When you hear “anal sex,” you associate it with abnormal sex. There is a strong image of “dirty” and “painful”, and many women will be reluctant. Above all, the act of showing the ass hole to the person you like is the highest point of embarrassment. Even though they are interested, the overwhelming majority of women are actually women who don’t want to do.

Still, anal sex is one of the admiration for men. You may be asked for anal sex when you get used to normal sex.

Therefore, this time, I prepared a guide for women who have anal sex for the first time. Please use it as a reference so that you can take up the challenge without worrying a little.

Basic anal sex information

I have heard the name, but I understand it somehow… Many people may not even know the specifics.

First, I will introduce some basic information about anal sex. When you read this, you will be able to see “Why are you asking for anal sex?”

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is another name for sexual activity and is also called “anal sex”. This is the act of inserting the male genitals into the female anus and rectum. Anal sex also includes insertion into the anus with a toy. It is also used for “male-to-male” sexual intercourse in which the male genitals are inserted into the male anus.

There are many women who feel uncomfortable to insert into the anus, but more and more men are interested because it is the mainstream in AV and so on.

Why anal feel good?

The feeling that anal sex feels good can be difficult to understand for people who have never experienced anal. However, many anal analysts actually feel that they want to do it again. The reasons for this are introduced from the female and male perspectives.

Why do women feel good?

At first, the pain is greater, but I feel comfortable when I get used to it. This is because the sensitivity of being “punched” is higher than that of normal vaginal insertion. Because the nerves are concentrated in the anus, stimulating the area around the anus makes a woman more sensitive. In addition, it becomes easier to hit the vagina that is inserted from the anus, the back side of the uterus, and the sense of portio.

Portio is a female erogenous zone near the uterine ostium, and since it is directly related to the cranial nerves, pleasant sensations are transmitted to the brain. It is definitely a place where women can go. Stimulating portio with anal sex can be a quirk for a woman, because her finger may not reach her in the vagina.

Why do men feel good?

Many men demand anal sex because anal is tighter than the vagina. Men often feel several times more comfortable than vaginal insertion, and some men find it unsatisfactory in the vagina once they have been given the insertion. By inserting it into the anal from the back, the desire to conquer a man is satisfied. The feeling of doing “what you should not do” will increase your excitement.

History of anal sex

Many people still feel uncomfortable because anal sex has nothing to do with the prosperity of descendants and is a place to excrete. Still, the fact that anal sex was born has the background that it was established as an act between men.

I also had anal sex because of reasons such as “not getting pregnant” and “during menstruation”. The history of anal sex varies depending on the country and religion, but it seems that anal was originally used as a “role that the vagina cannot do”.

Sex toys for anal sex

There are several types of toys for anal sex. Mainly toys for expanding anal and training.

For women, anal sex is strongly thought to be “painful and scary”. However, since anal is one of the erogenous zones, making a pleasant body for anal sex will make you feel comfortable.

Anal sex toys include

・Anal beads・Anal pearl
・Anal plug
・Anal Rotor Vibe

There are various types such as.

I will introduce three recommended anal toys from these, so please refer to them.

Anal beads/Anal pearls

Anal beads (pearl) is a toy with multiple balls connected together. Insert it through the anus into the rectum and withdraw while changing the speed. The “catch” that occurs when you pull it out gives you the illusion of a stool, which makes you feel good. The sensation of drainage after stimulating the rectum is such that the lower back is broken.

Anal plug

The anal plug is used to plug the anus and prevent it from leaking. It has a conical shape with a constriction at the base, and let’s insert it up to the constricted part and plug it. With a shape that does not strain the anus, you will be able to expand little by little and enjoy pleasure.

Since you can keep it inserted, you can gradually get used to the feeling of insertion into the anal. Depending on the size, it can stimulate areas that your fingers cannot reach, so it will increase the female’s pleasure.


Enemagura is a “male toy for men” that is used by inserting it into the anus. When you insert enemagura, the tip stimulates the prostate for a pleasant sensation. Dry orgasm is a toy that allows you to taste the culmination of men who do not ejaculate. This is a way of life that is incomparable to men’s ejaculation.

Why do men like anal?

As I mentioned earlier, anal is “abnormal sex” for men. The feeling of doing the “don’t do” increases the excitement of men. Anal sex is also resistant to women. The fact that he/she refuses or hates can also make men feel good. There is a freshness that you do not usually have, and there is even a feeling of insertion that you can not taste normally. It’s the best sex for men.

What you need to have anal sex

Anal sex is more than just inserting a male device into the anus. If you do it the wrong way, you will get infections and bleeding. Therefore, it is necessary to gain knowledge of anal sex for both men and women before understanding it. Also know that at worst there is a risk of becoming an artificial anus.

Keep in mind that knowledge, preparation and trust, rather than handy sex play, are necessary for anal sex.

How to do anal sex

Anal sex is not something you do suddenly. You will need to have all the necessary equipment and the body will be ready for anal sex. No matter how uplifting you are or if you want to meet his demands, don’t do it without preparation.

