For women, sex is great for giving beauty and pleasure. The original purpose of the joint work done by men and women is to create children, but it also has important implications such as skinship with partners and expression of affection.

Also, having sex can bring out the beauty that women inherently have, making it an essential practice for self-polishing.
This time I will explain in detail about sex and orgasm.

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Is orgasm difficult?

When it comes to sex, it is often set as “orgasm”. Orgasm is a sensible word, but it is correctly called “orgasm”.

It is a common expression that orgasm is a common expression in adult videos, and it is a fact that there is a widespread misconception that everyone will orgasm when they have sex. Most of the men recognize that women always orgasm, but in reality, a minority of women reach orgasm every time and most of the women who perform orgasm in order not to hurt the pride of men.

Occupy Only a few women can reach orgasm from the beginning, but anyone with a knack and experience can orgasm.

What is an orgasm?

Video sites and cartoons with adult elements almost always include scenes where women orgasm due to pleasure, but because it targets men and women who are excited by seeing the orgasm. is.

Orgasm (also sexual climax) is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.

Orgasm – Wikipedia

If you haven’t experienced orgasm yet, you may not know what it is, but in general, orgasm is said to be “sexual climax,” and is released by rapid sexual pleasure. It means muscle relaxation immediately after.

In other words, it means that there is a continuous sensation of pleasure, and that sensation has reached Max. After that, the muscles become relaxed and weaken.

Although it may be said that it is excessive acting or a little exaggerated expression in adult videos, it is said that it is sexual cum, and the person who actually experienced it can get a strong pleasure that can not be helped. ..

The difference between female and male orgasms

Regarding the difference between male and female orgasms, let’s start with the man who is easy to understand.

Male orgasm is so-called ejaculation, and ejaculation is most provoked by sexual arousal. Basically, there is a refractory period after ejaculation (I think that you are familiar with the name of the wise man time), and once you ejaculate you will not be able to orgasm for a while. This is largely due to the loss of sexual feelings and excitement, as well as the time it takes for semen to be delivered from the testes.

Continuing on with female orgasms, unlike males, females have a much longer period of orgasm, and they can orgasm as many times as they like once they get more sexual pleasure.

Males have a sexual climax time of about 5-10 seconds from immediately before ejaculation to after ejaculation, whereas females are characterized by an overwhelmingly long time of around 20 seconds.

Also, a woman can reach orgasm any number of times as long as she continues to stimulate her body, with no real end.

There are some indicators that men have reached an easy orgasm, such as the production of semen, but women can judge whether or not they have reached orgasm by visual reaction or contraction of the vagina. Men determine whether or not a woman has reached orgasm based on the reaction of the woman, and this is also the reason why many women perform orgasm.

What do you need for female orgasm?

Men can reach orgasm with sexual arousal and external stimulation, but women are not alone. You need sexual arousal and physical stimulation, but you also need to develop experience and develop your own body.

It’s very difficult for someone who doesn’t have much sex experience to reach orgasm right from the start, and I think there are many people who end up without acting or acting for men.

It takes some sex experience to reach orgasm, and developing your own body is also important. In addition to having sex with a partner, masturbation or masturbation is the best way to develop. In masturbation, I often use my fingers mainly, but if you use adult goods here, you will find out the comfortable points because they are longer than your fingers and vibrate.

For those who haven’t had much pleasure in sex, having adult partners use the product has the advantage of making it easier to convey the pleasant points.

People who say “I don’t know what makes me feel good even after repeating it many times” should actively use adult goods for sex and masturbation.

In my case, with such Egg Vibrator and Magic Wand, it is possible to reach orgasm immediately. If you get used to it, you can hit the clitoris with the toy for a few minutes and you will reach the peak. The price is also low, so I really recommend using it once.

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How many women have ever experienced orgasm?

In a 2006 survey of 26 countries, the Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey , 51% of women actually experienced orgasm through sex and masturbation, and about half of them reached orgasm. I have no answer.

In response to the question “I feel orgasm every time I have sex”, about 11% of people in Japan have reached orgasm every time they have sex. While the world average is about 32%, it means that if there are 100 people in Japan, 89 people do not feel orgasm when having sex.

As you can see from the results of this survey, there are many women who can not be aroused and stimulated.
You don’t have to feel “I’ve never been there”, rather most people don’t feel orgasm every time they have sex.

