I think many people First sex, what is right? Mental and physical preparation and contraceptives and techniques.are nervous when they have sex for the first time because their expectations and anxiety are mixed. No one knows at first.
In this article, for women who have such concerns, we will explain in detail about the preparation of the mind and body before the first sex, as well as contraceptives and techniques.
If you are interested in sexuality but don’t know it because you have no experience…” If you are a woman who is unsure about what you should do with your first sex, please use this as a reference.

Things to worry before your first sex

When it comes to sex for the first time, of course there are lots of things you don’t understand. How do you do it, does it hurt, can you feel comfortable, etc.?
Of course, I am also concerned about contraception, which is quite important.
Actually experiencing oneself is very different from watching porn videos and listening to the experiences of the users.

From here, I will explain specifically about the worrying factors that always occur before the first sex.
At first, there is some anxiety, but if you understand it properly, you will not be afraid, so please use it as a reference.


What does “sex” mean in the first place?
Generally speaking, a man inserts his genitals into a female genitals. However, is this the only thing that has sex?

What if the other person had the same sex? What if there was only foreplay? Or what about oral sex?
If you say that you don’t call it all sex, it isn’t.
If you have mutual agreement and seek each other, and if you overlap each other, it’s sex.

You often hear expressions like “do until the end.”
The term “until the end” here means what is called “until you insert it”, but just because you didn’t do it means that you didn’t have sex with the other person.

Then, is it “sex when the sexual activity itself has been done, but one or the other did not want it”?
To tell the truth, this is not sex. The word that applies in this case is “sexual abuse”, so-called rape.
If there is no mutual consent and one of them decides it, it will be completely different. Even more so if it is a pattern that commits.

Pain of the first experience

It is often said that a virgin hurts at the first experience!
Some people say that this pain is scary.
In fact, most first experiences are painful. This includes not only the pain of breaking the hymen, but also the pain of not being able to feel pleasure from the tension of the first experience and the difficulty in receiving the male genitalia because the vagina does not get wet as expected.

For example, when you touch the chest or body, you may feel “comfortable” or “happy” and feel pleasant, but it is difficult to feel the insertion suddenly when you first experience it. is.

But I don’t want it to be painful.
To alleviate the pain of your first experience, you should regularly masturbate to familiarize yourself with your pleasure and find a place where you feel comfortable.

Another option is to use a lubricant.
By using a lubricant as a lubricant to moisten the vagina, even a virgin can be inserted surprisingly smoothly.

However, on rare occasions, the insertion of the first experience may feel little pain and may be pleasant. There is a possibility that this is very compatible with the other person, or that the other person’s sex technique is quite good.

What should I do?

Graduation from a virgin! First experience! When we say that, how should we meet?
What I would like to pay attention to here is to say, “Do not overdo your mind and body.” Just because it’s your first experience doesn’t mean you’re upset. I’m nervous, and everybody feels uneasy, but don’t go crazy.

For example, if you think “I have to meet him who has a lot of experience” or “I need him to feel good!” Will
If the other party is also a virgin, they should be careful.
If you feel uneasy or say “I’m embarrassed!”, let’s leave it to him.

Don’t overdo your body.
For example, if there is something you don’t want to do or a play you don’t want to do, it may be difficult to say, but we recommend that you tell the other person.
If you try too hard from the first experience, you will not have the mind and body in the future sex.
If you feel pain when inserting it, do not force him to tell him. Sex is a heavy burden on the female side. It’s important to say that you don’t think about it and that you hate it and hurt it.

What do you need for tools?

I will also introduce the tools that you should have when having sex.

First of all, the tools that you need 100% are contraceptives such as “condoms”. Having sex without this is very dangerous.
We often hear that people say, “On a safe day, you don’t have to contraceptive” or “If you put your genitals out just before ejaculation, you don’t have to worry”, and even in comics, there are expressions like this. , This is pretty dangerous.
Be especially careful if the other person does not use contraception or if you dislike it. Unfortunately, it may not be a good opponent.
It is safer to have your own in case the other person forgets.

Another tool that you should have is a lubricant.
In the first experience, virgins are almost always painful when inserted. If there is a lubricant at that time, it can be used as lubricating oil and can be inserted smoothly.

Other tools that you should have are sanitary napkins.
It is safe to keep your bed and sheets clean so you may bleed when inserted.

After that, bring a toothpaste set and oral care goods.

What should I do to my partner?

