When you think of self-improvement, what do you think of?

Probably many people imagine going to beauty salons, beauty treatments, dieting, buying cute clothes, etc.

While that kind of self-improvement can be very effective for changing the way you look, the best way to improve yourself to bring out your beauty from within is to masturbate!

The beautiful women you see on the street are always masturbating and improving themselves to bring out their inner beauty. ‘Can you really improve yourself by masturbating?’

Many people think that this is a good idea, so in this article, we will explain in detail about masturbation for women to improve themselves by masturbating.

Let’s get a good grasp on the benefits, how to do it and what to look out for so you can masturbate to become even more beautiful!

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Masturbation to improve yourself? What are the positive effects of masturbation for women

Many people haven’t heard that masturbation is the best way to improve yourself.

It’s not just a matter of masturbation, but the orgasms that come from masturbation have the effect of making a woman beautiful.

If a woman has never had an orgasm before, if she strives to have an orgasm, she can have better sex and also become more beautiful.

There are also many other benefits of masturbation besides improving yourself, but let’s check out what benefits are available one by one.

Regulating the Autonomic Nervous System

Masturbation and orgasm can help regulate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

You must be in a relaxed state to have an orgasm, and you cannot have an orgasm if you are tensed up.

It is important to intentionally put your body into a relaxed state, so you must first make time for yourself to relax in order to feel orgasms.

The autonomic nervous system controls the functioning of the entire body, and if it is disrupted, it can have many negative effects.

In addition to tiredness, dizziness, headaches, stiff shoulders, and constipation may occur on the physical side.

On the mental side, it can lead to irritability, emotional ups and downs, poor concentration and insomnia.

If you have dysautonomia, you are more likely to fall into a negative cycle of “not being satisfied” and “not being satisfied” in your daily life.

These things can be remedied by regulating the autonomic nervous system, so you can feel the orgasm and regulate your body’s condition.

Beautiful skin and hair through the secretion of beauty hormones

Sex and masturbation have benefits such as improving blood flow as it consumes energy.

When blood flow is slowed down, waste products in the body can build up and cause swelling and skin irritation.

If you have recently experienced rough skin or dry hair, it may be that your body is not receiving the female hormones that regulate the condition of your skin and hair due to poor blood flow.

Estrogen and progesterone are two female hormones that play a major role in beauty, and they are distributed throughout the body by blood.

However, when blood flow is poor, the flow of these hormones is blocked, which can cause an imbalance in the hormone balance.

This will cause your skin and hair to deteriorate, so you want to avoid it at all costs.

Masturbation is the same as light exercise, so it improves blood flow and circulation in the body, and it also stimulates the release of female hormones through orgasm.

Women who are suffering from “rough skin” or “my hair is losing its shine” will be able to cleanse themselves from the inside out by masturbating and reaching orgasm.

To relieve stress

Masturbation releases the hormone beta-endorphin when it reaches orgasm, which is also known as “happy hormone”, and it is a kind of neurotransmitter that works in the brain and is also called a brain drug because it has a pain-relieving effect and gives a feeling of elevated mood and happiness.

These beta-endorphins are not only released when you have an orgasm, but also when you feel physical or mental pain, or when you are eating delicious food, which helps you to feel happy and relieve pain.

Because of these effects, it is recognized as a major contributor to stress relief.

People today are more prone to stress from work and family matters, and if you don’t relieve stress in some way, it can have a variety of negative effects on your body.

You need to relieve stress to stay healthy forever, but you may not know how to do it, especially if you don’t have any hobbies.

At such times, masturbation is a highly recommended stress-relieving method because it eliminates stress while feeling good about yourself by releasing happy hormones.

