Many women want to make their beloved partner or the man they are interested in fall in love with them through sex!

I think there are many women who want to make their loved ones and the men they are interested in captive through sex.

However, in most cases, men tend to be the ones who initiate sex, and they kiss and caress you, and after penetratioin, it’s the end.

However, it is important for women to know how to make men think “I don’t want to let her go!” It’s a good idea to learn a sex technique that will make your partner climax like never before.

It’s a fact that many women are often passive, but when they do try to make their man feel good, they are confused and will give up because they don’t know how to do it effectively.

In this article, I’d like to share with you 10 bed techniques that will make men fall in love with you overnight.

If you are a woman who wants to learn techniques in sex that will please your man, please take a look at these techniques.

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Benefits of using bed techniques

Have you ever had sex with your partner and ended up just doing whatever he wants you to do?

Sex tends to be very male-driven, and sometimes there is no room for a woman to get in, but since you are expressing your love for each other with your body, you want the your man to feel good as well.

When a woman is actively serving a man, he becomes even more visually aroused and the pleasure is amplified.

There are also some unexpected benefits of a woman serving a man with sex techniques. Here are two of those benefits.

Men will be kinder and more agreeable to you

The first benefit is that your partner will become more agreeable and kind to you.

Men feel more comfortable with the satisfaction of sex and may become more agreeable and kind to the other woman because they want to take care of her.

If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s a great way for a woman to broaden her range of sex techniques, and a woman is very happy when a man becomes kinder to her, which makes future relationships more amicable.

Sometimes the man you are interested in becomes kinder to you even when you aren’t in a relationship, and in this case, it’s often because he’s developing feelings for you.

Many people think that if you have a physical relationship with someone before you go out with them, they won’t like you as much, but if you show a man the techniques that make him fall in love with you during that sex, he may want to formally go out with you and continue the relationship in the future.

Both of these things are very pleasing to a woman and will affect future relationships, so learn to make a man fall in love with you by learning sex techniques.

Men will not be able to leave you

The second benefit is that the other man will not be able to leave you. Men can always climax in sex when they ejaculate, but it’s a pleasure they get from active movement and can’t get if they do nothing else.

However, when a woman uses a technique to make a man feel good, he becomes captivated by her and it can lead to him not wanting to let go of her.

Most of the time, sex is a passive experience for women, and while men want their women to aggressively attack them as well, only a few of them talk about it. When a woman is willing to serve a man in such a situation, he becomes captivated by you and does not want to let go.

If they are not yet in a relationship, it can be an opportunity to get together, and if they are already in a relationship or married, it can make the relationship more amicable.

Sex is more important to a woman than she thinks from a man’s point of view, so it’s very important to learn the technique.

Beginner’s Technique

Now, I would like to introduce you to some sex techniques that will actually make men fall in love with you. I will introduce the beginner’s level, intermediate level and advanced level in order.

I think that it is difficult for a woman who has been passive in the past to actively ask a man to have sex with her, so it is okay to leave it to him, unless you have a strong feeling of “I’m going to be proactive today!”

However, I recommend that at this stage in your life, a man should ask you to have sex with him, and then show you his sex skills when the time is right.

Praise your man anyway during sex

Men tend to be very vulnerable to praise from women, and being complimented during sex can lead to even more excitement.

I recommend that the compliments should be about physical features and behaviors that you can identify during sex. For example, “He has good-looking muscles and a good-looking body”, “He has a good-lookin’ face when he feels it,” and so on, and he will be pleased if you tell him what you think honestly.

It is very effective for all men and can increase your arousal, but if you praise too much or say it at the wrong time, it may sound like a lie.

Also, during penetration, this is when both of you are engrossed in the pleasure of each other and your man is struggling to ejaculate.

If you talk about something complimentary to your partner at this time, it may cause him to feel less comfortable because he feels like he needs to answer, and it may cause him to feel less comfortable.

The best time to say it is during the first kissing stage of sex, or when you are being caressed, and in between each act.

Ear licking during insertion

There are also techniques such as teasing the man’s ears during penetration.

