Many women have sex in the normal position, that is, with a man on top of a woman facing her, and many of them know that there are other positions available, but have never tried them? The normal position is pleasant enough, but the same old sex all the time can be uninspiring. Also, if you can, you want to try different things and enjoy sex even more. Trying different positions from time to time can add new stimulation and make sex more exciting.

There are many different positions for men and women to have sex in, but have you ever heard of a position called back or cowgirl? There may be many women who know about the back, have tried it, but don’t like it because it’s a bit embarrassing…. But surprisingly, when you ask men about their favorite position, there are many who say the back is next to the normal position.

In this article, we’ll start by explaining why the back position is so popular with men, how women move during the back position, the techniques men want women to use when backing up, and some adult products that can be used together as a couple. If you want to enjoy sex in the back style, get out of a rut, or learn more about different positions, please stay with us until the end.

Do many men like back?

Many men like backing up because it is a position that visually excites men. So it satisfies the desire for dominance and conquest that you secretly hold in your heart. Therefore, it is the back that drives the instinctual part of a man. Another reason is that it’s easier to insert penis deeper into the vagina in the back than in the normal position.

In the normal position, which is the most orthodox position, you can see each other’s face during sex, and you can easily see how the other person feels. However, if you are always in the normal position, sex can become monotonous and get stuck in a rut. Many men want to have sex in a variety of positions to get more fresh stimulation. Therefore, if your male partner wants to, he may respond to backing up, even if he feels a little “embarrassed,” which may make the sex more exciting. If you are going to have sex, you want to make your partner even more excited and have sex that feels good to you as well. Knowing what attracts you to the back can lead to new pleasures for women.

So let’s take a deep dive into the allure of the buck next!

What is back (Doggy Style)?

To begin with, back, also known as Doggy Style, is a position in which a man inserts his penis from behind a woman. It is called back because the action is done in a backwards position. The most common style is for a woman to get down on all fours and for a man to get down on his knees and insert his penis into her. There are other ways to do it, such as standing backwards, or having the woman stick her hands against a wall or a table and inserting it from behind, or both men and women inserting it with their upper bodies in a prone position. In addition, the lying back position, where the woman lies on the bed on her stomach and the man covers her from above, is also famous.

What is particularly good about inserting the same penis into the back position is that the back position has a deeper vaginal “penetration depth” in terms of angle than the normal position, and it thrusts deep into the vagina. The area of the vagina that wraps a penis increases because a penis can be inserted to the root of the vagina when a penis enters to the depth of the vagina. This stimulates the sexual zones of the penis itself, such as the glans and the muscles of the back, so it feels more pleasant, which is why many men prefer the back. It is certain that thrusting deep into the vagina increases the probability of an orgasm for a woman, but many women who have not developed their vagina’s depths may feel pain, and many women do not like to insert themselves in the back too much.

Why backing is so popular with men

  • There are three reasons why backing is so popular with men
  • Satisfies the desire for control
  • You can concentrate on swinging hips because you can’t see her face.
  • The vagina becomes tighter and hits the opening of the uterus.

I’ll explain further what each one is!

The desire to conquer is satisfied

Because backing is an animal mating position, it evokes the reproductive instincts of a man fucking a woman, or rather a male fucking a female from behind, and gives the man an instinctive sense of conquest. Furthermore, the fact that the woman is showing her unprotected back and buttocks to him alone makes the man more aroused by the desire to dominate and own this woman.Some men dare to have sex in an animalistic way, silently and silently thrusting up to fuck the woman. Also, because the hips are raised high during the pistoning, the thumping sound of a man’s hips bumping into each other and the scraping sound of mucous membranes rubbing together can be heard clearly, which adds to the auditory stimulation.

I can’t see his face, so I can focus on the hip swing

Since both of you are facing the same direction when you insert in back, you cannot see the other person’s face, nor can you see your own face. Therefore, you can concentrate on shaking your hips and devouring the pleasure without worrying about what you look like now. There is also the visual stimulation of seeing a woman’s supple, arched back and protruding buttocks.

Some women don’t like the backpack because they can’t see their partner’s face, or they feel it’s not enough that they can’t kiss during sex, but if you change your way of thinking, you can get wild as much as you want because you can’t see your partner’s face, and it becomes a strange face with a lot of pleasure and instinct. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the fact that you’re not going to be able to see the other person’s face. If you really want to see your partner’s face, you can try to get into a position where the man holds one of her arms while she twists her body when she is backing up, or in the lying back or backseat position, you can kiss her by simply twisting her head.

