What is cowgirl, whether you have never used cowgirl or you want to have one in the future? Why do many men like cowgirl? I want to do cowgirl but I don’t know how to move I will answer questions such as.

And Cowgirl Position is a very popular position for men. The basic Cowgirl Position is a female-male style, but the backward facing Cowgirl Position is also very popular.

What is Cowgirl Position?

The position most commonly associated with the woman on top is often called the cowgirl or riding position, which derives its name from the image of the woman “riding” the man as a cowgirl rides a bucking horse.

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Cowgirl Position is a position where a man lies on his back and a woman straddles it. It was named Cowgirl Position because it looked like it was riding a horse. It is a sex that is often done by a man in a position to cover a woman, but Cowgirl Position is characterized by the fact that a woman is in the upper rank. In this article, I will introduce you to the benefits and techniques of Cowgirl Position, as well as simple practice methods.

Please refer to here for the position on the cox.

Cowgirl Position benefits

The biggest advantage of Cowgirl Position is that “a woman can lead.” Males lead the main postures such as normal position, sitting position and back, but Cowgirl Position allows females to lead and have sex at their own pace. I will explain in detail what kind of benefits women have to move independently.

Easy to feel for women

One of the merits of Cowgirl Position is that it is the most comfortable position for women to move. The vagina doesn’t just feel comfortable with a penis.
There are some areas of the vagina that are easy to feel and areas that are insensitive, and some parts of the vagina need to be developed. There are many women who do not feel comfortable with women because of the movements mainly by men and have orgasms in the vagina, that is, it is difficult to have middle orgasms.

However, I can not say embarrassingly “I want this person to hit me”, “I want you to move like this”, or I do not understand the point I feel in the first place, and a man orgasms without himself being cool Sometimes you just have to wait.

In Cowgirl Position, you can grind your hips and rub your clitoris on the male body, or move your hips up and hit it anywhere in your vagina to make yourself feel comfortable. .. You may find comfortable places and comfortable movements that you have not noticed until now, and it may be easier for middle orgasm. Even a man who is always crazy and just keeps shaking his hips can calmly observe and analyze, “I love this girl.” In the next sex, the man himself will make the right move and feel good.

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You can enjoy a sadistic mood

Since Cowgirl Position can be lead by women, it feels like “dominating” the pleasure of men. Move your hips while watching the reaction of the man, sometimes hesitate to be a bit nasty…

Not only sadistic women, but also passive women usually become S and can enjoy fresh sex.
You might be worried, “I don’t like him doing that…” But it’s okay. Everyone has the M part hidden in their hearts. Especially, men who are always acting great will be surprised to see their M part pulled out by Cowgirl Position, and will have a sense of security and joy to entrust everything to women. In other words, doing Cowgirl Position is the key to opening the door to new pleasures for men.

One of the attractions of Cowgirl Position is that it’s a posture that allows men to be captivated depending on how they move.

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Cowgirl Position is popular with men? ?

Cowgirl Position is a popular position for men along with normal position and dorsal position. Unlike other postures, Cowgirl Position has the greatest feature that a female leads. Women also have the advantage of being able to understand what they feel good about and feeling like they are mentally dominating men, but there are many good points about being lead by men. Let’s take a closer look below.

The waist grind is irresistible

“Grind” means “rubbing”, and in Cowgirl Position, a woman rubs her man’s body around her waist. By moving back and forth and turning your hips in a circular motion, you can achieve various pleasant points for men as well, and get a different feeling of pleasure than usual.

Also, you can see that the waist that is tightly constricted, which is a part that feels femininity, bends, and the buttocks and thighs of the woman are in close contact, so you can feel the texture and warmth of the plump, men are also attractive I feel


Exciting chest that shakes up and down

In Cowgirl Position, when a woman is up and grinds her waist, her chest sways up and down. All men are alien boobs. I’m excited to see my favorite chest sway in front of my eyes with different rhythms, sometimes even on the left and right, sometimes even left and right.

