One of the most attractive aspects of the sexual act is the orgasm.

Whether it’s sex or masturbation, there’s a special pleasure in the climax you reach when your arousal reaches the limit.

What if you could reach such an orgasm as many times as you want?

In fact, if a woman is ingenious, she can reach successive orgasms.

The pleasure of these “Multiple Orgasms” far surpasses that of ordinary Single Orgasms.

Moreover, these Multiple Orgasms are a privilege that only women can enjoy, and it is not possible for men to do so.

Multiple orgasms, which can only be enjoyed by girls, can basically be reached after coming if you continue stimulating your genitals.

However, multiple orgasms can be significantly more strenuous and tiring than regular masturbation because of the multiple orgasms that are reached.

Also, depending on the sexual zones to be stimulated, multiple orgasms can be difficult to achieve, so it is important to develop a detailed technique of how and where to stimulate.

Mental care, such as mood building and relaxation, is also essential.

In this article, we will explain in detail about the characteristics and techniques of multiple orgasms, which everyone loves.

What is Multiple orgasms?

Multiple orgasms are multiple orgasms in a single sexual act.

In sex and masturbation, once an orgasm has been reached, one is usually satisfied and does not seek further pleasure.

It’s not uncommon for a session to end without ever reaching orgasm in the first place.

Even if you do reach orgasm, a woman’s climax usually lasts about 10 to 20 seconds, and it’s basically impossible for her to climax again after that.

However, with multiple orgasms, which I’m going to show you, you can continue to enjoy climaxes much longer, as the pleasure climbs to the top.

In fact, these multiple orgasms are nearly impossible for men.

While it is possible to make it look like you have multiple orgasms with a small amount of semen, you can’t cum again after you have had a full orgasm.

However, multiple orgasms may be possible in men if, for some reason, little or no “prolactin” is produced.

Also, multiple orgasms are possible with training, as the orgasms produced by stimulating the prostate gland are similar to those of a woman’s climax.

In any case, Multiple orgasms are essentially female only because there are definite structural differences between female orgasms and male ejaculation.

The key to Multiple orgasms is why women can have Multiple orgasms and men cannot.

Actually, orgasms by “sponge tissue” such as the clitoris and penis produce large amounts of the hormone prolactin.

The main purpose of prolactin is to dissolve the erection and bring the body and mind back to a calm state.

This period is called the “refractory period” and is marked by a rapid decline in sexual desire.

This means that Multiple orgasms with the penis is physically extremely difficult, but the clitoris is a little different.

The refractory period on the penis can be as short as a few minutes and as long as a day or more. However, it is not uncommon for the clitoral refractory period to last only one to two minutes.

Moreover, women also have a number of vaginal sexual zones, especially those called the G-spot. Each of these sex zones will be explained later, but the point is that orgasms reached at the vaginal sex zones are different from those reached at the clitoris.

The secretion of prolactin is not as high in the so-called “internal orgasm,” which is reached in the vagina, and it seems to be relatively easy to reach the continuous orgasm.

With these points in mind, let’s explore in more detail the Multiple orgasms that only girls can enjoy.

Pleasure of multiple orgasm

Many women yearn for continuous orgasms, but what exactly does it feel like and how good does it feel?

To begin with, Multiple orgasms are orgasms in succession, but let’s check on the definition of multiple orgasms.

In general, it seems to be defined as reaching multiple orgasms in a single sexual session.

Therefore, reaching multiple orgasms without a break is not the only definition of multiple orgasms.

Therefore, repeated internal orgasms during penile penetration are also a type of multiple orgasms.

The pleasure of Multiple orgasms depends on where you reach with your orgasm, but you can enjoy more than one of your usual orgasms.

In fact, multiple orgasms do not change the type of orgasm.

For example, clitoral orgasms and G-spot orgasms are completely different because they feel different and the duration of the climax is different.

However, Multiple orgasms does not mean that the pleasure of orgasm itself will be different, as clitoral and G-spot orgasms come multiple times.

What kind of pleasure you get from multiple orgasms is different for each person, as the feeling of orgasm itself varies from person to person.

However, it is very possible that the second orgasm may be more intense than the first.

This is because the sensitivity of the sexual zones is already dramatically increased during the first orgasm.

Therefore, the second orgasm tends to be shorter and more intense than the first.

Also, if you have an orgasm on the clitoris first and then come on the G-spot, you may get a more varied continuous orgasm.

Multiple orgasm is quite tiring?

