Hello, Do you know me 69? It’s one sex position, but isn’t it a position that is quite popular nowadays?
However, I think that many women are embarrassed and do not like much.

For the first time, I was embarrassed at this position where the anal was completely exposed, and I had cunnilingus and couldn’t concentrate on the blowjob.
Of course, the most important thing you can enjoy yourself is, but what is the correct answer for Six Nine in this page? I’m going to search for while also looking at the men.

・My boyfriend asked me to play Six Nine (69), but I was ashamed and refused…
・Is there a method or technique for the correct position?
・What is the correct position for women?
・Why do men like 69?

Answer questions such as If you read this article, you can enjoy 69 positions, which is one rank higher from the next sex.
Let’s find out about 69 attractions together.

What is Six Nine?

First, let’s deepen our knowledge of Six Nine (hereinafter “69”).
Perhaps your image of “69” is
1. I just know the name
2. Somehow horny words
3. What is it
I think we can focus on these three rough words.

This is because the act itself generally has a name, but it is vague, and if you act on each other, you may end up in that position. Also, in my experience, there were many questions and answers from women. Therefore, let’s first learn what “69” is like.

The participants are thus mutually inverted like the numerals 6 and 9 in the number 69

reference: 69 (sex position) – Wikipedia

First of all, what kind of action is “69” in the first place? ….. Yes, it’s difficult to explain. Then, first, I converted the name in the text from Six Nine to “69” so that it was easy to understand. Let’s start from here. Please refer to the number 6 and the number 9, but please use the part of this number as the human head. In the case of 6, the head is downward when lying down, and 9 is the same when lying down and the head is upward.

Yes, it was named “69” because it was the shape of people lying on the bed opposite each other on the top and bottom of the bed.

69 is a sex position that is popular and loved by men and women around the world.

What is the attraction of Six Nine?

So what do you actually do? I will briefly explain the charm of the “69” act itself!
The position of “69” was explained earlier. Simply put, it is an act of making each other’s important places feel comfortable with each other. You also tried to look up this keyword, so you must have already studied fellatio (hereinafter fellatio) and cunnilingus (hereinafter cunnilingus).

By doing this fellatio and cunniling at the same time, it is possible for both parties to react to each other and to provoke shame and increase excitement. It’s a wonderful act that allows each other to care for each other! !

Why do men want to do 69?

So why do men prefer the act “69” in the first place? There are two main things I understand. Men themselves want to do that. Or, try to find each other out with something. So why do men want a “69”? It humiliates you (I want to be excited to see how you are embarrassed by things that you do not normally do!). I think this is the only point. That’s right. For a woman, she does two acts that are brave at the same time!

I think there are other opinions, such as “you can feel comfortable with each other,” but please understand that raising the feelings of each other in the act itself is not the main purpose of men. Whether it’s a blowjob or a cunnilingus for men, my main goal is to enjoy your reaction and technique (making men feel good). It sounds very selfish when it comes to this point.

Yes, men are generally like children. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for men to enjoy sex itself. However, this “69” has the potential to easily cover such relationships. As I’ll explain later, you can reverse this if you like. In my personal opinion, I think it’s okay if women are the main subjects of sex itself.

Do you like 69?

How about the contents so far? Did you have a little interest in “69”? I think it’s probably a step further. Let’s slowly learn about “69”. First, please tell us about you. Do you like blow job? This does not mean that it is not simple. I will ask you as one of the actions that can control men. Do you like cunnilingus This does not mean simply being humiliated. I will ask you about this as one of the actions to give men confidence. Listen to this question and you should come to one answer. Yes, the act of sex can easily reverse each other’s formation depending on the method.

It seems that the general public understands that the superiority is on the male side even in adult videos and customs, but it is not. Even in this “69”, it is possible to greatly reverse the formation of each other (it does not mean to make women dominate) but it can be a great technique for improving the technique of your lady who has read so far. What do you think? I think you’ve become more interested in the first question.

Positions are also very important. See here for sex positions.

Why Six Nine (69) is Recommended

Now let’s dig a little further and explain why we recommend the “69”. This technique also facilitates changing positions and changing positions from previous actions.
In most cases, it starts with a kiss and caresses from the male side of the upper body, moves to the lower body, and the female side caresses the lower abdomen, and I think that it fits in a simple flow pattern such as insertion. By the way, this simple pattern is the most important, but this time I would like to explain the superiority of the “69”.