Men love rocking things. Its history goes back to the primitive era, when men were hunting, women were gathering and doing housework, and babysitters and babysitters were clearly defined. In dense forests and grasslands, finding a prey needed a sharp sense of swaying grass. Since that DNA is still passed on, men have the property of gazing at swaying objects. In other words, your chest is the “prey” that men want more than anything else.

Those who say “I have no chest to shake…” are also okay. Grind your hips with Cowgirl Position and your hair will shake. For a man, the hair of a woman is the part that feels as sexy as a woman’s breast. Men must be violently disturbed, just as they forget their pleasure and adjust their rhythm to hair that is violently disturbed.

There is no problem for those who say “There is no hair that shakes due to shortcuts…”. All you have to do is wear swaying piercings, earrings and necklaces. Naked accessories are one of the elements that excite men. Originally swaying accessories are to stimulate the hunting instinct of men. There is no reason not to use it for sex.

Cowgirl Position is a position where a woman can move and enjoy the swaying dynamism. Shake your chest, hair, and accessories to your heart’s content to evoke and excite the hunting instinct inscribed in a man’s DNA.

I want women to lead me

The idea that men lead women is old. Now, as the word “herbivorous boys” means, some men want to get along and eat grass instead of chasing women, what if they want to be caught by carnivorous girls.

It’s the same with sex, and it’s no longer the case that only men lead and raise the feelings of women and move up. New generation girls are required to have such a positive attitude to actively enjoy sex and lead men to pleasure. We always want to lead women, not just herbivorous men who want women to always lead! Even carnivorous boys, who are stiff on their shoulders, sometimes want to give up to women, and want to entrust everything.

The figure of a woman swinging her hips at Cowgirl Position and struggling to bring out the pleasure of a man while being sexy and confused must be very happy and excited.

I want to see the woman who feels

The most popular and used position for both men and women is the “normal position”. For women, of course, they can hug each other and kiss, and that’s why they feel at ease when they see the other person’s face. But for men, it’s a little different, and the reason why they prefer being in the normal position is that they are excited to see the face of the person they are feeling.

Cowgirl Position is also a position where you can see each other’s faces, but for men, you can see from the whole body of a woman what a woman is feeling. Unlike the normal position where the woman is passive, the Cowgirl Position moves mainly by the woman. In addition to the expression that makes me feel good and flushes, moisturizing eyes and sweet pant voice, I am not seeing at normal position as I try to bounce my chest and bend my waist to receive pleasant sensations throughout the body , Dynamic and sexy. It may seem embarrassing to see it, but that’s why it’s more exciting. Make yourself a little bolder than usual to please men and make yourself even more comfortable.

I can take a break

Piston movement is very tiring for men. I’m excited during sex, so I don’t feel tired, but I’m often tired after it’s over, and I’ve heard many voices that I’ve done too much piston work and hurt my back.

By leading the female in Cowgirl Position, the male can rest his body. You can also switch to a male-dominant position when your physical strength is restored.
However, Cowgirl Position can also make men tired and hurt their backs, depending on the method. For example, if you put your weight on a man, it will put a strain on your waist. Also, when a man moves in Cowgirl Position, pushing up from below can be very tiring and can even hurt your back.
In such cases, women should be careful not to put weight on them, and say, “Stay still, because I want to do it.”

I want to push up from below

Cowgirl Position doesn’t mean that men are silently led by women. Some men even want to lead themselves in Cowgirl Position. Performing piston movement in Cowgirl Position will make you look like pushing up from below. This push up from the bottom does not seem very pleasant for men. However, when the body of a woman bounces and you can see how she can comfortably push her back up, she gets excited and gets a deeper pleasure. In addition, the motion of pushing up from below easily stimulates the portio in the back of the woman’s body and can make the woman deeply squid. That is one of the attractions for men who are happy to please women.

It’s a bit disappointing to say, “I wanted to lead, but before I knew it…” If a man pushes up from the bottom during Cowgirl Position, let the body feel obedient to the pleasure.