The vagina becomes tighter and hits the cervix

A woman’s vagina wraps around a man’s penis and he can feel his penis being strongly stimulated. Also, since the back is deeply connected, the area around the cervix is stimulated more than when having sex in the normal position, and the sexual zone near the cervix called Portio is developed. As the woman reaches orgasm in the back, the vagina contracts, which causes the man to tighten his penis even more, allowing him to experience more intense pleasure.

What men think of the back technique they want women to do

Then I’ll explain what men think of the ‘back technique’ they want women to do!

Back is a male-dominated position, but I actually want the woman to do more of this! There are times when I think it is a good idea. With a little more effort than just getting on all fours and waiting to be inserted, sex can be turned into something more enjoyable for both men and women. As with everything related to sex, not just backing up, many men don’t just want men to ask for sex and women to respond, they want women to be more aggressive and want them to want them more.

And it’s not just sex that feels good to them, they also want women to feel more comfortable with it. Since sex is a joint effort between two people, it needs to be initiated by the woman in order to make it pleasant and enjoyable for both of you. If you want to please your partner more and enjoy sex together, you should try it.

Sway your hips back and forth as you insert

It is highly recommended that you swing your own hips back and forth as the man inserts himself. Back is a male-dominated position where the man inserts himself from behind and pistons are repeated by swinging his hips back and forth. However, women can also try rocking their hips back and forth to match the timing of the man’s pistons, which will allow you to penetrate deeper. Connecting deeper also increases the stimulation, and the visual stimulation of a woman actively shaking her hips makes the man even more aroused by the visual stimulation of a woman actively shaking her hips. The feeling of a woman’s strong desire for a man can also fuel a man’s sexual desire.

As you swing your hips, spread your legs wide and stick your hips out. You can also try wiggling your hips to wiggle them occasionally. By moving your hips from side to side as well as back and forth, you’ll get a different kind of pleasure. Also, when a man is inserted back to back, glancing back to show him how you feel and looking up at him can also have the effect of making him more excited.

Touch your own tits and clit

When a woman is thrusting back, it is often assumed that her hands are not free because they are on the bed or holding on to something, but in fact, depending on the position, her hands can move freely.

The standard back position, where a woman is on all fours, or a standing back position with hands on the wall or desk, does not allow for much free hand movement. However, if the woman sits with her back to the seated man, called the back sitting position, or the position called the side back, in which the woman inserts herself while both men are lying on their sides, her hands are free.

So, try touching your own tits and clit. The vagina is tightened by touching her breasts, clitoris, and other parts that she feels while being pushed from behind, and can give a man a different kind of pleasure.

Another good point is that since a woman is touching herself, the man can concentrate on putting his hands on her hips and wiggling his hips. Some men get aroused by a woman touching herself during sex and acting like she is masturbating, and some men are happy that she is actively engaged in sex.

Thrusting your buttocks out as hard as you can

The panther with her ass thrust out is also a great way to visually arouse your man. Leopard Pose is when you are on your hands and knees on the bed, supplely arching your back like a female panther, with your buttocks high in the air.

Many women tend to roll their backs like a cat when backing up, but try to make a conscious effort to get into the female panther pose. The S-curve from the back to the hips accentuates the curves of a woman’s body and tickles a man’s fancy.

In addition, you can stroke, grab and spank (that’s spanking) the protruding buttocks while attacking them from the back, which seems to appeal to men with an ass fetish. Also, depending on the angle of the penis, it may be easier to insert it in a pose with your butt sticking out.

Some men get off on seeing the line of a woman’s ass through her back as she wiggles in front of them, and some say that when a woman thrusts her ass out, they’re happy that she’s asking them to do more. Thrusting your buttocks up high also makes your buttocks look bigger in contrast and makes your waist look slimmer, which is a nice effect on the maiden’s mind.

Open your buttocks with both hands

When you are inserted in the back, try giggling your own buttocks open with your hands. Some men say that they can’t help but look at a woman’s ass and anal carefully when they are inserted back to back. It’s very difficult to see the anal unless you are in the back, and the fact that they show you the anal, which is usually difficult to see, proves that they are completely open to you, both physically and mentally.

If a woman’s hands open her ass with her hands while inserting herself in the back, she can show her partner places that are usually invisible, such as the unprotected anal, the crack of her vagina, and the bloodshot mucous membrane.

The sensation of seeing and doing something wrong that is usually invisible is a new kind of stimulation. It also gives men a good view of the female genitalia and their own penises, or joins, moving in and out of it. Even when you are having sex in the normal position, some men like to see what the joining of the two of you is like.

