When you travel abroad with the love of your life, you want to have sex as hot and intense as possible on your trip.

Especially if it’s your honeymoon, it’s even better.

Sex toys can be a great ally in such a situation. But can sex toys be brought abroad freely?

In fact, in some countries, for various reasons, you may be restricted from bringing sex toys into the country.

You don’t want to have the goods you use to make love confiscated ……. And in some areas, it’s not just confiscation, it can be more of a hassle …….

But that doesn’t mean you should try to hide sex toys and sneak them into the country, or try to cheat when the quarantine reveals that you have goods in your possession…

You need to check the quarantine system of your destination in advance and carefully consider whether to take measures and bring in goods or give up.

In addition, even if it is possible to bring in the local system, it is no good if you are caught at the security check at boarding procedures for the airplane, so the method of packing is also important.

So this article will detail some particularly important points about handling sex toys when traveling abroad.

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There are countries where sex toys cannot be brought in?

When traveling abroad as a couple, you need to be careful about how you handle sex toys.

This is because in some countries and regions, there are strict restrictions on bringing sex toys into the country. Basically, you are free to bring sex toys into th e Far East and Europe, for example.

However, it is important to note that there are some areas of North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East that you should be aware of.

In these regions, if you are found to be bringing sex toys into the country at immigration, they can cause trouble.

Of course, anything that is rejected at screening will be confiscated and you will not be allowed to bring it into the country.

Even if you’ve cleverly hidden it in your suitcase, the immigration officer will always check your X-gland, and you will definitely be found out.

It’s unlikely to lead to a major problem if it’s discovered, but in some areas, the possibility can’t be ruled out.

You’ve gone on a trip with the man you love and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

So, let’s take a closer look at the countries and regions where sex toys are banned.

Countries where sex toys are not allowed to be brought in

Travelers must obey the local laws. Even if you are a foreigner, you will be punished if you break the local laws.

You may think, “It’s only a sex toy and not an exaggeration: …….

However, some countries strictly regulate the possession of sex toys and other sexual objects for religious or political reasons.

It is unlikely that you will be handed over to the authorities if you are caught in airport quarantine, but in some areas, stepping out of the airport can actually result in criminal penalties.

Seven countries or regions are famous for banning sex toys:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Alabama, USA

It’s mainly concentrated in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Let’s take a brief look at the reasons for the prohibition of bringing sex toys into the above countries and regions.

First of all, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are famous for their strict adherence to Islamic law.

In these areas, sex toys and other “obscene materials” are also severely punished by criminal law.

If a traveler tries to bring it in, it will always be confiscated, but it basically doesn’t seem to cause any further problems.

Southeast Asian countries such as the Kingdom of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia prohibit the possession and introduction of obscene materials such as sex toys, mainly for political reasons.

Even in the Kingdom of Thailand and Vietnam, they are basically just confiscated, but in Malaysia, you need to be careful.

In Malaysia, even the mere possession of obscene books and pictures, not to mention sex toys, can result in a jail term of up to three years or a fine.

This is not likely to apply when travelers are caught at immigration, but in Southeast Asia, you need to be especially careful in Malaysia.

The South Asian island nation of Maldives is a popular resort destination, so some couples may be planning to visit the country in the future.

However, it’s not just about bringing sex toys, but also pornographic magazines and videos, which are strictly prohibited.

If you have them in your possession, they will be confiscated.

In the United States, you are basically free to bring sex toys into the country, with the only exception being Alabama.

The Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1998 prohibits the possession of sexual objects, especially those that stimulate the human genitals, and is subject to criminal penalties in this area.

For a variety of reasons, Alabama is not a recommended travel destination and should be avoided.

If you bring it in without permission, you will be sent to another room?

In the seven countries and territories mentioned above, possession of sex toys is regulated, so it is not even possible for travelers to bring them into the country.

In addition, due to legal restrictions in these regions, it is impossible to bring them into the country under any circumstances, whether or not they have been declared by customs or otherwise.

Therefore, if you are found to be in possession of a sex toy at immigration or quarantine, it will be immediately confiscated.

If it’s an inexpensive item, it’s easy to give up, but if it’s an expensive multifunctional motorized good, you’ll definitely want to avoid confiscation.

However, if you try to hide the fact that it is a sex toy or try to get away with it, confiscation of the sex toy may not be enough.

You will be sent to a “separate room,” so to speak, and the immigration officials will be relentless in their questioning.

The reason why people are confiscated or sent to a separate room at the immigration office in the first place is to prevent them from disturbing the local security.

It may seem strange, but as mentioned above, sex toys are treated as a bad thing in some areas.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to be judged for trying to bring something illegal into the country.

Basically, you won’t be sent to a separate room just because you tried to enter the country with a sex toy.