For the female side, what should the male side do when having sex?

In the case of virgins, I’m so full of just saying that I have sex, and I may not be able to afford to do something to the other person.
As a result, you may not be forced to do anything.

However, if you like someone, you want to feel good together and want to feel happy.
I think that what women can do is carefree carelessly. In particular, it is very comfortable to caress the male penis with the mouth, and many men are happy. If you feel resistance, you can use your hand. If you don’t know how to do it, it’s good to have a man teach you.

Oral sex is quite effective in relieving tension. If you get used to it, it’s a good idea to incorporate Six Nine etc. later.

What should I be careful about?

There are various things to be careful about in the first sex, but isn’t it a point to check “Do you have enough self-care to show him how embarrassing?”

For example, are you wearing tattered underwear?
It would be nice if we could prepare underwear, but at least select clean and cute underwear that would be embarrassing to see by him.

It is also important to remove waste hair.
Even if it feels good to be with him, having mutilated hair will ruin the mood, and he will also be drunk. You don’t want to be ashamed.

Furthermore, it is necessary to prepare the mind of “Is this partner really good?”
There is no problem if you are a boyfriend who you love and love each other, but if you decide by one of them, forcibly … it is quite a thought.
Especially the first sex is something I will remember for a lifetime. Depending on the person, you may have the feeling that you want to graduate as soon as possible, but you need to think carefully about the other person.

Contraceptive method?

There are two main methods of contraception.
There are two types: men wear a condom or women take a pill.

If you are not used to it, we recommend that you have a man wear a condom. It is a simple contraceptive method that can be easily purchased at pharmacies.

For pills, it should be taken by the female side.
There are no obvious side effects, but it becomes difficult to say contraception easily because it requires doctor’s consultation and prescription at a hospital.

Also, depending on the product, there are condoms worn by the female side and emergency contraceptive pills in case the condom should be torn, so it may be worth checking in advance.

Contraception is a fairly important step in sex. Be sure to do this to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Preparation before your first sex

From here, I will explain how to prepare specifically for your first sex. I will explain the questions about under-hair, which are embarrassing to ask people, and lubricants and sex toys (sex toys), so please take a look.

Is a condom available for contraceptives?

As mentioned earlier, make sure you have a condom ready.
Most of the time, men will prepare it, and most men will prepare it in advance, but if the man does not prepare it, or if he forgets it, the woman will also prepare it. One should be prepared.
In some cases, the condom prepared by the man may be torn, or it may get excited and say the second round.

Having a condom is useful not only for sex with men.
For example, it is safer to wear it when masturbating with a vibe or electric massager.

What do you do with underhair?

It is a topic about underhair that is difficult for people to hear.
First sex with him! When I say that, Underhair wouldn’t meet him in a mess, and he wouldn’t want to meet him.

Nowadays, hair removal salons are widely used, so many people say that they will take care of them at the hair removal salon.
It’s safe to leave it to a professional, but some people may say that “the salon is embarrassing,” or “I want to do it myself.”

Since it is a delicate part of the body, proper treatment may cause problems such as skin damage.
Some people use a razor to treat it, but use an electric shaver that has the least strain on your skin, and keep it at least once a week. For hair removal salons, once a month is ideal.

It is also important to moisturize the skin after shaving to keep it dry.

Do you need a lubricant or sex toy?

If you have sex for the first time, you can insert it smoothly if you use lubricant.
Due to tension and lack of familiarity, it is difficult to get wet, which causes pain during insertion. It will be easier for each other because it can be reduced even a little.

Sometimes your boyfriend will prepare it, but if you are worried, you should bring it yourself.
You don’t have to worry, “Is it a virgin and I wouldn’t be able to pull it if I had a lubricant suddenly?”

Another question is whether or not sex toys (adult toys) should be present, but there is no problem with or without this.
When it’s my first experience, I may be full of just having sex, so maybe I don’t care about sex toys.

Some people may be interested in sex and may say, “I definitely want to use sex toys!”, but in reality, it’s not so essential.
However, as the number of times increases in the future, it will be an exciting item. Some say that it is recommended for eliminating rut.

General sex flow

From here, I will introduce the general flow of sex.
For those who say, “What do you do with sex in the end?” and “I want to understand all the flow”, I will explain in detail.

Brushing and showering before sex

This is pretty important, so be sure to do it.
When you have sex, you will show everything to the other person, so you need to take a shower to keep your body perfectly clean.