Experience is essential for women to experience orgasm

People who have little experience with sex often don’t know what they feel good about, either accepting them as they are and telling them what they really feel good about. With sex with a partner, experience can give you an idea of ​​where you feel and help men and women to see if they really feel.

Sex often becomes self-centered for men to get the pleasure of ejaculation, but women start from a heightened feeling and feel orgasm due to external stimulation, so it takes more time to orgasm than men takes.

Therefore, if a man goes first, a woman will end up with an incomplete combustion, often resulting in a harsh atmosphere. Women should know where they are comfortable and tell the other person, and men should carefully observe the woman and be careful not to be selfish.

In addition to sex, you can also develop your own body by masturbating. It’s mostly done with your fingers, but take your time and find a comfortable place.

By using adult goods, you can stimulate the clitoris violently by vibrating the back of the vagina, which is difficult to reach with your fingers. Although many people are reluctant to use adult goods, recently it has been widely deployed, including pretty things and things that are hard to judge as adult goods in appearance. If you are not satisfied with your fingers or don’t feel it, please try using it.

What is orgasm technique?

I mentioned that women need experience and development to reach orgasm in sex, but there are some tips that can help.

If you haven’t developed the points that you have little experience, you may not be able to reach orgasm and you may feel guilty.

If you can’t feel it with sex or masturbation, you may suspect that you lack technique, so let’s aim to get the hang of it.

Orgasm and ecstasy

Ecstasy, which I often hear with orgasms, isn’t known to many people.

Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.

Orgasm – Wikipedia

Ecstasy is a subjective experience of total involvement of the subject, with an object of their awareness. In classical Greek literature it refers to removal of the mind or body “from its normal place of function.

Ecstasy (emotion) – Wikipedia

Orgasm means that the body reaches the peak of pleasure by sexual stimulation, and it is said that it is said that orgasm in public sex is stronger.

Ecstasy refers to reaching the climax of the spirit, and it seems that ecstasy can be felt when the heart is excited other than sex. There are many people who are more excited about having sex with their partner than doing masturbation alone, and by feeling this orgasm and ecstasy together, you can get pleasure that makes you forget about yourself.

The comfort of having orgasm and ecstasy at the same time is said to forget shame and release yourself completely, and there is more than enough pleasure for orgasm alone, but further satisfaction with spiritual satisfaction Can be felt.

What is the technique to go?

External sexual stimulation is essential to feel orgasm. If you’re worried that you can’t orgasm easily, learn techniques for orgasm.
As a technique to make it easier for you to live, you can attack multiple places at the same time.

The probability that you can go by knowing the easy-to-feel place called the erogenous zone (mainly the genitals, nipples, etc.) and having the opponent attack that place at the same time increases. It is also effective to be impatient. By being irritated, you get more and more pleasure, and at the end you get a tremendous pleasure as if the balloon that had grown up bursts.

It is also effective to have the words attacked, and there are quite a few women who get orgasms if they are attacked at multiple places at the same time.

Some people find it easier to move because they can concentrate on their feet without losing their pleasure. However, in masturbation, this method is easy to do, so you can easily go to it, but when it comes to sex it becomes difficult to extend both legs, so if you get used to this method you will feel the trouble that you can not be sex Be careful not to overdo it.

Type of orgasm

The body of a woman is so sensitive that the entire body is said to be the erogenous zone. During sex, you can feel it on the lines from your chest, ears to your neck, and on your thighs and back.

When the excitement reaches its climax, I feel orgasm, but it is the genitals that can get the pleasant feeling of orgasm. In sex, I mainly feel comfortable with the clitoris and vagina, but there are several other parts that are stimulating, so I will take a closer look at each part.

Outside orgasm

Outside orgasm is what many women have experienced by stimulating the clitoris to orgasm. Since it is located outside the genitals and is sensitive to touch and easy to touch, more than half of the women have experienced external orgasm.

The clitoris is embryologically similar in structure to the male penis, and when excited the blood concentrates and becomes reddish and firm.
This is the part where women can get the most sexual pleasure, and because of its ease, many people use clitoris for masturbation.