Advantages and disadvantages of Six Nine

As I mentioned briefly above, there is also a risk that a simple pattern is important because “69” may greatly reduce each other’s elevated moods. Sex is not a simple act, but it is a simple act in the sense of letting the instinct leave you. With knowledge, two people who go to the instinct can afford a little extra and have more sex. The technique to help you with that margin is “69”, and the advantages and disadvantages of doing it will be explained first.

First of all, it is an advantage, but as mentioned above, the actions themselves give each other an edge. Easy to convert to other positions. Each has the effect of increasing the degree of excitement. Only good points are mentioned. Details will be described later, but I want to change my mood! Graduate from rut! However, as I told you that simple patterns are important, without knowledge, it can be a disadvantage.

Regarding the disadvantage, depending on the position, each other is tight. If you do not have knowledge, it will be difficult to change your posture. Such a place. I would like you to understand the good points and bad points of the action firmly, understanding that it is an applied version and it may lead to failure if you do not have the correct knowledge.

You can feel good with each other

I told you that one of the benefits is that you can increase excitement with each other. Yes, it’s exciting, but the act itself is pleasant. This is not just the comfort of having a blowjob and cunniling at the same time. This is because once you start it, you will be more comfortable because it will lead to a sense of competition such as “Which makes you more comfortable?”.

Of course, since they are performed at the same time, there is no doubt that they will feel good with each other, but this feeling of trying to make each other feel more comfortable and the act of caressing each other with instinct is the climax state just before insertion. It leads to the greatest merit that can be brought to. I’m sure some people don’t like to talk to each other during the act, but it’s also a good time to communicate in words where they feel the most embarrassment while both are embarrassed. ..

Smooth flow until insertion

Now, let’s learn the important part that is easy to convert to other postures as a supplement of merit. I think that this is the most important thing to maintain the superior feeling and the feeling of heightened.

Well, first of all, please remember when you were doing a blowjob. Does the woman bring her head to the man’s lower abdomen and is she stroking your head while you are being blown?

Whether it arrives or not
I’m touching my chest. Or isn’t it the state of leaving itself to do nothing? From here, a condom (hereinafter referred to as a skin) is attached and inserted, but during this time there is some blank time. The key to sex is how to reach the peak while maintaining and improving each other’s excitement. If it is “69”, this blank problem can be solved. It can be taken for insertion in a very natural manner. In addition, it is possible to maintain the excitement and lead to the next action while keeping the warmth of each other.

Recommended timing for Six Nine

Next, I would like to talk about important timing. You are wondering, “Well, which timing is best?” To be honest, the timing is always good. To be precise, I think that any timing is acceptable as long as it is in the stage before insertion. If you can do it from the beginning, you can start from the beginning. If there is a time in the middle of the act, it is possible there.

The most important timing is when the feelings of mutual embarrassment and the feeling of shame are paralyzed. When you say the order, everyone thinks in your head.
Therefore, what is important is the moment when I want to do something more comfortable with my own feelings and want to do it. It’s abstract, but I feel this is the best time. For those of you who think, “No, that’s not enough!”, I think the timing after starting mid-job blowjobs is good. The reason leads to the “69” way.

How to do Six Nine

So how do you actually do “69”? First of all, the starting point is always from the blowjob. There are other cunnilingus as well, but since cunniling requires some technique, the basic method is first. With regard to sex, the longer the time when the lower abdomen of each other is not connected to the other person, the more the feelings will be alleviated. It is important how to proceed while maintaining the excitement of each other.

When a woman is above

First of all, let’s learn about “69”, which is a form that women straddle men. I think this is the most orthodox, but I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s from a female perspective. The disadvantage of this system is that it is difficult for men to work for too long.

Unexpectedly, it is quite difficult for a woman to keep her waist at a certain height while giving a blowjob.

  1. At first, the man is on his back, and the woman is in the crotch and is in a state of blowjob.
  2. Slowly move to the male dominant hand, straddling the other person’s thigh with the male genitalia in your mouth. If a man with a good sense just notices a T-shape for a man, will he notice?
  3. Or you should touch your lower body. If you touch it, the lower part of the body will slowly move closer to the head of the man to give it a natural shape. As it is, if you straddle the head of a man, you will be in a position of “69”. At this time, be careful not to take your male genitals out of your mouth. The reason is to distract men.

