At the time of sex, basically, men tend to caress and insert women. But I also want women to caress men and feel better.
There are many women who want to have sex that attacks men rather than just being done recently, and if you are good at caressing for men, you can become a woman who does not want to let go of men.
Sex is not just an act of seeking a child or pleasure, but an expression of affection for a couple. Learn how to caress a man and make him better.

Need caress? ?

From the viewpoint of making a child, sex is aimed at inserting sperm into the womb, but from the perspective of skinship and expression of affection, caress and verbal communication are very important.

Women do not get wet easily if they do not have sexual pleasure, so if they are not caressed, they will be affected when inserting. But what about caressing men?

It’s easy to think that it’s unnecessary because you’re excited by the sight and atmosphere, but caressing makes it easier for your genitals to erect, and you can also get pleasure outside of your genitals.

Care for me

Caress is one of the essential activities in sex, and is often done by men to get sexual pleasure for women. Recently, women are more often men, and men have more opportunities to get sexual pleasure.

When making a female, the lines from the neck to the chest, the thighs, the back, and the genitals are mainly licked. The chest is the part that men love and caress, and it is the part where women can feel particularly pleasing.

However, when it is performed on men, it is limited to the nipples and genitals, and there are not so many parts that can get sexual pleasure like women.

Not only does a woman caress for a man, it makes the man more excited, but he also enjoys the reaction of the man, who doesn’t show the usual feeling.

It’s also an expression of affection, so women want to caress men. In particular, men are the ones who usually make themselves women, so when a woman tells me, I get excited. Since the excitement becomes MAX, both parties can get further pleasure even after the insertion, so caressing is necessary to enjoy sex more.

I want my partner to feel good!

Sex is an act that both men and women do, not one that does its best. However, in recent media, there are many things that men unilaterally attack women, and the image that sex = men serve women has become established.

For the original purpose of sex, the vagina must be wet in order to make an insertion and get the sperm into the womb. It may be natural for a man to caress a woman because the vagina needs to be sexually excited to get wet.

However, since it is an expression of affection that is done by two people, there are times when I want women and men to feel comfortable other than inserting it.

Many men only make voices when they are close to ejaculation, so there is not much opportunity to hear what they feel. However, even men can feel it if they are caressed, and their voices may leak. I think many women are excited by the voices of men who they usually can’t hear, so it can lead to more sex.

If you’re a really favorite partner, it’s a natural feeling that you want to feel good about yourself.

For women who think “I always want them to serve me, I would like to do it”, remember and practice how to caress a man so that he feels comfortable.

I don’t know the proper method

As sex progresses after men caress women, it seems that many women do not know what to do if a woman with the opposite pattern caresses men.

Even if you partner with what you usually do, you don’t know if the other person really feels good.

A woman who is not confident in how she can caress may feel uncomfortable when she actually tries to partner with her, and may be uneasy.

But sex is also an expression of affection for each other, and it’s time to release your mind and body and improve your relationship.

If you don’t do anything just because you don’t know how to caress, it’s the same as usual sex, so you’re more likely to get hooked.

There is also a pleasure for women to attack men, so I think that if women actively attack men, they can also get pleasure, and they will be able to spend a fulfilling time that is not one-sided.

How to caress a man?

So what is the way to caress a man? Actually, caress isn’t just physical.

Speaking of physical caressing, I think of licking erogenous zones and skin. Unlike the female body, which is sensitive to the whole body, males have a slightly different skin sensitivity, making it different from females.

Due to such factors, I think that many women are not able to caress themselves because of the anxiety that women will really feel even if they caress themselves.

First, let’s understand what makes men excited.

Visual stimulus

It is said that men are excited by the information they receive, and the information they receive from the eyes is very important.

If a man can’t take his clothes off, let him see his cleavage and let him slowly. Looking at a woman’s nakedness increases her excitement, so it’s a good idea to show her skin slowly, including the meaning of being impatient.

Choose underwear that matches your partner’s taste, such as floral designs or black lace. You can enjoy the freshness of the shorts by incorporating a T-back with the standard shape.

It is also effective to rub the chest with your hands so that the man gets more excited during sex, or shake it greatly when it is inserted.

Many men are more agitated when women actively move, so men will become more enthusiastic about sex if they try to open their legs or shake their hips.

An easy-to-understand example is the movement and reaction of an adult video actress.

The majority of men watch adult videos when they masturbate, and it may be possible to make their partners more excited by studying the movements of the actresses who appear.

Aural stimulation

Men are excited not only by the information they see, but also by the information about the sounds they hear.

Word blame and pant voice of women are typical, but there are few women who try to blame themselves. Panting voices are very exciting for men, as they are evidence that they feel “by caressing and inserting themselves”, which can lead to self-confidence and excitement.