Continuous orgasm is very tiring.

This is partly because they are physically exhausting, but also because of the influence of prolactin.

However, both are very important factors in the cause of fatigue in Multiple orgasms.

While it is well known that male orgasms are associated with fatigue, female orgasms are not exhausting.

As far as the number of calories burned, a woman burns about 3 calories per minute during sex, or 180 calories per hour.

180 calories per hour may not seem like much, but if you convert it to exercise intensity (METS), it’s about 6.0 METS. 6.0 METS of exercise is equivalent to light jogging or cycling, so you can see that it’s clearly a drain on your energy!

This is just a case of normal sex. However, this calorie consumption is for normal sex.

If this were Multiple orgasms and multiple orgasms, there is no doubt that the caloric expenditure would be significantly higher than this.

Mean energy expenditure during sexual activity was 101 kCal or 4.2 kCal/min in men and 69.1 kCal or 3.1 kCal/min in women. In addition, mean intensity was 6.0 METS in men and 5.6 METS in women, which represents a moderate intensity. Moreover, the energy expenditure and intensity during the 30 min exercise session in men was 276 kCal or 9.2 kCal/min and 8.5 METS, respectively and in women 213 kCal or 7.1 kCal/min and 8.4 METS, respectively. Interestingly, the highest range value achieved by men for absolute energy expenditure can potentially be higher than that of the mean energy expenditure of the 30 min exercise session (i.e. 306.1 vs. 276 kCal, respectively) whereas this was not observed in women. Finally, perceived energy expenditure during sexual activity was similar in men (100 kCal) and in women (76.2 kCal) when compared to measured energy expenditure.

Energy Expenditure during Sexual Activity in Young Healthy Couples

The secretion of prolactin by orgasm is also thought to have a significant effect on the feeling of fatigue after multiple orgasms.

Prolactin is famous for being the hormone that gives men the so-called “wise guy time”.

When a man ejaculates, prolactin is released in large quantities and sexual arousal and desire are quickly lost.

At the same time, prolactin has a calming and fatiguing effect on the body.

This prolactin is also secreted in female orgasms, although not as much as in men, so it may be especially fatiguing during continuous orgasm.

Sexual zones suited for Multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasms is a very attractive technique because it allows you to continue to experience the maximum pleasure of orgasms multiple times.

Once you have reached orgasm, you can experience that excitement again.

Moreover, it is the very best orgasm because it is often more intense than the first one.

However, internal orgasm can’t be done in any sexual zone, and even where it is possible, technique is required.

The following three organs are the most famous sexual zones where a woman is likely to have continuous sexual intercourse:

  • Clitoris
  • G-spot
  • Portio

The clitoris is quite a difficult sex zone to multiple orgasms, but it is not impossible once you get the hang of it.

However, multiple orgasms of the clitoris may not be as pleasant for some people, although the G-spot and Portio are both vaginal sex zones, which are characterized by being easier to multiple orgasms than the clitoris.

On the other hand, since it is difficult to cum in any of the vaginal sex zones, it is necessary to first develop them properly before aiming for multiple orgasms.


The clitoris is a woman’s most primary sexual zone.

Most women need to stimulate it in order to reach orgasm.

When you think of the clitoris, you may think of the protrusion at the top of the vagina, but it is actually only a small part of the clitoris called the glans pubis.

The clitoris is such an essential organ for women that most of the time it is necessary to stimulate the clitoris in order to come with G-spot and Portio.

Reaching orgasm with the clitoris is called external orgasm, but the continuous orgasm of external orgasm is actually quite difficult to achieve.

This is because the characteristics of the clitoral orgasm are very similar to those of the penis, as explained at the beginning of this article.

When the penis reaches climax, the hormone prolactin is secreted in large quantities, and the clitoris also secretes it in smaller amounts.

This is because the clitoris and penis are both sexual organs that are composed of the sponge.

The clitoris and penis have the same origin, and the same point of erection and foreskin orientation when sexually aroused. That’s why their responses to orgasm are very similar.

Nevertheless, whereas continuous orgasm with the penis is almost impossible, it is possible with the clitoris once you get the hang of it.

The refractory period of the clitoris, or the time it does not respond to sexual stimulation, is thought to be only one to two minutes.

This means that after coming once on the clitoris, you can wait a few minutes to come again.

The method of multiple orgasms on the clitoris is very simple, you just keep stimulating it in the same way once you have come.