However, depending on the way you put it in, such as by wrapping the sex toy in another piece of luggage, it may be judged that you are trying to sneak it into the country.

In particular, if you deceive or lie about sex toys when asked about them, they may think you are suspicious and increase the chances of you being sent to another room.

In particular, if you have more than one sex toy in your possession, you may be judged to be “for sale” and you may end up in trouble.

In areas where it is prohibited to bring sex toys into the country, the sale of sex toys is regulated as well as their possession.

Therefore, you may be treated as if you were a drug smuggler if you simply tried to bring in a sex toy. In a separate room, you will be questioned in detail about your purpose of entering the country, where you are staying, and your daily life.

It’s exhausting, both physically and mentally, to be questioned incessantly for minutes at a time.

In most cases, you’ll only have to confiscate the sex toy, but your trip will be ruined. To avoid this situation, you need to plan well in advance.

What to do if you want to enjoy a sex toy while traveling

Sex toys are not allowed to be brought in anywhere in the world.

In countries and regions where possession of sex toys and other sexual objects are regulated, foreigners are not allowed to bring them into the country.

Therefore, if you want to use a sex toy while traveling, you need to do your research well in advance.

If you haven’t decided on a destination yet, look into whether or not you can bring a sex toy to the country you are considering.

If you really want to use a sex toy, you can also add the ability to bring your own to the destination to be a factor in the selection of your travel destination.

If you already have a destination in mind, find out if you can bring a sex toy to that country.

If you can bring it in, it will generally not be confiscated.

As long as you can get through the security checkpoint at airplane check-in, you should be able to use your sex toy when you travel. You need to take these points into consideration when traveling abroad to still use a sex toy as a couple.

It may seem tedious, but let’s take a closer look at the important aspects of selecting travel bonds and researching whether or not you can bring them with you, respectively.

Selection of Travel Destinations

If you haven’t decided on a destination yet, you should have a few potential destinations in mind and then make your final selection.

The choice will be based on your individual values, such as the attractiveness and quality of the local tourist attractions, the atmosphere and climate, the cost of living and security, and so on.

One way to do this is to include “sex toy regulations” in those selection factors.

If you’re sure you can bring a sex toy with you beforehand, you won’t have it confiscated by immigration officials.

The problem is if the destination you’re considering prohibits you from doing so.

Resorts like Maldives are very attractive and you’ll want to visit them.

However, it is not allowed to bring in the all-important sex toys in this country.

Nevertheless, there are times when you may find this country more attractive than other countries where you can bring in adult products.

In that case, you’ll have to weigh the sex toys against the fun of traveling.

But you don’t choose a destination because of the sextoy in the first place, do you? You might enjoy your trip more if you give up sex toys.

Check to see if you can bring sex toys before you leave

If you already have a destination in mind, be sure to find out if you can bring sex toys before you leave.

Although they are explicitly banned in the seven countries and territories mentioned above, each country’s laws are in flux, so there may be other restrictions in place.

Your embassy’s website should have a detailed list of what you are not allowed to bring into your country.

It’s a good idea to check this information in advance so you can find out if you can bring a sex toy into your country.

If it is not allowed, you cannot use any means to bring it into the country.

However, even if you are allowed to bring them into the country, there may only be some areas of the country where they are prohibited.

The most obvious example is the state of Alabama in the United States.

Even if you are able to safely enter the United States, you may have problems when you visit Alabama afterwards.

Alabama is one of the strongest Christian areas in the U.S., making it extremely dangerous to bring sex toys, a religious taboo.

You may be subject to criminal penalties. Of course, this is not a problem if you are not found in possession of a sex toy, but it is important to be aware of these dangers.

As mentioned above, if you are not allowed to bring a sex toy into the country you are traveling to, it will be confiscated at immigration.

Immigration officers will also investigate mainly contraband items, so you won’t be found in possession of adult toys.

You will not be able to get back anything that has been confiscated.

This would be a huge loss, especially in the case of expensive sex toys.

Therefore, if you find that you cannot bring a sex toy to your destination, you will have to give up and travel without it, unfortunately.

How to carry a sex toy on board a plane

If you find out that there are no restrictions on bringing sex toys on board at your destination, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can use them on your trip.

This is because there is a “security check” before you board the plane and your sex toy has to go through it.

If something is found to be suspicious, even if the sex toy itself isn’t banned, it will still be confiscated.

Keep the following three points in mind when packing your sex toys.

  • Always put them in your checked luggage.
  • Remove the batteries.
  • Labeling as sex toy.

Sex toys should not be carried in your carry-on luggage.

In some cases, they may be classified as dangerous goods, and lotion is not allowed in your carry-on.

In addition, even if you carry it in your checked baggage, be sure to remove the batteries and batteries to prevent the rotors, vibrators, etc from working.