Cowgirl Position movement for women

In normal sex, it is up to the man to move… If you decide to be the lead at Cowgirl Position, you may not know how to insert your penis and how to move. Hmm. In Cowgirl Position, I will introduce step by step how women should move. You don’t have to rush to do it all from the beginning. Start where you can, and try different techniques as you get used to it.

How to insert Cowgirl Position

First of all, caress each other’s bodies and raise their feelings. If you are not wet with each other, it will be painful when inserting, so please allow your body to react slowly and keep your vagina and penis wet. If you don’t have enough moisture, use lotion.

When wet enough, women will straddle men. Keep your hands next to your men’s arms or lightly on your chest to maintain balance. Be careful not to put your weight on it. It is also recommended to have a man hold both hands, as it gives a sense of affection and is recommended.

At this time, the male penis has stood up strongly. In some cases, it is warped, so you may not know how to insert it. The trick is to insert it at a right angle to the base of the penis. If it is bent over and difficult to insert, gently support the penis with one hand and slowly insert it into yourself.


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How to move to Cowgirl Position

If you’re not used to sex, you may not know where your vagina is and what angle you should guide your penis. In such a case, it is recommended to have a man insert it in the normal position, change the position from there, and shift to Cowgirl Position.

First of all, have the man insert it in the normal position, and slowly raise his body from there. You can also have a man hug you and wake you up.
Take a break once you are in a sitting position. Kiss and hug each other to enhance each other’s feelings. When I feel better, I just push the man down. Gently and slowly, it’s refreshing and exciting for a man to push down hard as if he were attacking.

After the posture from the normal position to the Cowgirl Position, the movement will be quite large. At this time, if you move sideways due to imbalance, you may get pain. When moving your body, try not to panic and move straight.

Forward and backward movement at Cowgirl Position

After inserting the cowgirl position, move your body back and forth. It is recommended for beginners because the back-and-forth movement does not impose a heavy burden on the body and can be continued for a long time. If you move it too hard, each other’s underhair may be rubbed, or the base of your clitoris or penis may be rubbed strongly, so it’s a pain. Especially for women with an orgasm who feels the clitoris, first try rubbing the clitoris on the male body to find a comfortable application and speed. Rubbing the clitoris will naturally bend your hips. That nasty figure is irresistibly sexy for men.

For middle orgasm women who tend to have orgasms in their vagina, let’s devise a way of moving so that the penis hits the easily felt points in the vagina. In particular, if you bend your body, the tip of your penis will easily hit the G spot, which is the erogenous zone in the shallow part of your vagina. The sensation of bending the body and raising the chin also greatly excites the man.

Up and down movement at Cowgirl Position

For those who have become accustomed to Cowgirl Position and who are confident in their physical strength, it is a good idea to incorporate vertical movement. As with the insertion, place your hand on the side of your man’s arm or chest, or raise your knee while holding your hand and move your body up and down. If your knees are sore and hurt in this position, you may want to move with your backs on the floor, like sitting on a Yankee. It’s embarrassing to see the joints, but men love to see where they’re connected. Let’s do it to please him.

The key to vertical movement in Cowgirl Position is to move your waist up and down, not to move your entire body. Also, if you make your hips bounce like a spring and move in a good rhythm, you will get a reaction and it will be easy, and the banging sound of the hips will excite the excitement of men.
Exercising too hard can make you tired and hurt your back. Move slowly and politely, as if you were searching for a place where you feel comfortable. Also, if you put your weight on the body of a man just because he is tired, it will make him more painful. If you are too tired to continue, switch to a sitting or normal position and have a man move.

Rotary motion at Cowgirl Position

Let’s also incorporate rotational movement in front and back, left and right. After inserting it deeply, turn your hips slowly. The penis hits every corner of the vaginal wall that is not hit by back-and-forth and up-and-down movements, and it has a different feeling. Let’s enjoy various pleasures by changing the rotation direction and rhythm, such as clockwise and counterclockwise.

