The image of sex, whether it’s women who have sex or not, is “pleasure” or “security”.
However, I think that some women who have sex experience have experienced the “pain” of feeling pain during sex.
Sometimes I hesitate to bear the pain of sex and tell the man.
It’s not a good idea to put up with it, even though it’s an action that can make you feel good.
Sex can be better if you can resolve the pain during sexual intercourse.
This time, we will introduce the identity and solution of this “coital pain = pain during intercourse”.

Do you feel pain during sex?

Have you ever felt pain during sex?
Many, if not new, have had pain during sex.
I often hear the pain during the insertion.
Basically, the cause of pain during sexual intercourse is that the vagina is not sufficiently moisturized.
If the vagina is not sufficiently moisturized, friction will increase, which can lead to pain.

From these things, foreplay by caressing is important.
Feeling pain during sexual intercourse In many cases, it is “insufficient”, but some illness may be hidden.
Also, the mental part can be involved in pain during sexual intercourse, so if you feel pain, do not leave it as it is and do something.

What is sexual intercourse pain (pain during intercourse)?

In the first place, pain during sexual intercourse is the pain that a woman feels during “sexual intercourse,” so-called sex.
Pain that occurs at the entrance to the vagina or inside the vagina when a male organ is inserted.
There are various types of pain.

・Stinging sharp pain
・Tightening pain
・A burning tingling pain

Whatever pain, the pain that is most delicate to a woman can sometimes be unbearable.
Although there are different types of pain and differences in pain, it is said that many women have experienced pain during intercourse.

Pain during intercourse is mainly caused by intense friction and irritation when inserting the male genitals.
Is it painful to rub dry skin violently?
It has the same principle.
Although it is pain during sex, it is difficult to convey to men, but if it is left as it is, the pain will be severe and the sex itself will have a rejection reaction.
It is best to resolve whatever the cause is, but first it is important to know the cause of the pain you feel.

What causes you not to get wet?

The main cause of pain during sexual intercourse is lack of moisture.
When a woman is sexually stimulated, her vaginal discharge is produced to facilitate the insertion of male organs.
This secretion is called “love fluid”.
This joy juice plays a role of lubricating oil when inserting the male genitals in the vagina.
However, if this lubricating oil is not secreted sufficiently, friction in the vagina will increase when a male genital organ is inserted, leading to pain.

What is the reason why this lubricating oil is not secreted in the first place?
The first thing that comes to my mind is that “a man lacks power during foreplay,” but it is not the only one.
Actually, there are various factors such as the physical condition and mental stress of the woman herself.
The female body is very delicate.
There are times when you have created a cause that prevents you from getting wet without even realizing it.
Then, I will explain what is the cause of not getting wet.

Lack of sleep

If you continue to lack sleep due to your work being busy or your worries, your hormone balance will be disturbed.
If the hormonal balance is disturbed, the substance called oxytocin, which is necessary for getting wet, is not secreted, and it becomes a cause of not getting wet.
In addition, continued lack of sleep can lead to diminished libido.
When sexual desire is diminished, interest in sex itself diminishes, making it harder to get into sex. As a result, you may feel pain without getting wet.

First of all, if you have been lacking sleep, try to get enough rest.
When you get enough sleep, you can naturally have smooth sex.
Sexuality is also essential for sex.
You don’t have to have sex when you feel your sexual desire is diminished.
It goes without saying that there are times when you can be positive about sex and when you cannot.
If you are positive about your sex, you can have satisfying sex.
On the other hand, when you can’t be positive, you may not be able to have a good sex because you don’t like sex.
Lack of sleep can be affected in many ways other than sex.
By adjusting the quality of sleep, you may be able to lead a fulfilling sexual life.


I think everyone has a lot of worries about work, friendships, and family relationships.
If you leave the worries as they are, they will accumulate as stress without your knowledge.
Stress, like lack of sleep, can lead to disturbances in hormone balance, making it harder to get wet and leading to pain.
Also, women who are not active in sex may find themselves stressed.
If you’re a woman who is stressed on sex,

Sex stress
→Stress makes it difficult to get wet
→ It becomes difficult to get wet and I feel pain
→ I feel stress from sex because of pain

There may be a vicious circle.
If you are not active in sex, it is important to speak honestly with your partner.
Talking to your partner will ease your feelings and reduce the stress of nature and sex.

It may be impossible to spend life without stress.
Try to find a way to relax on a daily basis to alleviate stress.
You can not only take a shower but also soak yourself in a bathtub, take a walk on a sunny day and reset your feelings.
Let’s try to avoid stress as much as we can in our daily lives.

Insufficient water

People who are not habitually drinking water should also be careful.
Since 60% of the human body is made of water, people who normally lack water have poor blood circulation.
If the blood circulation becomes poor, the symptoms of “difficult to get wet” may occur due to insufficient blood flow.
People who are habitually deficient in water do not easily notice “insufficient water”.
Check your body for symptoms such as dry skin and dry hair.