It is a method of outside orgasm using clitoris, but touch the clitoris from above the shorts in a gentle circle. If you keep touching it for a while, it will get excited and you will feel better, but it is recommended that you feel more stimulating when you touch it directly than when you keep touching it on the shorts.

If you get excited, vaginal secretions called love juice will overflow, but by touching and touching this love juice and the clitoris, it becomes easier to slip and it is easier to give more stimulation.

If you continue to give a certain stimulus, your breathing will become rough, and if you continue it for a while, you will be able to reach orgasm.

The orgasm obtained with the clitoris is short-term, and it takes about 5 to 10 seconds from the time of orgasm to the end. To enjoy the comfort for a longer time, go or repeat orgasm multiple times, or try orgasm in the next section.

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Inside orgasm

The clitoris is sensitive to stimuli and the easiest way to orgasm, but the medium orgasm is a little more difficult and cannot be orgasm without some experience. However, since the pleasant feeling spreads throughout the vagina, it is possible to maintain a pleasant sensation for a long time.

The part that orgasms is mainly called the G spot, which is right under the pubic bone and is located around the place where the second joint can be touched when the middle finger is inserted into the vagina.

The feel of G spot is rough or slippery, and the feeling varies greatly depending on the person.
Since this part is in the vagina, pain will be involved during insertion if love juice is not secreted, so it is recommended to insert the finger after first performing orgasm outside to secrete love juice.

Insert the middle or index finger into the vagina up to the second joint. Then bend your fingers slightly to the pubic side to find a more sensitive area. The place where you feel comfortable is the G spot, so move that part intensively and gently. Some people feel that if you apply pressure with the image of pressing your finger on the pubic side, you may feel like you have leaked it, but normal reaction rarely produces urine.

If you keep stimulating here, you can do middle orgasm, but since you have experience until you reach orgasm, you do not need to be depressed even if you can not.

Even if you stimulate with adult goods, you can get the same comfort, but at first you can not grasp the place or feeling at first, so instead of suddenly using it, first check the place etc. with your own finger and enjoy pleasure. Let’s get it.

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After all, it is a dildo that can accurately stimulate the G spot, and the GOOD point is that you can stimulate your favorite place with moderate hardness. If you can use it once and become able to do inside orgasm, you can understand more about the charm of dildos! Also, since it is a type that does not vibrate, the sound is okay even if you live with your family!

Deep orgasm(portio)

At the portio, which is deeper than the G-spot, you can do deep orgasm, which is said to be a strong pleasure that cannot be replaced by anything.
When going further inside the vagina, the portio is at the entrance to the uterus, but the length to reach there is about 10 cm.

Indian have an average penis length of about 13 to 14 centimeters during erection, so in most cases it even reaches portio. However, the sensitivity of the undeveloped portio is low, and it becomes painful when it is intense.

When developing a portio, the fingers do not hit unless the length is long, so it is recommended to check only the approximate location and use a penis or adult goods if you want to stimulate it in earnest.

It is a method of portio development, but once it is confirmed that the inside is sufficiently wet, insert it slowly until it hits the back.
The structure of the vagina differs depending on the person, and the position of the portio may be shifted to the left or right, so please find a place where you feel a little comfortable.

Most of the time, I don’t feel comfortable at first, so if you continue patiently and gradually adjust to it, you can develop without pain.
Unlike the clitoris, where everyone can get a pleasant sensation, and the G-spot, where it’s easy to feel pleasant, it takes a considerable period of time to get a pleasant sensation.

By developing slowly without being rushed, you will be able to experience a sexual pleasure that is unrivaled.
Once developed, sex can be transformed into a more meaningful one because it is a part where you can get a strong pleasant sensation just by inserting a finger or a penis.

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Both orgasm

Both orgasms mean to orgasm at the same time with clitoris and G-spot. If you can orgasm with your clitoris, you can also reach orgasm with the stimulus given to your clitoris without being able to orgasm inside.

If you can orgasm with your clitoris, then insert your finger inside to find the G spot. If you continue to give the clitoris stimulation a little stronger, it will feel like you will be able to feel, and if you continue it, you can orgasm, but since you are also stimulating the G spot, you can enjoy a stronger pleasure than the outside orgasm performed with the clitoris. I can do it.

Some people think that they are orgasming outside because they are stimulating the clitoris and G spot at the same time, but if you stop stimulating the clitoris just before it seems to be live and only in the inside, you can orgasm only with the G spot. I can do it.