Even a man can enjoy the annoyance of the bending of the waist by rotating motion, and can obtain a pleasant sensation that can not be felt by ordinary piston motion. However, if you move violently, the penis will be pulled strongly and it will be painful. Slowly and sexyly rotate your hips with the image of rubbing the clitoris, hips, and vagina against a man.

Cowgirl Position back: Rear Cowgirl Position

From here, I will introduce the posture method that can be said as another version of Cowgirl Position. First is the rear Cowgirl Position.

This is a posture that combines the doggy position and Cowgirl Position, straddles the man, and inserts toward the man’s foot. For men, the face and chest of a woman cannot be seen, but the hair flowing behind, the line of the gentle back, the constriction of the waist, the bulging hips can be seen from there, until the sexy parts of women different from usual are taken care of. You can enjoy it.

It is not embarrassing because the face cannot be seen from the female side, and there is an advantage that you can avoid seeing a hungry stomach after a meal. Also, by changing the insertion direction as usual, you can expect the effect that the penis hits another place and a new erogenous zone is found.

The movement after insertion is the same as a normal Cowgirl Position. Make full use of forward and backward movements and vertical movements, and enjoy different pleasures to your heart’s content.

Cowgirl Position back: back sitting

Back sitting is a back version of sitting. Sit with the two facing the same direction, inserting the male in a manner that hugs the female. When transitioning from the rear Cowgirl Position, have the man slowly raise his body and hold himself in a hug position. If you find it difficult to wake yourself from your sleeping position, hang your man’s arm over his shoulder and lift it up. Although it may lack a romantic mood, it’s a pleasure for men to have a gentle affection for women to help with sex.

The advantage of sitting on the back is that you can easily play with the erogenous zones such as the chest and clitoris while inserting. In the doggy position, women cannot use their hands freely, but in the back sitting position, you can caress the male’s waist, thighs, and testicles. When moving, it is better to move up and down by standing on the knees or sitting on the Yankee, as in Cowgirl Position.

The back sitting position is a minor position, but where the sitting position can be closely adhered, where the chest and clitoris can be caressed while inserting the doggy position, where the woman in Cowgirl Position can lead, interesting like gathering good points It is a position. Please give it a try.

How to move from Cowgirl Position to another position

Cowgirl Position has the advantage that a woman can lead, but it has to move by that amount and it gets tired. In that case, it is good to have the man change to the leading position. There are also times when men are more excited and want to move, and want to change their mood and enjoy themselves. Here are some ways to move from Cowgirl Position to other positions.

Sitting position

The sitting position is a position that makes it easy to shift from Cowgirl Position. Contrary to the transition from the sitting position to the Cowgirl Position, which I introduced earlier, the man sits in a hugging position with his body raised. Cowgirl Position makes it easier for you to kiss, hug, and caress each other, so you can feel each other’s affection gently and it will be a little interval.

Normal position

If a man pushes a woman down from the sitting position and covers it, he or she can shift to the normal position. Also, from the Cowgirl Position, it’s an exciting situation for a man to get up with a rush of “I can’t stand it anymore!” However, be careful not to injure yourself.

Doggy style

When you switch from Cowgirl Position to doggy position, you need to turn your body. If you suddenly turn your body with it inserted, you may lose your balance and fall, or your penis may lie sideways in your vagina, causing you to agonize yourself. Do not panic and slowly raise one knee and move your body little by little to change your posture. If you can change your position, you will lean forward. Invited by a back, waist, and buttocks that were not visible until now, a man will cling to his hips and buttocks and work hard.

Side position

The lateral position is the position in which both men and women lie down. There are “side sitting” where each other faces, and “back sitting” where you attack with the back. In Cowgirl Position, it is easy to move to the side sitting position. The method is easy, you just have to slowly fall to the side. It’s a good idea to hug a man’s shoulder and change his posture from supine to sideways. The lateral position does not allow for vigorous movements, but the burden on the body is small, and it is a position that makes it easy to take skinships such as hugging and kissing. As with sitting, it’s also a good idea to have a break time to have a calm and loving relationship.