Also, people on extreme diets likewise tend to lack water.
When you have sex, you will be able to show yourself to your partner, so you can understand how beautiful you want to be, but as a result, if you have symptoms that make you difficult to get wet due to lack of water, you will end up falling.
A healthy dietary balance and adequate hydration are important for eliminating water deficiency.
Moisturizing the skin will moisturize the skin and make the hair shiny.
To keep your body clean, try to drink enough water on a daily basis.


Symptoms such as physical fatigue and difficulty in getting wet may occur.
When you’re tired at work, you’ll have difficulty getting wet with sex, and as a result, it will lead to pain during sexual intercourse.
If you are tired, your immune system will be weakened.

Also, when I’m tired, my body is tired regardless of sex, so I feel like I want to take a break.
Sometimes I unconsciously think, “I want to sleep now rather than having sex.”
At such times, you don’t have to have sex.
Take a skinship that hugs you without having sex and rest yourself.
It may be difficult to tell your partner what to do, but sometimes you get enough rest in the evening and have sex in the morning.
There are times when the atmosphere is different than usual.
Rather than making sex obligatory, you can enjoy it without burdening your mind and body by deciding when to have sex while consulting with your body.
Of course, when a man is tired from the opposite side, let’s say “Let’s take a rest together today” without inviting him.
By having a comfortable sex life with each other, you can build a good relationship as a lover.

Coldness and poor circulation

Many women feel colder than men.
Coldness is often caused by poor circulation, and symptoms may worsen especially in the cold season such as winter.
In women with cold, the capillaries around the genitals contract, making it difficult to get wet.
Also, be careful if you have difficulty in sweating.
If you are suffering from chilliness, it is important to make a habit of warming yourself by pouring hot water into the bath every day.

I think I will take a shower before sex, but it is also good to soak in hot water at that time.
If you feel sorry for keeping a man waiting, there are people who can join you.
You can also enjoy the fresh sex that begins while flirting in the bath.
However, what you need to be aware of is that if you have sex in the bath for the first time, it may just get hotter and be inserted as it is.
If you do not want to get pregnant, you should use contraceptives properly because contraception may be neglected.

There is also a delicate gel that has a warming effect when you have difficulty getting wet due to coldness or poor circulation.
Since it has a warming effect, it promotes blood circulation and naturally warms the body.
It might be good to use it secretly in the toilet or have a man use it during sex.
It’s a good idea to keep the room warm with your body when you have sex.

Lacking caress

The number one reason why you don’t get wet is lack of caress.
If the foreplay before the insertion is short or if it is a rough condition, the inside of the vagina will not be sufficiently moistened and friction will occur during insertion, causing pain.
Also, the foreplaying man’s claws may be stretched, causing damage to the vagina and causing pain.
Let men keep the nails short and clean as a minimum manner.

Men tend to spend less time on skinship than women.
Women are more sexually excited by the skinships and kisses they have before sex.
It’s a little common for young men, but when they get ahead of themselves, they become self-directed foreplay, and they feel pain due to lack of moisture.
Men and women are different in the way they accept sex.
Women are not always ready to be accepted.
Make sure that men understand the difference.
It is important that you do not hesitate to convey your wishes.
Men are not selfish, some think that they are good, and some do not lead to pleasure for women.
It might be good to convey your feelings honestly, such as what makes you happy and what makes you feel better.


It may be difficult to get wet due to the tension about sex.
Women who have little or no experience of sex are naturally nervous.
The act of showing your nakedness to a man you like is naturally nervous.
Starting with such tension, inexperienced women have difficulty getting wet and will feel pain during intercourse when inserting.
When I’m nervous, I have a lot of thoughts in my head and I can’t concentrate on sex.
It’s impossible to say “don’t be nervous”, but if you’re still embarrassed, try to make the room light as dark as possible.
However, for men, it is sometimes exciting to see such a shameful woman.
I’ll be less nervous and embarrassed someday, so let’s get used to it little by little.

Also, don’t force yourself to think “I’m embarrassed but I have to concentrate on sex!”
The opposite effect.
When you’re nervous, it’s best not to think about anything.
Just look at what he loves him and don’t think about anything else.


There are many people who have had pain during sexual intercourse before childbirth, but have pain after having sex.
The same is true during pregnancy, but after delivery, the hormone balance is disturbed.
In addition, I am tired because I am trying to live my life with unfamiliar childcare.
Especially before the age of one, the sleeping time is not fixed, so even if you have sex at night, you may not be able to concentrate on sex because you are worried that your baby will not wake up.
Similarly, men may say that foreplay is neglected, saying, “Because I have a baby, I must finish it early!”