Both orgasms can reach orgasm by stimulating both the outside and the inside, but stimulating the clitoris with your fingers inside makes your hands tired. In addition, it may be difficult to use both hands because some people are stimulating while watching adult videos. When you want to have both orgasms, I think it’s good to use adult goods that can stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot.

Even if you are new to adult goods, it is easy to use a thin vibe etc., and you can stimulate the clitoris with it inside, so the possibility of doing both orgasms increases.

Continuous orgasm

Continuous orgasm is impossible for men whose pleasure ends with ejaculation and can only be experienced by women.
It is not a continuous orgasm that repeats many times after doing an outer orgasm or a middle orgasm, but it becomes a continuous orgasm when the feeling of cum continues and the state becomes “live”.

There are quite a few women who feel orgasm once they feel it, and when it is stimulated again after a while. However, the continuous orgasm results in the same state as it was, so even if you touch any erogenous zone, the pleasure does not stop.

In order to experience continuous orgasm, many physical conditions and mental aspects of one’s own are involved. If you are not in good physical condition or if you are not relaxed, it will be difficult to perform continuous orgasm.

There are many women who can orgasm with clitoris, but the number of people who can go inside is extremely low. It is ideal for continuous orgasm as it stimulates portio so it can be very pleasant, but it is difficult to get pleasure without developing portio for quite a long time. By touching the clitoris and G spots where it is relatively easy to get pleasure, and even after feeling orgasm, you will be able to have continuous orgasms by continuing to get pleasure without giving stimulus.

Dry orgasm

One type of orgasm that men feel is dry orgasm. Dry orgasm is “orgasm without ejaculation”, and orgasm with normal ejaculation is also called wet orgasm.
Wet orgasm is a climax due to ejaculation, and the place where sexual pleasure is obtained is limited to the penis, but since dry orgasm can be felt with the whole body, it is also said to be a state close to female orgasm.

The feature is that it stimulates the prostate to make you feel like you are going through, and some men are so happy that they pant out like a woman.
The location of the prostate is just below the bladder, and some can be seen through the rectum, so you can stimulate the prostate just by inserting your finger about 5 cm from the anus.

The prostate is an organ that secretes prostatic fluid, which also forms part of semen, and is also called a female G spot because of the strength of pleasure.
Wet orgasm loses its sensation due to ejaculation, but it is said that dry orgasm lasts more than an hour for a long person, and during that time it can reach orgasm as many times as a woman.

If you want to find out more caressing a male partner, this is also a good reference.

How to massage or caress for orgasm?

Women are so sensitive that the whole body is said to be the erogenous zone, but unlike men, they cannot get excited immediately and cannot feel pleasant even if they are touched. Slowly and gently massage and caress and become excited over time.

The massage is not intended to massage and loosen, but the meaning of touching bare skin is strong.
In addition, a gentle and polite caress is essential for women to reach orgasm. From here, I will introduce the way to caress a woman in order to reach orgasm.

Stimulate your clitoris

A feature of the clitoris is that it is located on the outside of the genital area and is sensitive to stimuli, so it is easier to move compared to other areas. However, since it is a delicate part, too much stimulation may cause pain.

If it is dry, it will hurt due to friction, so first touch it on the shorts and aim to get excited and wet. If you put a little nail on the shorts and give a sharp stimulus, there will be little pain.

If it gets wet enough, please contact it directly and continue to stimulate. At this time, if you move your finger up and down, left and right, or in a circular motion, you will have a continuous pleasure. With constant stimulation, it will feel itchy after a while, and if you continue it, you will reach orgasm.
When using adult goods, we recommend using a rotor or vibrator that gives vibration. In this case, the vibration will be pleasant even if you do not move it, so try pressing it against the clitoris.

Position to stimulate the clitoris

The normal position is recommended for the sex position that stimulates the clitoris. It is easy to do when a man goes into the crotch and licks the clitoris or stimulates it with his finger while the woman has his legs open. When you ask him to lick you, you can lick it gently, or conversely, sharpen your tongue and lick it up and down quickly to make it easier to go.

In addition, the posture where a woman is standing and a man is squatting and licking from below is also very pleasant, so it is recommended.