This can only be done in the normal or cowgirl position, but try licking a man’s ears while he is being inserted or before he is inserted.

Many men have a surprisingly large number of sexual sensitivity in their ears, and if you lick a man’s ears unexpectedly, he may feel more pleasure, and be surprised at the sudden sensation.

At first, rather than licking it out of the blue, try blowing on it lightly or licking along the edge of the ear with the tip of your tongue, in a softer way.

If your man is sensitive to the touch of your breath, his ears may be very weak, so licking will tickle him and feel good at the same time. We recommend that you start on the outside of the ear and gradually attack the ear canal.

However, if she doesn’t seem to feel much after licking her ears, or if she looks uncomfortable, it won’t be effective, so stop immediately and try other methods.

Testicle licking

In addition to blow jobs, many men also feel good when their testicles are licked gently.

The penis is often licked during blow jobs, but the testicles don’t end up being touched very often, so they are not used to the stimulation.

At first, the area feels very ticklish, so you won’t get any pleasure if you touch it too much, but if you touch it slowly and gently, the ticklishness will change to a pleasant sensation and it will gradually become more pleasant.

If you want to change the mood by licking the testicles during the blow job, lick the testicles with your hand and gently rub them with your hand.

You can also do something like that. Also, you may be surprised if you suddenly touch your testicles, so if you want to please this area, you can prepare your partner beforehand by touching your penis or groin area.

One thing to keep in mind is that the testicles, like the male penis, are the most sensitive part of the body. If you stimulate them too hard, he may feel pain and they may shrivel up, so be sure to touch them gently.

Rubbing your own breasts during insertion

During sex, a man inserts his penis into a woman’s vagina and ejaculates, and if a woman rubs her breasts during this penetration, she can give her partner a visual sensation.

Especially in the normal position, a woman is pinned under a man, so it’s the best position for a man to see her body and face.

Many people want to see a woman’s face when she is feeling, and when she rubs her own breasts, he can tell that she is feeling it and that she is very excited.

At the beginning of penetration, try rubbing your own breasts with one hand. You can rub them the same way that you would normally be rubbed by a man, or you can rub them as you feel them.

Try squeezing in a way that is easy for you to do, such as squeezing or circular motions.

Also, stimulating your nipples with your fingers and showing them to your man is even more effective as it will help to arouse him.

Very few men don’t like women’s breasts, so you can also use your breasts in this way to visually arouse them. Try to do this at the right time, depending on the mood of the place.

Intermediate Technique

Compared to the beginner’s version, which was easy to work on even for those who have not had much sex before, the intermediate version is a more advanced technique.

There are a lot of things that you may never have done before, and I think you will be able to please your man even more by mastering techniques in this area.

There are fewer and fewer women who have this level of sexual technique, so men may be surprised at times, but they will certainly be captivated by it.

Also, many of the methods of sex play themselves change and many of them are recommended to start in the middle or later, so be sure to watch the situation and your partner’s reaction.

Lotion Play

Lotion play changes the flow of sex itself, so you need to discuss with your partner first to decide if you want to do it or not.

It is difficult to do it in bed because it’s wet and messy sex, and you will need to prepare a mat or other items to do it in the bathroom.

It is also difficult to remove the lotion if it splashes on the furniture, so men who think such a thing is troublesome may not be interested in it.

However, many people want to try it at least once, so by making sure it doesn’t splatter and going in the bath, you can have sex that you both enjoy.

The first step is to apply the lotion to the body, but there are two types of lotion, one that can be applied to the body only and the other that can be applied to the woman’s pubic area.

If the purpose of applying the lotion to the body is to enjoy the texture and feel of the lotion, please do not apply it to a woman’s pubic area.

However, if you don’t apply it to the urethra, it will make it easier to give a hand job or a penis job, so please change the way you use it depending on what you’re playing with.

Suction blow job

The act of putting a penis in your mouth or licking it is called a blow job, and it is one of the foreplays that a woman can do to a man.

Men often ask their partners to do a blow job too, but a “suction blow job” makes the blow job even more pleasurable.

