There are quite a few women who say, “I really like having sex with my partner because it feels loving, but honestly, I’ve never felt a lot of pleasure from it… Unlike men, who always feel good when they ejaculate, women tend to want a mental connection, so if they aren’t willing, they often don’t feel good at all.

Also, many of a woman’s sexual organs become more pleasurable with development, so there is nothing strange about a woman with little experience not being able to have an orgasm during sex.

However, women can also make sex feel better than it does now if they develop their sexual organs properly! In this article, we’re going to explain why sex doesn’t feel good for women who can’t have an orgasm and show you how to make sex feel even better.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t feel good about sex with a man, or if you’re having trouble reaching orgasm, please take a look at this article.

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These are the possible causes of when sex doesn’t feel good

The possible causes of women feeling ‘sex doesn’t feel good’ include fatigue, dissatisfaction with their partners, and dissatisfaction due to lack of technique. Let’s take a deep dive into why each of these are related to the pleasure of sex.


First of all, when you are physically tired, you are less likely to feel pleasure from sex. Fatigue can also decrease vaginal secretions (love juice), which can cause pain.

Can you think of anything that might be causing this problem, such as being busy at work or having a problem? Also, if you’re tired, it’s hard to get into sex in the first place. You may also be mentally and physically exhausted from childcare and relationships.

You need to solve the problem of why you are tired first, and in the meantime, there may be times when your man wants you to have sex with him.

If you tell your man straight away that you don’t want to have sex with him because you are tired, you will hurt his pride and he may not ask you out as often.

If you can’t accept his invitation to have sex with you, make sure you explain the reason and give him an alternative plan that is mutually acceptable to both of you, such as asking him to have sex with you at a later date or doing something else that satisfies his sexual desires.

Not happy with partner’s technique

One of the reasons why you may not feel comfortable having sex with your partner is because he or she has no technique.

However, communicating this to your partner as it is is highly likely to hurt him or her, and is not recommended. There are two types of lack of technique: one is a true lack of sex technique, and the other is missing the points that makes your partner feel good.

If there are times when you feel like, “It would feel so good if you did something else,” then the man just doesn’t know where a woman feels good, so telling him where you want him to touch you and how you want him to touch you yourself can sometimes result in satisfying sex.

Instead of putting away the fact that you don’t get what you want as a lack of male technique, I highly recommend trying to tell him where you feel comfortable during sex, which can be an improvement.

Don’t really like your partner OR dissatisfied

Women are creatures whose feelings and thoughts are easily reflected in their bodies, so sometimes, if you don’t have feelings for your partner, you immediately feel uncomfortable having sex with him or her, and in these cases, you need to think seriously about how you want to have a future relationship with him or her.

However, if you are still in love with your partner, but you are dissatisfied with him, it could be that this is the reason why you are not getting the pleasure you want. In many cases, this is not a temporary dissatisfaction, but a long-term dissatisfaction, so it is important to tell your partner that you are dissatisfied with him or her and ask him or her to solve the problem.

Once the chronic dissatisfaction with your partner is resolved, you can start feeling better in sex, so it’s a good idea to take the time to talk about it.

Unable to reach orgasm

Sex begins with a kiss, with the man caressing the woman’s body to build up sexual arousal, and then when both parties are ready, they insert themselves into each other’s bodies.

Since sex is male-driven, if the man ejaculates before the woman feels her climax, the woman will end up unsatisfied.

In order for a woman to orgasm during sex, she can either have the man control the timing of his ejaculation or, if she has never had an orgasm before, she can develop her own body.

Younger women in particular tend to have a higher percentage of women who have never had an orgasm, so it is best to start by masturbating or having a man develop your body to get to know it.

Why it’s not a good idea to leave sex uncomfortable

Sex feels more and more depressing with each passing session, but many people suffer from the fact that no matter how much sex they have, it doesn’t feel good.

If sex doesn’t feel good for you for a long time, you start to feel less and less comfortable. On the one hand, you want to do something about it, but on the other hand, you may be worried that you won’t be able to feel good for a long time, which can lead to a vicious cycle.

It’s important to understand why sex doesn’t feel good first, but it’s also important to understand why you can’t just leave it not feeling good.

You won’t like sex itself

When sex doesn’t feel good, a woman’s sexual arousal cools down and all she can think about is ending it quickly.

There are many ways to enjoy sex, such as watching your partner’s reactions and facial expressions, or playing things you’ve never tried before, but many women lose interest in sex if they don’t get the pleasure from it.

Sex can be divided into two main categories: caressing and penetration, but many people get a small but pleasurable feeling from caressing.

Insertion can vary greatly in pleasure depending on how the man’s hips move and how well the woman’s genitals are developed.