When doing it yourself, lie on your back and stimulate with your dominant hand. The advantage of doing masturbation is to put it in your own world, so if you concentrate you can orgasm many times with your clitoris.

The female body can orgasm many times even if it reaches orgasm, and clitoris masturbation can be stimulated by itself, making it the easiest way to go.

Stimulate G spots

When stimulating the G-spot, it is easy to feel the method of stimulating with your finger even if you think from where you are. Since it is inserted into the vagina, there is pain if it is not wet, and you cannot put your finger in it. Start by getting excited and wet, or by using rosion to wet the area near the entrance.

Gently insert the middle or index finger with no claw extension into it, and bend it slightly to the abdomen near the second joint. Then, I think that there is a part where there is something that overflows (like urine), but that is the G spot.

As you can see how it feels to increase as you push, rub, and put your finger in and out, you can reach orgasm by continuing to stimulate.

Position that stimulates G spot

There are several positions that can stimulate the G spot, but the most recommended are the normal position and back position (back position). The normal position is very effective in stimulating almost all parts of the body, and it is easy to stimulate the G spot because a woman has wide open legs.

If you insert your finger in the back so that the palm of your hand is facing down, you can apply a strong pressure while stimulating the G spot and applying force easily.

If you bend or extend only your finger while keeping your finger inside, it will hit the G spot every time, so it will be easier for your pleasure to increase considerably.

When masturbating, as in the case of the clitoris, the style of inserting fingers in the normal position is the position where it is most likely to reach orgasm.
Some people are more sensitive because they are in back postures on all fours and inserting their fingers makes them feel like they are being inserted from behind while masturbating.

Stimulate Portio

Portio is located in the back of the vagina and is the site that becomes the entrance to the uterus. Therefore, it’s best to stimulate with the longest middle finger, penis, or adult goods.

This is also inside the vagina like the G spot, so make sure it is sufficiently wet before inserting it.
Portio takes a long time to develop, but it is said to be 10 times more comfortable than other parts.

The recommended items to insert are vibes and dildos (tension type imitating a penis) that are long adult goods, and you can get a strong pleasure by putting them in and out. At first, insert it slowly inside, and then insert it in and out after confirming that it hits the inside.

Sudden movement may cause pain, so try to move violently after you feel comfortable.

Posicio-stimulating position

Although it is a position that can stimulate the portio at the back of the vagina, the cowgirl position is the most suitable when stimulating with a penis.
The weight of the woman’s body is added, and since it can be inserted further, the time to reach orgasm tends to be faster.

When using fingers or adult goods during masturbation, let’s stimulate in the normal position.

With a vibrating vibe, you can stimulate Portio intermittently even if you leave it in the back, and you will feel pleasure that you have never experienced before.
With a dildo that sticks to the floor, you can make the same movements as when you are in cowgirl sex, so you can pinpoint where you feel comfortable.

The more people pant loud enough to hear each time they poke, the more pleasurable they are.

69 with your partner

69 (Six Nine), which can be said to be the real pleasure of sex, refers to the posture in which a man lies on his back and a woman carries the lower half of the body toward the man’s face and covers it.

A woman can make a fellatio (including a penis in her mouth and lick it) while a woman has her crotch in front of her face, so a man can put her finger in the vagina or lick it. I can do it. Men are in a position where they are very excited visually, and women can feel pleasant when they are licked or put their fingers in while feeling comfortable with the man.

Blow also allows a woman to give a pleasant sensation to a partner just by holding the man’s hips from below, so it is relatively easy to do even if you are tired of moving your face up and down.

69 is a position where both of us can feel comfortable while visually stimulating sexual excitement, so I would like to actively go.

Please refer to here for the position in sex.

How to practice orgasm with masturbation

Masturbation is an act of touching something that feels comfortable to reach orgasm, but I think that there are many women who are quite embarrassed. However, it is an indispensable act in order to know one’s body and comfortable points.

You can tell where you feel most comfortable by masturbating, and by actually experiencing orgasm, you can tell your partner what you feel good about having sex.
Most men who have little experience with sex do not know what women feel, and they often make women uncomfortable with the wrong knowledge gained from adult videos.
However, the satisfaction level of sex will be much higher just by telling the woman what masturbation feels good and how she wants.

Let’s learn how to masturbate in order to have satisfying sex with each other and to have a body that feels orgasm.