Masturbation can be a great way of relieving stress and worries, as it causes a chemical release which combats your body’s stress response and leaves you feeling soothed, relaxed and at ease. This is all thanks to our cuddly friend, oxytocin. In addition to promoting positive self-esteem, oxytocin helps reduce the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for stress and anxiety. Surges of dopamine in the brain have also been known to cause a wave of euphoria – which can help to improve your mood and put your stressors and worries on the back burner.

netdoctor-15 surprising effects of masturbation on the brain

It will develop your sexual senses

Masturbation allows you to get to know your own body better and develop your sexual organs.

There are so many women who are unable to orgasm when having sex with a man, and women can be frustrated because the man ends up ejaculating.

Also, many people have orgasms when the clitoris is touched, but when it comes to those who can orgasm vaginally, the numbers are quickly reduced.

Relatively anyone can reach orgasm with external come using the clitoris, but you will most likely feel tickled if you are suddenly stimulated during sex, so you will need to masturbate and develop it in order to have external cum.

It is also difficult to get pleasure in the vagina for any length of time from sex alone, as you will need to develop for an even longer period of time if you want to get pleasure in the vagina.

It is highly recommended that you masturbate and develop on your own so that you can have highly satisfying sex.

How many women actually masturbate?

“If I say I’m masturbating, people will think I’m sexually active…”, “is it weird to masturbate?

Many women think that only men can handle their sexual desires alone, but it is not strange for women to masturbate to satisfy their sexual desires as well.

About 80% to 90% of adult women have experienced masturbation, and more than 60% of those between the ages of 20 and 50 have done so.

Studies have also shown that most women masturbated for the first time under the age of 20.

Instead of thinking that “it is wrong to masturbate,” let’s change our perception to one that masturbation is natural and a part of self-improvement.

Masturbation = guilty?

Sex is an act performed by two people, but masturbation is an act performed by one person and involves touching your own private parts and breasts.

Many people feel that this is a “bad thing” or “an embarrassing act”. Since this is something that cannot be talked about even with family and friends, people have an image that masturbation is a guilty act.

However, masturbation is an act that all healthy women should do, and sexual desire is one of the three major human needs.

It is a necessary human need, just like the desire for food and sleep, so it is very natural to masturbate.

Although it is not something you talk about in public, it is something that women do as a matter of course, even if you don’t talk about it, so don’t feel embarrassed and masturbate with the feeling that you are doing it to improve yourself.

You can start today! How to masturbate in a way that feels good

Masturbation can be a great stress reliever and a great beauty enhancer as well.

However, you will need to do it in a different way and be creative in order to achieve pleasure.

In addition to nipples and breasts, you can have orgasms on the clitoris and G-spot, but at first, most people get their pleasure from external come using the clitoris.

It’s relatively easy to feel good with continued stimulation, but it will take a long period of development if you want to feel orgasms in the vagina.

Here’s how to do external and internal orgasms and how to masturbate in a way that feels good.

Bring yourself to sexually aroused state

The first thing you need to do in order to feel good in masturbation is to increase your feelings.

Just as you don’t feel like having sex when you are engrossed in your work or hobby, it’s important to enhance the feelings that are appropriate for the moment.

Women need physical stimulation, but the atmosphere and feelings are also important, and you can’t have an orgasm if you’re not excited.

Men can ejaculate through physical stimulation alone, but women need mental stimulation in addition to physical stimulation.

One way to get aroused is by watching adult videos for women and imagining someone you love.

Some people also fantasize about situations like cartoons and dramas.

The best way to do this is to watch adult videos, and nowadays, you can easily watch adult videos for women on your smartphone.

Most of the adult movies for men are very intense and may seem a bit excessive to women.

If you want to get in the mood, watch adult movies for women to get in the mood.

Caress some other sexual zones besides the genitals

Once you’ve increased your sexual arousal, instead of suddenly touching your pubic area, you should first touch your nipples and breasts to make your body more sensitive to sensations.

One of the benefits of getting pleasure outside of the pubic area is that you will feel better when a man caresses you, and you will have more opportunities to have an orgasm.

Whenever you have sex with a man, you can be sure that he will caress your breasts, so if you can feel it at that time, he will see it and get more and more excited.