Also, you can’t pant if you don’t have the pleasure to speak. If you feel comfortable in order to excite a man, you can increase the sexual excitement of a man by making a voice without being shy.

If you don’t speak because you don’t feel comfortable, you may want to try telling the man obediently. However, just telling them may hurt a man’s pride, so it’s recommended that you don’t have a bad mood if you raise a man, such as telling him a comfortable point or telling him to do this because he wants more pleasure. ..

Regarding word blame, men often make women, but women do not have many opportunities to make men. Men are not used to being blamed by themselves, but if you have a little M temperament, word blaming is very effective, so women may enjoy sex different from usual by taking advantage not.

Tactile stimulus

The last is tactile stimulation, but by physically touching and providing stimulation, sexual pleasure and arousal are stimulated.

Is to get.

The penis is definitely the part that men can easily feel, but there are other areas such as the groin and anus.

The groin refers to what is called the base of the thigh, which is a part that you rarely touch by yourself, and is quite sensitive to irritation during sex. Try touching or not touching it and sliding your finger along the groin line.

The penis is dry prior to insertion, so use lotion to avoid pain.

The stimulus to the anal may be a little hard to play, but wet the inserted finger or object sufficiently and insert it slowly.

The anal has the prostate, which is the point that men feel very much. Originally, it is an organ located just below the bladder, but because it is shaped so as to surround the urethra, part of it faces the rectum and can be stimulated from the anus.

If you suddenly put something in it, it will be a painful place, so be sure to loosen the entrance before going.

And when it is finally inserted, women can not change their posture, so let’s stimulate the face and ears of men.

Especially in the normal position, the man is covering the upper part, so he looks up from below. At that time, the man’s excitement culminates when he touches his opponent’s ears with a slight glance or touches his face.

By adding a little skill and skinship, you can make the best time, so please give it a try.

Recommended caressing method for men

The image that men make women is strong caress, but there are actually various ways to caress men.

There is more than just a direct stimulus to the penis, so women can be excited to see what a man feels, or to be thrilled to see what a man does not normally see.

Men do not often feel and make a voice, so just seeing how they feel and put up with a voice excites a woman and makes it easier for her to secrete joy juice, so insertion can be done smoothly.

Caress can both get excited, so take a closer look at how to caress a man.

Play while impatient

Playing while impatient is very effective for men with a little M temperament. Excitement and pleasure will increase as a result of being impatient, so if your partner has a temperament, go for it positively.

When caressing the body, a man can only think of “I want you to touch the penis as soon as possible” by not touching the penis suddenly and dare to touch other parts such as the nipple and groin area. However, the other parts are also pleasing enough that I feel more comfortable when I touch the penis.

Also, if you are touching the penis, you will not be able to stop if you stop ejaculating and you will be in a so-called stop state.

When you suddenly stop your hands when you are likely to ejaculate, you will stop in front of the strongest pleasure, and the man asks the woman to ejaculate soon, so seeing this reaction also gives the woman a sense of superiority Can be excited
However, it is important to note that it is only for those who have M temperament that effective frustration play and size stopping are effective, and for people with a strong S temperament, it may make them wither.

Also, if you stop before ejaculation, it may take some time for the ejaculation to be ready again, or some people may become agitated, so those who do not perform impatient play or stop. Would be nice

Obscene words and clothes

Since men often have the initiative when having sex, I think there are few opportunities for women to speak obscene words. However, while the woman is caressing the man, or when he is inserted, the man gets excited by saying obscene words.

When a woman is caressing a man, it’s good to say that she’s excited. Men can easily decide what to do next by telling them how they feel now, such as “I’ve got a lot of wetness” and “I want you to put it in quickly”.

You can also understand the feelings of.

When talking about men, men are more embarrassed and more likely to get excited if they say that the penis is stiff or sensitive.

In addition to the words, it is also very effective to try on clothes that are different from usual. If you’re rude in your usual underwear, it’s recommended to try cosplay.

The typical costumes for cosplay are nurses, police officers, school uniforms, etc. You can enjoy the freshness by wearing clothes that you don’t wear much in everyday life.

Other than cosplay, wearing a lace-like transparent underwear or wearing a T-back will create a different atmosphere than usual.

Most of the time I get naked when I have sex, but it’s also good to try wearing clothes and underwear.

Nipple stimulation method

Women have big breasts and big nipples, so there are many opportunities to be touched and licked during sex. However, unlike women, men do not have a bulge in the chest and the size of their nipples is small.

Therefore, if women do not have the opportunity to attack, sex may end without being touched, but men can get pleasant feelings on nipples if they develop like women.

You may feel tickling while you are not accustomed to the stimulus, so first of all, let’s touch with the image of gently massage with your finger pad. It is also effective to make a circle, crush it, and lightly scratch it with your nails.