In order to make it easier to pass through security checkpoints at the airport, it is also useful to label all the sex toys as “sex toys” on their collective containers.

Place in Checked Luggage

Sex toys should always be placed in checked baggage, i.e., not in carry-on luggage, but in pre-checked baggage, not in the cabin.

Particularly problematic are “vibrators” and “dildos”. These items are at least 10cm long, and some of them can be over 15cm long.

In some countries, such as the United States, security checks are very strict, and those with long sticks are considered to be “blunt instruments” and are refused entry. Of course, ‘handcuffs’, ‘ropes’ and other SM items may also be considered ‘dangerous’ items that could cause harm to others on board and may be excluded.

When you use a sex toy, in most cases, lotion should be used along with it. However, you are not allowed to carry lotion on board.

This is because there is a “100 milliliters (3 ounces)” rule for liquids in your carry-on luggage.

For security reasons, if you are bringing liquids on board, you must put them in a container with a capacity of no more than 100 milliliters, plus a zippered plastic bag with a capacity of no more than one litre.

This can be very cumbersome, so be sure to pack your lotions together with your sex toys and put them in your checked baggage.

However, you should also be careful when putting them in your checked baggage.

Always put all sex-related items together in one case, rather than putting them all together.

This is because if a sex toy is determined to be a “suspicious item” during an X-ray inspection, your checked baggage will be opened separately for inspection.

If you do not want the inspector’s dirty hands to touch the sex toys, place them all together in a clear plastic bag or bag.

This way, you will be able to go through security without having to open every single container to get your sex toys dirty.

Remove the batteries

If you pack your sex toys together in your checked baggage, be sure to remove the batteries and batteries.

This is because the goodies can turn on unexpectedly when vibrations or shocks occur. If your suitcase is buzzing and shaking, or you hear the “buzz” of a vibrator, it could be considered an explosive device and your luggage could be eliminated.

In the worst case scenario, the airport could be shut down due to a suspected terrorist attack, which could lead to serious panic.

To avoid such a situation, remove the batteries and batteries from motorized sex toys and put them in your checked baggage.

However, lithium-ion batteries must not be placed in your check-in baggage.

Lithium ion batteries must be placed in “carry-on” baggage as they are not allowed to be placed alone in check-in baggage.

This is because sudden changes in temperature or air pressure in the cargo compartment could cause the lithium-ion batteries to ignite.

In fact, many people actually put their batteries in checked baggage, but this is a dangerous practice and should not be done.

Also, if the sex toy and battery are integrated and you can’t remove the battery, you can use up the battery to prevent it from turning on.

You can use up the batteries by using the goodies every day with sex every day until the day of the trip, or you can leave it on for a few hours to use up the batteries.

If you have a battery-powered device, you can purchase batteries separately locally.

The battery standard is basically the same worldwide, so you can get them anywhere.

Please be careful in handling electric batteries and batteries to avoid getting caught in security checks and interfering with the safe operation of the aircraft.

Labeling as sex toy

Plane travel in particular is enough of a hassle these days without having to stress about the TSA confiscating your expensive sex toys because they can’t tell the difference between a vibrator and a bomb, right? Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure that never happens. Sex educator Crista Anne often has to travel with sex toys for her work and she’s come up with an elegant solution: Just leave a note for the TSA with her checked luggage.

11 Expert Tips For Traveling With Sex Toys

After your checked baggage is checked at the airport counter, it does not arrive at your destination intact.

On the way, your baggage is X-rayed.

If something suspicious is detected during this process, the baggage may be opened individually and examined.

At such times, if you don’t know what’s in the package, you may be able to examine every single sex toy in detail.

You don’t want someone who doesn’t know which sex toy you use for your precious genitals to touch it, do you?

It makes you feel very dirty.

So, if you put a label saying “sex toy” on the case or bag where you put the sex toys together, the person in charge can easily understand it.

However, if you can’t see what’s inside, there’s a risk of someone opening it and touching it, so it’s best to put all the sex toys together in a clear case or bag if possible.

This way, you don’t have to tamper with the contents of the sex toys.

By using these techniques, you will be able to proceed more smoothly at the immigration checkpoint.

At immigration, your luggage may be X-rayed or actually opened and inspected as necessary.

At this time, it is still a good idea to label your luggage “sex toy” or put it in a transparent bag that can be seen from the outside, so that the inspector can easily see it.

Putting them in a clear bag also makes them transparent and shows that you are imposing and not trying to hide them.

Such an imposing attitude gives a good impression, so if you get caught in a quarantine, try to stay calm and deal with it.

What happens if a Sex toy gets caught in the quarantine?

Even if sex toys aren’t banned at your destination, they can still get caught at airport security, immigration and quarantine.