However, be aware that in the case of the clitoris, if you continue stimulating it immediately after climax, you may experience discomfort instead of pleasure.

You can see this in action, but if you continue to stimulate the clitoris after you have reached climax with it, it may not feel very pleasant.

If you are able to achieve pleasure, then you are a constitutional candidate for multiple orgasms with the clitoris.

However, in general, you will most likely not respond to sexual stimulation for a few minutes or so, due to the aforementioned prolactin.

Since it is impossible to ignore prolactin and get pleasure from it, it is better to wait a few minutes after the first orgasm before aiming for Multiple orgasms or moving to Internal orgasm.

If you want multipul orgasm on your clitoris, vibrators are the way to go!

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The G-spot, along with the clitoris, is one of the most famous sexual zones for women.

The G-spot is a sex zone discovered by Ernst Gräfenberg, and is characterized by a completely different kind of pleasure than the clitoris.

It is important to note that there are individual differences in location and sensitivity between people, although it is a sexual zone that extends about 5 cm from the entrance of the vagina to the abdomen.

Especially when it comes to sensitivity, the difference between those who can feel it originally and those who can’t is very large, and in most cases, it is necessary to increase sensitivity through development.

The G-spot is the easiest point to have multiple orgasms among the sexual zones introduced here.

Moreover, the pleasure is significantly stronger than in the case of the clitoris.

The G-spot is characterized by a deep and long ecstasy, whereas the clitoris is a sharp and short climax.

However, G-spot is not a sexual zone that is difficult to feel by nature, so before aiming for Multiple orgasms, you must first be able to come normally.

The G-spot is not easily affected by prolactin, so it is important that you continue to stimulate the G-spot even after you have basically come in the G-spot.

However, if you continue to stimulate the G-spot with your fingers, your fingers may become tired and difficult to move.

Especially as you approach orgasm, you may find it difficult to stimulate it successfully the second time around, as you become more forceful.

If you leave the vibrator in, you will have multiple orgasms naturally.

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The Portio is part of the uterus and is attached to the lower part of the uterus to prevent any foreign object from entering the uterus; unlike the G-spot, the Portio is located on the back side of the uterus and has a nasal The Portio is characterized by its unique rounded shape, like the mouth of an octopus or the mouth of an octopus.

The Portio orgasm is similar to the G-spot orgasm, but deeper and more full-body sexual ecstasy can be achieved.

The Portio (C-spot) is also relatively easy to have multiple orgasms, but it is important to note that there are more individual variations in the Portio than in the G-spot.

There is some debate as to whether the Portio is a sexual zone to begin with, and it is not always possible to reach orgasm there.

The trick to reaching continuous orgasm in the Portio is to continue stimulating the orgasm without stopping once you have come.

The Portio, like the G-spot, does not increase prolactin as much as the G-spot, so it allows you to continue stimulating without a drop in sexual excitement.

The continuous orgasm in Portio is said to be more pleasurable than the other.

Moreover, since orgasms in Portio are originally prone to last a long time, you may be able to keep coming again and again.

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Few women can orgasm with Portio

Continuous orgasm in Portio is one of the most effective techniques presented here in terms of ease of doing and pleasure.

But that is only if you can reach a normal orgasm with Portio, without any problems.

In fact, it is almost always difficult to reach orgasm with Portio in the first place.

Many women are unable to feel with Portio and find it even more difficult than with the G-spot.

Therefore, in order to achieve continuous orgasm with Portio, one must first develop Portio.

Dildos in particular are ideal for Portio development, so it is highly recommended that you have them ready.

You can then insert the dildo deep into the vagina and repeat the gentle pressing and vibrating motions of the cervix to develop it.

How to experience Multiple orgasms easily with sex and masturbation

In order to have multiple orgasms during sex or masturbation, you can basically have another orgasm by continuing to stimulate yourself once you have reached orgasm.

However, depending on the area to be stimulated, the atmosphere, and the state of mind, it may be difficult to have Multiple orgasms.

So, when you aim for continuous orgasm, try to keep the following four points in mind.

  • Be thorough with foreplay and caresses
  • Always continue stimulation after orgasm
  • Develop G-spot and Portio
  • Get over the embarrassment and pressure

Regardless of which sex zone you aim for Multiple orgasms, you must have sufficient sensitivity in your sex zones to reach orgasm.

Therefore, prior caresses and foreplay are essential. In particular, it does not hurt to be persistent in caressing the clitoris, as it also affects the sexual zones in the vagina.