Sucking hard on the penis with your mouth or lips can give a man a stronger sense of pleasure, but if it is not done correctly, it can also lead to pain.

First of all, when you do a suction blow job with your lips, concentrate on the glans and do a blow job. After licking with the tip of your tongue to increase the sensitivity, purse your lips and suck hard on the mouth of the urethra and the potash area.

It’s more effective if you lick the urethral opening and potash with your tongue while doing so.

When you do a suction blow job with your penis in your mouth, you should take the whole glans in your mouth and cover the lower part of the penis tip.

Also, if your teeth hit it, it will cause pain, so open your mouth wide and be careful not to hit your teeth.

Moving your face up and down while you are sucking in your mouth can give you a visual pleasure over the physical pleasure and can lead a man to ejaculate.

Grind cowgirl position

If sex is being led by a man, it is likely to be normal or back (Doggy Style).

There are two ways to have sex: one is for the man to move from the bottom, and the other is for the woman to do the piston movements.

Grind cowgirl is one of the sex positions where the man is mounted with his penis inserted and the woman moves her hips back and forth and side to side in a grind.

The point is that the man doesn’t have to move, so he can immerse himself in the pleasure, and the woman can hit a spot that feels good to her and lose herself in the pleasure.

If she straddles him and moves in and out of him, or moves it in a circular motion, the man is stimulated from various angles and often reaches his climax.

It’s a good idea to have a man take over the piston movement because the woman moves and it can be exhausting.

Advanced Technique

We have introduced the beginner and intermediate sex techniques, but many people may be reluctant to actually do them because the advanced techniques can be quite daring.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with sex, you may be too shy to do it, but if you learn to do it little by little, you will certainly be able to please your man.

It would also be very sad if some of the content is something that men are also resistant to, and in fact, they couldn’t get very excited about it.

When using the advanced techniques, it is recommended that you understand your partner’s preferences and explore their reactions.

Blindness and full-body lip

This technique can be especially useful if your partner is a man with a slight lean to M-ness.

When you blindfold a man and leave him like that, not knowing where he will touch you, and then kiss him all over, your body senses will become more sensitive because your vision is blocked.

This makes the sensations more pleasurable than usual, and you may see your man react in a jittery way.

During the caressing phase before insertion, blindfold the man and take away his view. When you are completely invisible, your senses will be more acute and it will be easier to see the signs.

Therefore, you will be able to tell if your hand is close enough to touch your skin or not, and your body will be more sensitive to your reactions. There is no specific order of touch, but it doesn’t matter if you attack from the top or at random.

When you attack in order from the top, it is recommended that you attack from the ears to the neck, the chest, the nipples, the stomach, the thighs, the groin, and the penis in turn.

This is the best sex technique for men with M tendencies, but if you explain it to your man and he doesn’t show any sign of reluctance, there are many men who get hooked on it so he might be one too.

If you have a man who is interested in being passive, start by touching him blindfolded.

Showing masturbation

In the masturbation show, a woman shows her masturbation to a man during sex.

It is quite embarrassing for a woman to show her masturbating, which is not usually seen by others, but it is also an exciting act for men. It is a very exciting sex technique for men because the woman you like is doing masturbation in front of you, so don’t be shy to try it.

If you do the masturbation display before penetration, both of you can get excited and the process goes smoothly afterwards. Start with the woman rubbing her own breasts and gradually work your way down to clitoral and vaginal touches. It’s also effective if she is conscious of letting out her voice heard in between, letting out small, not exaggerated breaths, which can work as the point at which a man becomes aroused. The clitoris is relatively easy for anyone to orgasm, so start by continuing to stimulate the clitoris to show your man that you’re coming. Just the mere fact that a woman comes from masturbation is enough to give him the most sexual arousal of all, but after this, inserting a finger further into the vagina will make the man want to insert his own penis sooner, which will make the sex even more exciting.

Titty-job with lots of lotion

In the intermediate part of the article, we’ve shown you the techniques of lotion play, but in the advanced part, you can have visually exciting sex by doing titty-job with lotion.