Since masturbation does not involve licking one’s own breasts, stimulation is mainly done with fingers and toys.

The nipples are the most sensitive to stimulation, but if you can rub your breasts before you do this and feel the gentle sensation, it can be an element that will gradually increase your feelings.

To stimulate your nipples, repeat the process of picking your nipples with your fingers or lightly scratching and crushing them with your fingernails to find the method that feels best to you.

As you develop, some people are able to cum from stimulation to the breasts alone, so we recommend that you continue to develop with patience.

Clitoral masturbation

External cum is an orgasm that every woman who masturbates has experienced, and it is a relatively short-lived development that allows you to feel a climax.

There are two methods of stimulation: stimulation through the top of your shorts or direct touch, so if you’ve never done it before, you may want to try changing to the one that’s easier to do both patterns.

First, watch adult videos and other videos to increase your excitement.

You will probably want to touch your pubic area a little bit as your love juices are released, so slowly put your fingertips on your clitoris. First of all, stimulate it gently from the top of your shorts.

Try to move your finger quickly and crush it at this point. If you get excited, you may see your clitoris getting bigger and harder.

After the stimulation from the top of your shorts, stimulate your clitoris by direct touch.

The stimulation will be more sensitive than direct touch, but don’t put too much pressure on it, as you may feel pain if you do it too hard.

If you continue to stimulate, you will feel your breath gradually become ragged and you will feel something rise to the surface.

If you do not stop stimulating yourself, you will feel an orgasm, so the key is not to give up even if it takes time to do so.

Internal masturbation

An internal orgasm is an orgasm felt at the G-spot, which is located a little further inside the vagina.

Unlike orgasms felt on the clitoris, it is difficult to reach climax because the vagina is a desensitized place if nothing is developed.

If your vaginal area is not developed, you won’t be able to feel good when you have sex with a man, so you should definitely develop it for sex.

In order to develop the G-spot, it is essential to increase excitement and have a good production of love juice.

If you don’t have enough of this, it will dry out and make it painful to insert your finger or toy, so if you don’t have enough wetness, use a lotion or something similar.

If you insert a finger or toy inside and stimulate the vagina on the belly side first, you may feel a little different.

The location will vary from person to person, but the G-spot is often present around the second joint, where you insert your finger and bend the second joint.

If you keep stimulating this place, you can reach orgasm, but you may find it difficult to do it with your finger because the angle is different and it is difficult to give internal stimulation.

If you don’t get used to it, it is highly recommended to use adult goods to stimulate this area because it is easier to angle it and to move it quickly.

When you masturbate

Unlike when you have sex, you will be doing all the work of increasing your arousal and caressing yourself.

The advantage is that it’s easy to adjust a lot of things, but there are a few things you should be aware of.

To make masturbation a pleasant experience, make sure you understand the following precautions and masturbate in a stress-free manner.

Gently touch the vaginal area when caressing it

Nipples and breasts can also cause pain and discomfort if not touched gently, but unlike the breasts, the vagina is composed almost entirely of mucous membranes, so you should be aware of the need to be even more gentle when caressing them.

The groin and thighs around the vagina are also thin skinned areas, so if you get carried away and move them vigorously, you may damage them.

It is safer to try to stimulate the clitoris with the entirety of the fingertips, rather than using your fingertips as much as possible.

One thing to keep in mind when stimulating the clitoris is that if you touch it in dry conditions, the friction should not cause pain.

Some parts of the vagina can be desensitized, so don’t be too hard when moving your fingers or toys in and out.

Clip your nails and keep your hands clean

If you are a beginner in masturbation, you will basically have to use your hands a lot.

Long nails can damage the vagina, so try to keep your nails short and avoid damaging them, and wash your hands before you masturbate to ensure they are free of dirt and germs.

You may not have cared much about the length of your fingernails because the man touches his pubic area during sex, but the length of your nails is an important factor when you insert your fingers during masturbation.