The development of the G-spot and Portio, as well as mental care, such as relaxation, are also essential.

Perform more foreplay and caresses

It is impossible to achieve multiple orgasms if you don’t caress and accustom yourself to the sexual zones.

Therefore, if you want to have continuous orgasms during sex, make sure that you have him do your foreplay well, and if you are going to do it by masturbation, make sure that you carefully caress it yourself.

This is because for Multiple orgasms to be successful, the sensitivity of the sexual organs must be extremely high.

The stimulation of the nervous system of the sexually active zone is transmitted to the brain and converted into pleasure, and the blood flow is essential for this to happen.

In order for the nerves to actively perceive external stimuli, the body temperature must be high and the blood flow must be good.

When the body is cold and freezing, the blood flow is also deteriorating, and so the sensation is dulled.

It is the same with the sexual zones, for example, if the blood flow to the clitoris is not good, the clitoris is insensitive to stimulation.

If you give careful caresses to it, the blood flow to the clitoris will gradually improve, and the blood will become bloodshot, and the function of the nerves will become more active.

This is extremely important because it is exactly the same for the vaginal sex zones.

Also, even if you are aiming for multiple orgasms in the vaginal sex zone, be sure to use clitoral stimulation.

Without clitoral stimulation, there is no Internal orgasm.

There are a few rare people who can get off with only G-spot or Portio stimulation, but most people need clitoral stimulation as well.

This is probably because the clitoris is also closely related to the vaginal sex zones.

Ideally, once you have come on the clitoris, you should aim for a vaginal orgasm.

To achieve this, be sure to caress the clitoris.

Continue stimulation after orgasm

In order to achieve continuous orgasm, you should continue stimulating once you’ve reached climax and aim for a second and subsequent orgasm.

Basically, it is better to resume stimulation immediately after coming without pause, because if you leave time between orgasms, you will go from arousal to normalcy.

This is because if you give it time, you will begin to return from excitement to normalcy and the sexual zones will be relieved of their congestion.

When this happens, it is no longer a continuous orgasm, because you have to start again from the beginning with caresses and other activities.

However, if you are aiming for Multiple orgasms on the clitoris, it can be difficult to continue stimulation after the first climax.

This is because, as mentioned earlier, when orgasm is reached in spongy tissue such as the clitoris and penis, prolactin is released.

This varies greatly from person to person, but if you feel a strong sense of fatigue or a cooling of arousal after a climax, you may be susceptible to the effects of prolactin.

It is better to aim for continuous internal orgasms with the G-spot and Portio.

The G-spot and Portio sexual zones are relatively easy to continue stimulating once you have come.

This is because prolactin has less of an effect, and vaginal orgasms are more likely to last longer than clitoral orgasms to begin with.

However, if you want to have Multiple orgasms with a man’s penis, you should be concerned that he will ejaculate before you have Multiple orgasms.

Since Multiple orgasms on the penis is basically impossible, you’ll have to give up the session if he comes first.

The chemistry and combination of both parties is important when trying to achieve Internal orgasm in sex.

It takes a lot of skill on the part of the man to get him to come once and then continue on to a second orgasm, adding or subtracting to keep him from coming.

The second orgasm must come early on the woman’s side as well, so the technique must be able to create an optimal mental state.

If multiple orgasms on the penis are difficult, it may be a good idea to get him to cum on the clitoris once and then insert himself into the penis for the real orgasm.

Developing the Internal orgasm

As mentioned earlier, once an orgasm is reached with the clitoris, the clitoris will not respond to sexual stimulation for at least a few minutes due to the effects of prolactin.

If you try to force the penis at that time, the orgasm will not be very close.

After a few minutes, the clitoris will respond again, but the sexual excitement may have already begun to cool down.

For this reason, Multiple orgasms on the clitoris are quite challenging, so it is better to aim for continuous orgasm in the vaginal sex zone.

However, if you are using the G-spot or Portio, you must first be able to have an internal orgasm there.

That means you have to develop the vaginal sex zones well beforehand, and you have to be able to have internal orgasm there as you wish.

In other words, the development of the sexual zones in the vagina is the key.

The development of the sexual zones is done by frequent stimulation and habituation of these zones and by activating the nervous system.

You can use both sex and masturbation, but basically masturbation is recommended because it allows you to develop the zones the way you want them to be developed, and you can use a G-spot vibrator or a dildo to develop them more efficiently. Is different.