If you don’t feel good at all, I think that if you can get pleasure from caressing first, you can get rid of your negative perception of sex.

If you continue to have sex that doesn’t feel good, you’ll get more and more tired of doing it, and it will become awkward for both of you.

First of all, try to have your partner try to find a way to caress you in a way that gives you pleasure, even if it’s just a small thing, and talk to him/her about the points that you feel so that he/she can stimulate you.

The possibility of a bad relationship with your partner

If sex doesn’t feel good, women will not want to have sex any more. When this happens, women will not ask for sex, and even if a man asks her to have sex, she will often turn him down.

If this situation continues, it can lead to sexlessness, which is a common problem for couples and marriage.

When sexlessness occurs, couples can break up, or divorced. Many men in particular have a strong sexual appetite, so the lack of sex can lead to stress and cheating, which can lead to a lack of sex, or to an affair where the couple can vent their unfulfilled feelings with another partner.

Maintaining a relationship with your partner also requires a sex life that doesn’t overwhelm each other, and without sex, their relationship can deteriorate and you may find yourself talking less and less.

There are couples who are happy even if they don’t have sex, but most of the time one of them will be sad, so being able to feel good about sex is very important.

How to Have Sex That Feels Good

Everyone wants to make love to their partner and have sex that feels good, right?

Even though women want a mental connection, it’s hard to keep having sex that doesn’t feel good forever, and it becomes increasingly difficult.

Many women think that pleasant sex is due to a man’s lack of technique or poor physical chemistry, and many women hold themselves back because it’s a problem they can’t control, so they have no choice but to put up with it.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sex feel good, and it is not uncommon for women to find pleasure in sex by putting them into practice.

Here’s a closer look at how women can get good feelings from sex.

Creating a life style that doesn’t leave you exhausted

Physical exhaustion and mental fatigue can also cause you to lose your sex drive. Since it is important for a woman to be in a relaxed state in order to have an orgasm during sex, getting rid of fatigue is necessary to feel good during sex.

There are many different reasons why people get tired from work, housework, and other activities, but it is important to relieve stress by refreshing yourself regularly.

It is also important to make your body less tired. At first glance, it may seem like stress has nothing to do with sex, but if you review the following, you are more likely to feel good about sex, so let’s check it out in detail.

Watch the nutritional value of your diet

The human body is made up of the food we eat, and as long as we get the nutrients we need, we don’t feel unwell. However, if you eat only junk food or have an unbalanced diet, you will always feel tired and fatigued, and your immune system will be weakened, making you more susceptible to illness.

Lack of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in particular can lead to physical problems, so be sure to eat a good balance of vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits.

Get a good night’s sleep

During sleep, memory processing, cell and brain repair, and hormone secretion are all happening in your brain which is necessary to rest your tired body.

It has been shown that the ideal amount of sleep is about seven to eight hours, and people who sleep four to five hours or more than nine hours have an increased risk of disease. Many people tend to neglect sleep when they are busy, and many of them may try to sleep in on the weekends to get rid of their lack of sleep.

If you want to get a good night’s sleep, make a conscious effort to get a good, steady, quality sleep every day.

Discuss sex complaints with him

People who don’t feel good during sex may have a bad image attached to them, but it’s only the woman who thinks so, and the other man often doesn’t even realize it. Also, by acting out, the man may never think that the woman doesn’t feel good because he perceives that he is making his partner feel good, and he may never think that she doesn’t feel good.

This is due to the fact that they are not able to discuss sex with each other, and if this is the case, they will have to have sex that does not feel good all the time.

Isn’t it possible that what a man does for his woman may not feel good at all for her?

Many people act out for the sake of the man, but unless you say what you’re thinking and what feels good to you in words, there will never be a solution to the problem.

It is very important to have a thorough discussion with your partner, so why not take the opportunity to discuss it with him?

Vaginal training

If the reason for a woman’s inability to feel good during sex is due to a lack of vaginal sensitivity, it may be that she does not have a good vaginal sensitivity.

In this case, vaginal training can be very effective.

There are two ways to train the vagina: one is to hold the entire vagina with force and the other is to use vaginal training products.

The forceful hold method can be done anytime and anywhere, and with continued practice, the overall tightness of the vagina will improve.

In addition to improving vaginal tightness, training with vaginal training products can also be expected to drastically improve sensitivity by inserting things into the vagina.

You can find vaginal training products mainly on the Internet, so if you are interested, you should check them out.

Rethink your relationship with him

If you don’t have much feeling for the man you are with, it will be difficult to get pleasure from future sex.

If you are just dissatisfied but still have feelings of love, you can solve this problem by telling your partner, but if you don’t have feelings of love, then you need to think about your future relationship.