If you feel comfortable with the stimulus, try licking it gently with your tongue. You can also lick it in the same way as with your fingers, and if you want more stimulation, try biting lightly. If you do it too hard, it will be painful, so the point is to do it without putting your finger or tongue on.

The stimulus to the nipple is a caress that is relatively effective for any man, and it is easy to feel excitement because it is not usually done.

In addition, a male penis must be erect enough to be inserted, but even if the hardness is insufficient, caressing the nipple is effective.

The excitement you get from the sight of a woman licking your nipples and the physical pleasure you feel from your nipples will make your penis more advanced, so try stimulating your nipples before insertion.

Method of stimulating fingertips and toes

Caress tends to focus on the body and genitals, but stimulation of the fingertips and toes is also very effective. Especially, the toes are very sensitive and irritating when licked during sex, so it’s a waste to finish without touching them.

To caress your toes, you can get a pleasant sensation by licking your soles, fingers, etc., or by putting them in your mouth. It may feel a little tickling, but as you continue, it will gradually become pleasant.

Carefully licking your fingertips is the main thing, so you should carefully lick your palms, fingers, or your fingertips.

Also, holding your fingertip to move it up or down, or putting the tongue on the side of your finger to lick it, it will behave as if you were licking your penis.

It also feels like a simulated fellatio, allowing men to be visually satisfied.

Females tend to caress their fingers and toes, so if you have some resistance to lick your penis, you should first caress your fingers and feet.

How to stimulate your penis

When a woman attacks a man, caressing the penis, which can be the most inspiring, is essential.

Normally, men are masturbating and many people are used to stimulating themselves, but by stimulating the penis by a woman, physical stimulation and “a partner is touching his penis You can get a feeling of spiritual satisfaction.

It is also possible for a woman to satisfy the man’s desire to control by touching or licking the penis.

Therefore, in this chapter, I would like to introduce a technique that gives a man a pleasant feeling that makes him forget about himself.

Basic method of handjob

When stimulating a man’s penis, the act of stimulating with a hand called handjob is easy to adjust the pressure by using the palm and fingers, and can be done while watching the reaction of the man.

I see some adult videos well, so I guess some people are doing it somehow.

Handjob stimulates the penis with its hands as its name suggests, but it is important to note that if a man’s penis is covered with skin, the so-called true phimosis (shinsei hokei) is strong by stretching the skin. It causes pain.

If you have a pseudophimosis, the skin will be peeled off and there will be no pain, but the phimosis cannot be peeled off, so be careful while watching the reaction of your partner.

As for the method of handjob, first of all, please use saliva or lotion to make it slip well.

It is important to prepare for good slippage, as it feels pain rather than pleasure when dry.

Then, rub your penis with your finger and move it up and down while grasping it with one hand.

If you make a lot of movement, it will be more stimulating, but there are individual differences, so please adjust according to the reaction of your partner.

After that, it gradually moves to the glans, and if you touch the bagged part of the boundary between the glans and penis with your finger, the man may feel more stimulating and may make a voice.

The glans, which is also the most sensitive part of the penis, can give the pleasure of being ejaculated by gently stimulating it with the palm or fingers.

Basic method of blowjob

Fellatio is often seen in adult videos, so some people may find it uncommon, but relatively many people do it.

Some people may have some resistance because it licks the penis in their mouth, but since the masturbation does not give the soft feel of the tongue, it is easier for men to feel than handjobs.

The penis part is visually excited by licking by sticking out the tongue and giving a pleasant sensation.

The glans part should be included in the mouth and carefully licked using the mucous membrane and tongue. If you hit your teeth at this time, you will feel pain, so please be aware that your mouth should be large and O-shaped.

It is more effective if you apply force to your tongue to make it firm, or loosen it to make it softer.

Also, when you lick it, you can get excited by hearing it by mixing saliva and making a sound.

If you lick it so as to make an obscene sound, men will be more likely to get excited.

Many men want their partner women to lick them at least once, but sometimes it’s hard to say so, so by letting the woman take the initiative in giving a blowjob, the man will let you go. You may feel that you don’t want to.

Stimulation with double hand and mouth

By doing both handjob and blowjob, you can get more stimulation while incorporating two benefits.

Since handjob is done by hand, you cannot feel the softness of the tongue, the feel of the mucous membrane, and the warmth.

Fellatio has a tongue and mucous membrane feel, but since it cannot apply a little strong pressure like a hand, it is a loose stimulus.

However, with your hands and mouth, you can feel the softness of your tongue while applying a lot of pressure, so if you do handjob and blowjob at the same time, you can caress better.

There are various methods, but there are two main methods.

The first method is to move the penis up and down by hand and hold the glans in your mouth.

The hands move with a certain rhythm while gradually moving up and down to promote ejaculation, and the glans can be given strong pleasure by including it in the mouth and applying pressure with the tongue or moving quickly.

The second is to stimulate the glans by hand and lick the penis.