It is especially suited to continuous orgasm because the pleasure is deeper and longer lasting.

Once you start to come in the vaginal sex zone, you can continue to stimulate yourself more and more after orgasm to get a second climax.

Do not be embarrassed

A major obstacle when going for multiple orgasms is shame. With shame, when an orgasm is approaching, “Orgasm is so embarrassing ……”, “What if I go crazy ……”, “I wonder if anyone will hear me? The embarrassment and anxiety of “……” comes into play.

These feelings can be stressful, so to speak, and can prevent you from reaching orgasm.

This is because stress raises the nerves and tenses the autonomic nervous system and muscles.

In order to reach orgasm, the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the functioning of internal organs and body temperature, and the muscles and other tissues around the genitals must maintain a perfect balance of tension and relaxation.

In order to achieve multiple orgasms, you need to create an atmosphere that allows you to surrender to the pleasure, as described below.

This kind of mental development is also going to be important in order to achieve multiple orgasms.

Things to keep in mind when you want to feel multiple orgasms

In order to multiple orgasms, it is important to make sure that the sexual organs are developed and caressed properly so that they are pleasurable.

At the same time, the trick is to take care of the mental aspects of the body so that you can overcome your embarrassment and let the pleasure take over.

In this section, let’s look at how to make it easier to reach continuous orgasm from the mental point of view.

  • Create a good environment and atmosphere
  • Stimulate in a relaxed mood

The above two points are the most important mental settings for continuous orgasm.

For women, the atmosphere of sex and masturbation may be more important than the sexual act itself.

If such an atmosphere is well created, it will be easier to reach Multiple orgasms in a relaxed mood.

These are some of the important points that are explained in simple terms.

Environment and Mood

As explained earlier, in addition to technique, mental care is also essential to achieving Multiple orgasms.

This is because the atmosphere and mental state are important factors for a woman to have an orgasm.

In particular, the ability to concentrate on the pleasure of the experience and not have to worry about anything else can have a big impact on orgasm.

For example, it is unlikely that you will be able to reach orgasm in a place where you don’t know when someone else is coming in or where the noise is too loud.

Therefore, it is better to have sex or masturbation in your room, lock the door tightly, and create a private space by yourself or with your partner.

In addition, making the room a little darker to create a calming atmosphere and playing your favorite music will help you to focus on your pleasure without worrying about your surroundings.

The better the atmosphere is, the easier it will be for you to increase your arousal and reach continuous orgasm.

Once the atmosphere has been created, it is important to know how to create the mood.

For example, if you want to come on the clitoris, but you just crunch the clitoris incessantly, it does not feel good.

Women feel sexual pleasure from mental excitement rather than physical stimulation.

When masturbating, the trick is to use naughty videos, cartoons, and favorite fantasies to increase the excitement.

If you want to have multiple orgasms during sex with him, try to build up your arousal with naughty conversations, impatient play, intense kissing and foreplay.

You may find it easier to have multiple orgasms if you ask him to verbally assault you once you have come.

Be patient

It’s important to have a strong desire to have multiple orgasms, but if it turns into pressure, you won’t be able to cum anymore.

If you think you have to reach orgasm or come quickly, it becomes a mental pressure and stress.

Such impatience can prevent you from reaching orgasm in the same way as the shame I mentioned earlier.

The more impatient you are, the more you become, the more counterproductive it becomes, and the further away you are from orgasm.

It’s especially easy to feel impatient during sex, not masturbation.

You may feel like it’s bad for him if you come too late, and you may want to come quickly.

However, such thoughts can make your body tense and keep you from having an orgasm.

The first thing to do is to focus on the pleasure of the moment and steadily increase the pleasure, not to pursue multiple orgasms too strongly, but to aim to reach the first orgasm first.

If your sexual orgasms are well developed, you will be able to successfully achieve Multiple orgasms.


In this article, we have explained in detail the characteristics and techniques of multiple orgasms, the most coveted type of orgasm, which allows you to reach the climax of sex and masturbation many times.

However, depending on the location of stimulation and the sensitivity of the sexual area, continuous orgasms can be quite difficult to achieve.

Multiple orgasms on the clitoris are particularly difficult, so it is important to aim for them with the G-spot or Portio.

Regardless of which sex zone you aim for, it is important to continue stimulating the sex zones after orgasm is reached.

However, G-spot and Portio are more difficult to achieve orgasm with, so it is essential to develop them well in advance.

Enjoy the ultimate ecstasy with Multiple orgasms.