In particular, motorized sex toys often have metal parts, so you might get caught in a metal detector. But don’t worry, it won’t cause any problems.

As soon as you find out that it’s just a sex toy, you can pass the inspection.

For example, a laptop has a lot of metal parts in it, but it can pass the inspection without any problems.

This is because they are individually passed through an X-ray inspection to make sure that there are no dangerous or contraband items planted inside.

A similar thing will be done with sex toys.

Many people have become aware of sex toys in recent years, so unless they are contraband, they are not likely to be confiscated.

However, if the goods have a special shape that is obviously not recognizable as a sex toy, you may be asked to explain it in some way.

Also, items that seem to have special gadgets planted in them may be refused to be brought in for security reasons.

For example, a vibrator shaped like a lipstick or pen, or a remote sex toy that can be controlled remotely.

At least electric goods would be fine.

Do not deny

If you are caught at security or immigration, do not deny that you are a sextoy, even if you are caught.

If you say, “I’m not a sex toy,” or “I don’t know,” or “I don’t remember bringing it into the country,” you will be determined to be a suspicious person and sent to another room.

This is true regardless of whether or not you are not allowed to bring in a sex toy, whether it is a sex toy or any other object.

Immigration officers have the right to investigate anyone they deem suspicious and to confiscate any suspicious items.

Even a mere sex toy can be subject to a separate room sending depending on the traveler’s attitude and response.

If you are sent to a separate room, you will be treated at a significant disadvantage because you will be treated like someone who is really bringing drugs into the country and getting caught.

In the worst case scenario, you may be suspected of hiding drugs and other illegal substances in your sex toys.

Some immigration officers are of bad character and could result in not only the confiscation of your sex toys, but also a fine.

These are the risks of cheating when asked questions. So what can you do to avoid being sent to another room?

It’s very simple: just be honest about everything.

Answer clearly, “It’s for sex. If you squirm and stay silent or try to cover it up, you will definitely make a bad impression.

If you have nothing to hide, there is no need to hide anything at all.

As an immigration officer, I’m not interested in anything else, as long as the traveler is found not to be in possession of anything dangerous and I don’t lose my job.

To avoid wasting time and effort, don’t be shy about telling them that this is a sex toy.

As mentioned above, unless a sex toy is designated as a contraband, it is unlikely to be confiscated.

How to store sex toys when traveling

Even if you are able to bring your sex toy safely with you, there are other things you should be aware of.

That’s how to store your sex toys when you travel.

Keep your sex toy in your hotel or other accommodation and don’t carry it around with you while you’re sightseeing.

Sex toys are used for sex, so you shouldn’t have to carry them around with you on a regular basis.

If you’re concerned about security with expensive goods, it’s safer to put them in a safe provided in your room first.

The reason you shouldn’t carry a sex toy with you when you’re sightseeing is to avoid arousing suspicion.

In some countries or regions, police officers may question potential travellers. In some cases, they may even search your luggage.

If a sex toy is found in such a situation, they may ask you questions about this and that.

This is especially dangerous because in some countries, such as Alabama, it is illegal to carry sex toys.

Also, when traveling abroad, there is always the possibility of losing them due to lost baggage or theft of luggage.

With these risks in mind, it is wise to avoid taking expensive sex toys with you when traveling abroad. In some cases, especially in countries where security is not so good, baggage inspectors may steal your luggage.

For this reason, if you travel abroad with a sex toy, it is important to choose goods that you will not regret even if they are lost.


In this article, we’ve covered some particularly important points about handling sex toys when traveling abroad.

In most countries, sex toys are free to be brought into the country, but unfortunately, in some countries and regions, they are prohibited and cannot be brought in.

If you try to bring sex toys into such areas, they will be confiscated at immigration and other inspections.

You should check in advance what you are not allowed to bring and if it is a sex toy, you have to give up.

Although you can bring sex toys, there are some things you need to be aware of in order to get through the boarding process.

First of all, sex toys should not be carried on board the plane and should always be placed in checked baggage.

Motorized goods should be disconnected from their batteries and lithium-ion batteries should be carried on board.

To ensure a smooth passage through the baggage check, it is helpful to put all sex toys together in one case and label it with an indicator label.

If you want to prevent your sex toys from being opened and touched during the inspection, put them together in a clear bag or case so that you can see their contents without opening them.

Because of the metal parts used in sex toys, they may be caught by a metal detector.

In some cases, you may be asked about sex toys for one reason or another, but you should never lie or cheat.

Make it clear that it is a sex toy and that it is used for sex as a couple.

As long as sex toys aren’t contraband in the area, they generally won’t be confiscated if you bring them with you.

Use the knowledge we’ve presented here to help you bring sex toys with you on your trip abroad with impunity.