Many men get turned on when they see the joining of the two. It can make a man more excited because he can see the joining of the two of them more clearly when they are having sex in the back than when they are having sex in the normal position.

Techniques for feeling more in the back

Sex will be even more enjoyable if you learn techniques to not only please your man in the back, but also to make the woman being inserted feel more comfortable.

Backing is an easier position to reach orgasm in the porthole, which is the sexual area near the cervix, because the penis stimulates the cervix deeper in the vagina than sex in the normal position, and it can also open the door to new pleasures when you feel like you’re being devoured and forcibly robbed by a man.

To make sex with your partner feel even better and enjoy sex with each other, here are some back techniques to take it up a notch!

Get a spanking

Spanking is the act of a man spanking a woman’s buttocks during sex. It is easy to feel pleasure from being spanked while being inserted in the back, especially if you are a woman with an inclination for beauty.

When a woman feels the pleasure of being fucked from behind and the embarrassment and pain of being spanked in succession, her brain confuses the two, and the pain becomes a pleasant sensation. It also evokes the mental pleasure of being dominated and conquered by a partner.

If your partner has a strong desire to dominate you, he or she will probably spank you and verbally spank you while inserting you back to him or her.

Even if you have no desire to dominate, some men find a woman’s firm, round, soft buttocks so cute that they are tempted to spank her, and many men will agree to spank you if you ask them to do so, as the spanking will tighten their vagina the moment they feel pain and stimulate them as well. Even if you’re not interested in soft SM, you should still try it.

Touch your tits too

When you are inserting yourself in the back, the woman has her hands on the bed, but the man’s one hand is only on the woman’s waist and his other hand is free. If you have the man stimulate your breasts with his free hand, you will feel it more because it adds another new stimulus to the pleasure of being poked and prodded.

Of course it feels good to have your nipples touched when you have your breasts touched, but actually there are many other sexual zones in your breasts besides the nipples. When the boundary between the armpit and the boob, the lower part of the boob, and the whole boob are stimulated in a circular motion, a tingling sensation is felt. If you don’t touch the nipple suddenly, you can get a strong pleasant sensation if you have the nipple touched from around the boob.

The clitoris is touched at the same time

When you are inserting yourself in the back, your legs are firmly open to support yourself, and as you do so, your labia majora and labia minora open up as well, making it easier to probe the clitoris, the sexual zone where a woman is most likely to reach orgasm, even from behind.

If you have a man touch your clitoris while you are pistoning, you can enjoy both the deep pleasure of being poked deep inside your vagina and the sharp pleasure of having your clitoris teased. Moreover, if it is inserted in the back and the clitoris is stimulated while twirling a finger with the love juice which overflowed from the vagina, the auditory stimulation is added by the disgusting sound of the squirt, and the love juice substitutes for the lubricant, and the pleasant sensation of the clitoris will be increased.

It is also a good stimulus to have a man’s scrotum, or ball sack, against the clitoris at the same time as he pistons.

Do it in front of a mirror

The standing position with your hands on a washstand or a full-length mirror can be very exciting. It’s a great way to have sex while seeing each other’s faces in the mirror, and it’s also a great stimulus for women to see objectively how they are being fucked from behind and how a man is controlling them.

Women who are a bit M-ish will especially like this kind of play. Men also get to see their tits bobbing in the mirror as they look at a woman’s buttocks and see themselves dominating and conquering her, which increases the level of excitement for both men and women. Some men lift a woman’s chin from behind and command her to look at her disgusting reflection in the mirror.

Doing it in your clothes

Sex in clothes is a visually stimulating play, as some men find women who are slightly clothed to be more aroused than women who are naked. Having sex while clothed also gives a woman a different feeling. Unlike the feeling of freedom that comes with being naked, the disarrayed clothes add a different kind of stimulation, as if you are being restrained and deprived of your freedom.

It is easy to feel as if a man is fucking a woman, so if you make the clothes unruly, open the button of the blouse halfway, shift the bra, and let the breast peek out only halfway, roll up the skirt, shift it to the side with wearing underwear, and insert it, the situation is more realistic. You can let them do this, and it increases the level of excitement for both of you. It’s also very sexy to have sex with your shorts tangled around your ankles. You can see a woman’s buttocks from behind, so it is also a good idea to shift around while wearing full lace underwear or a thong that allows you to see her skin to see how the underwear is digging into her plump buttocks.