It is a big problem if your body is not clean, let alone body odor, when you are involved in petting and oral sex.
Make sure you take a shower for yourself and for yourself.

Also, when you kiss, you can’t concentrate if you’re worried about bad breath, and he’ll be genial. It is important to thoroughly brush your teeth and not to neglect oral care.

Create a sex atmosphere from foreplay to insertion

Creating a mood is also a very important factor for sex.
Sex is not all about inserting anything. Foreplay, such as kissing, petting, and oral sex, enhances each other’s mood and excitement, and can further promote pleasure.

Especially when inserting, if the vagina is not properly moistened due to pleasure, it is mainly the women who are suffering.
By making yourself comfortable before insertion, you can proceed with sex smoothly, so you need to be careful about the flow until insertion.

Kissing and petting

A deep kiss is one of the kisses you can do before sex.
Of course, you will kiss normally at first, but you can increase excitement by doing a deep kiss that ties the tongue and the tongue together.

Furthermore, regarding petting, it is quite vague in terms of how much petting is, but roughly speaking, anything other than “insertion” is often called petting.

It is so-called “caress”, but in addition to lips, kissing around the neck, ears, and body, stroking and stroking the chest and buttocks, and touching each other’s genitals, You can feel love for me.
You can feel a unique pleasure that you cannot feel when you insert it, so I recommend that you incorporate it into your sex.

You may not be sure what to do if you are new to it, but if you make it from female to male as much as you can, your partner will be happy.

Blowjobs and cunnilingus

Fellatio and cunnilingus are also called oral sex, but these are also quite important.

Especially when the female side is the first experience, the male side may do the cunnilingus.
If there is resistance, it is better to tell it, but since you can enjoy pleasure and reduce pain during insertion, if you do not accept it, you can open the door of new pleasure. Will

In some cases, the female side may give a blowjob to the male side.
It’s my first experience and I don’t have to force myself if I have resistance, but if I say “I want to feel good together!”

In addition, it may hurt if you touch a sensitive area or grasp it. Since it is a sensitive area, you need to caress it slowly with your hands and mouth. It may be difficult to understand before you get used to it, so it’s best to ask a man to proceed.

Foreplay point, preparation period before insertion

Foreplay is a preparation period until insertion.
In some cases, it is quite possible for foreplay to spend more time than insertion time. (Rather, that is the case in most cases)

For the first experience, it is even more necessary to prepare well and prepare for insertion, so it is important to perform foreplay such as kissing and petting and to raise your mind and body with excitement.

From insertion to ejaculation

From here, I will finally introduce the specific flow from insertion to ejaculation. It’s the real part of sex. You may be nervous, but there is nothing to be afraid of, so be careful while using contraception.

Wearing a condom

Be sure to wear a condom.
It must be worn before the male genitalia enter the female genitals. It is mainly worn by men, so there is nothing for women to do, but it’s good to keep in mind that contraception is sure.

There are safety days and dangerous days, but if you’re a virgin, you shouldn’t count on that much.
Safety days and so on change depending on your physical condition, so it is not something that you can say “100% okay. I won’t get pregnant.”

Preventing unwanted pregnancies is quite important and is a very important point in having sex.
In particular, it will become a necessary element to make your first experience a precious memory, so be sure to use contraception in a reliable manner.

Do you leave the insertion to men?

The first experience of not knowing anything. Is it okay to leave it to men when inserting? Should I do something? You may feel uneasy.
It depends on the time and the case, but it’s okay for most men to leave it to them. If the other person is also a virgin, they will understand to some extent, and we recommend leaving the lead. A stance that says, “It’s my first time, so I don’t know anything!”

If you knew that you had been spinning around for a long time, the other person might be surprised and drunk, or you might even think you were a painful woman. If that happens, it’s a fall. Do not overdo it, let’s leave the things you do not understand.

Men shouldn’t ask a virgin who is the first experience of sex to do such an unreasonable thing. If someone complains about something that makes you uncomfortable or that you are unsatisfied after having sex, then you’re done.

I want to move myself! Position flow

Regarding the posture at the time of insertion, if it is the first experience, the normal position will be safe.
The normal position is the position in which a man lies on a woman lying on his back and is probably the most orthodox position. It is said to be the position with the least burden for virgins.

Also, when you insert sex, you may feel that you want to make him feel good, not just because he feels good!
It’s not that hard, but if you can afford it, you can try a piston by moving it a little.
However, when inserting, if you are in pain, do not force it.