Extended position

The extension position is just the reverse version of the Cowgirl Position. It is similar to the normal position, but it is characterized by women closing their legs. It is difficult to insert deeply, but it is a position that makes you feel comfortable because your genitals rub against each other. Especially recommended for women who tend to have orgasm outside. On the contrary, the transition from Cowgirl Position to extended position is rather difficult. Unlike Cowgirl Position, women have to close their legs and men have to open them.

First of all, slowly lean down and let the man turn up. The man then spreads his legs to sandwich the woman’s leg. If you lose your penis on the way, it will be irritating, so be careful not to get it out. The situation in which a woman who had a nasty twist on her body just before her closes her legs under her body is a situation in which S-men and carnivorous boys are particularly pleased. Switching from Cowgirl Position to extended position is recommended when you want to enjoy the lead side and the side where you want.


The crossing position is a position in which the legs of each other are crossed and each other’s body is sandwiched and connected. You may be able to evoke a new pleasure because the penis is rubbed on a different part than usual. When moving from Cowgirl Position to crossing position, first have a man open his legs and place one knee between his legs.

After that, let the man slowly turn to the side while leaning himself on his back to bring him to the crossed position. After that, like the Cowgirl Position, you can take the lead, or you can have a man lead or even face each other. However, depending on how you move, the penis may be overloaded, so try to move slowly while watching the reaction of the man.


In the standing position, a man stands up in a system of holding a woman and has sex as it is. In Japan, it’s commonly called “ekiben” because its appearance is similar to holding a boxed lunch at a station and selling it. The only way to do this is to get the man up and to stand up while holding the woman, but it requires considerable physical and muscular strength. Don’t overdo it.

In difficult cases, it is better for a woman to stand with her back against the wall and raise only one leg. From a male perspective, it feels fresh because it is completely different from the sleeping posture of Cowgirl Position, and from a female perspective, you can feel the excitement of being “walled”.

How to practice Cowgirl Position and get better

The Cowgirl Position is a woman-centered position, so it depends on the woman’s movement whether or not they can feel comfortable with each other. However, since I am usually passive, I do not know how to move, and even if I move, I am tired soon…

I think there are many women who have troubles. Technique and strength are required to achieve the ideal Cowgirl Position. Let me introduce you to the training method.

Squat training for hip positioning

If your trunk is distorted, you will not be able to keep your hip position, and you will lose balance during the Cowgirl Position, or your movement will shift left and right. Squats are recommended for training your core. First, stand with your legs spread across your hips and your toes slightly outward. Then slowly drop your hips while sticking out your hips. When doing this, keep your back straight and your knees straight ahead and not above your toes.

Hold the sunk posture for 2 seconds, then return to the original posture. It is effective to do 1 set for 10 times and 3 sets for this. With squats, not only the trunk but also the thighs, hips and hips can be trained. The tight thighs, waist and flexible hip joints are essential for sex. There is nothing you can’t do because you can get it all at once.

Practicing back and forth exercise using pillows and futon

Practicing is the best way to become good at the front-back movements that are essential for Cowgirl Position. Pillows and futons are piled up to make it look like a male body. You should set it according to his body shape. Straddle the pillow, put pressure on the lower body, push the genitals firmly against the pillow, bend your hips and move forward and backward. Try to move with your lower body, your stomach and hips, not your whole body. As you get used to it, you should practice rotating exercises.

This kind of back-and-forth exercise makes my stomach tired. As you can see from this, the abdominal muscles are important for Cowgirl Position. Crunch is recommended for training your abs. Lie on your back, fold your hands, and bend your knees 90 degrees. Exhale and look at your navel, and return it to a place where your head is barely touching. This is 1 time, 10 times make 1 set, and 3 sets as a guide. A crunch can hurt your lower back and back if you do it the wrong way, so be sure to watch the video before grabbing the correct foam.