In the first place, imagine it in your head. The act of straddling the head of a man is rather embarrassing. Even for men, it is difficult to do without much experience.

Now, if you can do this, you can enter the application of “69”. Once again, the biggest benefit of “69” is that it raises a fair amount of shame and excitement.


Next, for the sideways posture, the flow is the same from ① to ②. From here, let’s immerse yourself in the male body from the state of crawl on all fours, and keep the body in close contact. The T-shape is maintained. In the state of ②, it is like lying down on all fours. From there, open your legs to the head of the man.
Let’s move the legs toward the man’s head little by little without losing the posture of the fellatio. When both legs are close enough to the man’s head, wrap your hands around the man’s hips and encourage them to lie sideways.

It’s a success if you are in the “69” position when you look at the bed from the ceiling. The disadvantage of the horizontal posture is that it is most difficult to make a posture with “69”. But the biggest benefit to you is that this is the easiest way for women. One thing to keep in mind is that a man lays his head between the female thighs because of a cunnilingus, but since the woman needs to float her legs, the legs to open should be placed behind her calf. Let’s It is important to note that men should not be pressed by your thighs.

When a man is above

Finally, in the case of the male side up, in order to bring the body to a posture with a very natural flow, it is necessary for the male to be up from the sideways posture, which is an unnatural flow except for certain acts. I will end up. Unnaturalness is what I hate the most, but it is an introduction by mutually saying the name and posture of the act itself. This will be described later, but first the male is on top of the horizontal position. The male side is easier than ever. The female side will have a difficult time feeling the distance from the male genitalia.

As a demerit, it is difficult for a man to get a sense of distance between his male genitals and a woman’s head, and since a woman has to lift his head, it becomes a fairly advanced technique. If there is a female side, it will be easier if you stack two pillows and make them vertical so that the knees of a male do not rest.

As a merit, the feeling of conquest on the part of men is very strong, and if you go from a man’s point of view, you will get a lot of excitement. I would like you to understand that it is difficult for women to have some technique with each other.

Techniques for doing Six Nine

I’ve already written how to write techniques, but you should understand. All actions are written to maintain the flow and atmosphere. In addition, as an application of “69”, it is quite a technician when a woman rotates in the order of top→side→bottom. Actually, when a woman puts a skin on the male genitalia while the man is finally on top of this flow, the flow becomes quite high. This is because they are already ready for each other’s insertion, so the flow for the subsequent insertion is complete. Of course, this is an applied version, but it will be a natural flow from the act of putting on the skin to the insertion regardless of the position of the woman above, beside the woman, or below the woman.
I think that the knowledge of “69”, which is often shunned, has deepened and I have become more interested. “69” is a technique that can be your big weapon. As I mentioned, most men are children.

Leads on the male side are also important, but both efforts will be necessary in order for each other to seek each other. By learning this technique, you can treat a man in a very natural way.

How to enjoy Six Nine more? Ingenuity and advanced techniques to comfortably lick

So far, I have explained the basic shape and precautions of “69”. I think I’ve gained a lot of knowledge. Among the things that I can experience, this “69” tends to be shunned by foreigners.

The reason is that it is close to what is called pornography. However, the lack of understanding of the way and the natural flow is the reason why this embarrassing cause is shunned.
I write it many times because it is important, but what is the most important thing? It is how much we can keep this posture in a natural way without reducing our excitement.
The reason why I am sticking to my posture is how each other can maintain a comfortable and comfortable state. Excitement and pleasant state are linked. Let’s explore the comfort of the other person until this link culminates. Don’t forget that your body is also linked. The important parts of each other are in your hands.
Then, please cherish how that part reacts when the other person feels. It is an action that you can feel various tips such as getting wet female genitals and making male genitals harder.

Take care of delicate zones

From here, I will talk about the preparations to get to a little action. It is important to take good care before and after the action to caress the delicate parts of each other. As for each other, let’s clean the hair to some extent. You may feel down when your hair falls out.