Recommended toys for backing up

Once you’ve tried various back techniques, the next step is to try adult products to make sex feel even better. Adult products can provide a different kind of stimulation, and they can also give both men and women a stronger sense of pleasure. Of course, you can use your usual masturbation device for sex, but it’s also fun to choose one that you and your partner can use together.

Sex Lubricant

When it comes time to have sex, the woman needs to be wet enough to ensure smooth penetration. Especially when inserting in the back, the man and woman are deeply connected, and if they are not wet, they may feel each other’s pain. However, depending on your physical condition, it can be difficult for a woman to get wet regardless of her intentions. A Sex Lubricant can be useful in this situation, as it reduces skin-to-skin friction and also increases sensitivity to each other through its wetness.

There are various types of Sex Lubricants, but the ingredients vary depending on the purpose, such as mats that are intended for Sex Lubricant play and those that are intended to make penetration easier. The main ingredients used in commercially available Sex Lubricant are sodium polyacrylate, glycerin, oil and silicone.

In order to facilitate penetration, it is recommended to use a Sex Lubricant that is not too tacky and has a smooth feel, similar to bodily fluids, which is mainly composed of glycerin. Be aware that it can absorb water.

Also, since Sex Lubricant is used on sensitive areas, it is best to use a material that is gentle on your skin. There are Sex Lubricants that do not contain preservatives such as parabens and are made from the same ingredients as basic cosmetics, so it is advisable to choose the Sex Lubricant after carefully reading the ingredients.

Some Sex Lubricants may dry out easily, so if you are going to use them for a long time, you may want to use the oil type, which is mainly composed of oil. However, some oil types melt condoms, so it is necessary to use condoms made of urethane, which is not melted by oil, instead of rubber. Every Sex Lubricant has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it’s better for you and your partner to take your time in choosing one by looking at reviews and ingredient labels in adult shops, and to try out various products.

Buy Sex Lubricant


If you haven’t used a lot of adult goods before, you might want to try a vibrator first. The vibrator is also called the pink rotor, and it is inexpensive and relatively easy to obtain sex toy. Because it is battery-operated, it is not too bulky, and the storage place is not troubled. It is sold in the vending machine in the love hotel, and sometimes it is put as a welcome present, so it is easy to get it. The main way to use it is to place it on the clitoris while inserting it in the back. The vibrations can cause a woman to reach orgasm from both the stimulation of the clitoris and the stimulation of being prodded by the penis. In addition, the vagina tightens when the woman feels pleasure from her clitoris, and the vibrations of the vibrator and the tightness of the vagina are transmitted to the penis, so the man can also feel strong pleasure.

The vibrator is connected to the part that controls the strength of the vibration and the part that actually vibrates with a thin cord. The vibrator vibrates through the thin wall that separates the vagina from the rectum and is transmitted to the man’s penis, which leads to a pleasurable sensation. Battery-operated vibrators, due to their compact size, are less powerful and may not vibrate as well as they should. Once you get used to the stimulation of a battery-powered vibrator, you may want to buy a rechargeable vibrator or a corded vibrator to gradually switch to a stronger one.

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Magic Wand Vibrators

Magic Wand Vibrators, officially known as an electric massager, is a health device designed to relieve stiffness in the shoulders, hips and other parts of the body. However, it is also well known as a sex toy. When used against a woman’s clitoris, its vibrations lead a woman to a clitoral orgasm, or external come, so it is used a lot in adult videos and is now famous as one of the adult goods.

The good thing about the Magic Wand Vibrators is that it is mostly corded, so the vibrations are very powerful. The unit is a bit large and can be a bit bulky if you have it at home, but you can also use it in a hotel without having to buy it as it is often installed in love hotels.

The vibration is transmitted to a man’s penis firmly because the vibration is strong. You can feel the vibrations exactly where you want to feel them. The strength of the vibration can be adjusted with a switch on the handle, so women can choose the strength that they feel comfortable with.

The Magic Wand Vibrators is large and heavy, and the vibrations are so strong that your arm may become numb if you keep using it. Also, if you keep stimulating it for too long, you may feel pain in your clitoris. If you stimulate it too much, you may find it difficult to feel it afterwards outside of the Magic Wand Vibrators, so you may want to limit the use of the Magic Wand Vibrators to a short period of time. If you want to buy one, it is better to choose a compact one because nowadays there are some light and rechargeable Magic Wand Vibratorss that are not corded and are intended to be used as an adult product.