Postpartum is the most difficult period when not only the body of a woman but also the living environment changes significantly.
It is important to have sex with your partner, but first of all, make sure you are in good physical condition after childbirth.
If you can’t have sex and the couple’s communication is reduced, it might be a good idea to leave the baby in your parents’ home and give the couple time to go out alone.
When a child is born, there is a tendency to have a relationship between a father and mother rather than a man and woman.
Sometimes it is important for the couple to have time without water.
Let’s build a relationship where you can be a man and woman even if you don’t have time to have sex.

Is it the entrance that hurts when you have sex? Back?

Where do you feel when you feel pain during sex in the first place?
The location of the pain may also reveal the cause of pain during sexual intercourse.

First of all, if the entrance to the vagina hurts when you insert it, it is mostly because the genital area and vagina are not wet.
The fact that the area near the entrance is not wet causes friction and causes pain.
In addition, you may endure it as it is and you may get scratches in the vagina due to friction, causing inflammation and further pain.
If it’s not wet, you often feel pain from the moment you insert it, so stop if you feel pain.
Have the foreplay take longer and allow it to become moist enough before inserting.

Also, it may be good to use a lubricant such as lotion.
However, if you use lotion, your futon or bed may get dirty, so be sure to use a bath towel and lay it down.

If the place where you feel the pain is in the back, some illness may be lurking.
Endometriosis is the most common part of the vagina.
Therefore, when the male genitals are inserted all the way, they are stimulated and feel pain.
Also. Similarly, if a uterine fibroid is behind the uterus, it can lead to pain from irritation.
In addition, women who have experienced abortion may also feel pain due to inflammation and adhesions in the uterus, so be careful.
If you have adhesions, you may become infertile when you want a child in the future.
If you feel pain in the back of your vagina, seek medical attention at a hospital.

Difficult to get wet even if it is due to menopause

Menopause is a symptom that appears in women between the ages of 45 and 55 and has various unpleasant symptoms such as persistent sweating, frustration, and lethargy.
In addition to the commonly mentioned symptoms of menopause, you may feel pain without getting wet during sex.
During menopause, a decrease in the female hormone estrogen causes various symptoms.
The decrease in estrogen disturbs the hormone balance and makes it difficult to get wet.
In addition, one of the causes is that the body is not ready to accept sex because it is mentally lethargic due to menopausal symptoms, and the body is not ready to accept it.

Estrogen replacement is a treatment for pain in menopause.
It balances hormones and at the same time alleviates physical problems.
It is also important to visit a hospital if you have severe symptoms of menopause and are not interested in sex.
However, some women may be reluctant to go to the hospital in pain during menopause.
In such a case, use lotion etc. and talk with your partner so that you can relieve the pain.

If it hurts, don’t stand!

Most women endure even if they feel pain during sex.
Many women have experienced pain because they don’t want to break the mood of sex or want to keep his mood.
But it’s not good to endure the pain.
If you endure the pain and end the sex, it may be good, but it will always have some effect later.

・Pain makes me dislike sex
・Sex becomes trauma
・If the illness is hidden, the symptoms will worsen.

There are various ways in which the impact can occur, but as a result, you may hate sex itself.
Sex is the act of making children, but it is one of the important communications between loved ones.
The act of touching the skin is to trust the other person.
If you hate it, you lose important communication.
Of course, you can also find it difficult to tell your partner that you are in pain during sex.
However, I don’t think the men will endure the pain and have sex.
If you feel pain, let your partner know and think about a good solution.

If the pain is severe, go to the hospital

If you continue to have pain during sex, consider visiting a hospital.
A gynecological illness may also be present if there is no pain during sex but there is pain during urination or in the lower abdomen.
In the case of gynecological illness, leaving it untreated may lead to infertility.
We recommend that you visit your gynecologist regularly to avoid regrets when you want a child in the future.

If you feel pain during sexual intercourse, there is a slight problem somewhere.
Sexual diseases such as chlamydia can also cause pain.
Gynecological internal examination may feel resistance for women, but knowing your body is important not only for sex.
If you can find the source of the trouble at the hospital, you can improve the symptoms of having pain during sexual intercourse with sex.
If you have any symptoms

・How long has it been
・What are the symptoms
・What kind of pain is there at what time

It is easier to find the cause of trouble by recording it and telling the doctor.
If you feel pain, don’t be patient and consult a hospital.


This time, I talked about “pain during intercourse” that many women have experienced.
Sex is an act that can only be achieved when each other gains a sense of security and pleasure.
Since sex is always led by men, it tends to be led by men.
Because of such male-led sex, even if a woman feels pain, it will be difficult to say.
In many cases, dyspareunia can be improved by improving physical constitution and reviewing daily lifestyle habits.
It’s good not only for sexual intercourse, but for the body as well, so let’s revisit our current life once again.

When it comes to sex, I want both men and women to feel good.
It’s hard to say because you like it, but it’s also important to create an opportunity for two people to discuss sex so that you can feel comfortable with each other.
In order to have a better sex life from now on, let’s deal with sexual intercourse pain properly without leaving it.