Outside orgasm method

Outer orgasm means stimulating the clitoris to orgasm. This is the easiest way to feel orgasm, and some people have experienced outside orgasm as early as elementary school. It is a short-term pleasure that is not persistent, but you can get a quick and sharp pleasure.

Even a short-term orgasm requires sexual arousal, so let’s increase the degree of excitement by watching adult videos.

When you get excited, the lower body gradually heats up, and you feel like touching the clitoris, so please try touching the shorts gently first. When you feel comfortable, the love juice is secreted, so using it to improve the slippage will further increase the sensitivity.

The way of feeling is different between touching it from the top of the shorts and touching it with the joy juice directly, and after all it is more sensitive to touching directly. Also, be careful not to damage the clitoris as long nails tend to exert force when making direct contact.

Regarding how to move your finger, you can move it up and down so as to follow the clitoris, move it left and right to hold it down, or move it in a circular motion. All of them are comfortable, but different people have different ways of moving them, so please try various methods.

Medium orgasm method

Medium orgasm refers to feeling orgasm at the G spot, and there are fewer people who can orgasm inside than those who can orgasm outside. Unlike the clitoris, where relatively anyone can get a pleasant sensation, the sensitivity in the vagina is low, so practice and development are required to be able to reach the G spot. Even if you can’t go in, there aren’t many feelings of insensitivity, so practice practicing orgasm inside without being depressed.

And for middle orgasm, it is easier for people who can do outer orgasm to overwhelm, so first of all, practice outer orgasm, and if it becomes possible, try middle orgasm.
The G spot is where the finger is inserted and bent to the ventral side at the second joint. Unlike the clitoris, it may not be easy to understand because it is not a shaped organization. Look for a comfortable place where your urine is likely to come out near your finger.

If you can find the G spot, press or rub around it to find a way to move that feels good. Many people find that the G-spot feels more pleasant when bending and repeatedly applying pressure to the finger rather than putting it in and out.

I feel like I’m going to urinate, but I don’t actually get urine very often. If you transmit the stimulus as it is, the wave of pleasure will rush to spread from the inside and you can have a middle orgasm that lasts longer than the outer orgasm.

Vaginal training that makes it easier to feel

“Vagina training” is effective for making you feel more with sex and masturbation. Vaginal training refers to training the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles around it, and doing this will result in a tighter vagina and greater sensitivity. Pelvic floor muscles are said to be hard to train in daily life, and if you don’t use them, they will gradually decline.

Vaginal training, which is easy for beginners to start, is a training that tightens the entrance to the vagina and puts effort into the lower abdomen. Repeat the process of keeping for 10 seconds with your strength, and gradually increase the keeping time as you get used to it. It is easy to confirm that it is tight when you actually insert your finger.

You can also do it using special goods for vaginal training. Many items for vaginal training are on sale, but most of them are small ball-shaped items that can be inserted into the vagina for use. Keep putting the ball in your butt and keep it for a few seconds, then relax. As a result, the pressure inside the vagina increases and the vagina becomes tight.

Also, by training the pelvic floor muscles, you can also train inner muscles that you have not used until now, so it seems to have a great effect on thinning the lower body.
Let’s do vaginal training to raise the sensitivity and create the best vagina that both you and your partner can feel.


This time I introduced you in detail about sex and orgasm. There are many women who have never been there and are acting in order not to hurt the pride of men.

Men can ejaculate and reach orgasm if they have sexual arousal and penile irritation.

However, for women, sexual excitement and stimulation are not enough, and the mood on the spot and the relationship of trust with the other party are greatly involved.

The female body is very sensitive, but it requires some experience and development to reach orgasm. Masturbation is very effective for developing one’s own body. Women often think that masturbation is very embarrassing, but it is a necessary act to improve relationships with partners and reach orgasms, which many women actually do not speak .. Reaching orgasm increases your interest in sex and makes you more feminine, so you can hone yourself and live a vibrant life.

Also, it is easier to maintain a good relationship with your partner because you can have satisfying sex with each other if you understand what you are comfortable with and practice to reach orgasm.

This article may be read by someone who is worried about not being able to orgasm as a woman, or who did not know much about sex or masturbation.
We hope that the knowledge of sex and orgasm I have given you will be useful to everyone.