Balance ball exercises for vertical movements

Next, I will introduce the practice of vertical exercise. As I introduced earlier, you can do it rhythmically and without any physical strain by moving your hips up and down during vertical movement. However, it may be difficult until you get the hang of it.

You can practice up and down exercises with a balance ball. Sit down on the ball and bounce your body up and down to get a better sense. The abdominal muscles and back muscles necessary for Cowgirl Position are also trained, and you can expect a diet effect. Practice up and down for 30 seconds to 1 minute with 1 set and 3 to 5 sets as a guide. You may fall out of balance and fall, so it is dangerous to have furniture or objects around. Also, it’s dangerous to watch TV or smartphone, so let’s stop. If you want to feel better, it is recommended that you add background music that is perfect for exercising.

Practice using adult goods

Pillows, futons, and balance balls can be practiced in movement, but the feeling of insertion is difficult to grasp. In that case, try adult goods. I recommend a dildo with a suction cup. A dildo is like a penis model.

By fixing the dildo with a suction cup to the floor, you can practice Cowgirl Position in a stable state. You can try all the back-and-forth, rotation, and up-and-down movements as if they were real sex, and you can learn the rhythmic movements and the points you can feel easily.

And the best recommendation for practicing Cowgirl Position is dildo. The movement of the waist can be reproduced if there is a real shape and a real hardness dildo.

If you fix it on a pillow or the floor, you can practice without problems. You can use a normal suction cup, but you can tie a cheap type without a suction cup with a string. It is also possible to practice by fixing Strap on (Harness) Dildos on a pillow.

Personally, it’s a way to fix a regular dildo. When using it, wear a condom to keep it clean.


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How to deal when Cowgirl Position feels uncomfortable and painful

Cowgirl Position is said to be the most comfortable position for women, but it can be uncomfortable or painful if you make a mistake. We will explain the reason and how to deal with it.

I’m not used to the movement of Cowgirl Position

Usually, when I am led by a man, I do not know how to move, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable even if I do Cowgirl Position. It’s a good idea to practice using a dildo as I introduced before, and to know the comfortable place and how to move. Also, I’m tense at the Cowgirl Position, which I’m not used to, and sometimes it gets dry even though it was wet. In that case, use lotion to supplement the moisture.

Insert angle is not good

Both penis and vagina have individual differences in shape and size. Even if inserted in the same way, depending on the compatibility, the insertion angle is bad, and it may happen that the genitals feel pain or feel uncomfortable. If you feel pain in the Cowgirl Position, try to find a comfortable angle where the women lie down and lean back to find a comfortable, non-painful angle for each other.

Bone hits

When you move your body with Cowgirl Position, the male pelvis will hit your body. In addition, men may also feel the pubis bone of a woman and feel pain. This is a problem that is especially likely to occur in the lean type. Try to find a position that doesn’t hurt, such as opening your legs wide and covering your man. It’s also a good idea to lay a towel on the part where the bones touch each other and use it as a cushion.

Too much in the depths

Cowgirl Position is a position where the penis can easily hit the back. Porcio, which is the back of the vagina and the entrance to the uterus, is said to be the best erogenous zone for women. When making a Cowgirl Position, first let the man stay still and try with shallow strokes.

Summary of Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl Position is said to be a position that makes it easier for women to get pleasure because women can lead.

Also for men, it is nice to have women lead, and there is the merit that it is easy because they do not have to move. However, because the posture and role are different from usual, troubles such as uncomfortable and pain will occur if you make a mistake in the way you do, and your precious sex time will be ruined.

By knowing how to use Cowgirl Position and practicing repeatedly, both women and men will be able to achieve Cowgirl Position with great satisfaction.
You may think, “It’s embarrassing for girls to be so sexually active,” but men who love to have sex are also happy.

The Cowgirl Position is led by a woman, so please move positively, have fun, and make his body and mind captivate you.

It is also difficult for other people to hear about such sexual circumstances. But everyone is interested. I would be happy if your problems were resolved.