Points when inserting

When inserting, what the female side should be careful about is not to put too much effort.

I feel nervous and accept male genitals, so if I don’t notice anything, the body of a woman should be in tension.
Therefore, it is necessary to consciously relax the body by taking a deep breath.

If your body is too strong, the vagina will be narrowed and it will be difficult to insert the male genitals. If this happens, it will be a burden on the male side as well, and above all, it will cause considerable pain during insertion.

When inserting it, be very careful and accept it slowly.

Relax from ejaculation to afterplay

Sex ends when you ejaculate! Not. After that, let’s also cherish the so-called “afterplay” time when we can feel each other’s love.

You may ask, “What do you do specifically even if you call it afterplay?” There is no specific rule that you have to do this, but it is an act that you cherish each other, such as hugging each other, trying a knee pillow, getting dressed and getting dressed, etc. ..

On the contrary, if there is no afterplay and you return to normal mode immediately after having sex, you will feel something unsatisfactory.

If you play afterplay with a feeling of love after having sex, you may be more likely to feel each other.
Please give it a try.

Points on your first sex

Introducing the important points when having sex for the first time. It may be that your head becomes blank due to tension, but it is recommended that you don’t think too hard and enjoy your precious time with him.

Enjoy without rushing

In the first experience, impatience is extremely prohibited.
Let’s throw away the thoughts of “because I have no experience” and “what if I am not satisfied with the other person” right now. If you are impatient, you will put yourself under pressure, and you will end up not enjoying the sex you had with him. It will be difficult to feel pleasant as you feel nervous.

Since the first sex is full of feelings anyway, let’s leave it to him, keeping in mind that “don’t rush and enjoy”.

Believe in and trust your partner

Sex is important to feel good and feel good, but it is also important to believe and love each other.
He was the one I chose for his first experience, saying, “If this person,” he naturally loves and loves him. Therefore, even in sex, believing in and loving him is an important factor.

To show nakedness to each other and to put on each other’s body is something that cannot be done without proper trust. If you are going to experience it for the first time, it will be important to believe in each other and love you.

How to have a nice sex?

If you are having sex, you want to enjoy the pleasure. From here, I will introduce how to enjoy more pleasure when having sex.

It’s not a bad thing to be proactive

First and foremost, it’s not a bad thing to be proactive.
It is not uncommon for even a virgin to be interested in horny things and want to have positive sex.

You might think, “What if you don’t think you’re doing it?” but don’t worry about it. Sex is not an embarrassing thing or a negative thing because it is an act of loving each other in the first place. The other person will be happy if they are positive, and nothing is wrong.

Would you like to incorporate a sex toy?

One option is to try a sex toy.
There are various types of sex toys, but the rotor is recommended for beginners. There are various types of rotors at low prices, and even beginners will find it easy to get started. Some products are hard to understand if they are sex toys, so even if you leave them at home

It is also recommended to try sex toys in your everyday masturbation. In the case of the first experience, those who are accustomed to the pleasure may be able to avoid tension.
If you haven’t done much with regular masturbation yet, it’s a good idea to start with regular masturbation, gradually adjust to your pleasure, and then incorporate a rotor. If you are not accustomed to pleasure, you may experience a stimulus that passes through it and you may feel pain.

Development of erogenous zone

One way is to try developing the erogenous zone.
Many women don’t know how they feel and want to feel more.

First of all, it is good to develop at least a clitoris in preparation for production. If you acquire a so-called “clitoris orgasm” that allows you to orgasm with your clitoris, you will be able to enjoy a wider range of pleasure and enjoy foreplay.
Some virgins say, “I have never tasted a climax.” First of all, it’s a good idea to start by enjoying the climax by playing around with your finger on the clitoris.

Do you want to try higher level sex?

You may feel more and more intense and think, “I want to try sex for more advanced people!”
At such times, try higher-level sex.
If you get used to it with your body on top of it, you can try Six Nine or use sex toys such as a vibe or a rotor. Some couples may get excited by showing off their masturbation.
I think it would be good to expand the range of pleasure by enjoying various patterns of sex.


The above is the first summary about sex.
I explained how to prepare for sex from the preparatory stage before sex, the general flow of sex, etc. Is it helpful?
Everyone is scary at first. It would be great if we could take the plunge and leave everything to him and enjoy the pleasure together.
Thank you for reading this far.