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Cock Ring

A cock ring is a ring-shaped adult product that is attached to a man’s penis, also known as a penis ring. It can be made of a variety of materials such as plastic and metal, but these days it is often made of rubber or silicone. Cock rings are medical devices originally made for men with erectile dysfunction, and when attached to the penis, they slow down the blood flow to the penis, increasing the ability of men who normally have low erections to get an erection and prolonging the duration of their erection. For this reason, it is often worn just before penetration with a woman to increase the strength of an erection and prolong the duration of an erection. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is to spread the ring of the cock ring, attach it to the base of the erected penis and have sex with it in the same way as usual.

The cock ring is used to prevent the woman from getting tighter when inserting it in the back and the man from reaching orgasm faster and ejaculating by inserting it deeper in the back and enjoying sex for longer periods of time. There are also cock rings on the market these days that have a vibrating function. There are prongs next to the ring-shaped part that have a vibrating function, and when the vibrating prongs are placed against a woman’s clitoris like a vibrator, both men and women can get a strong pleasure from it.

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Points to keep in mind when backing up

The back style fuels men’s arousal and makes it easy for women to feel pleasure. But the truth is that it’s not just a matter of inserting yourself from behind. There are a few things you need to be aware of for the sake of both of your bodies. Next, we’re going to go over some of the things to watch out for when you’re backing up!

It may be difficult if there is a height difference

If there is a difference in height between men and women, it can be difficult to back up. If the height of the hips do not match when backing up, it is difficult to insert, or the man cannot move his hips properly, and the pleasure is reduced by half. Also, if the height of the hips does not match, insertion is shallow and it is easy to pull out, so the penis may accidentally fall out when you piston. The momentum of the piston may hit the vagina or buttocks hard, which may lead to injury.

If there is a large difference in height between you and each other, you can try a lying back or side back where the woman inserts from a lying down position rather than on all fours. It is also recommended that a man insert himself into the panther position and support the woman’s hips as it is easier to insert. Standing back also requires you to be creative in how you insert yourself if there is a height difference. If there is a height difference, the length of the leg changes, so the man has to bend down deeply and the woman has to stand on her toes, and either of them has to be in an unreasonable position to insert. In these cases, it is necessary to consider ways to adjust the height of the body, for example, by using a step.

Stop if you feel pain

Since backing is a position in which the penis is inserted deep into a woman’s cervix, some women may feel pain and discomfort. If you are thrust too hard from the beginning, you may feel only pain, and it may result in painful sex. Some men believe that they will eventually feel better if they just poke you, but this is counterproductive and should be stopped immediately. If you are poked unnecessarily, the pain will make you feel uncomfortable having sex in the back. In order to avoid feeling the pain, it is better to start out with shallow penetration and repeated pistoning, without thrusting too deep, and then slowly and deeply penetrate until you get used to it and gradually develop it.

If you are having sex with a trustworthy partner, take your time and don’t rush into it. It is best to have a relationship where you can tell your partner when it hurts. There are some adult products that can be used to develop the portio in the back of the vagina, and you can use them to your advantage. It is also recommended to proceed with development gradually by inserting yourself in the normal position on a regular basis.

I recommend a dildo for ↓ Porcupine development.

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To further reduce the pain, it is recommended that you also insert yourself in the normal position before inserting yourself in the back or reaching orgasm with your clitoris. This will increase the sensitivity of the vagina sufficiently for a smooth insertion. Just as the length and thickness of the penis varies from person to person, the position, depth and angle of the vagina is also different for each person. Women who have their vagina close to the anal, commonly referred to as a lower vagina, are more likely to feel pleasure in the back. On the other hand, women with a vagina close to the belly, so-called “superscript”, may feel pain in the back from the angle at which the vagina is attached. If the vagina is 4 cm away from the anal, it’s a superscript, and if it’s closer to the anus than that, it’s a subscript.

If a woman’s vagina is attached to the anus, the man can try to change the angle of the piston by lifting her hips up and inserting it or by pistoning upward. However, depending on the angle of the m-vagina and penis, just inserting it may cause pain. If you feel pain, you should decide that backing up is not very suitable for you and stop immediately.


There are many variations of back to back sex, starting with the orthodox back, standing back, lying back, side back, etc., so it is very effective as a way to add new stimulation and pleasure to normal sex. Even women who thought backwards sex is somehow embarrassing will get over their embarrassment and try it once, which will open the door to a new kind of pleasure.

Sex that feels good is one of the most important forms of communication that can also strengthen your bond with your partner. If you want to stay close to your partner without getting in a rut, you can try a new sex position called the back, like changing your makeup and fashion from time to time.