play.

In both cases, the key to success is to discuss situation play sex with your man well, so it’s a good idea to have a meeting beforehand to have better sex.

Summarize: Situation play CAN turn your SEX around!

In this article, we’ve introduced the benefits and cautions of situation play, as well as the recommended situations and details of play.

The same old sex can lead to boredom, which in turn can lead to a sexless relationship or a rut. Situation play is great for people who want to break out of a current rut and bring positive change.

By introducing a new way of having sex, you can learn a new side of your partner that you didn’t know before, which can help you maintain your relationship in the future.

There are many reasons for being stuck in a rut, but the underlying cause of a rut lies in the fact that you are having “no replacement sex” such as always having the same reactions or having sex in the same place.

Incorporating situation play allows you to open yourself up, and you can expect to do things that you would normally be too shy to do, or to become more daring.

If you’re a couple that’s stuck in a rut, or if you’re looking for something new to do, try suggesting situation play to your partner.

You’ll probably get pleasure and sexual excitement like you’ve never felt before, and your relationship will be better for both of you.

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