By the way, there may be individual differences, but for those who have not removed their hair, it is good to shampoo and condition them. Although personal, most women are sensitive to odors. Hair removal is the best option, but the smell and appearance of the delicate zone is good to pay attention to each other.

Also, as a trivia, foreigners can always say that they should always maintain the delicate zone. Outside of Asia, most have shaved or less hair. This seems to include measures against sexually transmitted diseases, and many foreigners feel uncomfortable with their hair.

Hygiene is well taken care of

It is also hygienic, but it is also important to wash each other when taking a bath together. Since it is an action performed by each other’s mouth, let’s wash it clean in the bath at the end. It is also important to keep it clean on a daily basis. Never use scrubs or body soap to scrub the delicate parts with a temporary idea.

My recommendation is to dilute the hair with shampoo and rinse and wash. If you leave the scent with a body lotion after taking a bath, you can take care of it hygienically. Please be sure to take a bath with each other after having sex. You may fall asleep as it is, but if bacteria etc. remain, it will cause an odor and there is nothing good. Even if you go to sleep temporarily, be sure to take a shower and wash thoroughly.

Find what your partner feels

As mentioned above, once you get used to it, it can be a good way to find each other’s feelings. It’s important to talk to each other, but since they stimulate each other’s sensitive areas,
Most easy to understand. And the easy way. For example, if you’re a woman, just caressing the male part and the root of your male genitals will help. It is one of the techniques, but when performing “69”, it is possible to increase the excitement of the opponent by focusing on the male genitalia instead of focusing on it. If you are a man, you should attack from around the female genitals. Rather than looking for something that feels more than necessary. I think it is important to be impatient while looking at the reaction of the other person, and to elicit the desire to do this.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, suddenly entering the main subject is a humor.

Try using lotions and toys

If you become a reliable partner with each other, using sex toys and lubricants will also improve your level. The most orthodox one is a small vibrator. Especially for women, you can feel it easily. It’s a personal opinion, but I don’t have a good image of lotions. This is because it is not natural and it is not possible to know if the included items are good for you if you buy them at other companies. Every woman gets wet unless something else happens. It’s easy to get wet and hard to get wet, but we don’t recommend anything other than something that can help.

Women’s problems with Six Nine… Also the solution

I mentioned that you are having a hard time doing “69”, but most of the time it depends on your position. Even if you think about it, since it contains a lot of male genitals in your mouth, it can be difficult depending on your position. It is important to use the pillow firmly and in important places, as it is possible to give advice to make the body posture natural. This pillow is an important item to correct the posture of both men and women.

In “69”, the female side adjusts the head height. There are various ways to use, such as when the woman is down, the waist is lifted so that the man can lick it deep into the female genitalia. In the horizontal position, it is possible for a woman to spread the legs by inserting two pillows at the tips of the legs. The height of the head can be adjusted to compensate for the waist height of men when women are below. When the woman is above, the height of the man’s head can be adjusted. Unlike females, males have a longer genital length, so it is relatively easy to adjust, but females require height adjustments that are easier for males to approach.

Here, I also explained how to naturally use what is on the bed. Before you start having sex for the first time, why not try adjusting the position of the pillow.

Notes on Six Nine

What I have read so far is that you should avoid doing “69” without sufficient knowledge. As with me, if anything, the female side does not get it and it gets cold. The man’s neck hurts and gets cold. I don’t know how long I should continue, but the timing of insertion is off. Each sex technique is connected, and each timing is important. Especially, “69” can be a factor to fail if you do not know the solid flow, the technique to irritate the opponent sufficiently, and the timing. Studying is important because it is not so easy.

The important thing is to have enough knowledge. It is sex that is done with instinct. It cannot be practiced by reasoning. By reducing the points, it is possible to practice in real life.

Six Nine Summary

If you come to this point, you will only practice. What I write consistently is “69” as a technique. I hope you have read and understood that it is not easy. At first, I often had to fumble, but without knowledge I could see a completely different world. Being able to caress each other and to caress each other for a new experience. If you know the flow of embarrassment, it can lead to excitement and help with more sensual sex.

But what is the most important thing? The most important thing is for you to study and think about the other person. Understand that sex is a good opportunity to tell yourself about yourself. This time, I explained about “69”, which I don’t hear much. How was it? I hope that I can help you even a little.