Unlike before, the glans are stimulated by hand. Wrap the glans with a hand that has been thoroughly moistened with lotion, and rotate it while rotating the snap of the wrist. At that time, while licking the penis with a tongue, it stimulates the entire penis, and the man sees the situation with a strong feeling of pleasure.

After finishing one handjob and one fellatio, please give a stimulus with your hands and mouth.

Stimulation to the anal

The stimulus to anal becomes a very hard play, and I think that most of them have no experience. I think it is unlikely that the male side has been exposed to the anal, so it may be okay if you talk to your partner and try each other’s goals.

Instead of suddenly inserting your finger, you first need to unravel the entrance. Stop at the place where you put 1 to 2 cm from your fingertip, and trace it in a circular motion to open the entrance.

If you feel no pain at the entrance, slowly insert your finger to the back and try to find a crunchy area. If you have an erection, your prostate is stiff, and if you haven’t, your prostate is soft.

Bending the second joint of your finger toward your stomach makes it easier to find the prostate, so be sure to look at the male reaction each time.

Development is necessary to make the prostate feel pleasure, so don’t give up and try again and again even if you don’t feel comfortable.

Also, anal is the place where stool is discharged, so if stool is accumulated, it may adhere to your finger. You can prevent stools from sticking by removing the stools that have accumulated in the intestines with an enema in advance, or by putting a condom on your fingers.

If your finger is injured, be sure to wear a condom, as stool bacteria may enter through the wound and cause infection.
Women often have long nails, but if they are too long, they may tear the condom on their fingers, so be careful.

Try using Sex toy

When women attack men, it’s a good idea to incorporate sextoy.

Unlike men, women have less physical strength, which makes it difficult to keep attacking for a long time. However, by using Adult Guts, physical strength is covered, and men can also obtain intermittent stimulation by sextoy.

Typical examples of adult guts for men are rotors and onaholes (commonly known as onaho).

The rotor is often used by women, and it is a small oval toy that can give a certain amount of vibration to the opponent.

However, if you use a rotor on a sensitive glans, etc., it may be so irritating that it may hurt, so when using it on men, it should be used on the nipple, groin, and anus.

Onaho is mainly used by men when they masturbate, and there are many types, including those that have the shape of a female genitalia or the shape of a cylinder.

The advantage of using Onaho during sex is that it can be used by women when they cannot insert it due to menstruation or when they are not feeling well. Inserting the penis into the onaho and moving it up and down gives you a feeling similar to insertion, and one of the advantages is that you can ejaculate inside.

Even women who are not confident in handjobs and blowjobs can give men a great deal of pleasure by using Onaho.
By appropriately incorporating such adult goods, you will be able to create better sex time.

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Techniques for caressing men

There are a lot of articles on the internet that men caress women, but when they caress about women, they do the same, but the same can be said when women caress men.

In particular, women are not accustomed to the act of caressing, and there are many who are not confident. Men’s reaction is the index at such times.

While some women act so as not to hurt a man’s pride, men are not good at acting like that. So if you don’t feel good, nothing will react, but if you feel good you can see a pure reaction.

Since women are good at identifying small breaths, gestures, and movements during men’s sex, if you do not miss such small signs, you can successfully attack the points that men feel.

At first, it may be difficult to move because I am not accustomed to it, but for men, it is easy to get excited even with erratic movements, so I will not give up and try it please look.

By looking closely at the reaction of men, it will be easier to judge what is comfortable and what is not, and the caressing technique will gradually increase.

Precautions when caressing a man

Caress is an act necessary for smooth sex, but it is also an act to convey one’s feelings to the other person.

I usually feel good about myself, so it’s also an expression of compassion that I want to make the other person feel good, so try to be kind and polite.

Also, regarding handjobs and blowjobs, the glans of the penis is as sensitive as a female genital area, so even if you try not to put too much effort on it, it will be quite different.

Women who are unfamiliar may have their teeth raised or squeezed strongly during blowjob, so remember when you caress your body and try to be gentle and touch gently.

Let’s Unlike females, males are less likely to be touched, and there are few places where they feel comfortable from the beginning.

Even with the nipples that many women feel comfortable, it takes time for men to feel good, and it takes more time and number of times to develop anal.

You can gradually get pleasure by asking your partner if they feel good or not, so try to keep close communication even during sex.


This time, I introduced the knowledge about caress that women do to men.

In sex, the purpose is to finally insert the penis into the female genitals and ejaculate, so caressing of the female becomes necessary in the process.

However, it is easy for men to think that caressing is not necessary because they can be inserted by erection.

Caress with men is not mandatory, but women can create more intense sex time and deepen their love for each other by actively doing it.

There are various ways to attack, such as words and physical stimulation, but the things that get excited and how to caress effectively also vary depending on the partner.

By studying each other a lot, you will be able to have a more fulfilling sex life.