From here, I will introduce the procedure of anal sex because you should be careful when doing anal sex for the first time.

Notes for the first time

When you make an anal for the first time, your anus is unprepared. The anal is very vulnerable because it does not have a strong mucous membrane that gives birth to the baby like the vagina. Suddenly inserting a male genital into the anus may cause bruising and bleeding. If this happens, bacteria can enter and cause illness and hemorrhoids.

Also, have a man wear a condom when you start anal sex. Anal: Some people don’t wear condoms because they don’t get pregnant, but there are still bacteria in the anus that can lead to illness.

Don’t forget to prepare for your first experience of anal sex. Please be aware that both men and women do things with good knowledge.

Prepare using your whole body

First of all, it is important to clean the inside of the anus when doing anal. Since the anus is the place where the anus is originally drained, it is not possible to have pleasant sex with each other in the presence of residue. We’ll talk more about anal cleaning in a few moments, but let’s get acquainted as a first preparation.

When it comes to production, suddenly focusing on having anal sex will not work. Keep in mind that you can proceed slowly without being impatient, and at the beginning, let’s use the whole body to make each other feel comfortable and relax.

Ask a man to gently caress his toes and thighs. Excitement and sensitivity increase as you gradually move the stimulation area from your toes to the hips. Especially when you are nervous, your anal will be tight. If you try to insert it there, the pain will only increase and you will hurt your anal.

Anal massage

Even when inserting it into the vagina, you should first caress around the vagina. Similarly for anal, let’s have the man caress the anal firmly. Have a man stimulate his anal with his tongue. Insert the tongue as it is and have it move in and out like a piston.

When the sensitivity has improved, massage with lotion. Massage the area around the anus in a circular pattern with the pad of the finger, or apply acupressure by holding down the anus. You can see that the skin around the anus is loosening during the massage.

Try inserting your finger

When the anus becomes softer, start by inserting your finger. At this time, attach a finger sack to your finger so that it becomes a condom. If the vagina is wet, the lotion is also used while extending the joy juice to the anus. Then insert one wet finger. It is best to ask from thin fingers such as the little finger. Instead of trying to force it out, let me slowly piston it. When the joy juice dries, add lotion immediately and wait for the finger insertion to feel good.

When there is no pain and you feel good, spread your anal with two fingers. At this time, it is a prerequisite that you do not rush. If you have pain or discomfort, be sure to give the man a word.

Penis insertion

The timing for inserting the penis is when you can insert two or three fingers smoothly. Be sure to wear a condom and use lotion generously. The recommended position is back. The position will make it easy to open the anus and insert.

At first, put only the glans part of the tip in the anal and put it in and out. When you get used to it, insert it deeply. After confirming the position where it can be inserted comfortably, ask them to caress the parts other than the anal without moving. Make it easier to feel by relaxing.

After getting used to the insertion state, have it move slowly. Always add lotion while maintaining a painless piston. When you pull it out from the anal, let it go out slowly. Wrap the condom immediately in a tissue and discard. After that, be sure to change the condom even if you insert it in the vagina.

Anal development and practice

Many women have the impression that they didn’t feel comfortable at all after finishing their first anal sex. At first, the pain and discomfort will be greater, and you will not get much pleasure. You need to get used to anal sex. Experiences are required until you feel comfortable.

The position and insertion angle at which anal feels comfortable may differ depending on the person. Please practice again and again in the sense of developing anal. By practicing several times while using anal toys, you will be able to get a little pleasure.

Anal cleaning?

As I touched on a little about anal methods, you need to wash your anal before you have anal sex. If you don’t remove the waste, you can’t have a good anal sex. Don’t start anal sex with a rush and make sure to do it before washing.

Method ①Excretion in enema

You can get an enema at a pharmacy. Choose the one with the least risk and buy it. Enema is done in the bathroom or bathroom. Put the enema in the anal and squeeze out as much as possible. You may not be able to do it the day before, so it may be possible to do it the day before.

If you repeat it many times because you are worried, it will hurt your anal, so be careful when using it.

Method ② Anal cleaning

After doing an enema, we will wash away the residue left over in the anal. If you insert it only with an enema, you may have a stool in the condom. Anal irrigation uses a medical syringe called an enema or syringe. Insert water or lukewarm water from the anus and rinse the inside of the anus several times.

If you do it several times, the water will become clean. Some people use a shower or washlet, but this does not allow water to enter the anal, so let’s use a device.


For some people, enema and cleaning are often bothersome. But stop at most 3 times. Excessive cleaning can cause trouble. Also, when washing, drain the water so that no water or hot water remains inside the intestines.


For women who are new to anal sex, the preparations and methods can be shocking. Cleaning the anal itself may be inexperienced and uncomfortable. But if a man is interested in anal sex, it’s important to give it a try first. As you get used to it, you will be able to get a pleasant feeling that you have never felt before.

Even so, it is important for the two of us to communicate and communicate with each other so that we will not be overwhelmed or impatient. Make sure that you feel comfortable with anal sex without losing your knowledge and preparation.