In addition, if the nails are long, dirt tends to accumulate in the space between the nails and the fingers, making it easier for bacteria to grow. If these bacteria get into the vagina, they can trigger inflammation, so make sure you keep your hands clean.

Three items perfect for self-purification masturbation

We’ve shown you how to masturbate, and many beginners will use their fingers to masturbate.

However, you may find it difficult to keep moving your fingers or to develop them at different angles, and in such cases, using adult products will make it easier to have an orgasm.

In the beginning, masturbation itself can be confusing, but once you get used to it, you will feel that the stimulation of your fingers alone is not enough.

The following adult products can relieve such frustration. Unlike your fingers, they are long and move automatically, so you don’t have to worry about getting tired of them. Let’s introduce the best item for masturbation to improve yourself.

XXX Indian Dick Man 6

This one is called XXX Indian Dick Man 6 and is classified as a dildo that realistically mimics the shape of a penis and is made of silicone with the right amount of elasticity and firmness, and has a shape and texture similar to a real penis.

It is also important to note that the entire body can be washed entirely with water, as no mechanical products are used.

It also has silicone shaped to mimic testicles, so you can recreate the sensation of a testicle hitting you from the vulva to the buttocks when you insert it.

Some dildos have suction cups and can be fixed to the wall or the floor, but these dildos do not have suction cups, so they are supposed to be held and moved by hand.

Dildos are a great adult product for people who want to come inside, and are often used by people who have a greater appetite for stimulation. It can make you feel as if you have a real penis inserted into you, so you can use it while imagining real sex.

You can move it around freely with your hand while holding the dildo, so you can continue to apply it to a place that feels good to you, which can help you reach orgasm faster.

There are a variety of dildos available from different manufacturers, but some are made of plastic and others are colorful, so if you want a dildo that more closely resembles the color and look of a real penis, or one that’s perfect for Indian women, why don’t you consider the XXX Indian Dick Man 6!

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Classic Egg vibrators Black

The next adult product we are going to introduce is the Classic Egg vibrators Black, which is a small vibrator.

It has a function as a rotor, and it specializes in giving stimulation to the clitoris and inserting it into the vagina. Because of its small size, you can carry it in your bag or pocket, and you can use it wherever you want.

The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted in multiple levels, so you can continue to be stimulated at the intensity you want.

Also, the remote control part is not completely waterproof and cannot be washed, but the egg-shaped vibrator part can be washed with water, so you can be assured of good hygiene.

The small size of the rotor shaped vibrators can be used for pinpoint stimulation of the nipple and clitoris, or for developing the G-spot by inserting it into the vagina and giving vibrations.

The good thing about this product is that it is not recognized as an adult product at first glance, and it is recommended for people who are new to adult products.

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DESI dildo w vibe

The last product is called DESI dildo w vibe, which is a dildo that vibrates automatically.

It has a suction cup, so it can be fixed to a wall or floor, and you can also use a remote control to adjust the intensity of the vibration, so all you have to do is turn it on after insertion and it will give you strong vibrations without moving.

t looks like a very realistic penis, and even the veins that you can see when you get an erection are reproduced. Since it is made of silicone, it is moderately soft and can be fixed in place to allow you to masturbate close to sex.

Many dildos are not automatic, so you often have to move by yourself after insertion, but this DESI dildo w vibe gives you intermittent stimulation just by operating the remote control, so you can have an orgasm without exhausting your energy.

This product is suitable for vaginal sexual development, so you should consider it.

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In this artile, we have explained in detail about female masturbation as a way to improve oneself. Besides relieving stress, masturbation is expected to have beauty benefits and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

Many of us are embarrassed to admit it, but we’ve always been curious about it. Orgasms can also make men feel good about caressing and inserting themselves in sex.

There is no need to feel embarrassed, as research shows that about 80-90% of adult women masturbate.

There are many benefits to masturbation, so improve yourself and become a more attractive woman!