Although women may be embarrassed, titty-job is another play that men often want to have done.

You put lotion on your breasts and move your penis up and down between your cleavage, but the feeling of your breasts is softer than giving a hand job, so it’s a different sensation and can be even more exciting than usual.

Apply a generous amount of lube around the woman’s cleavage and pinch the man’s penis. Grabbing the breasts and stimulating them by applying pressure and moving them up and down gives the man a soft but gentle pleasure.

The lotion is applied so it is slippery, but if it becomes dry, the friction will cause the man to feel uncomfortable, so add more lotion each time if it becomes dryer.

Also, the size of a woman’s breasts will have something to do with how good a man feels physically, but even if you can’t pinch them, he can still get visually aroused, so don’t give up because you can’t do the titty-job because your breasts are too small….

Notes when using the bed technique

So far we’ve introduced 10 techniques – beginner, intermediate and advanced – but have you found any that you think you can do or are willing to try?

All of them are very exciting for a man, so if there is one that interests you, please try to use it.

Also, here’s a detailed explanation of what to expect when using bed techniques. It’s not just a matter of having good sex, it’s something that you can do without straining each other.

Especially with the techniques introduced in the advanced section, it is important to observe the other man’s reaction and to try to avoid making the woman feel uncomfortable.

Let’s try to understand the dos and don’ts of using sex techniques so that we can have better sex!

No pressure

Women may want to learn sex techniques because they want to make their partners feel more pleasure, they want their partners to get pleasure from something other than penetration, and they want to be proactive once in a while because they tend to be passive.

The techniques introduced in the beginner level are relatively easy for anyone to adopt, but after the intermediate level, some people may be too shy to do it, and they just can’t do it.

If you force yourself to do it, you may feel disgusted and may not want to have sex.

If that happens, it’s the end of the world, and the man may feel responsible for it, which can affect the future of the relationship.

The most important thing is for women to be able to do this without being overwhelmed and to have sex that is mutually satisfying through these techniques.

The sex techniques I have described in this article are designed to make your man fall in love with you, so I recommend that you start with techniques that do not cause you any stress and work your way up.

Be bold and daring when you use these techniques!

By using the sex techniques I’ve described in this article, you’ll be able to have the kind of sex that men don’t want to give up.

However, if you’re still shy, you may end up nitpicking a little bit and not getting the results you want here and there.

In particular, women who have not had much experience with sex often become too confused and shy to make small movements or to perform actively.

There is some shyness in the beginning and later techniques, but if you are bold enough to do it, you can give your man a great deal of sexual excitement, both visually and physically, if you are bold enough to do it.

When acting out the technique, try to be aware of the fact that you don’t feel shy just because you want to make your man feel good, but try to be bold enough to do it without feeling embarrassed.

Don’t forget to be ashamed

While men want their women to be aggressive, they also want them to be feminine and classy.

It’s important to be bold and unashamed when using sex techniques, but doing it without shame can make a man feel less comfortable.

For example, if you take the masterbation display described in the Advanced Course, men get even more excited when they see a woman masterbating while being embarrassed, but they don’t like to see a woman masterbating without shame.

If you are going to show your masterbation, try not to open your legs too wide and try not to moan too loudly.

Also, when you insert your finger into the vagina, try not to move it too hard at first, and when you feel your man getting excited, try to make it harder and harder.

Summarize: Make a man clingy with amazing techniques!

In this article, we’ve listed 10 sex techniques that will make men fall in love with you. If you’re not experienced in sex, you may be hesitant at first, but these techniques are designed to make your partner feel better, so being proactive about them can help you build a better relationship.

These techniques are also very useful for couples who are getting stuck in a rut, and introducing something new to the relationship can help to repair and revitalize the relationship.

For men, sex can be a very influential part of a relationship, and if things go wrong here, it can become awkward.

If a woman is more sexually active and willing to make her man feel even more pleasure rather than being passive, it will make your future relationship even better, and you should learn techniques to make your partner happy.

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