If you don’t feel good about sex, it may reflect your feelings for your partner, so you should reevaluate your relationship with him and discuss it with breaking up with him as one of the options.

Develop your own orgasm

Do you have an orgasm during sex? An orgasm is a sexual climax, and most people reach orgasm by saying “I’m coming” when they reach it.

In men, orgasm is an ejaculation, and when semen comes out of the tip of the penis, it is a clear sign that you have reached orgasm.

But for women, orgasm is not as easy to understand as it is for men. However, it is possible to act out these reactions and they can be deceptive to a man. However, many women want to have an orgasm because when they really have an orgasm, sex becomes more enjoyable.

Orgasms can come on the outside with the clitoris, in the middle with the G-spot, and in the back with the porthole, and developing your own orgasms can help you enjoy sex with a man more.

Also, once you have an orgasm, the intensity of the sensation will captivate you and you won’t be able to imagine sex without orgasm.

Having orgasmic sex will make you love your partner even more, and your relationship with each other will improve.

How to develop your own orgasm

Even if you’ve never had an orgasm before, you will always be able to feel it with development, although the duration can vary from person to person.

People who have masturbated often touch the clitoris first, but orgasms on the clitoris are relatively easy for anyone to experience.

Next is coming inside at the G-spot, but if you can’t get pleasure in the vagina, it will be difficult to come inside. If you don’t feel pleasure in the vagina, it’s even harder to feel an orgasm when you come in the back with Porcupine.

The clitoris can be used to cum with your fingers, but you will need a sex toy to get pleasure from it otherwise, so let’s take a closer look at how to do it.

External orgasm development

External orgasm can be pleasurable with the clitoris and you can orgasm by continuing to stimulate it.

Once you get used to it, you can also cum with your fingers, but if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you try using a sex toy first. The best sex toys for external sex toys are the ones that vibrate, such as rotors and vibrators.

A rotor is a small sex toy that is shaped to stimulate the nipple and clitoris easily.

If you use strong vibrations at first, you may feel pain and discomfort, so use weaker vibrations. If you continue to vibrate, you will feel a strong, penetrating sensation.

You can get the same pleasant sensation if you can stimulate continuously with your finger, but if you can’t keep moving it, try using a rotor or a vibrator like this one and keep giving vibrations.

If you want to learn more about how to use the ↑Vibrator, click here too!

G-Spot Development (G-Spot)

The G-spot is the place where you can get pleasure when stimulated the right way.

There is a specific place where you can insert a finger into the vagina and bend it to the belly side around the second joint to feel the pleasure, and that is the G-spot. If you can’t reach it, try using a long vibrator.

The method of stimulation is the same when using a finger and a vibrator.

If your vagina is not wet, it will be painful when you insert it, so use some lube to wet it thoroughly before you insert it.

If you continue to stimulate the belly side of the vagina by vibrating and moving in and out of the vagina, you will gradually feel better and better, but it takes a while for many people to feel the sensation.

If you don’t give up and continue to do so, the pleasure is far stronger than external orgasm, and it lasts for a longer period of time.

Some people can’t even move for a while due to its strong pleasurable sensation, so if you actually experience it, you’ll know how strong the pleasure is.

Portio(vaginal portion of cervix) Development

Portio orgasm, known as deep come, can be a highly pleasurable orgasm that can make some people scream, but it often takes quite a while to get to the point of pleasure.

Portia is the area at the entrance to the uterus, and as it develops, it can feel like nothing compared to external and G-spot cumming, and you may even faint from the feeling.

It is characterized by a strong, penetrating sensation at first, and when it is over, a fluffy, floating sensation that lasts a long time. A vibrator or dildo that is long enough to reach the entrance of the womb is suitable for development.

After making sure that the entrance and vaginal area is thoroughly wet, as well as the inside of the vagina, insert the vibrator or other long object into the depths of the vagina. Keep stimulating the back of the vagina as it may not feel good at all at first.

As the development progresses, you may gradually find the place where you feel good, so stimulate there to experience an orgasm.

Summary: Develop your sexual organs and have the most comfortable sex

In this article, we’ve discussed the causes of feeling uncomfortable with sex and how to make it feel good.

In some cases, the reason for not feeling good about sex is because of the man with whom you are having sex, and in other cases, it is because of the woman’s feelings and body.

In order for sex to feel good, it is important to develop your own physical condition as well as your sexual organs.
It also helps to tell your partner where you feel good, and it’s important not to act out and to talk about it.

Many women think, “I can’t solve the problem of sex not feeling good, so I’ll just have to put up with it,” but understanding the cause of the problem will give you a clue as to how to solve it.

If you’re struggling with sex with your partner, try to figure out what’s causing it and practie solutions.

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